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the choice of a Makita/Metabo small electric screwdriver

Choosing a Makita/Metabo small electric screwdriver Good afternoon to all! There is a need for a second small electric screwdriver tasks: drilling small holes and assembly of el shields Need a short handle. hence the lithium ion at 10.8Volta In the store was able to hold in their hands: Makita DF330DWE LiION Bosch GSR 10.8-2-LI 1.5 Ah AEG (do not remember the brand, but the torque is 18Nm) Bosch did not like the handle. uncomfortable (the thickening in the area of the trigger), without a case, a lot of reviews on the backlash chuck Makita in the hand is more convenient, a small case and is cheaper 5000 vs. 6200 in Bosch V internet still came up with Metabo POWERMAXX 12 Basic for 5000r advise who yuzal it. as he? It can only be purchased in absentia. we do not sell Metabo. I’ve just been wanting to use a Metabo tool for a long time and it also looks nicer than a Makita. Before that was in the economy were mostly Makita 12 volts screwdrivers. workhorse enough choice of a small electric screwdriver Makita / Metabo I have a Makita 12 but with 3 amomulators.The handle is comfortable and works well.Bosch bought my son a thicker handle and stronger amomulators, but he still screwed the self-tapping screws into the wood at 1500 mm

the choice of a small Makita/Metabo electric screwdriver

Aeg bs 12c2li. 2 speeds, 12V batteries, ratchet is before the gearbox, so it works differently in different gears. Possibility to install 3Ah batteries (with a ledge, regular. 1.5Mh). Judging by the reviews on Mastersity it is a very good model for small jobs. Looking for one myself, only as part of a complete set for 12v batteries small format (multi-cutting hammer hammer flashlight jigsaw).

the choice of a Makita/Metabo small electric screwdriver

P.S. AEG in my hand a little at a friend’s house. At first I was a little bit strained by the trigger, but remembering my square blade, I figured it was a matter of time before I got used to it, since Germans are not fools and know a lot about ergonomics.

the choice of a small electric screwdriver Makita/Metabo The above-mentioned AEG is a generally pleasant thing. Compared to the Makita 330, it’s more solidly built. Large cartridge, easy to tighten. Of the minuses. a strong runout clamped tool (screws is still okay, but when drilling runout is well felt). It does not clamp from 0.5 mm, like a Makita, and somewhere from 1.8 mm. PWM whistle is noticeable. I didn’t like the axial chuck play on the Makita. And a big suitcase (the AEG has a small purse). Choosing a Makita/Metabo small electric screwdriver

Hammerfish (February 06, 2014. 09:01) wrote:

Germans are no fools and know a lot about ergonomics.

AEG tools are American Ridgid, which from China comes directly to us, there is no smell of Germans. The choice of a small Makita/Metabo electric screwdriver I have been using the Metabo Power Maxx with lithium batteries for many years, and it works fine. The battery lasts long enough and there is no self-discharge. my choice of a Makita/Metabo small electric screwdriver

Bosch now makes a brushless screwdriver that eliminates the chuck backlash. the Makita/Metabo small electric screwdriver

I have been using the Metabo Power Maxx with a 4.8v nickel cadmium battery for over seven years. Lightweight, compact, two speeds, all metal gearbox. than enough for small jobs. Can drive 50×4 self-tapping screws into a floorboard without a problem. If you remove the chuck, the bits can be inserted directly into the spindle, and the housing is only 145 mm long. Standard chuck thread on the spindle. There is a little axial play that does not bother me. Last year the batteries died and I replaced them with LiFePo4 6.6 volt. I found one that fits in the original battery pack. The speed has increased by 20%, the screwdriver is still working properly. The new models with lithium batteries are also not bad, so for home use my choice is Metabo.

The choice of a Makita/Metabo small electric screwdriver Well, that’s what I was talking about. It’s from the Atlas Copco days. For the current product line it could be Ridgid, I won’t argue. And I know that all of the AEG product line has been bought out and made by the Chinese TTI. I like the screwdriver. I’ll take it. the choice of a small electric Makita/Metabo AEG screwdriver has not lived a year. the batteries are dead.

Выбор пеоратора Bosch 2-26 или Metabo.

