Which line for a trimmer is better for a benzotrimmer. What materials are used for the manufacture of the cord

TOP-15 best forests for a trimmer for grass: rating 2021-2022 and which one to choose 3 mm thick

Today’s rating of a forest for a trimmer for grass on our Tekhnik portal.TOP is the best way to quickly choose the right model.

For quick navigation, we divided the rating into categories:

To work any trimmer for the grass, a high.Quality fishing line for a trimmer is required, which will effectively mow grass and at the same time will delight with economical expenses and good elasticity that can provide a minimum number of gaps.

BASIC CLIPPER CUTTING. Using Your Guards. For Beginners

We compiled a rating of the best at 2021-2022 a forest for trimmers, where we tried to take into account the criteria of choice, high estimates of customers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each variety.

TOP-10 best manufacturers of fishing line for grass for grass

The American company Patriot is not easy. She experienced very popularity, change of name (Patriot Garden), and then the return of the former logo. Many production sites are located in China, which allows you to supply products to the Russian market at the best price and in beautiful packaging. This fully applies to a fishing line for a trimmer for grass. Cord is most often bought by summer residents and novice owners of motorcycle. Buyers are attracted by a stylish appearance and affordable cost. As for working qualities, you can find many critical words in the thematic forums addressed to Patriot fishing line.

The assortment of the American-Chinese brand contains different in cross-section and diameter of the cord. Already at the stage of winding on the spool there is a confusion of the material. In the future, frequent snacks are observed, which is explained by the softness of the cord.

Rating of the best manufacturers of fishing line for grass

Knowing the features of the choice of fishing line, we proceed to the rating of its manufacturers who have earned a good reputation and have positive reviews from customers.

Nomination place manufacturer rating
Rating of the best manufacturers of fishing line for grass one Oregon 5.0
2 Champion 4.Nine
3 Husqvarna 4.Eight
4 DDE 4.7
5 Bosch 4.6
6 Rezer 4.5
7 Dolmar 4.4
eight Echo 4.3
nine EFCO 4.2
ten Sturm 4.One
eleven Patriot 4.0


The first place of the rating is occupied by the American company Oregon, which has been operating since 1947. Now the manufacturer is part of the Blount Inc concern and produces thousands of items for products for the garden and garden. The assortment of a forest for a trimmer for grass has more than 10 separate lines produced with various forms and diameters. You can buy a coil with a cord length from 30 to 60 m, which provides long.Term work without changing the spray. For wholesale buyers, the manufacturer offers a fishing line for a trimmer in bays of 520 m. Buyers in the reviews like the Techni line.280, which has an increased temperature threshold and is suitable for cutting dry grass on rocky soil and prolonged work.

Our experts put the manufacturer in the first place in the ranking, since he has several interesting lines of fishing line for a trimmer for grass, characterized by increased strength. Patented technologies were used in the Nyliun Starline and Flexiblade series. In them, the manufacturer added aluminum baby, which reduces wear and extends the resource of equipment. There is also a separate Techni-Blade series for prickly shrubs, which is equipped with teeth on two ribs. Such a string is able to cut the stem with a thickness of 2 cm.


  • A variety of lengths of cutting elements on a spool;
  • There are models for all types of vegetation;
  • The goods are conveniently divided by flowers to quickly navigate which coil to install on a trimmer for grass;
  • There is a separate Duoline series with a high.Strength core.


The second place in the rating is occupied by a domestic company created in 2005 and having production capacities in China. Despite the plants in the Middle Kingdom, components and raw materials for numerous products are supplied from the USA, India and European countries, which gives good quality and acceptable price. For example, to make fishing line to trimmers, the manufacturer uses raw materials from France. The assortment has a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass in red, green and black. The manufacturer offers the line: Round, Twisted Square, Star, Spiral Pro. Buyers in the reviews praise the goods for a complete knife, which are convenient to cut off the lace without additional tools.

We included the manufacturer in the rating due to the presence of a particularly strong Twisted Square fishing line in the catalog, produced with a diameter of 4.8 mm. Not all rating participants offer this. The goods are optimal for the bevel of the coarse grass and even the stems of ambrosia growing to the waist. Users in the reviews note that the “Asterisk” configuration does not allow the turns to be cream due to the air passage, and is easily supplied even during the rotation of the spray.

which, line, trimmer, better, materials, used


  • The range of the fishing line in coils is from 15 to 168 m;
  • Convenient division by color;
  • Diameters from 1 are used.3 to 4.8 mm;
  • Special knife for cutting;
  • There is a spiral cord.


The third place of the rating belongs to the Swedish manufacturer with a history of several centuries. It all started with the manufacture of weapons, and now the company has focused on garden equipment and tools. Among the cord for a trimmer for grass, skeins from 12 to 130 m are offered. There are 240 m bays. Buyers in the reviews like that most types of fishing line have a special coating that prevents the welding of nylon in a coil from heating. It is easy to serve a cord while mowing. Another manufacturer offers a fishing line for a trimmer with a special shape that resists a cliff when leaving the head of the head. This technology extends the string resource. The cutting element will be poured holistically and at the ends there is no disheveled.

