Which is better Zubr or Interskol

Not all users are satisfied with budget drills. Some are interested in more powerful models that have additional accessories, increasing the functionality of the tool. They will be a good buy for professional installers, as well as some home craftsmen who like to work with their hands. It is nice that at a relatively low cost they have high power and excellent workmanship. Let’s look at some of the most successful models in this price category.

Interskol DU-16/1000ER

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Undoubtedly, this is the best drill in terms of price. quality among those presented in the rating. It has a power of 1000 W, which makes it possible to drill very large holes in any material. up to 16 mm in metal and up to 40 in wood. Overall, this is the most powerful impact drill in the ranking. Key chuck type is used here as the most reliable and tested. Tool weighs 2.8 kg is relatively low for such a powerful model.

The maximum speed of the drill reaches 2500 rpm, which is not a bad result even by today’s standards. Two modes of rotation allow you to choose the right one for drilling holes of different diameters. very useful when working with different materials. Reverser, spotlight and auxiliary handle add additional comfort.

Разница между дорогой и дешевой сетевой ушм. Зубр vs Makita

  • Two modes of operation;
  • high power;
  • comfortable handle;
  • easy chuck change;
  • The possibility of continuously adjusting the speed;
  • The cord has a sturdy two-speed gearbox and is ergonomically designed to work quickly and comfortably;
  • Built-in spotlight bulb.

Makita HP1640K

If we talk about convenience, this model is probably one of the most successful of those included in the review. Excellent ergonomics, like most Makita drills. The pleasant thing is that it only weighs 1.7 kg, which makes it a pleasure to work with. The 2 meter long power cord allows you to move around a small room without any discomfort.

Drills can have two types of chucks. a quick-change chuck or a key chuck. The first makes it faster to change bits or drills. The second requires a key for changing, but it is characterized by high reliability. the clamped drill is sure not to slip or turn while working.

Idle speed is 2,800 rpm and the number of blows reaches 44,800 per minute. The power of 680 watts is enough to drill holes in wood up to 30 mm, and in concrete. up to 16 mm. The core drill itself and all accessories can be easily stowed in the case, which makes carrying and storage more comfortable.

  • affordable price;
  • high quality build;
  • excellent dust protection;
  • well-developed reversing system;
  • durability;
  • Perfectly calibrated ergonomics;
  • low weight.

Bosch GSB 1600 RE (BZP)

As all products of the German manufacturer, the reliability of this impact drill will pleasantly surprise even the demanding user. Its power is quite high. 700 watts. Therefore, you can drill holes up to 12 mm in metal, 16 in concrete and 30 in wood freely. The quick-change chuck allows for a quick change of drill bits without using a wrench. Its diameter varies from 1.5 to 13 mm, so you can choose from a wide range of drill bits. Maximum speed up to 3000 rpm. Despite its high power, the unit is lightweight. only 1.9 kg, which additionally increases comfort when working with it. This is also promoted by the extra handle that comes with the kit. So if you don’t know which impact drill to choose, you won’t regret the purchase.

  • low weight;
  • the assembly of the highest quality;
  • convenient mode switch;
  • elaborate ergonomics;
  • Quick change of bits and drills;
  • long mains cable (4m).


Convenient in operation and high quality drill. It weighs only 1.82 kg, so no problems during transport and working are guaranteed. 750 Watt power is powerful enough for every application. you can drill holes of up to 25 mm diameter in wood. It generates up to 47,600 blows per minute at a rotational speed of 2,800 rpm. If the need arises, the impact drill can be used in the drill stand, which is very convenient.

The work is further simplified by the electronic speed control. Combined with reverse, it makes any repair much more comfortable and easy. The chuck is the key type, so the user can not fear that the drill bit will accidentally fly out or go loose when working. the fixation is as reliable as possible. So, it is safe to say that this is one of the best impact drills in the rating, which perfectly combines quality and reliability.

  • long, elastic cord;
  • excellent ergonomics;
  • Reliability in operation;
  • Rubberized handle;
  • Long warranty (3 years)
  • low weight.

Zubr or Interskol circular saws, which is better?

