Which lawn mower is better with petrol or battery mower?

How to choose a lawn mower. Gasoline VS Electric. which one is better?

A beautiful well kept lawn. The indispensable attribute of modern country life. Even if there is no lawn as such, the grass still needs to be mowed. It grows quickly in the warm season. Today you need not a grass mower for this job, but a reliable wheeled lawnmower.

How to choose a lawn mower for a country house, cottage or garden? Which mower is better: gasoline or electric?? Is it worth spending a lot of money on a model with a battery? What to pay attention to, so that the lawnmower was convenient to use? Answers to these and other questions, as well as the top popular and tested models. In our video review, as well as in the text below.

In these devices there is no moving drive. Their motor only rotates the mowing unit and you have to move the mower by yourself. These models are ideal for treating the lawn with grass of medium length. They are not designed for cutting higher vegetation. But they have more battery life than self-propelled models. There are such devices that work without recharging for more than an hour and a half.

4 Greenworks 2501907ua G40LM35K2X

The fourth position is occupied by a lawn mower from greenworks. It is an inexpensive, but fairly powerful device that can easily handle grass of medium length in small areas.

which, lawn, mower, better, petrol

The 2501907ua G40LM35K2X has a 40-litre grass catcher box. And you can use the work option to simply toss the cut vegetation back to the rear. There is also a device for mulching and adjustable handle, allowing people of different height to use the device. Casing and wheels are made of plastic, so it is better to use the device on level areas, without roots and stones.

The greenworks lawn mower is designed for cutting vegetation of different lengths, and the cutting height (30 to 80 mm) can be adjusted. That makes it easy to mow overgrown or grassy areas after rain.

Users choose this cordless mower for its low weight (14.5 kg), maneuverability, good performance, budget price and easy operation.

  • Affordable price.
  • Low noise level.
  • Versatility.
  • Extended package.
  • Adjustable handle length and cutting height.
  • Mows well.

3 Stiga Collector 140 AE Kit

The STIGA cordless mower from the Swiss brand ranks third.

Convenient, lightweight yet robust, the Collector 140 AE Kit is ideal for medium-sized lawns. It has two innovative batteries that allow you to work for long periods without recharging. Two working modes: with 40 litre grass catcher box and tossing the cuttings to the side or back.

It has adjustable cutting height from 25 to 75 mm, a folding handle and a window in the motor unit to show the battery status. Mowing areas of up to 350 square meters can be mowed just fine.м. The cutting width is up to 38 cm.

The housing is made of robust materials, so you can work without fear of bumps and scratches. Due to optimized air circulation, motor is protected from overheating. The handle is height-adjustable for comfortable operation. You can also select from 6 mowing levels, and they are easy to switch with the lever.

In their reviews, users note the ease of use of lawnmowers from the company STIGA, its compact size, maneuverability, durability of materials, ergonomic handle, comfortable work.

  • Lightweight and maneuverable.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Useful features.
  • Handy Handle.
  • High quality build.
  • Wide mowing width.
  • Protection against overheating.
  • High capacity battery.

2 Makita DLM432PT2

In second place is the wheeled mower from Makita. The DLM432PT2 is a high-capacity mower, so it’s ideal for lawns up to 550 square meters.м.

The manufacturer has also taken care of the width of the cutting strip, in this device is 43 cm. Removable 50-liter bin for grass collection. Charges quickly and has a battery level indicator on the handle. During operation, you can set the height of cut from 20 to 70 mm.

The Makita DLM432PT2 is mobile and easy to use, weighing 17.3 kg. For easy carrying there is a special handle that can be folded when storing the device. Includes charger and two removable batteries.

Users choose the Makita cordless mower for its high power and efficiency, comfortable operation, easy operation, light weight, easy carrying and storage, extended package.

1 Karcher LMO 18-33 Battery Set (1.444-401.0)

The leader among wheeled lawnmowers, the lightweight and maneuverable KARCHER facilitates the maintenance of medium-sized lawns.

