Which Makita or Bosch jigsaw is better?

the best electric jigsaws

And even if you’re not a Shura at all, you’ll still find this ranking of the best jigsaws helpful. In the home workshop, an electric jigsaw is indispensable: while its manual counterpart is narrowly specialized for sawing curved lines, the electric one can easily and quickly saw anything: cut laminate, boards or aluminum profile, sheet steel. Simply put a suitable saw.

Today we are going to try to grasp the immensity of the jigsaw offer in our stores and choose a good jigsaw with high quality. They, by the way, are available with four different types of shanks, but for convenience, we will consider only the most popular, with a shank type T.

When choosing jigsaws that are widely considered to be the best, we will focus on the well-known manufacturers Bosch and Makita. The range of jigsaws from both companies is wide and varied. If Bosch divides its products into household and professional, then the Japanese corporation produces only professional power tools. But both manufacturers’ products are of excellent quality. Let’s make a comparison using Bosch GST 850 BE and Makita 4329K models that have taken places in the top 9 best jigsaws models.

Bosch GST 850 BE

The Bosch GST 850 BE jigsaw is a semi-professional tool. Electric motor power 600 W, cutting depth of wood is 85 mm, aluminum and steel is 20 and 10 mm respectively. Pendulum operation, sawdust blow-down, soft release, electronic adjustment of saw blade frequency. The high-quality and reliable assembly of the jigsaw guarantees comfort and safety when working with the tool. Some may not like the lack of backlight, laser marker and molded table top, but it makes an excellent saw. Reliable workhorse with an adequate price that will not let you down.

power; total absence of vibration; long cord; build quality and reliability in operation.

Makita 4329K

The lightweight and compact Makita 4329K jigsaw is less powerful than the Bosch GST 850 BE, but is an order of magnitude less expensive. Low weight (1.9 kg), maneuverability and adjustable cutting speed allow for high quality cuts. The maximum cutting depth of wood for this jigsaw is 65 mm, steel. 6 mm. The tool is, like its German counterpart, modest, high performance and good ergonomics.

How to choose a jigsaw

The choice of jigsaw depends on the following features

  • the power of the device;
  • the frequency of forward movements per minute;
  • the maximum thickness of the workpiece to be machined;
  • additional options and attachments.

Motor power affects its functionality and performance, depending on what types and sizes of workpieces the device can process. The power of 600 watts is enough to cut 85 mm thick wood and up to 8 mm thick metal, this is a domestic class of tool. powerful professional models with power from 600 W to 1000 W can process a wooden workpiece up to 160 mm thick and a metal surface up to 35 mm thick.

The operating speed depends on the stroke frequency. Household and semi-professional models have a stroke rate of 2500 to 3200 per minute. In professional devices, the stroke frequency of the spindle varies in the range of 3000-3200 strokes per minute.

The maximum allowable thickness of the workpiece is determined by the depth of cut, which depends on the power of the motor and the type of material being processed. The networked models for home use have strokes within the range 50-120 mm for wood, 5-10 mm for metal. Professional models can cut from 150 to 160 mm of wood and 30-35 mm of steel.

What is the best jigsaw from Bosch, Makita or Hitachi?

When buying a new jigsaw, we have to choose one of the many models presented. The models differ in power, weight, technical characteristics and, of course, the price. But in addition to this, they are available from various manufacturers.

Of course, those who are already using a proven manufacturer, and that the manufacturer and will choose, but if you are buying a tool for the first time, then discarding the cheap and not durable disposable models of little-known companies, we suggest you stop your eye at the three more practical manufacturers. Bosch, Makita or Hitachi.

It should be said that there are more expensive professional tools, such as FESTOOL, Mafel, Protoo, but they are very expensive and needed only for professionals, so stop at more affordable models. It should also be noted that the quality of these models is quite competitive with the above mentioned in many tests.

