Which heavy one -axle tractor is better. The best diesel motoblocks of the middle class

TOP-9 of the best diesel motoblocks: rating 2020-2021 The most powerful and heavy devices of Russian production

Diesel motoblocks are a fairly new trend in the field of agricultural machinery.

Their growing popularity is determined by the power of units, their reliability and efficiency indicators.

Despite the significant weight, noise during operation and a fairly high cost, the demand for models operating on diesel fuel, only increases from year to year.

This is due to the relative simplicity of their operation and maintenance.

TOP 7 best motoblocks with a power selection shaft

The overview of the best motoblocks included seven models from reliable and proven brands. These are gasoline and diesel motoblocks of the middle class with the optimal combination of price-quality, well-worked out the technical part and excellent ergonomics. Units are intended for most agricultural work on a garden, summer cottage or household plot. Thanks to the selection shaft, various attachments can be fixed on them:

  • Plows and harrows;
  • Cigns, mills;
  • A hitch for planting and digging potatoes;
  • Braids;
  • Snowmers;
  • Carts for transporting various cargoes.

The staffing does not always include a complete set of equipment. It must be purchased separately or sets, depending on the needs. Reliable manufacturers always provide a wide selection of various components for their equipment.

Patriot Ural with Extreme wheels (440 10 7581) 7.8 l.With.

A powerful single.Class single.Class single.Class tractor is distinguished by high cross.Country ability in complex soil, thanks to large Extreme wheels 50 cm with a deep tread. The domestic assembly unit is equipped with a hardy gasoline engine P175FS, capacity of 7.8 liters.With. Enough to cultivate loose or rough soil, virgin. For convenience, the depth of milling can be adjusted. By reliability, the Unoa tractor competes with more expensive analogues than gained popularity among experienced users. Of the technical shortcomings. A weak welding of the fastener mount.

  • High.Quality assembly;
  • Milling cutters 90 cm wide;
  • It copes with high loads;
  • Solid cast iron body of the gearbox;
  • On the steering wheel. A box for keys;
  • Simplicity of service;
  • Detailed and understandable instructions.

Daewoo Power Products Datm 80110 8 liters.With.

Strong and hardy unoic tractor of the series 225, according to owners, is very convenient to use. The control panel is regulated in two planes, professional handles do not tire the operator’s hands. Plus, minimal vibrations and even move, which, coupled with good quality, made one.Time tractor in demand. Sable.Shaped removable mills are great for virgin lands and clay soil, adjusted in width. A successful model has no serious minuses, users noted only a short KP lever and expensive interchangeable belts.

  • Strong design and good assembly;
  • Tempered cutters are adjusted in width from 60 to 110 cm;
  • Cast.Iron body of a gear reducer;
  • Reinforced coupon;
  • Air filter with the cyclone system;
  • Excellent maneuverability;
  • Perfect balancing;
  • Corrosion and rust protection.

Zubble MTB-400 7 L.With.

A high.Quality uniform tractor of a domestic brand with a reverse and a reduced transmission has become one of the cheapest in its segment. Despite the budgets, the manufacturer equipped the model with a gear-chain gearbox with an increased working resource, and belt drive. Large pneumatic fires provide excellent cross.Country ability. Over, the motor block is easily controlled, the coupon is combined with the wheels and the unoic tractor can be moved without damaging the paving slabs or lawn. Included 6 mills, furrow width 60-85 cm. The maximum depth of 35 cm, according to owners, is somewhat overstated by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, the novelty of 2019 is one of the best.Selling models, which has collected many positive responses.

  • Low noise;
  • Universal coupling;
  • Self.Stained mills;
  • Reliable gearbox;
  • Easy to start;
  • 5 years of warranty.

Huter MK-9500 9.5 l.With.

The most powerful model in the ranking can rightly be called a multifunctional agricultural machine. Thanks to significant energy supply, she can do any tasks associated with soil processing and caring for a personal plot. The high torque of the engine allows not only to plow, cumber, remove snow, but also transport volumetric cargo, excessive to light class models. According to reviews, this is a very good single tractor with wide possibilities, but great weight and dimensions limit maneuverability.

  • Chic functionality;
  • High power;
  • Practical and reliable;
  • 4-stroke ICE;
  • Excellent cross.Country ability;
  • Easy gear shift;
  • Simplicity of service.