With its high manoeuvrability and compact dimensions, it is easy to use even in hard-to-reach areas. Blade speed is 4000 rpm. After mowing, tall plants can be collected in a 35-litre grass container, and fine plants can be distributed over the lawn with the mulching nozzle. The device is designed to cut grass up to 65 cm in height.

The KARCHER lawnmower is comfortable even during long use, thanks to its ergonomic handle with soft grip. Is equipped with a special key for safe operation, preventing accidental start.

Model LMO 18-33 Battery Set (1.444-401.0) is popular with users due to its affordable price, large battery capacity, powerful motor, ergonomic handle design, additional functions and high performance.

  • Affordable price.
  • Long-lasting operation without recharging.
  • Mulching function.
  • Accidental start safety.
  • High performance.
  • Ergonomically designed handle.

Mid-priced petrol lawnmowers are suitable for cutting grass over large areas. Their motors are characterized by maximum efficiency, while maintaining a relatively quiet operation and comparatively light weight.

Models are easy to store and operate due to its adjustable and detachable handle. The high maneuverability of the products ensures a clean treatment site. The design allows you to adjust the height of the mowing, and all the necessary controls of the lawnmower are in the area of the handle.

3 Oleo-Mac G 44 PK Comfort Plus

The Oleo-Mac G 44 PK Comfort Plus is on the third position. This four-stroke engine lawn mower has a cutting width of 41 cm and is suitable for a 10-acre lawn. Fuel tank capacity of 1.2 litres, oil storage capacity 0.6 л. The grass catcher box is made of a robust material and has a capacity of 70 liters of grass.

The good thing about this model is that the manufacturer has ensured a significantly lower fuel consumption. This quietens operation and ensures a longer service life. The cutting height is adjustable. And the unit does not just mow the vegetation, but also shreds it. This saves space in the grass catcher box and allows you to use the grass for fertilisation later on.

Oleo-Mac handles are easy to handle, are height-adjustable, can be folded for storage and have a brake lever. Customer praise for this model. It actually uses less fuel and is more manoeuvrable.

  • Adjustable cutting height.
  • Grass collection container.
  • Power.
  • Handle is adjustable.
  • Low fuel consumption.

2 Makita PLM5120N2

On the second line is the Makita PLM5120N2. This model fits a 15-acre lawn, weighs just over 25 kg and features an attractive design. The manufacturer has equipped the device with a 2.90 л. с. RPM adjustment is automatic, resulting in automatic increase of its performance when the load is increased. Fuel tank capacity of 0.8 л. It’s quiet and easy to start with the starter rope.

It moves on 4 wheels and the non-slip surface increases the grip on the ground. The two rear wheels are much larger than the front, which further increases the maneuverability of the product. The controls are in the handlebar area and the handle itself is adjustable.

Height adjustment with lever movement. 51 cm cutting width. No grass catcher bag, please note: This model is not fitted with a dust catcher box. Output of mowed vegetation is sideways or in mulching mode.

  • Mowing width.
  • Automatic variable speed.
  • Low noise level.
  • Robust design.
  • Mowing height adjustment.

1 STIHL RM 248

First place goes to the STIHL RM 248. Mowing high and thick grass is easy. It cleans up even the most neglected lawn in no time and keeps it well-maintained at all times. Robust metal housing ensures long service life. Powerful motor helps you get the job done efficiently.

Noise level of the product is only 96 dB. The device is equipped with a comfortable and soft handle, and there is also a model launcher. STIHL weights only 26 kg, the small wheels are strong and durable and are designed to easily handle tight turns.

This lawn mower is ideal for up to 12 acres. It provides a cutting width of 46 cm, the height can be adjusted as desired. There are a total of 7 different modes available, and they are switched with one easy pull of the lever. All excess grass goes into the 55 litre grass catcher box. It can be easily removed and emptied in no time.

