Which lawn mower is better gasoline or electric?

What lawn mower is better to buy: choose the type and model

With the advent of summer, owners of private plots and cottages think about how to put in order their lawn. an important component of landscape design. And the best solution to the problem is to buy a lawnmower. But making the right choice with all the variety of models and brands is not so easy. In our review, we will talk about how to choose a lawn mower, based on your individual needs, and give a rating of lawn mowers in three different categories of this gardening equipment.

How to choose the right lawn mower? To begin with it is necessary to understand the functional differences of lawn mowers from similar garden and park equipment: trimmers and brush cutters. Often country property owners do not see a significant difference between this equipment, which is fraught with mistakes when choosing equipment.

  • Lawn mower. it is moving on wheels garden and park equipment of medium size and power for mowing lawn grass on a flat landscape.
  • Grass trimmer. a mechanism of low power, designed to be carried in the hands, consisting of a cutting element, boom and motor. Grass trimmers are used when it is necessary to cut the grass on an uneven surface, in hard-to-reach places and close to crops. This device is usually used for mowing relatively small areas. Or for mowing up the remaining areas where a lawnmower has not passed.
  • lawnmower (lawn mower). more powerful and structurally more reliable version of the grass trimmer. Designed for mowing tall grass and uneven terrain. Can be used as a basic area maintenance tool when there is no possibility to use a lawn mower, but because mowing is done manually and unevenly, it is not good for use on lawns.

So we’ve established that the lawnmower is the best option for areas with a flat landscape and simple geometry. But that’s just the beginning. Next you need to choose the type of mower. For ease of perception, the classification of mechanisms, the principles of individual models, as well as their advantages and disadvantages are shown in Table 1.

Table 1. Working principles of lawnmowers

Technical parameter Advantages Disadvantages
Type of motor and power source:
Electric motor without battery Electric lawnmowers
Environmentally friendly, does not require the purchase of fuel and lubricants, has a low noise level (at 80 dB). Requires connection to the electricity grid, extension cord, risk of cable damage, dangerous to operate during rain and dew, have limited power.
Battery operated electric motor Rechargeable lawnmowers and robotic lawnmowers
Have the same advantages as listed above and are also more mobile. Robotic lawnmowers do not require an operator during the mowing process. Have the same disadvantages as above, but also are big in weight, limited working time from the battery (15 to 30 minutes), necessity of the long recharging.
Gasoline engine Gasoline lawnmowers
Highly productive, manoeuvrable, robust, for intensive use. Heavy, noisy (over 90 dB), requires regular maintenance and purchase of fuel and lubricants.
No motor, power source. muscular effort Lawn mowers with mechanical cylinders
Absolutely environmentally friendly, no noise, low cost, energy independent, can be operated in all weather conditions, ideal for areas with short, young grass. Requires great physical effort for fast travelling, time-consuming mowing. Not suitable for dense or tall grass.
Type of drive:
On the front wheels Self-propelled, front wheel drive mowers
Manoeuvrable on headlands, easy to steer. Use on flat lawns only.
On the rear wheels Self-propelled, rear wheel drive lawnmowers
With larger-diameter rear wheels are able to work on slopes and uneven terrain. Not easy to turn, sometimes having to stop or even lift some models to do so.
All-wheel drive Self-propelled, all-wheel drive mowers
Powerful and highly productive, versatile for all terrain and weather conditions, effortlessly climbs and descends hills. High cost, high weight (about 50 kg).
Without drive Non-motorised models
Lightweight (about 15 kg), economical. Need to push in front of you, low power (models with engine without wheel drive).
Working principle:
Cylindrical (“drum” principle, with spiral cutting blades around the rotating drum) mechanism Lawn mowers with drum cutting unit
They include all two-wheel-drive models of manual lawnmowers, as well as selected models with an electric motor, which determine the advantages of the technology. Provide the best quality of mowing (cutting the grass). Low power and maneuverability, not suitable for small lawns.
Rotary mechanism (“propeller principle”, a disc or 1-2 pairs of cutting blades. spindle blades. are fixed on the vertical rotating shaft) Lawn mowers with rotary cutting unit
Universal, it has the ability to adjust the height of blades, allowing to work both on the hills and on uneven terrain. These include all four-wheeled gasoline and electric models. Disadvantages are determined by the type of motor, drive, blades, housing material installed.
Air cushion Cylinderless mowers
Maneuverable, easy to pass and steer, designed to work on uneven terrain and hard to reach places. Rarely found on the market, have a small model range, it is difficult to direct a straight path.
Electric. up to 1.5 kW Internal combustion engines. up to 2.5 liters. с. Low power lawn mowers
Compact, lightweight and economical, perfect for small flat lawns with flowerbeds. Small mowing width (up to 40 cm), high consumption of time and efforts for mowing, the ability to cut only young and short grass, poor functionality of machinery.
Electric. 1,5-2 KWh DC. 2,5-6 l. с. Medium lawn mowers
The best option for most areas with small surface slopes and irregularities, capable of cutting weeds with thick stems, greatly speed up the process of mowing lawns. Have a higher cost, relatively high weight and size.
Gasoline engines. more than 6 hp High-power lawn mowers
They are reliable and productive, available only in gasoline, semi-professional and professional models. High costs and expensive subsequent maintenance.

