Which is better with a pneumatic wrench or an electric wrench. Delta Turbo-2000

How to choose a pneumatic screwdriver for a garage and car repair shop

Air screwdriver. one of the most effective tools for quick tightening / loosening screw joints with compressed air. You associate the wrench with the maintenance of the car. With their help you can quickly and easily tighten and loosen threaded connections.

And if until recently, pneumohydraulic wrenches were mainly used in car repair shops, tire changers and service stations, but now this device is increasingly possible to see and in the normal garage.

Now, the cost of “re-shoeing” one car 2 times a year is already commensurate with the cost of the model pneumatic nutrunner for your garage. And if there is more than one car in the family and hands grow out of the right place, the purchase of a nutrunner can also bring profit. Most importantly. quickly and efficiently, and the person spends less effort on unscrewing the nut.

Consider what types of pneumatic wrenches, which characteristics to pay attention to, and which are unimportant. Let’s look at the main point. how not to miss a compressor.

Also, here are some general rules for proper use, to ensure that the tool lasts for a long time.

Pneumatic Air Impact vs Cordless Impact Wrench Teardown

The impact wrench works like a bolt cutter:

The impact wrench is connected to the compressor or the compressed air line via a nozzle. When the trigger is pulled, compressed air flows through the hose, rotates the rotor of the tool which in turn drives the spindle. That’s right

Reverse drive function makes it possible to reverse the direction of rotation, i.e.е. the nuts and bolts can be unscrewed, not just tightened.

AEG BSS 18C12ZLi-0

Wrench with rubberized handle, reverser and backlight. Can be used with 4GB battery.0 Ah. Draws 18 V current and tightens fasteners with 360 Nm of torque.

  • Variable speed allows you to find the right speed for different processes.
  • Powerful tool thanks to its 18 V connection.
  • There’s a kick function to help rip out old connections.
  • Belt clip makes for quick hands free.
  • Turns nuts and drills well with wood drill bits.
  • Attractive price in the category.
  • Sold without a battery.
  • Because of the power, it takes some getting used to. without skill, you can quickly break threads on small fasteners.
  • Quickly breaks bits.
  • It is difficult to change the brushes yourself.
  • Battery 5 cannot be installed.0 Ah. the tool does not accept it.
  • No case for storage and transportation.

Conclusion. Compact cordless impact wrench weighing 2.3kg, three LED backlight and 360 Nm torque, ideal for metal construction.


Three speed impact wrench from DeWALT. It consumes 18 V and has 950 Nm of torque. Comes with two 5 rechargeable batteries.0 Ah.

  • Quality body with metal gearbox.
  • All corners of the tool are rubberized to protect plastic casters and prevent slipping in the hands.
  • Step speed adjustment in steps of 400, 1200 and 1900 rpm.
  • Handy illumination in the battery compartment.
  • Delivers up to 2400 strokes, helping to dismantle particularly tough connections.
  • Brushless motor technology contributes to the long service life of the impact wrench.
  • Hands get tired quickly from heavy tools 3.3 kg.
  • In the lapse of time a slack appears between the end of the handle and the battery bracket. because of that the contact can get loose and the impact wrench doesn’t work (you have to hold it with your hand at the bottom).
  • One of the widespread failures is contact loss on the trigger.
  • High power makes it necessary to choose the correct torque, because if you don’t get it right, it could easily blow the head off a wood grouse.

Conclusion. This model is rated as a very powerful cordless impact wrench thanks to its torque of 950 Nm. 18 V power supply and 2 0 mm tooling maximum size allow tool to be used for mounting and dismounting of metal constructions with a lot of tightened joints.

AIR vs ELECTRIC Impact Wrench Comparison. Which Should You Buy?

Bosch GDS 18 V-LI HT

Impact wrench from the famous German brand Bosch with adjustable speed, reversing. The model weighs 3 kg, and the size of the fastener has a limit of 20 mm.

which, better, pneumatic, wrench
  • Spring-loaded ball on chuck square ensures firm engagement of the head.
  • Has battery protection against deep discharge and overheating.
  • Indicator shows how much charge is left, which helps you plan your work and replace the battery in time.
  • One charge is enough to “cut” and “shoe” up to ten cars.
  • No case to carry or store the impact wrench in at home.
  • Comes without battery.
  • At maximum speed can jump out of your hands. hold it firmly.
  • Because of the Li-Ion battery, it does not work long in the cold.
  • High cost. for such money you can buy a couple of wrenches from less popular manufacturers.