Circular saw Zubr ZPD-900 reviews

vitale in. Pros: Low weight. Not a bad build.Disadvantages: It is better to give the complete disk as a present to the enemy. Low motor power.comment: Bought for trimming boards 25 and 40 mm in uncomfortable positions (overhung, outstretched arms, etc.п.). That’s why the weight is excellent. But the power is pumping up. The motor definitely needs at least 600 watts more to provide a decent cutting speed (2 cubes of boards have already been sawn).One of the main drawbacks inherent in almost all of our circular saws, is that the disk is on the right and it is not visible when working, respectively, we have to navigate by the mark on the base. The mark is made rather precisely.Bought for 3000 p. It is not worth the money, the red price of this saw is 2000, but because.к. it was needed urgently, I took what was.

Evgeny K. Advantages: Lightweight, compact, cold resistant power cord, the metal cover of the saw blade. But the power swings up, and the shaft lock for changing the blade made it safe.Disadvantages: Have not found yetCommentary: I bought it for various works in the garden and at home. I was looking for a cheaper one, without extra features. Zubr saw (ZPD-900) is quite decent: smooth start, the disc doesn’t bump, I saw soft wood without effort, on knots it slows down a bit, but goes further. like a tank. During the work is behaving adequately, when sawing does not interfere with the work. The handle provides a comfortable grip and makes continuous sawing easier. Very lightweight. Convenient to work at height. Everything works fine, build quality is good, I recommend it for beginners.

Circular saw Zubr ZPD-1300 reviews

QQ Strengths: it sawsDisadvantages: I bought it today, it took me 16 minutes to saw for 5-10 minutes (to prepare), then 10 minutes and caught on fire.I have to take time off for a service visit.Why give 5 years warranty if it was not enough for half an hour.Review: I had to choose between the Interskool (the body and the bottom were of higher quality), but I decided to use a brand that I have already tested. I may have overloaded, the wood is raw, I held it like a lefty and t.д.I use Zubr saws and their accessories have never had any problems, but this is a problem.Price from 2240rub to 600rub.26.09.12Rent for warranty, wrong assembly (one of the brushes put wrong hands and there all went) said I was just unlucky.The service works competently.I bought another one.

Alexander M. Advantages: Price-performance Disadvantages: have not found yetCommentary: I have been working with this saw for 1 year. I build the cottage, no problems with it yet. I hope that it will continue to work.

Zubr ZPD-1600 circular saw reviews

Andrew: Price, power.Disadvantages: Weak attachment of the platform to the saw (it wobbles) as a result the saw is absolutely not suitable for clean cutting. The cut on the guide (not the standard one) deviates from the straight saw blade by 0.5 to 1 mm. The blade guard does not open well in a 45 degree cutting, the saw is sideways.Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I wanted to use it in my house.ч. For cutting door trims (with a jig saw), but I realized that this saw is only suitable for rough cuts.

Vladimir Sh. Disadvantages: Lightweight, does not lead away from the cut, the protection opens easily without sticking. Sawed Chipboard panel.Disadvantages: Chip on the laminated not front side is not big, but there is, although I sawed with a regular disk.comment: For the price and quality I am quite satisfied. But. No way to connect to a vacuum cleaner, although all the sawdust is not scattered everywhere. Sawdust does not block the saw blade. For the house is more than good. For the cottage is hard to say, not used, but I can say that my old parkette with a 230 disk, which built and house and bathhouse, garage, inferior in performance. First of all it is lighter and the safety guard opens much easier.

Zubr ZPD-2000 Circular Saw reviews

Kirill Shipitsin Advantages: Smooth running. Small Disadvantages: We bought the saw to replace the broken Rebir. Purchased August 1, 2017, at the end of September have already handed over for repair. The reason for the breakage tear flat pinch bolt, this is the conclusion issued by the service center, and did not perform the repair. In simple terms, the bolt that secures the blade to the shaft broke, but it was noticed in time and it did not fly out or hurt anyone. The hexagonal bolt is black, but the manual and the box shows a normal bolt. I went to the store where I bought the saw Tekhnopoint on October 3 and they sent it to the service center and it was there for about a month. October 26, I came to get the saw, nothing. The service center did not, only wrote a bunch of papers and conclusions that we misused the saw, even though we were sawing thin boards, and a couple of times unscrewed the bars. The service center wrote off in 9 A4 sheets of paper what the problems were and why they would not do. After getting frustrated and coming home with my dad, we unscrewed the broken bolt with our hands without any special devices, put a washer and twisted an old Soviet bolt under the head. And oh my God, the saw is working again. Stupid, that they did not think to try to unscrew it sooner themselves. Why the service center didn’t think to replace the bolt, which costs a couple, and started such bureaucracy is a mystery to me. Who bought the saw, or have plans to buy, change the Chinese low-quality bolt that would not have such problems. Comment: In general, the saw saw blades, we use it in the country house not professionally. It copes with the tasks