I use as an electric screwdriver GSR 10,8-LI with a set of native bits. Tailor-made, mainly M6 hex bolts, I disassemble compressor equipment, it just keeps working. Battery lasts for a day of active work. Convenient ratchet breakaway setting. Lightweight, neat, very light in the hand. Highly recommend, of the last tool is the most successful purchase

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Makita/Metabo small electric screwdriver choice And have you looked at the date of manufacture of the batteries?

the choice of a Makita/Metabo small electric screwdriver

Worked with three screwdrivers. Hitachi worked a lot, it was comfortable but it was only good for 4 years. Smoke. Makita work a little, self unscrewing chuck, but after 3 years. smoked. Metabo now with Power Maxx. Works fine.Two batteries, one large, one small. I use the small one as a flashlight more often. Thick handle. Afraid to work in cold weather.Most screws from 79 without pre-drilling is difficult to screw in. than 100 is practically impossible. According to a subjective feeling. not enough torque (at greater lengths). Loads quickly. There is a charge indicator on the battery. Not very much like the changeover from drilling to screwing. No problem to change speeds. The backlight does not illuminate the real screw-in location, only nearby. Overall satisfied, not going to change.

Choice of small electric screwdriver Makita / Metabo About screwdrivers to 10 volt I do not know anything (to me so weak they are all) but here 18 volt Bosch at my production have a longer life than similar Makita, Metabo and Hitachi although the home use a cheap Hammer of tape and not suffering from this at all but convenience and capabilities are not comparable to Bosh choice of small electric screwdriver Makita / Metabo

Makita 12 volt screwdriver worked 5 years on a construction site at home and was written off to the garage. On the machine is made in yusa, on the akom- japan. The unbranded akos are 100% Chinese. To call a machine a turd is a FUCKING thing. Kitos aces last a year under any charging conditions. Ak 222 I think. Worked on self tapping and a clay mixer for the kiln. Wood drill 50mm on steel 18 is the limit. In the arsenal of DEVOLT Hitachi Bosch, but Makita. my love.Metabo said in the shop that I do not need it. On year 10 they had a buyer of the year, so I think. told the truth.

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the choice of a small electric screwdriver Makita/Metabo Eh, I probably will give up on the metaba, I read a lot of reviews about their warranty bad. Yes, an extramural purchase. Makita is available and the service is decent. I don’t like the grip of the boshik. Choosing a Makita/Metabo small electric screwdriver

the choice of a small electric screwdriver Makita/Metabo in general went again Makita looked 330yu and 030. Everything seems fine, but the backlash, both axial and radial, is large. I think I will get used to it. The salesman was very talkative and explained the peculiarity of the gearbox, even showed me the gearbox separately and said that these models are all born with it he says that with short bits is ok, but if you use long ones, you can get hurt and repairs are out of warranty. I’m having second thoughts. I only realized that I now need a chuckless screwdriver, so I guess Bosch, I think I’ll get used to the thick handle. Jetstream4wd, advise how this model has a backlash, if any, does not interfere with the choice of a small electric screwdriver Makita/Metabo

I’ve been using a Makita 14 in a hand-bought one for 4 years with no problems. I can not even say how old it is, but it is a great screwdriver that’s for sure. Decided to upgrade and bought a Metabo 14 in and really regretted it. Immediately noticed that the second speed is the same speed as the first. And then the second on the same first day began crunching. In short, I really regret that I did not choose Makita again.

Top 5 Makita torches

The list includes the best Makita models. All with horizontal motor. Equipped with SDS-Plus chuck.

Makita HR 2470 X15, 780 W

Drilling, drilling, drilling with chiseling, reverse. Works as an electric screwdriver. variable speed, spindle lock, safety clutch. Power button lock.

impact force 2,7 Joules

max. drilling diameter (wood) 32 mm;

max. drilling diameter (metal) 13 mm;

max. drilling diameter (concrete) 24 mm;

max. idle speed 1100 rpm;

max. Blow rate 4500 beats per minute;

power consumption 780 W;

weight 2.7 kg.

Makita HR2470, 780 W

Can work in modes: drilling, chiselling, drilling with chiselling, electric screwdriver, reverse. Is there a power button lock, safety clutch, spindle lock, speed control.

impact force 2.4 Joules;

max. drilling diameter (wood) 32 mm;

max. drilling diameter (metal) 13 mm

max. drill diameter (concrete) 24 mm

max. drilling diameter (core drill bit) 54 mm

max. idle speed 1100 rpm;

max. percussion frequency 4500 beats/min;

power consumption 780 W;

weight 2,9 kg.