Bosch GDX 18V-200 C 0 box

Brushless motor model easily manages work in hard-to-reach places thanks to its high performance, spot lighting and low weight.

Battery voltage, V 18
Battery type Li-Ion
Weight, kg 1,2
Max. torque, Nm 200
How many strokes per min., rpm. 2300-3400-4000
Spindle Speed, rpm. 0-1100/2300/3400
What type chuck square with function ring
Price, 13819

Makita DTW450Z

The machine is excellent for heavy-duty threaded connections. Comfortable operation is provided by LED backlight, soft padding on the handle.

Battery voltage, V 18
Battery type Li-Ion
Weight, kg 3,4
Max. torque, Nm 440
How many strokes per min., rpm. 2200
Spindle speed, rpm. 0-1600
What type of chuck square with spring-loaded ball
Chuck parameters ½ in
Parameters fasteners М-22
Price, 14239


The motor type is brushless pulse type. Model feature is super compact size, close to the palm of your hand. Comfortable operation is ensured by the handle with soft gasket.

Battery voltage, V 18
Battery type Li-Ion
Weight, kg 2,3
Max. torque, Nm 500
How many strokes per minute., beats per minute. 3500
Spindle speed, rpm. 0-1400/2000/2750
What chuck type quadrant with function ring
Chuck specifications ½ inch
Max. fixing parameters М-30
Price, 11122


The unit can be used for a wide range of applications. High torque allows work on large size fasteners soldered to substrate. Three speed mode adds functionality. Model is equipped with a brush type motor. Backlighting integrated into the housing.

Battery voltage, V 18
Type of battery Li-Ion
Battery charge time, min. 60
Weight, kg 2
Max. torque, Nm 400
How many strokes per min., beats/min. 3200
Spindle speed, rpm. 0-2900
What chuck type square with spring loaded ball
Chuck parameters ½ in
Max. fastener options М-14
Price, 16799

Hilti SIW 22-A box

The unit is equipped with a brushless motor. Compact size and low weight for easy handling of the impact wrench. 4-diode illumination for comfort in operation.

Battery voltage, V 21,6
Battery type Li-Ion
Charging time, min. 60
Weight, kg 1,5
Max. Torque, Nm 200
How many beats per minute., beats per minute. 3500
Spindle speed, rpm. 0-1500
What chuck type square with spring ball
Chuck parameters ½ inch
Price, 16799

Main characteristics of impact wrenches

which, better, pneumatic, wrench

When making your choice, always start with your own objectives, not only with the impact wrench but also with any other tool. And the features are tailored to these tasks. This is the right way: first we choose the key features and then we look at additional features and decide if we need them.

Percussive and nonpercussive

First of all you should decide what kind of tool you need: a percussion tool or a non percussion tool? Let’s say right away that there is not and can not be a perfect choice. Non-impact ones are less powerful, they can’t cope with many tasks, but impact ones can be too powerful and damage the threads, as we wrote above. That is, in the case of wrenches can be bad as excessive power, and insufficient power, which simply will not allow you to perform the necessary tasks. Of course, the expensive and advanced models have the ability to change the speed and other parameters, but it is not always enough. So it is worth starting from their purpose.

Automotive workshops and in general for the maintenance of cars;

Assembly and disassembly of structures where large diameter fasteners are used.

Assembly and disassembly of structures that use small fasteners;

For professional use is almost always buy an impact wrench, however, often in car repair shops, and so on.д. there are at least two models that are used for different tasks. For household purposes, when you need to unscrew or tighten small nuts, a hammerless model is quite suitable. But it will not be suitable for more serious tasks. By the way, if we take the model range of any manufacturer, the impact wrenches will prevail.

Mains or cordless

The type of power we mention every time we write an article about choosing a power tool. On this topic it is better to read a separate article, where we dealt in detail with all the pros and cons of one or another option. But the impact wrench is a special tool, we have already written that it requires a high current, which makes special demands on the battery and often does not allow you to work for a very long time on one battery. Nevertheless, the most popular are cordless models.