Champion DC1163E 5.85 l.With.

The popular model of a motoring engine with a diesel engine proved itself as one of the most reliable and economical in operation. The maximum fuel consumption at the average load does not exceed 290 g on kW/h, which is the best indicator in the classroom. The traction force of diesel even at small speeds exceeds most gasoline analogues. And to complete most of the work, according to the owners, half of its power is enough. Also, the unoic tractor is characterized by the presence of an electric steamer and convenient controls. The only non.Work, users consider the absence of a lowering series of gears.

  • Economy;
  • Front support for stability;
  • Fast start;
  • Not demanding on fuel quality;
  • Great traction effort.

Which diesel unoic tractor is better to buy

According to experts, when buying a walk.Behind tractor, which is better. Depends on the needs. As low.Power models are ineffective in large area and solid ground, it makes no sense to take a productive unit for a small garden. Assess what needs exist is easy. It is enough to take into account:

The rating of diesel engines of 2022 includes units of various capacities and performance, expensive and budget options. Having familiarized themselves with their features, strong and weaknesses, making the right choice much easier.

How to choose a single tractor

Before buying, it is worth once again to analyze for what purpose the technique is purchased. For example, for processing plots up to 8 acres, it is worth viewing budget models, including the Kentavr motoblocks. They are distinguished by the strength of the metal from which they are made, and good engine performance. The technique calmly tolerates the load throughout the day. Model “Centaur 3060b” is recommended.

With a plot area up to 20 acres, it is recommended to look at the semi.Professional motorcets. There is also a single.Axle tractor of the brand “Centaur 2060b”. The company is made up of Sadko M 900 and Aurora 105.

Когда площади участков составляют несколько гектаров, то здесь в помощь фермерам приходят профессиональные мотоблоки. Among them are also “centaurs”: 1081D and 1013 D.

The equipment “Aurora MT-101DE” and “Aurora MT 125 D” has proven itself well in large areas.

These are practical recommendations from users who have experienced the right choice of technology of the desired power.

which, heavy, axle, tractor

In general, the selection of equipment is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • Up to 15 acres. Power block power 3.5 liters. With., with a rut with a width of up to 60 cm;
  • Up to 60 acres. 5 l. With., 80 cm;
  • Up to 1 ha. 7 l. With., 90 cm;
  • Up to 5 ha. 9 l. With., 100 cm.

The main thing is that the technique should be reliability. It is on this that the timely implementation of all plans, terms, quality and quantity of agricultural products depends on this.

Delauto COLOMBIA 1 AXLE TRACTOR 2006 VIN# 6LV98199

Therefore, when buying, immediately evaluate the general technical condition of the technique.

Look carefully at the rates, the condition of the rear bridge, engine.

Motors in diesel motoblocks are one of the main in the general structure. In other words, this is the heart of the aggregate. It is not difficult to change it, especially since the components for Chinese walk.Behind tracts are always available. But in order for the technique to work right away right, before using the walk.Behind tractor, it is best to run it. “Weak” places of general condition will be immediately revealed, which can be fixed in a matter of time. If the carburetor flounders, then it is enough to adjust the valve.

which, heavy, axle, tractor

Heavy class motor blocks. The best models

Finally, consider heavy motoblocks. They are suitable for a large area of ​​a large area or with too complicated soil. Hard, with high m clay or not plowed for a long time. Yes, at the cost they are much less attractive than the previously considered models. However, the extra costs of funds are fully compensated by high power, which allows saving time when working.

Huter GMC-9.0

If you want to buy a high.Quality gasoline one.Legged tractor from a heavy class, then be sure to take a closer look at this. It has a number of important advantages. For example, a rather large tank. Its volume is 6 liters. Therefore, often to interrupt work in order to refuel, you definitely will not have to. Even plowing a large site will not take much time due to a significant soil processing width. As much as 105 cm. A depth of 28 cm is quite enough both for planting potatoes and for the formation of any beds. The power is quite high. 9.11 horsepower, which is also a serious advantage. The same.Based tractor has two speeds for moving forward and one. Back.

  • Easy launch;
  • High power;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • Comfortable management;
  • Unpretentious to maintenance;
  • Justified price;
  • Reliability in work.