How to choose a lawn mower?

When buying a lawn mower for the care of the yard, you need to carefully study its capabilities, design features and technical characteristics.

The gardener must adhere to the following criteria:

  • The quality of design and components determines the longevity of the mower. A reliable mower should not have any flaws. All its internal parts should be installed as tightly as possible. There should not be any visible damage in the engine compartment, which may cause a serious breakdown over time;
  • Type of engine. lawnmowers can be equipped with electric motors, as well as 2 or 4-stroke internal combustion engines. The first type of engine stands out for its average power ratings and low traction reserve. Two- and four-stroke mowers are more robust and may work well in areas with a lot of heavy wild growth. The difference between 2 and 4-stroke ICE engines is that a 4-stroke mower uses less fuel and is quieter;
  • types of lawn mowers. according to the principle of the cutting system units can be rotary or drum. You can also find fingerless mower on the market. it is designed for mowing wild vegetation on large territories and is used only on the tractor hitch;
  • wheel drive. this construction feature is very rare for electric mowers. The opposite is true for petrol mowers. Almost every powerful gasoline model is self-propelled. This allows the petrol mower to be used for uneven areas. Because it prevents the user from having to push the mower up or hold it down. In some cases, a mechanical mower is also on the market. It is non-self-propelled. as mowing the grass and moving around the site in it is made under the influence of the physical force of the operator;
  • Wheels. almost every lawn mower is equipped with them. Wheels make it more comfortable to drive on the lawn. An important advantage is the wheels on ball bearings. These parts damp out surface irregularities, keeping the line for the trimmer mowing grass smooth and neat;
  • the ability to adjust the cutting height. most lawn mowers are equipped with levers or switches that allow you to set the blade to the height required by certain operating conditions. Such a function is deprived of a mechanical mower. it is able to mow grass only on one level set by the manufacturer;
  • the presence of the receiving hopper. the operation of models with a bag for collecting the grass allows you to clean the lawn, collecting all the vegetation and leaves from it. In the device of units without a grass catcher box there is no such function;
  • size. a small mower is best suited to work in hard-to-reach places. Large-sized units can be used in an open space, where there are not many hard obstacles;
  • Lawnmower accessories. some models come with a seat. interchangeable handles, additional protective guards. All of these features make the lawn mower easy to use.

The country of origin plays an important role when choosing a mower. The most popular among professionals is the German mower. Czech. As well as the Polish mower. Machines from these countries are distinguished by high quality of assembly and durability of components. Beginner gardeners can choose the Chinese mower. It is easy to operate and does not require specialized service.