Cordless mower

To enjoy mowing your lawn with a device that does not produce harmful exhaust fumes, is silent and does not require constant access to a power source, it is worth buying a cordless mower. Modern cordless mowers from well-known companies are usually as powerful as their internal combustion counterparts and are at the same time completely environmentally friendly.

Good quality mowers, equipped with a battery, allow you to work for many hours without recharging the device. Despite the high price, it is one of the most popular mower models, providing high comfort of use for all household.

Mechanical units

The best mechanical models include:

  • AL-KO Soft Touch 38 HM Comfort. a mechanical two-wheeled drum mower up to 7.9 kg in weight. The model has high maneuverability, lightweight and durable body. It is possible to work on a site area of 250 m2±20%. High quality drum with 5 blades for a perfect cut.
  • Husqvarna 54 is a two-wheeled product for use on a flat area with short grass. Blades mow width. 40 cm, the unit weight. 8.6 kg. This product is easy to operate, it is hard-wearing, you can install a grass catcher box on it if you want.

Important. When choosing lawn mowers, you need to pay attention to their weight, because you will have to work with them regularly and for a long time. powerful and heavier engines on petrol units. The lighter electric counterparts are easier to operate.

How to choose a cordless mower?

The fact that it is not self-propelled does not mean that it is difficult to use. Case in point: Ryobi One Plus 16-inch mower. It is extremely compact for its power and weighs only 17 kg.

The ONE uses standard 18-volt Ryobi batteries. These are the same lithium-ion power packs that the company uses in its popular line of home power tools. Lawn mowers come with a battery and charger in case you don’t have one handy.

The only disadvantage of this model is a small mowing width. Nevertheless, for private home owners with a small plot. up to 6 acres. this lawn mower is ideal.

KP top 10 rating

Husqvarna LC 140S (Medium )

This company does not do bad things. This rule also works with lawn mowers. Good motor, all necessary functions are on board. The reliability of this model is legendary. it will definitely last for many seasons, but do not forget about the annual maintenance. Otherwise, you can get in for a major repair.


An excellent lightweight and maneuverable mower for those who do not want to bother with the grass catcher box and compost, but can mulch. In this model has a very solid working width and a powerful engine, and the price does not bite.


German brand that makes appliances in China. The mower has a very powerful engine, large mowing width and still weighs relatively little. Also has all the major gadgets on board.


It’s a smart budget model, which also knows how to do everything: sideways, backward, into the grass catcher box, mulch. Engine is unnamed Chinese, but kind and powerful enough, no complaints noticed so far. This mower can be recommended to novice gardeners who want to try all the delights of civilized lawn care.


Proven option from the renowned Japanese manufacturer. Can do literally everything. Self-propelled, has an excellent engine, it has out-and-back ejection, soft grass catcher box, can mulch. The reviews of the owners are great. But the price is not unreasonable.


Not a bad mower for beginners. Has many useful features, despite its price. Can mulch, has backward ejection and grass catcher box. A great find!

The features

It’s cheap and easy. This mower only has the essentials: a powerful engine, rear discharge, grass catcher box but it’s robust and inexpensive! But be prepared for the fact that this model is very noisy in operation, even by the standards of gasoline mowers.


Reliable model that has already proven itself, unpretentious enough. Has everything you need on board, copes with a site of almost any complexity, a strong middler.


Another “Mercedes” among lawnmowers, the competitor of Makita PLM4628N from our review. Big, powerful, productive, can throw the grass backwards, can in the grass box, can sideways, can mulch. the full stuffing!


A motorist here would joke that this is the only time Hyundai drives ahead of him. But in fact we have here a very inexpensive and reliable mower, from the company that you can trust when it comes to gasoline technology. It has everything you need: rear discharge, grass catcher box, mulching.


Pros and cons

Rating of top 10 according to KP

Bosch ARM 37

A budget model of a well-known brand opens our ranking. This model operates on electricity, which limits its use over long distances from the outlet. However, it allows you not to worry about the availability of gasoline or the completeness of the charge.Robust plastic body, cutting height adjustment, 40-litre grass catcher box make this mower one of the best choices for maintenance of small areas around the house.