Advantages: really powerful tool, rugged and simple, low priceDisadvantages: not perfected construction of the saw table (frankly flimsy), poor quality electronics (soft starter card failed quickly, but its need, to put it mildly, is not justified), heavy, does not like the low voltage dramatically loses power (as, in principle, and any collector machine).comment: in use for 4 years, built two houses with it and reconstructed the bathhouse. Maybe it’s just a lucky copy, but it didn’t let us down once, and that’s very important. Sawed it all wet, dry, along, across, askew, with sharp and blunt discs (the last job dissolved 4 cubes of unedged inch on the crate, the drive left 4 alive teeth saw). Warning snobbish reviews, they say, cheap, there, the Chinese crap, Makita rules, Bosch, DeWALT partly yes, but the price and quality Believe it or not!

Ilya N. The advantages: I bought it for a construction site, it is great in the work, powerful, the seller told me how to make an extended warranty of 5 years through the website, I advise everyone

Inexpensive models (up to 2000 )

STAVR DShS-10/450-2S 450 W

Inexpensive network model weighing 1.5 kg with a 3 m power cord. Has all the necessary functionality for the comfortable driving of screws, as well as drilling holes in wood or metal. The power button can be locked if necessary, which increases the safety of the tool. When idling, the maximum speed reaches 1200 rpm.

RedVerg SD300 300 Watt 18 Nm

The best cordless electric screwdriver for very little money. Offers users the ability to work with any screws or self-tapping screws, as well as to drill holes. The machine is equipped with a 10 mm quick-action chuck. Hitachi DH 26. Maximum torque of 18 Nm is enough for most domestic problems.

Bort BSM-250X 280W 10.5 N-m

A good option if you need to choose a power drill electric screwdriver from the inexpensive for the home. The machine has one speed and maximum torque of 10.5 N-m. Suitable for tightening screws and drilling holes in wood or metal. It has a reverse function, which can be activated by a special switch. This switch does not look very reliable, so it is not recommended to use it for overloading.

Zubr or Interskol which is better

Interskol tool is a good analogue to imported models, because it has the same features, but for a lower price. The torches from this manufacturer are no exception, and are divided into household and semi-professional devices. From the compiled rating of the best Interskol peorator you can see popular models for working with stone, brick, concrete, as well as wood and metal, in case of installing the appropriate drill bits.

Zubr or Interskol chain peorator which is better?

Zubr ZP-30-900 K mains peorator reviews

The price of the box is good quality, looks good, 5 years warrantyDisadvantages: In the kit does not have anything except greaseRemember: Case in shrink wrap, warranty inside, the first power up a nice sound, then we’ll see,

Zubr P-26-800 reviews

Learn PriceName: IgorRating: Advantages: Complete with carrying case; Long 4-meter cord of good quality; Powerful; Optimal weight for such power; 3 years warranty by default, with registration on the manufacturer’s website 5 yearsDisadvantages: The tool is pleasant in every way, if only to close on the small minuses. Powerful, handy, has a clutch that when jammed will not turn you around the axis of the tool. The box is pretty solid. Inside the tube with the tooling from the same Zubr. Very positive impressions. But while the final conclusions to make early, because time has passed since using not so much.comment: There is no tooling, except for the depth limiter; Reverse is organized by a long flag, which is easy enough to switch, on the one hand it is convenient, but on the other hand it is not;

Name: IldarRating: Advantages: power, shape, price Disadvantages: Not found yetComment: I bought this torch to replace the Makita 2470. I would say: if I have to choose between the Zubrik and the Makita, the Zubr is the clear choice. Half the price with the same, or maybe even better quality. Started to use the Zubr to the fullest immediately after purchase. Dismantling, drilling, stirring mortar, etc. It is not too hot, the impact force is good (beats concrete curbs for sure). Three years warranty or five if you register on the site. Very pleased with the purchase.