Lawn mower types

Rotary mowers

The range of rotary lawn mowers includes models that have:

Mechanical mowers

In the range of mechanical lawn mowers there are models that have:

Mowing width of 300 to 400 mm Height adjustment function of mowing Grass collection capacity up to 40 liters Weight of 6.1 to 9.1 kg

Robotic mowers

They are designed to mow your lawn for you. The user does not need to participate in the process, so this technique is called a lawn mower. They are a great option for any lawn area. But the terrain must be flat enough to be level. The Bosch Indego, for example, is capable of mowing lawns up to 1000 square meters. м. During the first setup, the touch panel sets the lawn boundaries and LogiCut navigation maps for the most efficient mowing. Once set, the lawnmower will move in parallel lines within the set boundaries. This way they cover the entire lawn and mow 30% faster than robotic lawnmowers with random guidance systems. No need to worry about hitting a curb or other obstacle. This is prevented by tactile sensors that raise the blade if it encounters anything other than grass.

Bosch Indego has a mowing width of 260 mm, 10 mowing height adjustments from 20 to 60 mm, 32 V lithium-ion battery power, “smart charging” function.


The range of riders includes models that have:


There are models in the range of mini-tractors that have:

What to look for when buying a specific model?

If you have already decided which lawn mower to give preference. gasoline or electric, pay attention when buying to the individual nuances that apply to both types of units.

The presence and quality of the grass box design

Many models are equipped with a grass catcher box, where the cut vegetation falls. The advantage of these devices is that you do not need to rake the grass after mowing, but you have to stop working periodically to clean a full bag.

Soft grass bags make it easier to control the level of grass

Grass catchers come in two designs: soft (made of mesh) and hard (made of plastic). In the soft ones, it is easier to control the level of filling: as soon as the bag stopped inflating when air is supplied, it means it is already full. That’s no way to test a plastic tub. But when mowing wet grass the second variant is much more comfortable, because wet grass grass will stick to the grid walls and clog it so much that you have to wash the bag after work, and even vacuum it up.

The mulching function

Some lawn mowers have a device that finely chops everything that gets inside and discharges it as mulch to fertilize the lawn. Seems like a useful addition, but! Good mulch only comes from mowing completely dry, soft grass. If one mows a wet lawn, the mulching material gets lumpy. The lumps scattered over the lawn clog the roots of grass and do not allow it to grow normally. You can end up with “bald patches” on your lawn. In addition, too much mulch leads to the accumulation of so-called felt, which gradually rises higher and higher and prevents the normal growth of grass. You’ll have to rake over the entire lawn to comb out the excess.

The mulching function is useful only to those owners who do not care about the quality of the lawn. That saves them from having to carry the mowed material out of the lawn somewhere.

Side discharge

This is a useful feature for places where you have to cut the grass on the side of the road.

Front-drive or rear-drive models (for gasoline-powered mowers)

Gasoline units have two types of drive. The front one is easier to operate. With this technique, you can turn right on the spot, without turning off the motor. But when the grass catcher box is full, or the grass is heavy (wet, tall), you have to constantly push the mower to make it move. Rear-drive models do not slip, but to turn them, the drive lever must be disengaged.

Front-wheel drive mowers are more maneuverable, but they can slip when the bag is full

Height control for cutting the grass

If you have to deal with different areas, this feature is handy, especially since it takes no more than 3 minutes to adjust. In case the technique will constantly mow the same area, usually the same height is exposed, which means there is no point in overpaying for the regulator.

No two opinions are the same about what the best lawn mowers look like. Any model can become a great helper in the household, if it was selected taking into account the above tips, not only by manufacturer brand and price.

Mechanical units

The best mechanical models include:

  • AL-KO Soft Touch 38 HM Comfort. mechanical two-wheeled cylinder lawnmower up to 7.9 kg in weight. The model has high maneuverability, lightweight and durable body. You can work on an area of 250 m2±20%. High quality drum with 5 blades for a perfect cut.
  • Husqvarna 54. two-wheeled product for use on a flat area with short grass. Blades mow up to a width of 40 cm, the machine weighs 8.6 kg. This product is easy to handle, it is wear-resistant, if desired, you can install a grass catcher.