Lightweight and compact lawn mower is ideal for a small area. One of the main advantages is its maneuverability that allows you to effectively mow any lawn shape. It is battery operated, which means that it does not require permanent connection to the mains.The mulching function is an added advantage: Grass cuttings can be immediately shredded inside the machine and distributed over the lawn as a natural fertilizer. Edge combs allow you to catch grass from the edges of the lawn and mow it efficiently.


The Champion brand gasoline lawn mower with a wide grip. Powerful and efficient option for cutting grass in medium-sized areas. Does not require access to electricity.With its power, this lawn mower can handle rough grass and uneven surfaces effectively. Can get an ant hill out of the way and won’t break when it hits the ground or rocks. Mulching feature helps convert grass into a natural fertilizer and distribute it over the area. However, there is no additional container for mowed grass.


Handy cordless lawn mower suitable for small areas. When using on a large area, the battery charge may not be enough. the claimed area of mowing is 250 square meters, but in practice it depends on the length of grass, its succulence, and the state of the battery at a particular time.Very lightweight model with a solid grass catcher box, good for small areas. Easy to replace and inexpensive batteries allow you to alternate as needed during mowing.

The features

This model is a good choice for uneven terrain. Self-propelled, with a powerful enough motor and wheels, it can negotiate any terrain. But there can be problems with operation on soft ground: its weight can leave tire tracks on the grass.

Easy to assemble and start, initial assembly in less than 20 minutes. But it’s hard to maneuver because of its weight, making it unsuitable for owners of complex shaped terrains.


Domestic production model is cheaper than its analogues, but it mows well. Might have some trouble with particularly thick grass or uneven terrain, but overall an excellent choice for smaller, flat areas.

The mains-powered cord means you don’t have to worry about charging the battery, but it prevents you from moving the machine too far away from the power source. Furthermore, the cable has to be watched all the time to make sure that it does not get caught in the blade of the lawnmower.

The features

Stylish-looking model, powered by a power cord. It has a roomy, rigid tank for mowing, and comes with mulching attachments.

This is a maneuverable machine, which can be handled by anyone, but it is a bit heavy to use on a hilly terrain. Stones or hard branches can easily dull the blade and damage the plastic housing.


Another Champion brand representative in our selection. It is a self-propelled model with soft grass catcher box. The lawnmower is easy to operate and requires little effort to roll forward. However, maneuverability is lower than other models, so it is not convenient for difficult lawns.

which, lawn, mower, better, petrol

Mows thick grass and weeds. Two ways to throw the grass: to the side or into the grass catcher box. A separate advantage is the self-wash function, just connect a hose and turn on the mower for a few minutes, after that it will be clean and ready for storage.


Gasoline lawnmower in a metal housing. It can mow grass on uneven terrain, and its big wheels let you run over almost any bump. Though it is hard to push because of its heavy weight on a bumpy surface. The Makita PLM4626N is a good choice for medium-sized plots. The brand is known for its reliability and rare failures.


Self-propelled lawn mower enables effortless mowing in a medium size area. The great weight is paid off by the fact that you don’t have to push it yourself, just control the direction of travel. Large wheels make it easy to maneuver over obstacles and uneven terrain.No mulching mowing head included, but it can be bought and installed separately. Several variants of grass ejection allow choosing the desired one in every particular case.

Rating of lawn mowers from 1500 to 2000 W

Mid-power models are suitable for uneven lawns from 5 to 6 acres. Handle high and stiff stands, many also support mulching.