Which Trimmer Line is Best? Let’s find out!

According to our experts, the manufacturer is worthy of the place in the ranking of the best, since it produces more than 20 options for a silent fishing line. During the rotation of such equipment, a sound with a volume of 7-8 dB is made, so you can wield a trimmer for a long time and without protective headphones. This is the optimal cord for caring for green areas around schools, kindergartens and health facilities.


  • Long working resource;
  • Compatibility with any trimmer heads;
  • A special form to prevent breakdown;
  • The ends are not divided.


The fourth place of the rating was given to the American manufacturer DDE, founded in 1965. Now the brand is the leader in the world for the production of electric motor plants, which include trimmers for grass. The company offers them a high.Quality equipment produced in the United States. In the manufacturer catalog you can find products with a length of 15 to 240 m. Cord 2 is proposed in thickness 2.0-4.0 mm. Most models have reinforcement inside to increase strength. The manufacture of the cord is made from the copolymer-termoplast of the brand Luran S. This provides increased resistance to wear, despite heating and clashes with obstacles. Owners in the reviews are shared that the fishing line for a trimmer confidently withstands contact with reinforcement and pieces of concrete.

Our experts liked the manufacturer with its technology that improves the speed of the bevel, for which he was included in the rating. Each coil proudly indicates that the use of this particular cord will add 10% to the mowing speed. Another lace 2.4 mm in diameter is able to kill the burdock with a thickness of up to 5 cm, therefore it is not required to overpay for a thicker fishing line for a trimmer. If necessary, you can clear the summer cottage and with this cross.Section.

What materials are used for the production of fishing line and how it affects their reliability

Nylon is used as a fishing fishing line based on polypropylene and polyamide. Nylon has the following properties:

which, line, trimmer, better, materials, used
  • Stability to abrasion. The material is resistant to wear, and the damage to the fishing line occurs only when the stroke of solid obstacles occurs
  • Low cost. This is convenient, since the material is consumable, and it is necessary to constantly use a new fishing line for a trimmer
  • Light, provides high speed due to the inertia of rotation of the head
  • Durability in storage conditions. The material cannot be left in the sun or at low temperatures for a long time.

Interesting! When cutting the grass, the nylon monolon breaks down into parts that remain in the cut grass. These residues are harmful to animals, so mow grass on hay. Not the best idea.

Sometimes cheaper polyethylene is added to the material, which reduces the reliability of cutting equipment. Polyethylene mononym wears out faster, and we know from experience that it is better to buy natural nylon mono.Wing, which is more expensive than saving on polyethylene mononiti.

Fishing lines with a thickness of 2.6-3.3 mm consist of graphite or steel rods and nylon. Two.Component fishing line for trimmer. The presence of rods not only increases the efficiency of mowing, but also reduces the rapid destruction of the fishing line. As a result, a fishing line for a trimmer with a large cross section lasts longer than a thin fishing line for a trimmer. There are also cords with the addition of metal particles in their composition. These additives are also designed to improve the characteristics of the mowing of grass and increase the strength and wear resistance of the material.

It is interesting! When choosing a fishing line for a trimmer for your trimmer for grass, pay attention to the head or spool. On these parts you can see the size of the cord, which can be used.

A fishing line for a trimmer which company is better to buy

In general, fishing lines for trimmers in our time are produced by many companies. Both having world fame and nameless. Trust better than the first. Of course, this leads to an increase in expenses. But you can be accurately confident in the high quality of products. By purchasing cheap material from the nameless manufacturer, you can purchase both a quality product and not suitable for anything. That is, it is always a lottery. With large manufacturers who have proved the quality of products and dear to their reputation, it is much easier and more pleasant to cooperate.

We list several of the most famous companies whose fishing line for trimmer can be seen in many specialized stores:

  • Champion. Produces a large number of fishing lines of various types. Starting with budget nylon to the two.Component cord. Yes, you can’t name cheap products of Champion. But if you are interested in the really best fishing line for a trimmer, capable of serving as long as possible, then the choice should be stopped at this.
  • Echo is a company ready to offer a tall fishing line excellent in price and quality. The shape of the section and diameter differ, but in general, the price and quality are quite consistent with each other.
  • Husqvarna is a rather expensive manufacturer, but quality leaves no doubt. After all, material is made not in China or Vietnam, but in Europe.
  • Rezer. Offers the most budget fishing line for a trimmer of different diameters, section and color. If cramped in funds, then this is your choice.
  • SIAT is a serious manufacturer from Italy, who produces rather expensive (but not sky.High) and very high.Quality products. The choice for serious users who know what good thing you need to pay good money.

This is where our article is coming to an end. Now you know about fishing lines for trimmers enough to make the right choice, about which you will not have to regret.

Characteristics of a trimmer fishing line

To understand what fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass is needed for your mowing model, it is enough to determine its main parameters: the thickness of the thread, the shape of the section, the composition. Consider all components in more detail.