There are also pneumatic wrenches, to work which you must buy a compressor, but we will not consider them in our article. It’s worth mentioning hydraulic ones, they exist too. Well, the network models are often bought for workshops, that is, for use in one particular place. In other cases, you choose cordless models, which are much more convenient.

Many models are sold without a battery and, of course, that the manufacturers recommend buying batteries from their company. Of course, this makes sense, because you are guaranteed to get a good battery, which will exactly fit to your spanners. But nothing prevents you from trying third-party batteries, on which you can save significantly, especially if you need to buy several.

But it is difficult to give specific recommendations on the choice: there are too many models and too many different batteries, there is only one way. To search for information on specialized forums. in this case only real experience is important, in other cases you will have to take a risk. Remember that impact wrenches have very high battery requirements. Batteries for many other power tools may simply not be suitable. They will fit, but they do not provide the optimum amount of torque.


Many consider this to be the only important factor, which is not exactly true. Yes, the torque is one of the most important characteristics for a screwdriver, but you should not make your choice based on it alone. You can find wrenches today on sale in a very wide torque range. Besides, there are many nuances like soft torque and hard torque, time vs. impact diagrams, fastener type dependence and others. It is not necessary to understand all this, although we recommend to read the manual and pay special attention to the graph of torque increase, which is important when working with screws and bolts of different strengths.

But in general, it is worth starting from the size of the fastener with which you will have to work. So, if we take average values, we get the following picture:

Nuts up to M12. up to 100 Nm will be sufficient;

M20 and over, as well as stuck nuts. from 600 Nm.

It is also possible to give recommendations on the type of work:

Up to 180 Nm. for work with thin constructions and small fasteners;

180-300 Nm. tightening and loosening of nuts of small and medium size in metal constructions of thin metal;

300-450 Nm. roofing and various repair works;

800 Nm and higher. car repair shops, machine repair.

We have already written about it, but it is necessary to remind once again: too high torque value can lead to thread stripping or tearing off the bolt head, so in the case of nutrunners it is absolutely not worth following the rule “the more. the better“. If it is necessary to do different kinds of work, but there is no need to unscrew large and stale bolts, you should choose an impact wrench with torque up to 650 Nm, 700 Nm max. In most cases this will be more than enough, although you still need to proceed carefully when working with small fasteners.

Number of revolutions

Here it should be understood as the maximum number of revolutions. High torque is chased only if you use it for industrial purposes, for example in production, where you have to tighten the nuts all day long. Or in other similar spheres, where you have to work really hard. In this case the speed is really very important because it affects the productivity.

But for most common consumers it is more important the number of blows that is also related to the number of turns. The higher the number, the less vibration and therefore the more comfortable you will work. As in the case of torque, not always a high value is a very good thing. Ideally, your impact wrench should be able to change the number of revolutions, because higher speeds are not always acceptable, and in some cases can be harmful. That is, if you have a choice between a wrench with multiple speeds and another, where such functionality does not exist, it is better to choose the first option, even if you have to pay a little extra for it. Such a model will simply be much more versatile.

Rating of air wrenches

A careful study of parameters helps to choose a more suitable air tool. However, the specifications alone do not give a complete picture of the quality of the product. Choosing more will help rating the best pneumatic screwdrivers top 2019. It is compiled taking into account the reviews of users, recommendations of professionals.

The best pneumohawk wrenches for the garage

A good helper for the garage to cope with threaded metal parts with a diameter up to 10 mm

Opens the review pneumogalkovortov model ST-5553. There is no percussion function, but this does not prevent the tool from being used in the home and on a professional level. At 400 lpm, it has a torque of 61 Nm and a speed of 150 rpm. The plus side is the presence of reverse and a small weight of 1.2 kg. The disadvantage is that the air outlet is on the spindle side, which often interferes with the work.

Comes with a set of sockets

A good impact model for the garage with a set of heads and in a case

Continues the rating of pneumatic impact wrench from the already well-known company Sumake. 6.5 atm pressure is sufficient for quality work, but air consumption is high. 480 l/min. 378 Nm of torque is powerful enough to drive threaded parts up to 16 mm in diameter. Has a reverse switch. Lightweight impact wrench weighing 2.1 kg does not produce fatigue in the hands.