Makita HR2470X19, 780 W

There are modes: chiselling, drilling, drilling with chiselling. Reversible, works as an electric screwdriver. Special features: spindle lock, trigger lock, speed regulation, safety clutch, drilling depth limiter. quick-action chuck.

impact force 2,7 Joule;

max. drilling diameter (wood) 32 mm;

max. drilling diameter (metal) 13 mm;

max. drilling diameter (concrete) 24 mm

max. idle speed 1100 rpm;

max. impact frequency 4500 beats/min;

power consumption 780 W;

weight. 2.7 kg.

Makita HR2630, 800 W

Modes: drilling, chiselling, drilling and chiselling. Functions: electric screwdriver, reverse. Speed regulation, safety clutch, spindle lock, power button lock. drilling depth limiter.

impact force 2,4 Joules;

max. drilling diameter (wood) 32 mm

max. drilling diameter (metal) 13 mm

max. drilling diameter (concrete) 26 mm;

max. drilling diameter (core bit) 80 mm;

max. idle speed 1200 rpm;

max. impact frequency 4600 beats/min;

Power consumption 800 W;

weight 2,8 kg.

Makita HR2475, 780 W

Drilling, chiselling, drilling with chiselling, reverse. Works like an electric screwdriver. Torque limiter, safety clutch, spindle lock. speed regulation, power button lock.

impact force 2.3 Joules;

max. Drilling diameter (wood) is 32 mm;

max. drilling diameter (metal) 13 mm;

max. drilling diameter (concrete) 24 mm;

max. Drill diameter (core drill) 68 mm;

max. Idle speed 1100 rpm;

max. Blow frequency 4500 beats per minute;

power consumption. 780 W;

weight. 3 kg.

Which electric screwdriver is the best?

Who wants to buy a good electric screwdriver, not overpaying for unnecessary features, but also not to waste money, there are many questions. What power it should have? And what about the torque? is it worth buying a cordless tool? Which brand is better?? In this article we answer these questions. It will be discussed primarily about the most popular and most versatile kind of screwdrivers, which is in the greatest demand. a drill-drivers.

which, better, metabo, bosch

Which electric screwdriver to choose: cordless or corded? Which one is better and more powerful??

We have to admit: corded screwdrivers are a dying breed. Every year there are less and less of them on sale. The famous brands have almost ceased to produce them (except for Makita and Hyundai), most of the producers are Chinese. That’s why those who work in manufacturing or construction have trouble buying a good cordless electric screwdriver that they can rely on. Only such “niche” devices as drywall screwdrivers don’t give up their positions. In this segment corded tools are still more in demand than their cordless analogues.

Technology has advanced so much these days that cordless screwdrivers are almost as good as corded ones. They are just as powerful, but also more convenient due to the lack of wires. The only thing that still does not please is the of cordless tools.

What is the right choice between corded and cordless electric screwdriver? How much power should it have, so that it is enough for everything?

If a good drill should have a power rating of at least 500-750 watts, then the screwdrivers have much more modest requirements. For twisting screws and self-tapping screws, a 300-watt motor is almost always sufficient.

Manufacturers of cordless screwdrivers almost never indicate the real power of their products. In the case of a battery-powered tool, it is better to talk about power classes, which depend on the battery voltage. For example, in most cases, it is safe to say that an electric screwdriver with an 18-volt battery is more powerful than a 12-volt, and a 24-volt has even more power. For a more detailed question about the power of a cordless tool, see the article “What Electric Screwdriver is Better: 12 V, 18 V or 24 V??”.

Whether it’s a cordless or corded electric screwdriver, it’s better to look at the torque, not the “power” column. It depends on it, whether the tool can screw a large self-tapping screw into dense wood, or it can only do “bugs”. small screws that fasten thin metal profile. It is believed that 20 to 50 Nm of torque is adequate for a household electric screwdriver, and 75 to 100 Nm for a professional electric screwdriver. The biggest torque in tangential impact screwdrivers, it can reach 150. 200 Nm.

How to choose a good electric screwdriver for the home? What functions a tool should have for working in the home workshop?

The best electric screwdriver for the home. one that can not only twist fasteners, but also drill, as a drill. Such tools are called drills. They are usually equipped with a quick-change chuck (in which you can put both round drill bits and hexagonal bits) and two-speed gearboxes (one speed for work with fasteners, the second. for drilling). Thanks to the combination of the functions of a drill and an electric screwdriver, the combined tool almost completely covers the needs of the home handyman.