Looking at the price, it is worth noting that the blue Bosch, perhaps the leader, if it is not assembled in China or Russia. Basically the price is the first and more correct indicator of the quality and reliability of the tool. To this we should add the well-proven brand.

Bosch jigsaws, are more balanced and considered the best tool of all jigsaw companies in this category, because they have reached the highest level and comfort when making the cut. In addition the GST 135 CE and GST 135 BCE have “Precision Control”, where at the push of a button the guides automatically adjust to different saw blade thicknesses for precise control and clean corner cuts.

Now let’s talk about Makita jigsaws, despite the simple not outstanding design, all models are designed quite well and the strictly horizontal handle lies in the hand securely. These jigsaws are very reliable and do any task just as well as the Bosch jigsaws. The performance is about the same, but the price is lower, so not everyone wants to pay money for a more hyped brand.

Makita, like its predecessor, has a minimum level of vibration, it does not bounce on the surface, does not strain the hand. Moves easily and precisely when sawing. If you read the reviews, they talk about the reliability and durability of the tool. Despite the fact that Makita appeared on the market later it has long ago established itself as the best manufacturer of professional tools.

Hitachi is less familiar to us, but we want to note the excellent design, even too ultra, modern housing, which is mostly covered with rubber, which is pleasant to the touch, but unfortunately not very good to clean after cuts. When studying the reviews, you will learn that in it, not quite well thought out protection of the motor from small sawdust and when sawing materials of small particles, for example, particle board, the reducer is clogged with shavings and dust.

It should be said that many people are shocked by the new constructive solution of the plastic saw blade holder, but it is made qualitatively and no one notes any breakages, at the same time this jigsaw weighs less than its predecessors. Otherwise, the Hitachi jigsaw with similar technical data is cheaper, and it is also important.Author RVT

How to choose an electric jigsaw

How well the jigsaw will cope with the task depends on several factors:

It should be noted that the choice of the jigsaw should be based on the needs and planned work. It will be wrong to focus only on one factor, in addition, you should pay attention to the various additional options.

To understand which jigsaw is better to choose, it is necessary to understand its main functions and additional options:

  • Power. As mentioned above, the power parameter is important, because it determines the performance of the tool.
  • Speed and adjustment. The more RPM, the faster and smoother the cut. But remember that at high speed the saw blade can get very hot and burn the material to be processed. Speed control and pendulum motion allow you to control the process when working with different materials.
  • Key-operated or quick-action keyhole chuck for saws. Here the choice is subjective, both options have their pros and cons. The biggest attention here is paid to the quality of workmanship of this unit.
  • Laser pointer, blowing of the working surface, possibility to saw at an angle and connection of an industrial vacuum cleaner are not necessary functions, but they will make the work much easier. A good hand jigsaw should have at least two of these options.
  • The base of the tool can be pressed or cast. Naturally, a molded sole will be more durable and resistant to warping.
  • Maintaining power at high loads. Many tools have been destroyed by overloading at low speeds, where power is not maintained, but rather evenly distributed with respect to the number of revolutions.

Accessories and attachments

Jigsaws for Bosch jigsaws are easy to distinguish by their shank.

  • The gray color indicates wood, blue indicates metal, and red indicates plastics.
  • White shank lets you use the saw in wood and metal as well.
  • Finally, a saw with a black shank is used for work with ceramic, steel, soft and fibrous materials, as well as cement based materials. As a rule, a set of universal saws includes all these options.

Cutting blades are usually subdivided according to their purpose as well as composition. The narrow part of the saw blade shows information about the material to be used. It can be carbon steel, hardened high-speed steel or bimetal, which is a combination of the above two materials. In addition, some high performance saw blades are made of hard alloys. Diamond coating on these files makes it possible to cut ceramics and even glass reinforced plastics.

For jigsaws, the manufacturer creates wide blades to cut straight material and narrow blades that make curved cuts. There are coarse toothed saws that can quickly cut thick workpieces and fine toothed saws for a clean, precise cut. The length of the cutting blade usually varies from 70 to 250 millimeters including the shank.