Какой пеоратор купить для дома? Интерскол Хаммер Зубр Энхел Энкор | Электроинструмент

Name: VladimirRating: Advantages: I took it for installation of plastic windows today, I also have Hitachi DH 26.Did not feel the difference, only this one costs 3552.And Hitachi 8000.I don’t know how long it will last.Disadvantages: The box is flimsy.,Name: AlexanderRating: Advantages: Easy to hold, powerful.Disadvantages: Poor equipmentComment: Good peorator

Name: EvgenyRating: Advantages: Normal torchDisadvantages: Very sensitive reversing flagCommentary: For home work is the best, there is no sense to buy expensive. Of the minuses the reversing flag is sensitive, a little hit and it stops.

Name: IvanRating: Advantages: Price, quality, functions, ??Disadvantages: No.Name: AllaRating:

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: bought for my husband as a gift, he was happy with it,

Zubr ZP-26-750 EK mains peorator reviews

Rating: Advantages: I just got this peorator and to try it out has not yet been possible.Disadvantages: Of course the cord is small 1.5 m, immediately the impression of such savings is negative, the equipment is pauper, if only a drill for a sample was, or better a set in the kit, UNDERSTANDING whether there is OR NOT REVERSE (some stores indicate its presence, others do not reverse. cheating. what for?Comment: I have not had a chance to try it out yet.No such jobs in winter conditions, but the product is in demand t.The warranty is 5 years, delivery. NO REACHES.It would be desirable to specify all the same. is there a reverse or not and how it is included, while I have not understood, it is necessary to consider that completeness is very beggarly. it would be expedient to include a set of drills or at least for a sample ONE drill, when I will use, I will necessarily write the response.What peorator in action.,

Zubr P-22-650 mains peorator reviews

Learn the priceName: MaximRating: Advantages: Excellent peorator! Soviet reinforced concrete ceiling drills for sure! Delivery is fast and free (1 ). Great cashback.Disadvantages: I did not findCommentary: For this amount did not think that I would find a decent unit. At first I searched in a pawnshop, there is nothing but rubbish. Then I accidentally walked into this store. And then you get the Zubr for next to nothing. I own almost all of the Zubr tools, so I had no doubts. I took it and I’m one hundred percent satisfied.

Name: MichaelRating: Advantages: Low weight, quality, price.Disadvantages: Couldn’t find it.The commentary: Great pe!,

Zubr ZP-32-1100 K chain saw reviews

Name: RavilRating: Advantages: Good impact force Disadvantages: Very strong gear motor heats up if you start drilling for a long time.,

Zubr ZP-18-470 mains peorator reviews

Learn the priceI name: SergeyRating: Advantages: Power, compactness.Disadvantages: none.Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I bought it for home use. Drills 6-8mm holes in concrete and brick with no problems, and I do not need more!

Name: IlshatRating: Advantages: Reliable, budget-friendlyCommentary: I bought it for home use, I needed a not expensive, medium-power drills, this one is perfect for small repairs. I use it as a drill, put different attachments, if not torture a lot, I think it will serve for a long time. Built pretty strong and reliable, nice appearance, easy to hold when working, easy to switch modes. Has its own drawer, you can put there drills and bits for drilling.,

Zubr ZP-28-800 KM power tool reviews

Learn the priceName: EdwardRating: Advantages: Powerful, two chucks Disadvantages: Broke literally after 2 weeks of work, handed over for repair under warranty, missing a blow, no spare parts, make it 3 months, the result: if so goes the meaning of the 5-year warranty!Comment: The shop is not advised to take, very often breaks down, no spare parts, so maybe someone will replenish the normal

Name: AlexeyRating: Advantages: Very powerful, looks good quality, it comes with two chucks, fast speed, long wire.Weaknesses: Heavy, smells burned, loud, the case is not reliable.comment: When I first used it smelled strongly of something burning from the torch, but after further use, the smell disappeared a little, but not completely. One latch on the case has already broken.