When buying a cordless tool, pay attention to the battery and charger included in the kit (however, the battery and charger for the tool can always be purchased separately). Small screwdrivers are usually powered by 12 V batteries. Such a tool is not very powerful, but lightweight and compact, so it is better suited for small hobby projects. Larger devices have 18-volt batteries with a capacity of 2. 4 Ah. Eighteen volts is now considered something of an “industry standard” in the world of cordless power tools. For the home workshop it is better to buy a drill-driver electric screwdriver complete with one or two batteries. Pay attention to the type of battery. Lithium-ion batteries (Li-Ion) are considered the best, but nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) and nickel-metal hydride (Ni-Mh) are already obsolete. We covered the differences in detail in our article “Basic Battery Types”.

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In the catalog of drills and screwdrivers, you will notice that many models have additional features and capabilities. For example, all impact drills have torque control and reverse, and most have an illuminated light. Other options are less common. But they can also be incredibly useful. For example, the additional handle, impact mode and depth limiter are just necessary if you plan to frequently drill in hard materials like bricks or foam concrete blocks. You can never go wrong with a carrying case because it makes the tool very handy to store and carry. A motor protector and safety clutch extend the life of an electric screwdriver. But features such as a display and synchronization with your smartphone look “pampering”, they are unlikely to be useful to you during the work in the home workshop.

How much is an average electric screwdriver??

“Average electric screwdriver” is a very broad term. As shown above, screwdrivers can vary greatly from one another. There is such a big price difference between corded and cordless devices in general that the best corded electric screwdriver (the ultra-popular Makita DF0300, priced around 70) costs less than a single battery from a cordless.

Among cordless models, there is also a wide variation in price, even within the same brand. The cost is influenced by the design of the tool and its equipment. For example, the small Makita DF330DWE electric screwdriver costs about 130, the more powerful Makita DDF343SHE model is closer to 200, and the brushless Makita DDF485RFJ from the most recent LXT line. for 300. And which one to call an “average electric screwdriver”?? All of them are neither budget Chinese, nor “top” machines in their categories.

In general, we can say that among the network screwdrivers “average” are those that cost between 40. 50. The devices from this price segment will not disappoint you with their quality if you buy them for your home workshop. The cordless models have a higher price. Here, an “average” machine is considered “average,” which sells for between 100 and 200. This price segment includes the best models from “budget” brands with a good reputation and the simplest screwdrivers with labels of well-known brands.

What’s the difference between a brushless electric screwdriver and a brushless screwdriver??

Brushless motors are the most modern version of electric motors found in hand tools. They appeared relatively recently, and for now they are only on the “cool” screwdrivers. Brushless motors are better than ordinary motors in almost every way. They are smaller, lighter, more powerful, more reliable, and use battery power more efficiently.

The only thing that holds back screwdrivers with brushless motors from wider spreading is their price. For now, they are still much more expensive than tools with traditional collector motors. Although professionals are gradually switching to brushless screwdrivers, but for home work it is not always justified to buy them.

For a deeper dive into the world of modern brushless tools we recommend reading the article “Brushless screwdrivers: why they are better than conventional ones”.

Impact or non-impact: which electric screwdriver is better??

Not all screwdrivers have a mechanism that allows the tool to work in impact mode. It, frankly, is not always needed, and many can do without it if you do not plan to drill brick walls or tighten large “breadcrumbs”.

But those devices that have such a mode are worth considering in more detail. The fact is that there are different percussion mechanisms.

  • Axial impact is found in drills and screwdrivers. It is a simple mechanism by means of which the tool lightly “chisels” the tip of the drill bit, so that holes in tough materials like bricks or foamed concrete are drilled faster and more confident.
  • Only “clean” screwdrivers and impact wrenches have a tangential impact. These mechanisms are called pulse. Due to the tangential impact, they temporarily increase the torque to very high values (in the region of 150. 200 Nm). It helps to tighten fasteners with very high force.

Король умер да здравствует король?

How to choose an electric screwdriver for working with metal, brick, wood?

We buy different drill bits for metal, wood and concrete because we know that these materials have different characteristics. The choice of an electric screwdriver should be approached in roughly the same way. If you plan to drill metal, then buy a tool that, even under load, can maintain a chuck rotation speed around 1000 rpm. To work with wood even simple and not very powerful drills-drivers will do (but if you use feather drills or large drill bits, you will need a lot of torque). And for drilling in brick and concrete the main issues are the availability of shock mode, the ability to install an additional handle, as well as the effectiveness of engine cooling and the quality of protection of the tool from ingress of abrasive debris inside the body.

Which screwdriver brand is better: Bosch, Makita or Metabo?