GARDENA PowerMax 1800/42

  • wheeled mower
  • electric motor (1800 W) with mains connection
  • Mowing width / height: 42 cm / 20-60 mm
  • mowing area: 800 m²
  • Grass discharge into rigid grass catcher box. back
  • mulching
  • weight: 14.3 kg

The ranking opens rotary electric mower for the area of 7-15 acres with a not very flat surface. large wheels will overcome the roughness. Lightweight plastic design makes it easy for teenagers and women to work. Height and position adjuster to suit the height of any operator. Robust plastic bag can hold up to 45 liters of grass. Large wheels made of impact-resistant plastic do not leave streaks on the lawn. Metal handle made of soft plastic does not cause discomfort. it is not cold, does not transmit vibrations. Handle is also height-adjustable. There are 5 mowing heights.

  • High capacity grass catcher box;
  • Folding handle for storage;
  • The wheels do not spoil the lawn;
  • Powerful enough to cut high vegetation.


  • wheeled lawnmower
  • electric motor (2000 Watt) from the mains cable
  • cutting width / height: 48 cm / 38-100 mm
  • cutting area: 800 m²
  • grass discharge into soft grass catcher box. back

In second place of our top list is the powerful electric lawnmower with a 2 kW motor. Mows and catches grass in three modes: mowing and collecting in a container, mowing and throwing on the lawn, and shredding and mulching. 7-position cutting height adjustment adapts the look of the lawn to any landscaping project. EdgeMax system grips grass from the side, eliminating the need for a grass trimmer. Launch bar makes it easy to operate the lawnmower with one hand.

  • Folding handle to reduce the size of the mower;
  • Central lever for cutting height adjustment;
  • body handles for carrying;
  • Three modes of grass control.


  • wheeled mower
  • electric motor (1800 watts) with mains cable
  • cutting width/height: 32 cm/20-60 mm
  • Grass discharge into rigid grass catcher box, backwards
  • weight: 7.5 kg
  • housing material impact-resistant plastic

The powerful electric Kruger lawnmower is easy to operate and easy to maintain, low noise level. 50 l of hard plastic grass catcher box does not need frequent cleaning. Compact size and light weight make it easy to carry from place to place and maneuver between trees and bushes. Ergonomic handle can be adjusted to the operator’s height. Special coating of the handle smoothes vibrations, so the operator’s hands will not get tired even with prolonged use of the electric lawnmower Kruger. Also, the manufacturer has a 1900 W model, which costs a little more, but has improved characteristics. For example, it has a moisture-resistant induction motor. information about the lawnmower can be found on the brand website.

which, lawn, mower, better, petrol
  • rigid and voluminous plastic grass catcher box;
  • three-level mowing
  • reasonable ;
  • smart design.

Makita ELM4121

  • wheeled mower
  • Cordless electric motor (1600 watts)
  • cutting width / height: 41 cm / 20-75 mm
  • grass discharge into soft grass catcher box. back
  • weight: 19.5 kg

Productive lawn mower that can mow up to 6 acres of lawn. The quick-removal grass catcher box is watertight and easy to clean. Overfill indicator tells you when the bin is full. Large rear wheels with a wide tread take most of the weight and do not crush the turf. The small front end gives the machine maneuverability. Belt drive prevents engine damage if blade jams. The housing is made of stainless steel, which makes the mower reliable.

The reviews show that it is a good machine for lawn care, but it should be used as intended, and not to be surprised that it is impossible to mow weeds or virgin land. Burrows must be cleared with a trimmer first.

  • Vibration-damping neoprene padding
  • safety switch function;
  • folding handle;
  • Engine protection in case of a jammed blade.


  • wheeled (non-self-propelled)
  • Electric motor (1600 watts) with mains cable
  • cutting width / height: 35 cm / 25-65 mm
  • 500 m² of cutting area
  • grass ejection into a rigid grass catcher box. back

Lawn mower with a unique PCG technical solution that guarantees up to 99% of mowed grass. It lies in the special shape of the blade and its aerodynamics. the air stream guides the cut stalks into the container. The central lever sets the desired cutting height in seconds, between 25-65 mm. A handle on the body makes it easy to carry, and a folding handle makes it easy to transport to and from home and storage. Cable holder prevents pulling the plug out of the extension cord socket. Wide wheels do not damage the lawn surface.

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