Free thickness (cord)

You can find out the desired thickness by looking into the characteristics of the trimmer for the grass or by reading the inscriptions on the universal bobbin. Most often, cords with a diameter of 1.2 to 4 mm are used. Over, for each individual model, there is its own diameter of the fishing line for a trimmer for grass. The fact is that if the thread is thinner than the necessary, then you will increase the engine wear, due to the increased number of speed revolutions. If, on the contrary, it will be too thick, then the resistance to rotation will increase, and the engine will begin to overheat and ultimately fail. To determine the exact diameter of the thread, it is best to navigate by type of trimmer engine for grass. Thus, it turns out the following:

  • For an electric trimmer for grass with a lower location of a “engine” with a capacity of less than 500 W, a thread of 1.3 mm thick will be needed. If you have not found one, then you can use a thicker fishing line for a 1.6 mm trimmer, but not more.
  • For an electro-trimmer for grass with an upper engine location with a capacity of about 1 kW, select a thread with a diameter of 2 mm.

It doesn’t matter what kind of electric trimmer for grass is the type of shaft, bent or straight (allows you to install knives).

Advice! If the tool is initially installed in the tool for a trimmer with a diameter of 1.6 mm, then you can put a thread for 2 mm, this will not affect the engine operation.

If we are talking about a gasoline model, then in this situation it is necessary to determine which mowing is the shaft. For bent, filaments are most often used 2 mm thick. But a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass 3 mm or 2.4-2.5 is installed on a tool with a straight shaft. The thickest fishing line for a trimmer is usually placed on more powerful tools (from 1.3 kW).

which, line, trimmer, better, materials, used

If we talk about which fishing line for a trimmer better copes with young grass or perennial dry.Resistant, then you can conditionally divide the cords into the following categories:

  • Trimmer fishing line from 1.2 to 1.6 mm. This is the thinnest thread that is used to adjust the lawn.
  • 2. 2.4 will allow you to cut off both young grass and more rigid. Suitable for periodic use.
  • Thread from 3 to 3.2 mm will allow you to mow grass and thick stems of weeds or dryness if you rarely leave the country.

Less common, there is a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass 4 mm. This is due to the fact that rarely anyone has to deal with such serious thickets. However, if you are the owner of a powerful gasoline “mowing” and did not appear in the country for several years, then the fishing line for a trimmer of 4 mm will be the best option.

The shape of the section

There is a large selection of a cord with a different section, depending on which a trimmer for the grass can mow this or another grass:

  • The cords with a round section are the most popular, while such fishing lines are cheaper than the rest, from 68 (12 m). They mow fresh grass well, but they cope worse with ducklings and shrubs. The lack of such a fishing line lies in a fairly strong noise that resembles a rumble from a running engine of a machine.
  • The spiral (twisted) cord is noisy, but does not differ in high strength. Therefore, such a fishing line for a trimmer is suitable only for thin young grass, for which you constantly care. There is such a fishing line for a trimmer from 100.
  • Square, rectangular or starring fishing line for trimmer allows you to mow a low noise lawn evenly. True, such products also cannot boast of strength. Such a thread will cost about 147 per 12 meters.
  • The jagged cord with sharp edges is used for large weeds in neglected areas. At the same time, the fishing line for the trimmer will not issue much noise, and thanks to the increased aerodynamic properties of the mower, additional power will be given. Such a thread is suitable for a powerful trimmer for grass. The jagged cord is considered durable and reliable.
  • A two.Component trimmer fishing line for a trimmer with an internal core with a round section is considered the most durable of all. Thanks to the core made of other material, the cord can mow even small shrubs. True, such a fishing line for a trimmer is suitable only for gasoline trimmers. Due to the high cost (from 250) of such a cord, it is impractical to use it daily.

The composition of the fishing line

It directly depends on the composition of the fishing line how much it will last. Most often, threads are made of nylon. This material wears more slowly and is characterized by high performance in high temperature conditions and high loads. The duration of work also does not affect the properties of nylon.

Coaxial fishing lines are considered the strongest. They can be distinguished by a dense core, thanks to which such cords wear out longer than nylon. It is difficult to cut such a fishing line for a trimmer with a knife, and during the mowing process it makes a minimum noise.

The most expensive fishing line for a trimmer is the one in which aluminum converts, or rather, its interspersed. Such a cord appeared on the market relatively recently, but already with confidence we can say that it is the most durable.

Selection tips

Rating of the best gear forests

Reliable model that will clean the lawn from various vegetation. The cord section is 3 mm, which is the optimal solution. Length. 25 cm, number of segments in the package. 20 pcs, this allows you to quickly replace the worn part. The shape of the section is a square, the cord will cope even with grass with thick stems. DDE SHARK SAW tucked into the trimmer heads Wind 10, Wind 11 from the same manufacturer.

TOP of the best plastic models

A convenient option that is suitable for any trimmers. There are three plastic knives, which are durable and cut soft grass and weeds well. With proper care and span, the product will last a long period. The product is practically not felt and does not load the engine that the advantage. It is possible to be damaged by them if you do not follow the safety rules. The mounting of cutting elements is standard, if desired, they can be removed without problems and cleaned of vegetation.

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