Name: DmitryRating: Advantages: Power, set of operating modes, two chucks.Disadvantages: Have not found yet. With my work style, I think it will last more than the claimed 5 years.comment: Already tried it out, happy as a child

Zubr or Interskol power screwdrivers which is better?

Zubr ZSSh-300-2 Electric Screwdriver in reviews

Find out the priceName: An_79Rating: Pros: A great price-quality combination electric screwdriver from a well-known manufacturer.Disadvantages: No.comment: It is powerful enough and handy. Quality is good. Long cord. Proven brand name. Long Warranty. A great electric screwdriver. I recommend that you buy this product.

Name: VitalyRating: Advantages: Price / quality. Disadvantages: Weak accessories, difficult to find partsCommentary: Strange that so few people make such a long cord. For its money this model is a good option. Good marketers. 5 years warranty misleading. They cover factory defects, and it will manifest itself in the first year, or even 2 weeks, when everyone has a warranty. The lack of service for the bison, and those that are saying that spare parts for it fish in thin air. Not enough case, drills and bits. But for this money you should not expect them.

Name: VictorRating: The advantages: With the use of bonuses, I think the price of this tool is just super. Was before a cordless Bort, batteries died. I hope it will last long.

Name: VitalyRating: Advantages: Best for homeBlacknesses: NoneName: OlgaRating: Advantages: Long cableDisadvantages: Not very accurate adjustment of working torqueRemarks: Good screwdriver for its price

Name: SergeyRating: Advantages: High quality appearance. There are metal gears inside. Strong. Long cord. Inexpensive. Warranty after the registration on the site 5 years.Disadvantages: I did not find any in the first weekCommentary: Worth the money.

One of the leading brands in this field

Angle grinder or angle grinder “Zubr” is in great demand. Feedback from owners about this equipment is mostly positive. It is worth noting that even almost all of those who find those or other drawbacks, evaluate the result of operation well.

The company’s engineers always meet the declared performance and speed figures in the creation of their designs. But much depends, apparently, on the field of application and how competently the device is used.


Zubr electric screwdriver reviews

For many workers, the drill is an indispensable tool to have both for household chores and for professional purposes. Such a tool should not only be reliable, but also practical in use. There are many varieties of drills.

The choice of the drill will depend on the purpose and specifics of work, technical characteristics, as well as a set of built-in functions, which include the availability of shock, speed adjustment.

All drills are divided into classes of professional and domestic level. Drills can be either impact or non-impact. Impact drill is universal, because it can be used to perform work with different materials, such as concrete, wood, stone, brick, plastic. It is possible thanks to the function of the switchable impact, without which it would be difficult to work with many materials, such as concrete, stone and bricks. For high-precision work, experts recommend using a hammerless drill.

When choosing a drill, the manufacturer will play an important role. Many people wonder what drill from Interskol or Zubr is better.

Zubr is one of few manufacturers of high quality power tools in Russia. When developing the models a number of nuances are taken into account, including the ability to work with different materials, the ability to perform work at low temperatures and much more. It is good when the drill will be able to perform several tasks, for example, turn from a door into an electric screwdriver, mixer or peorator. Nozzles and drills can be purchased as a kit or in retail quantities.

Interskol drills are characterized by excellent ergonomics and a well-designed capacity for different purposes. Drilling with this tool is not only comfortable, but also safe. All drills have a rubber gasket that is designed to avoid slipping on the handle. Many models have a built in drill speed control.

tools from Interskol have high quality of construction, as well as all the component materials and both amateurs and professionals can find the most suitable tool for the job. It is worth noting that the most critical parts are made of special alloys. All Interskol tools are certified for quality products. Particular attention developers paid to the design of its products, because it will be much more pleasant to work with a tool that will not only look good, but also fit comfortably in your hand.

Grinders Zubr or Interskol Eccentric grinders what is better

Zubr chain eccentric sander ZOSHM-450-125 reviews

Learn the priceI name: VladimirRating:

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Simple and easy, not the first device of this company, I think not the last. For the price it is perfect

Name: CatherineRating: Advantages: Great grinder, powerful.Disadvantages: NoDisadvantages: Already tried it, powerful, I like everything, I do not regret that I took it.