As a rule, a special case for storage is offered along with the jigsaw. Since it is important to protect the equipment from direct sunlight for long-term use, the presence of a box is a must.

Makita djv180z Jigsaw Comparison to Festool and Bosch 1587

Popularly used guide rail, which allows to obtain perfectly straight lines. This device looks like a ruler or rule, equipped with a slot for the sole of the electric device. As a rule, the guide has rubberized strips necessary to keep the material from slipping, and is secured by the use of clamps. The parallel stop allows to realize cuts parallel to one of the sides of the processed surface. This part is very durable, has a long service life and is therefore responsible for the performance of the work at a high level. The jigsaw is often equipped with a special ruler.

Among the important parts are the guide roller and the mounting bracket with roller. The rod, or drive rod, is the part that carries the saw blade and therefore carries the maximum load. Because of this, the stem often fails, and the main part most often needs to be replaced.

Rating of electric jigsaws by price/quality 2021

A good jigsaw does not have to be expensive. In this ranking we have collected the top 10 models for home and professional use based on demand, reliability, price and quality.

Lightweight household tools. Comfortable rubberized grip, pendulum operation and a vacuum cleaner connection make the jigsaw easy and convenient to operate.

Power tool with infinitely variable speed control (1000-2800 strokes per minute). Transparent screen for finger protection and Quick Fix clamp for hassle-free blade changes.

The universal tool for home, country houses and hobbies, proven by time. Can work with parallel and circular saw guides. The pad on the soleplate protects the workpiece from accidental scratches.

Ergonomic jigsaw with rubberized handles. Saw speed can be adjusted with a wheel. Transparent cover protects from sawdust and other debris.

The tool for home repair and gardening. Low Vibration System reduces vibration and strain on hands. Saw blades set in seconds without tools.

Suitable for cutting wood, chipboard, fibreboard, metal and plastic. Handles straight and curved cuts. Speed is infinitely adjustable: harder you push the trigger, faster the saw moves. Range. 0-2600 strokes/min.

Professional jigsaw for the construction site and workshop. SDS system allows you to change saw blades without the need for a wrench. Sawdust is blown away from the workpiece and a vacuum cleaner can be connected to the jigsaw to collect the sawdust.

Metal gearbox with die-cast base plate. Resistant to mechanical shocks and effective heat dissipation. Supplied in a sturdy carrying case with an adapter for an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Jigsaw for thick workpieces. VTC RPM control electronics. A vacuum cleaner can be connected to the spigot to keep the workplace clean. Backlighting available.

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Professional jigsaw with vibration damping system. Base made of cast aluminum. Can be tilted left and right up to 45 degrees.

Types and design of electric jigsaws

There are a huge number of jigsaws on the market today. In order to simplify the choice, you can divide them into groups according to a number of distinctive features.

Tool classification

This tool can be classified according to a number of different parameters. Let’s start with the type of power. By this criterion, the tool can be:

Wall mounted jigsaws are powerful, but less mobile than cordless models

The features of each type are clear from the name. Wall-mounted jigsaws are powered by a standard electrical outlet and have higher power than cordless jigsaws. On the other hand, a cordless jigsaw is more mobile, it can be used away from power sources. If you often saw building materials indoors and outdoors, the best option is to buy both cordless and corded tools.

The next parameter is the intended use. Jigsaws are distinguished according to it:

Professional jigsaws can work for up to 8 hours without interruption

The first category boasts such advantages as greater power and durability. A professional jigsaw is designed to work for many hours (up to 8 hours a day) without interruption, and is designed to do large amounts of work.

The industrial jigsaw is essentially a machine tool that is used in the woodworking industry.

Electric cordless electric jigsaw: which is better to buy. Model types and specifications. The functionality of this power tool. Types of batteries. The most popular models.