Important. When choosing lawn mowers, you need to pay attention to their weight, because you will have to work with them regularly and for a long time. The petrol mowers have larger and heavier engines. Lighter electric counterparts are easier to drive.

What features are most important??

It is clear that the steeper the specifications, the more expensive the mower. And the price can vary by a factor of 10, or even more. How to choose the right one, so as not to overpay, not to be a bargain, and to remain satisfied?

First of all, you need to formulate the task: what is the area of the site for mowing, what is the topography of the site, what is the quality of grass, whether there are a lot of plantings? Set the conditions. get the answer!

  • Deck width: from 30 cm
  • Grass catcher box capacity: from 30 l
  • Engine power: from 1.5 litres.с. and better
  • self-propelled: no
  • Deck width: from 40 cm
  • Grass catcher bag capacity: from 40 litres
  • Engine power: from 1.5 liters.с. and better
  • Self-propelled: no

Classification for easy selection

Even if you just need to mow a field of grass without any hint of aesthetics, you can buy a wheel mower and feel all the benefits of this technical device. The main thing is that the field should be flat. Given the needs of users, manufacturers produce a variety of mowers. They are subdivided according to the type of power they use.

Electric mowers are popular with gardeners. They are inexpensive and work well. The cable length (40-60 m) limits their capabilities.

So this technique is used on a small area. It can be up to 12 acres, but in practice the optimal size is no more than 8.

On such a lawn, it will not be difficult to relay the cable. It is the wire that needs the most attention, as there is a risk of cutting it. Otherwise, the electric lawnmower will only please its owner. It is easy to use and maintain, small in size and light in weight.

Petrol mowers give freedom of movement. They can be used on large plots of up to 25 acres. Such machines are purchased in a private home, cottage, in the countryside.

Compared to all other varieties of mowers, they are the most powerful. They can cope with high and dense overgrowth. That’s why they are bought not only for lawn cultivation, but also to simply mow the grass as needed. Gasoline engine is equipped with a special kind of machines. frontal mower, which is designed for haymaking.

In addition to agriculture, gasoline-powered equipment is in demand in public services. Their high efficiency is ensured not only due to power, but also due to large mowing width. In one pass, some petrol lawnmowers process a strip of up to 56 cm. Self-propelled model is more preferable when mowing large areas. Of course, for a small lawn, you don’t need one. Gardeners who value freedom of movement can choose a more compact model.

In addition to the understandable concerns associated with the refueling and maintenance of the engine, the future buyer should take into account another important feature.

Petrol lawnmowers are not suitable for working on hills. The four-stroke engine will stall if the incline of the surface exceeds 20 degrees. The two-stroke will withstand a 30-degree incline.

Cordless. represented in small numbers, they are produced only a few companies.

They match electric lawn mowers in terms of application, but have the same independence as gasoline mowers. Therefore, they are perfect for mowing grass on a small plot where there are numerous obstacles: trees, bushes, buildings, furniture. Cordless mowers do not have any trouble getting around them.

Irregularly shaped lawns and garden paths can be mowed with ease. It’s also an option if there is no electricity on the property.

Depending on the model, up to 300 sq. m. can be mowed on one battery charge. м., Approx. 30 minutes of work.

Mechanical. requires neither electricity nor gasoline, and is virtually silent. Designed for parterre lawn care. Provide high mowing quality. The operation requires some effort from the user, especially if the grass is wet or high.

That’s why they are used on small plots, maximum 150 sq. m, optimally up to 70 sq. km. м. The possible cutting height of the mechanical mowers is lower than the others.