Name: DmitriyRating: Advantages: Seems to be well made. There is some vibration, but not critical for me. Powerful and adjustable speed is enough.Disadvantages: The dust collector is for 3, a vacuum cleaner is needed unequivocally. The kit could have included more than ONE round of greed.Name: OlegRating: Advantages: Price appearance. plastic quality.Disadvantages: sparks when working. The price, appearance, looks, grinder works for the money, but it does not work, it just sparks. But let’s see what will be next. the package is average. the dust pickup nozzle is rated at “3”, there are much worse

Name: DmitryRating: Advantages: Powerful, rubberized casing, lays well in the hand, long cord, adjustable speed, the adapter to connect a vacuum cleaner, 5 years warranty!Disadvantages: In the kit only one grinding disc! Others have not been found yet)Comment: While never regretted that I bought the product, with Bison, as a brand of power tools, has not yet encountered, but was bribed by the 5-year warranty and a nice-looking product, so I took it for a test. As it turned out not for nothing! Grinder works for its money by 100 percent! Now I always look at Zubr when choosing a tool, and I am very pleased with the quality!

Name: DmitryRating: Advantages: A good grinder for home use). The good points are the dustbag and the power control. I got just a little bit of pleasure from the work.Disadvantages: I have not found any disadvantages so farComment: Good product for not much money. Recommended for purchase.

Name: AlexanderRating: Advantages: 450W, comfortable grip, power cord long enough, power control, vacuum cleaner connectionComment: I bought it 20% cheaper than in retail stores

Name: VitalyRating: Advantages: Powerful tool, works flawlessly.The Disadvantages: It has some, but they appear over time.Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Good grip in working position, long cord.Powerful machine grinds on fire.

Name: AlexanderRating: Advantages: Powerful enough motor in this price range. Quick consumable change, included filter and vacuum cleaner attachment. Turning speed adjustment, locking the on/off button.comment: Not a bad device for its money, works fairly confidently, the promised warranty of 5 years, unfortunately in the delivery set of the warranty card was not.

Name: MarinaRating: Advantages: Lightweight, fairly powerfulDisadvantages: Not yet availableCommentary: Bought for sanding putty (only with vacuum cleaner), the second floor is done, the flight normal. I recommend the purchase.

Name: TatianaRating: Advantages: Convenient sawdust container, but be prepared for dust all the same. The adapter for a vacuum cleaner is available, so if you have a construction vacuum cleaner I recommend this sander.Overall, the device has a great price for a nice device, but it does not have any flaws.comment: Price-performance ratio is very even acceptable. Has adjustable power, which is very handy if you need to quickly grind.

Comment: great sander, I recommend it, not expensive.

Name: OlgaRating: Advantages: easy to use.the grinding wheel in the kitDisadvantages: no plastic storage case.comment: was exploited once.Justifies its price.

Comment: Decent quality and good price. RPM control, power for the money is excellent! The only disadvantage is that it comes with only one disc / skin, they could have given more, so order additional discs/discs at once.

Name: AlenaRating: Advantages: Not a bad machine for home or infrequent use RPM control Ergonomics Dust trap really works, there is an adapter for vacuum cleanersDisadvantages: It is hard to pick on the machine for the price. The main thing is not to break :))Comment: I liked the overall machine, bought for grinding furniture boards, which in the future will go to decorate the room. Dust trap really picks up most of the dust. There are 5 speed modes. The only disadvantages: Honestly, I did not find it, if a little bit heavy.

Name: IlyaRating: The advantages: 1 hour of continuous work has not even warmed up, the circle does not fly off, 5 years warranty is also not unimportant!Disadvantages: To be honest I did not find, if only a little heavy. Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Not suitable for professional work, rather for home use is a great thing, sanded wood chipboard, copes well with the task.If you work for an hour, give it a rest for 30 minutes and then it will last a long time.

Name: AndreiRating: Advantages: Perfectly working tool for a small price. There is adjustable speed.Disadvantages: For such a price, they simply do not existComment: It works! It is neatly made.

Name: VladimirRating: Advantages: long cord. speed control. not heavy. practically no dust, even without a vacuum cleaner. Powerful enough for its price.Disadvantages: Have not found yet. I hope they will not.comment: In general, the price-quality ratio of Zubr is very decent. I am satisfied with Zubr products. Both consumables and equipment.

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