There aren’t many big names in the world of power tools, and they are all household names. The best screwdrivers are produced by DeWALT, Metabo, Makita, AEG and Bosch (we are talking about the “blue” series). They all have an excellent reputation and give a good warranty on their products. These brands are considered professional or semi-professional tools.

Bosch & Metabo Which screwdriver to choose? GSR 12V-15 vs. PowerMaxx BS

Other noteworthy producers are Festool and Milwaukee. They are widely known throughout the world, but in our market their products are not common.

We are not going to argue in favor of one brand or the other. The companies listed above are approximately at the same technological level and top the ratings in all reviews. When choosing a cordless electric screwdriver, you should take into account the compatibility of its battery with the batteries of tools that you already have at your disposal, or which you plan to buy in the future. Therefore, to arrange in a workshop “zoo” of tools of different brands and systems is not quite appropriate.

electric screwdriver which company is better to buy for the house?

For weekend work in the home studio buying a professional tool is not reasonable, it is better to take a domestic electric screwdriver of the average price category. It will not “eat up” the family budget, but it will be reliable and faithful “helper.

To firms that produce good screwdrivers of the household class, belong Ryobi, Bosch (“green” series), Hitachi, BlackDecker and Stanley. You can also pay attention to inexpensive “red” Makita (aka Maktec) or products by Hyundai, Einhell and Yato. All the listed manufacturers have service centers in our country, and spare parts, components and accessories for the screwdrivers of these brands can be bought freely and inexpensively.

“Household tools” products of these brands are called because they are designed for less intensive use than professional screwdrivers. The difference is that domestic tools use simpler (and not as expensive) parts: motors, bearings, seals, gears, electronic components, etc.

How to distinguish a real “Makita” or Bosch electric screwdriver from a fake?

It is quite difficult, almost impossible for a non-specialist to distinguish a real brand-name power tool from a quality fake. Swindlers and “pirates” learned long ago not to make mistakes with Bosch, DeWALT and Makita and not to screw around too much. The difference between the original and counterfeit, as a rule, becomes apparent only during use when “plasticine” gears start to “crumble”, weak bearings overheat and become blocked, and motors with low-quality copper windings burn under load.

That is why the only sure way not to run into a fake product is not to buy it at construction markets and underground passages. It is better to order it in large and well-known online stores, which work directly with manufacturers or importers. In this case you will have an official guarantee and confidence that you will get your money back for a defective product.

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Is there any reliability rating to choose an electric screwdriver from??

Our catalog rating screwdrivers is formed automatically based on user interests. You can see which brands and models are in the greatest demand, as well as what features and equipment are of interest to buyers. Reviews about screwdrivers, left by real users who have bought the tool, allow you to form your own opinion about the reliability of this or that machine and learn more about its advantages and disadvantages. Users leave the most favorable reviews about the screwdrivers from professional tool lines, because they have a long service life, good maintainability, official warranty (usually 3 to 5 years), and spare parts to them are easy to get.

So what is the best electric screwdriver??

Alas, but there is hardly a single answer to the question posed in the title of the article. It is impossible to choose a single electric screwdriver, because each has its own advantages and weaknesses. Some models win in power and torque, others in battery life, others in price. The choice depends on the application, the amount of work and your preferences. Read articles and reviews describing the top 5 screwdrivers in different categories and “categories”, you can in the relevant section of the site.

If you prefer not text but video, check out our video on how to choose the right electric screwdriver.

Advantages and disadvantages of the company’s models

Metabo has for many years been producing professional equipment for repair and construction work that is easy to use and maintain. Have devices offered by the German brand, and other advantages, among which:

  • high performance and efficiency;
  • versatility and safety of use;
  • the quality of materials assembly;
  • the presence of an electronic speed regulator;
  • fast battery charging;
  • compactness;
  • low weight;
  • Built-in LED backlighting of the working area;
  • the ability to work with one hand;
  • expanded set;
  • the presence of an ergonomic rubberized handle;
  • acceptable level of noise emitted by the device;
  • extremely easy to operate;
  • long warranty period.