The household jigsaw is the cheapest model designed for home workshops. It is easy to use, has enough power, and is the best option for the home handyman.

Useful tip! If you are thinking about how to choose an electric jigsaw for the house, but are planning large-scale repair work, construction of a private house or other structure, it is better to stop at buying a professional rather than a domestic model. In addition to a long operating time, it boasts an extended package that will make it easier for you to perform many tasks.

Domestic and semi-professional models of jigsaws are perfect for home use

Tool design

Now every company-manufacturer of tools strives to ensure that its electric jigsaws were as convenient to use as possible. That is what all elements of the tool are designed to do:

  • body. here the shape of the handle is important. Most manufacturers equip the blade with a rubber gasket for ease of use;
  • Saw blades. they can be both metal saw blades for jigsaws and blades for other materials;
  • saw blade holder. it is where the cutting blade is mounted;

The cutting blade is fixed by a special holder

  • support base. it serves as a support for the tool;
  • jigsaw on/off button;
  • speed regulator. allows you to increase or decrease the number of revolutions for more effective work with different materials;
  • dust container attachment. a dust container attached to your jigsaw is designed to keep extra dust out while you are jigsawing.

All elements of construction of the tool you are going to buy should correspond to the set tasks as much as possible. For example, such a question as the choice of a jigsaw is carried out taking into account what materials you plan to work with.

The base plate can be equipped with additional attachments that make working with the tool easier

Additional features

Some models of jigsaws are equipped with additional features to simplify the work. These features are listed below:

  • A laser pointer for a more precise cut of material;
  • electronic adjustment of strokes frequency and depth of cut. facilitates work with different materials, increases accuracy of the cut;
  • the tool can be connected to a vacuum cleaner or dust collector;
  • Automatic sawdust blow-off function;
  • the ability to adjust the pendulum mechanism.

Useful tip ! All of these features make the tool more efficient, but also increase its cost. So if you only need your jigsaw for cutting wood once a month in the garage, features like blow-off sawdust or depth-of-cut adjustment are not likely to be helpful.

Diagram of the inner workings of an electric jigsaw

Bosch jigsaws

The Bosch jigsaws satisfy the needs of the user and allow all woodworking tasks to be carried out. The different jigsaw models from the well-known manufacturer of professional and household power tools Bosch represent a profitable option that combines high quality and an affordable price. They are ideal for cleanly cutting almost any material: plastic, wood, ceramic, rubber and even metal. That perfectly combines performance, practicality and reliability. The right tool for your woodworking needs and the right solution for professional tasks. The jigsaw is a universal tool and allows curved and straight cuts, as well as shape cutting of wood, plastics, non-ferrous materials. With the Bosch jigsaw it is possible to saw blanks made of steel, some kinds of stone, ceramic tiles, and also to cut thick slats and boards, easily perform contour sawing as well as to make narrow kerf cuts. It must be emphasized that Bosch professional jigsaws are designed specifically for construction workers and are equipped with powerful motors. Thanks to the use of metal components in the design, these tools can withstand a fall on hard ground.

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We offer affordable jigsaws from Bosch

The Bosch jigsaw models presented in our online store’s catalog have a number of high-tech features.They are equipped with a three- or four-stage adjustable oscillating stroke, as well as innovative systems that allow high productivity in complicated jobs, allow the selection of the optimum mode of operation and are aimed at a quick change of the working tool without using any additional tools. The availability of a vacuum cleaner helps to quickly remove the shavings. so that the work process is completely clean.Bosch jigsaw models provide high power reserves and are equipped with a sufficiently strong and stable support, high cutting accuracy and affordability. These power tools are kept in convenient plastic cases and are supplied with instructions in Russian. To buy a jigsaw Bosch in our online store is easy: just choose the most suitable model of the power tool and place your order online or by phone. Choosing the products of the world famous company Bosch, you can not worry about its reliability and quality. 125 years of experience of the brand in the world market is the best guarantee.

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