Lawn mower performance range

Type Electric Petrol Rechargeable Mechanical
Power, kW 0,75-2 2,2-8(3-6 л. с.)
Mowing width, cm 30-48 40-57 34-38 30-40
Mowing height, mm 20-90 25-100 20-70 12-40
Weight, kg 12-30 22-48 12-19 7,2-9,1

Lawn mower types

Lawn mowers on the market can be divided into five main types:

To decide which lawn mower to choose for the country house, or for professional lawn mowing, first read about the characteristic advantages and disadvantages of each type:

Mostly used on relatively small plots. The reason is obvious. the range of an electric lawn mower is limited by the length of the power cord. It is not very pleasant to drag a long tail, and even watch that the blades of the mower did not damage it. Nevertheless, electric lawn mowers are convenient for working in the yard, where there is always the possibility of connecting

The advantages of electric lawn mowers:

  • Quietness. You can not say that the electric mower is completely silent, but the comparison with gasoline mower, certainly, will not be in favor of the latter. The maximum recorded noise of an electric lawn mower is barely 50 dB, while gasoline mowers produce 90.
  • Cost effective. No fuel, no engine oil, no spark plugs. Electric power is much cheaper than petrol.
  • Green. No harmful emissions.
  • Price. The most expensive electric lawn mower will cost you roughly 5 or more times cheaper than a similar-equipped gasoline mower.
  • Low weight. Much easier to transport.
  • Carefree. Electric mowers require very little maintenance. No inspections or repairs to the piston system. And if you have to rewind the burned out electric motor, it will cost you much less than an internal combustion engine repair.

Disadvantages of electric mowers

  • Dependence on mains power. As mentioned before, you can go no further away from the socket than the wire length allows. You will either have to use an extension cord, which also does not add convenience to the work process. But it’s not just the length of the power cord that limits the area to be mowed.
  • Low power. The electric motors installed on these mowers are much weaker than internal combustion engines. These motors have a rough operating range of 900-2000 watts. At the same time they tend to overheat, so you have to stop regularly to let the motor cool down. Prolonged overheating can lead to serious damage. However, most modern models are equipped with a special temperature sensor that will not allow you to bring the motor to a dangerous degree of overheating.

Perhaps the most popular type of mowers. Almost all professional machines belong to this group. Gasoline-driven mowers are usually used on plots of more than three acres, but they can also be used on smaller land plots if there is no power connection. If you are wondering how to choose a gasoline lawn mower, read about the disadvantages and advantages inherent in this type:

  • Autonomy. Independent of external power sources.
  • Power. Gasoline models can handle much tougher terrain than electric models.
  • Working session duration. The engine does not need to be stopped for cooling. Working hours are limited only by fuel tank capacity.
  • Maneuverability. Due to the lack of power cord, gasoline lawnmowers are widely used on landscapes with a complex design (alpine hills, trees, shrubs).
  • Low environmental impact. The most obvious and significant disadvantage. Exhaust fumes, which are an integral part of the internal combustion engine, can be a nuisance.
  • Noisiness. Again, the operation of a gasoline engine is associated with noise over 90 dB.
  • Maintenance fastidiousness. Internal combustion engine requires regular maintenance, you’ll have to spend money on fuel and lubricants and periodically change spark plugs.
  • Large weight, making these mowers inconvenient to transport.

When choosing a petrol lawnmower pay attention to the engine capacity.

Household mowers use engines with an output of 2 liters.3-5 л. с. with approx. 110-190 cm³. These models are usually used for plots not more than 8 acres. For such an engine is usually specified motor life of the order of 700 hours. It means that after seven hundred hours of work it must pass the scheduled repair.

Semi-professional lawnmowers are equipped with engines 5-7 liters. с. With a working volume of 160-200 cm³. Such a machine will allow you to work an area of 5 to 20 acres. Its motor life reaches 1200 hours.

And finally, professional lawnmowers are equipped with an engine from 7 horses. The engine capacity is usually more than 200 cm³, and service life is up to 2500 hours and more. Such devices are used not only by public utilities, but also by private individuals wishing to purchase a lawn mower with a good margin of reliability. Besides powerful engine, such models are characterized by extended functionality. Most often, they carry on board additional grass trimmers, mulching devices, etc. п.

Among gasoline mowers are so-called riders.

In short, the rider is a lawnmower, which is equipped with a saddle, steering wheel and pedals. That way you don’t have to push it, you don’t even have to walk behind it. The joyrider drives you on its own, mowing the grass.