Champion DC1193E

Often you have to work in problem areas, for example, with sandy or excessively wet soil? Then you will probably like this model. It is listed among the best heavy.Class walkways. Which is not surprising. Its virtues are quite numerous. Start at least with large wheels. 12 inches in diameter with a width of 5 inches. This is an excellent indicator that allows the motorized unit not to fall into the ground, despite the significant weight. As many as 177 kg. Power is quite high. 9.5 horsepower.

The same.Based tractor is equipped with a high.Quality electric starter, which makes the launch especially light and comfortable.

The width of the soil processing is very large. 110 centimeters at a depth of 30. It will not be difficult to plow even a huge section with such technology at all. The model has three speeds. One back and two forward. Therefore, problems when working on different types of areas will probably not arise.

which, heavy, axle, tractor

Aurora Country 1400

Finally, one of the best heavy motoblocks in our review with the perfect combination price is quality. Of course, this is a really convenient technique that will definitely not disappoint the owner after the purchase. Many users like a wide range of width of the processed soil. You can choose an indicator from 90 to 170 cm, so that the same.Based tractor is suitable for both large areas and almost jewelry work.

By power, he also does not disappoint the user. Even the most picky. Still, 13 l/s-a very serious indicator even for heavy-class models. Wheels of 5 inches and diameters of 12 provide excellent cross.Country ability for any type of soil, both ordinary and problematic. The developers provided six speeds. 4 forward, as well as 2 ago. This additionally increases comfort when working.

  • Large range of processing width;
  • Very high power;
  • Six speeds;
  • High.Quality assembly;
  • The presence of a power selection shaft with the ability to operate in two modes;
  • Reliability and strength.
which, heavy, axle, tractor


Diesel model with an R192 engine with a capacity of 12 liters.With. Its plus is the presence of an electric and manual starter, as well as a power selection shaft. Clutch at MB-12DAL belt with a protective casing. This unit is designed for large volumes of work, therefore it is successfully used in the farm.

The basic package includes the third wheel and seat. A halogen headlight is installed ahead, which allows you to highlight the processed area. To expand the functionality, installation of attachments is provided. Of the minuses of this model, its weight is noted.

Power unit R192
Motor power, l.With 12
The width of cultivation, cm 90
Plowing depth, see nineteen.5
Number of speeds, front/back 6/2
The volume of the fuel tank, l 5.5
Diesel consumption, l/h 0.83
Mass, kg 250

Champion DC1193E

The unoic tractor for the loosening and cultivation of the soil, which due to the upper diesel engine with a capacity of 9 liters.With. And significant weight is capable of passing virgin, clay areas. For launch, an electric and duplicate manual starter is provided. To power electrical equipment, a 12V battery is installed. Clutch. Unconscious long.Term, there is. Box of a three.Stage mechanical gearbox. The supply of this model includes eight segments of soil and pneumatic wheels 5 × 12.

Украинский мотоблок с дизельным сердцем��. Хотите такой❓

  • Powerful diesel engine;
  • Lack of belts;
  • The presence of VOM;
  • Enlarged soil processing width;
  • The possibility of using a large spectra of attachment equipment;
  • Increased carrying capacity to 700 kg;
  • Management of control on the handles;
  • Extended functionality: grinding feed, mowing of grass, cargo transportation, territory cleaning.

Of the minuses, the lack of reverse and a small fuel tank are noted, which is why it is necessary to refuel equipment during long-term work.

Engine Champion D420-1hk
Motor power, kW/l.With. 7/9.5
The volume of the fuel tank, l 5.5
Fuel consumption, l/h 2.One
Processing width, cm 110
Plowing depth, see thirty
Speed, km/h ten
Noise level, dB 92
Mass, kg 177

Patriot Boston 9de

Chinese.Made, diesel heavy uniform tractor, equipped with an engine with a capacity of 9 liters.With. Due to significant weight is suitable for a plow of heavy soils. The kit includes pneumatic crusts, but if necessary, they can be replaced with metal primers, which will improve the passage by virgin lands.

A manual or electric starter is used to start the engine. This unit withstands high loads due to the presence of a gear reducer. The motor.Cultivator is equipped with a disk clutch. The funnel for the oil of the oil is located on the side of the case. It is possible to install a mower, a cart, a plow, a cigarette light, a potato.Cutter. This model is considered universal for cultivating land on an area of ​​up to 60 acres.

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