The best impact wrenches for the body shop

Powerful air tool unscrews hardened screws with thread diameter up to 38 mm

The DSSW 2440-1 is the perfect choice for professionals who need a strong pneumatic impact wrench for professional needs. The air tool can handle heavy fasteners, unscrew rusted and hardened nuts without a problem. Operates at a pressure of 6.2 bar. Reaches up to 2440 Nm. Spindle speed 6000 rpm. Two handles available, as heavy dual impact screwdriver weighs 7.3 kg.

The IW-720 Impact is a high performance tool

The impact wrench is powerful despite its compact size. 720 Nm torque and 8000 rpm spindle speed for fast loosening car and truck wheel nuts. Low weight of 2.8 kg prevents fatigue in the hand. Reverse rotation available. Max. air consumption 226 l/min.

Professional model requires up to 340 l/min air consumption

Professional model RT-5563 finishes the rating of pneumatic impact tools. Choose this impact wrench for repair of large-size equipment. Torque reaches 1898 Nm. Spindle speed is up to 4500 rpm. Features reverse and an extra handle to hold a heavy tool that weighs 7 kg.

Choosing a pneumatic impact wrench is only half the battle. I need to learn how to use it correctly. If you work unreasonably you can break the tool or break the hardware.

I work at a tire changer for 9 years. I have tried many pneumatic wrenches. Lately we have been using FUBAG IW-720 model. Lightweight gun copes with any nuts on cars. I haven’t found any flaws in the work.

In the garage I bought a Metabo DRS 68 Set 1/2. The lack of impact function is a disadvantage, but this “hard-worker” can cope with almost all nuts and bolts. In its third year of operation without failure. An extension cord and a cardan shaft are big pluses, because I can get under the difficult to reach places.

What is an air impact wrench?

The main purpose of this tool is to tighten or unscrew bolt connections. It is analogous to a mains or cordless tool, but the rotor here is driven by compressed air, which is why the pneumatic impact wrench gun necessarily works in tandem with a compressor device. The absence of an internal electric motor allows it to be used in dusty and wet conditions.

How the air wrench works?

The impact wrench looks like a hand drill with a handle and barrel, but instead of a chuck, it has a nut tightening nozzle. Let’s describe in general terms the approximate structure of a pneumatic impact wrench:

How the air ratchet works

This tool has two main power units. the air motor, which converts air pressure into rotation of the head with the nozzle, and the hammer unit. The impact wrench works according to the following simple principle:

  • The body of the impact wrench has two channels. To turn the tool on, a button is pushed to open the valve. Pressurized air flows through the first channel and turns the turbine.
  • Professional pneumatic wrenches and hobby tools have a reversible switch. To reverse the direction of rotation of the turbine, the air is routed through a valve in a different channel.
  • Impact wrench actuates when basic torque is insufficient to undo the thread.
  • Pneumatic torque wrench with torque adjustment is needed to work on fasteners of different diameters to prevent thread stripping. The locksmith uses a torque limiter to set the maximum torque.

The construction of an electric impact wrench

The impact wrench can be confused with an ordinary drill, the devices look very similar. A special head is inserted in the holder of the electric wrench, which clamps and unscrews the nut thanks to the motor. Direction of movement of the head is chosen manually depending on whether the nut is to be unscrewed or tightened. The basic units in all models are similar, each wrench has a handle and barrel with a mechanism that includes a motor, spring and chuck.

Pneumatic impact wrench

Pneumatic screwdriver is more common and reliable in use. A wider range of models with a variety of characteristics and material used to create the body. The use of the mini oiler before attaching the air hose preserves the integrity of the engine and internal components and prolongs the useful life of the impact wrench. Choosing a professional air hose means you can work without the hassle of controlling for integrity.

Don’t forget the impact wrench. is a hand tool whose role is to save the operator’s strength, so it is worth taking into account the body material, weight and ergonomics of the handle.

Only you have to decide what wrench to choose, because no one knows so well the needs of your auto service center, the intensity and conditions of use of the equipment. Managers of Grand Tool online store will answer any question you are interested, help with maintenance and purchase of repair kits, all you need is complete information about the conditions under which the nutrunner will work.

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