In addition to mowing grass, the rider can perform a number of functions. Some models allow you to attach snow removal equipment to the front instead of the mowing deck. There is also an attachment at the rear, to which you can attach auxiliary devices (seed drill, plow, small cargo trailer, etc.). п.).

It should be noted right away that riders are not only gasoline-powered. There are battery-powered riders, but they are still quite rare and not very popular.

Rating of top 10 according to KP

Bosch ARM 37

The budget model of the famous brand opens our rating. This model runs on electricity, limiting its use over long distances from electrical outlets. However, it allows you not to worry about the availability of gasoline or the completeness of the charge.Durable plastic body, grass cutting height regulator, 40-liter grass collection container make this lawn mower one of the best options for taking care of a small area near the house.


Lightweight and compact lawn mower ideal for small spaces. One of the main advantages is maneuverability, it can effectively mow lawns of any shape. This model is equipped with a rechargeable battery, so it does not require permanent connection to the network.An additional advantage can be called a mulching function: the cut grass can be immediately shredded inside the device and distributed on the lawn as a natural fertilizer. Edge combs allow you to grab grass from the edges of the lawn and mow it efficiently.


Champion brand gasoline lawn mower with a wide grip. Powerful and efficient option for cutting grass in medium-sized areas. No electricity required.Due to its power, this lawnmower mows rough grass and uneven surfaces effectively. Can get an ant hill out of the way and won’t break when it hits the ground and rocks. Mulching feature helps recycle grass into a natural fertilizer and distribute it over the area. No extra collection box for mowing, however.


Handy cordless mower for small spaces. When using on a large territory the battery power may not be enough. the stated area of mowing is 250 square meters, but in practice it depends on the length of grass, its succulence, as well as the battery status at a particular time.Very lightweight with a solid grass catcher box, a good choice for smaller spaces. Easy battery replacement and low cost allows you to swap batteries as needed while mowing.


Good for uneven terrain. Self-propelled, with a powerful enough motor and wheels, it goes over any rough terrain. However, there can be problems with the work on soft ground: because of its weight, it can leave wheel marks on the grass.

This model is easy to assemble and start, the initial assembly does not take more than 20 minutes. But it is hard to maneuver because of its weight, so it is not suitable for owners of complex shaped plots.


The model of the domestic manufacturer is cheaper than many of its analogues, but it mows the grass well. There can be problems with particularly thick grass or uneven surfaces, but in general an excellent option for small and flat areas.

AC cord power means you don’t have to worry about recharging the battery, but you needn’t take the machine far from the power source. You also have to watch the cable at all times to make sure that it does not get caught in the lawnmower blade.


Stylish-looking corded model. It has a large and rigid collecting tank for the cuttings and comes with mulching accessories.

This is a maneuverable machine that anyone can handle, but it’s a bit heavy to use on a bumpy surface. Stones and hard branches can easily dull the blade and damage the plastic housing.


Another Champion brand representative in our selection. It is a self-propelled model with soft grass catcher box. The mower is easy to push and requires little effort to roll forward. However, maneuverability is lower than other models, so it is inconvenient for lawns of complex shape.

Handles thick grass and weeds. Two possibilities: out to the side or in the grass catcher box. Its self-washing function is a special advantage. simply attach a hose and switch it on for a few minutes, after which it is clean and ready for storage.


The petrol lawnmower has a metal housing. It can mow on uneven ground, its big wheels take care of almost any unevenness. Although because of its weight it is difficult to push on a bumpy surface. The Makita PLM4626N is a good choice for medium-sized plots. The brand is known for its reliability and infrequent failures.


The self-propelled lawnmower enables you to mow a medium-sized area without effort. Great weight is paid off by the fact that you do not have to push it, just control the direction of movement. Large wheels make it easy to maneuver over obstacles and uneven terrain.The mulching nozzle is not included, but it can be bought and installed separately. Several options of grass ejection allow you to choose the desired one in each case.

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