The main disadvantages of units from Metabo experienced users and experts say:

  • large battery lock button;
  • increased sensitivity of battery packs to cold;
  • The possibility of dust clogging the ventilation holes;
  • high cost of some models.
Location Model
1. Metabo PowerMaxx BS 2014 Basic 2.0Ah x2 Case 34 N-m Prices Overview
2. Zubr ZSSh-300-2 300 W 35 N-m Prices Overview
3. Makita DF333DWYE4 Li-Ion 1.5 Ah 12 V x2 case 30 N-m Prices Review
4. DeWALT DCD791D2 70 N-m Prices Overview
5. Interskol DSh-10/320E2 320W 35N-m Prices Overview
6. Bosch GSR 120-LI Li-Ion 2.0 Ah 12 V x2 Case 30 Nm Prices Overview
7. Interskol DSh-10/260E2 1012200000 260 W 25 N-m Prices Review
8. Metabo PowerMaxx BS 2014 2.0Ah x2 bag 34 N-m Prices Review
9. Makita DF333DWYE 30 Nm Prices Review
10. Sturm! ID2145P 450W 45Nm Prices Overview

Depending on modifications, there are several types of screwdrivers. The following varieties are considered the most common.


Corded screwdrivers run on electrical power. They are compact and lightweight. Each appliance has a certain length of cord. If, in the process of work, it is not enough, you can use an extension cord. Of the pluses here is the constant power, low price and constant workflow. Of the minuses:


Screwdrivers with a battery can operate autonomously, meaning they are not tied to a cord or cable. Can be used anywhere and at any height. Some models can be purchased with two batteries, which increases run time. The disadvantages of such screwdrivers are slightly more than those operating from the mains:

  • Great weight of the device.
  • High cost.
  • Torque index in cordless screwdrivers, lower than in corded devices.
  • Rarely encountered impact drilling function.

Since cordless models have more disadvantages, it is better to buy them when it is really necessary. For example, for work in the countryside or dacha, where there is no electricity.

The tool will be indispensable in any workshop. It is characterized by the simplicity of design and accessibility of working with it. Among the pluses of the device you can pay attention to the following:

  • The presence of LED backlight, which has the ability to work in 2 modes (diffuse, spot);
  • using the 1.5 Ah rechargeable battery as a power source;
  • the small weight of the screwdriver (0.3 kg) makes it easy to work with.

Advantages and disadvantages of the firm’s models

Products of any manufacturer have their pros and cons. The German brand is no exception, and in addition to the advantages, the screwdrivers Metabo, there are also disadvantages.

  • the electric screwdriver works steadily throughout its operating life and withstands the load in accordance with the specified parameters.
  • Handle shape, small size and weight 1 to 1.2 kg., Safe speed change.
  • Easy bit change, quick-change chuck.
  • On the body of the battery has a charge level indicator.
  • High-strength housing and metal gearbox.
  • In hot weather, the battery runs out of power faster than usual. The charger, in this case, it is better to move it to a cool place.
  • Some Chinese models have disgusting build quality and backlash of the quick-action chuck.

Screwdrivers with lithium-ion batteries are more in demand than their nickel-cadmium battery counterparts. The advantage of the former is that they do not lose their charge during long-term storage.

Despite the disadvantages, the Metabo electric screwdriver has a worthy place in the arsenal of professionals and home masters.

Comparison of screwdrivers: Pricing and reliability

The choice between a Bosch or Metabo electric screwdriver depends on the type of work. If you need to screw in a small screw, unscrew a screw, hang a painting, the Bosch household tool is suitable. It has a small power and very convenient size and design.

If you need to drill a larger hole in wood or metal, you need a more powerful Metabo electric screwdriver. Some models of this manufacturer have several modes: screwdriver, impactor, drill. These are exactly the functions you need in construction and repair work.

With regard to reliability, then do not doubt. both German brands (unless, of course, it is a Chinese fake) make high-quality and durable tools. Except that metabo screwdrivers have the advantage of being packed with electronics. There are more different electronic features, which, of course, increase the level of reliability and robustness of the tool. And also make it more comfortable to work with.

Built-in electronic chips tend to raise the price of the product. That is why the professional models from Metabo have a higher price, but you pay not for the brand (as some users think) but for the comfort in operation and durability of the tool.

Bosch screwdrivers

The Bosch screwdrivers are suitable for household and professional use (green and blue). Most models are equipped with a plastic, impact-resistant carrying case for easy storage. Technical features are the key criteria for your choice of tool. Devices with battery voltage from 3.6 to 18 volts are suitable for the home, for construction and professional work you need more powerful. 10 volt and higher.

Screw size affects the choice of torque: the highest values (75 Nm) are for large screws, a little smaller for small nails or screws.

The number of revolutions determines the speed of the work. Equipment in screwdriver mode provides from 400 to 500 rpm, in drill mode. 1300-1500 rpm.

  • Due to ergonomic design the tool is easy to hold while working;
  • Quick accessory change;
  • Effective drilling in wood, steel, concrete, metal.
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