Which Makita Romanian or Chinese is better?

Best Makita chainsaws

Makita electric chainsaws ingeniously embody the best quality at a reasonable price. The Japanese brand equipment is in steady demand for decades, it is popular among private buyers and professionals in various fields: from construction to landscaping. In 2022, the choice of models is impressive. different characteristics, designs, time-tested or the latest technological solutions. Our editorial staff conducted its own analysis and compiled an independent rating of the best Makita electric saws, which have become the most popular among buyers.

From torch to coffee maker, the Makita cordless tool. Choosing a branded tool on Aliexpress

Finishing repairs in the apartment with a Makita cordless tool, I thought it would be a good idea to share the capabilities of this line of tools and tooling with readers. The Makita cordless tool/specialty equipment lineup is now vast, and today’s selection is just a small sampling of it. So expect an addition in the near future.

Before we get to the tool, let’s define the types of Li-Ion rechargeable batteries that all cordless tools work on. As the main batteries are 3 types: 10.8В, 14.4V and 18V. The intermediate option is not as popular as options 10.8 and 18 volts, so all the presented tools are selected only for them. There are also many tools for rechargeable batteries Makita, but in this selection they will not be touched, only original Makita tools.

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Makita DF333DWYE Electric Screwdriver

Today’s selection opens with the Makita DF333DWYE Electric Electric Screwdriver, powered by a 12V rechargeable battery. This electric screwdriver is convenient because you can select the optimum balance between weight of the device and performance, picking up the necessary battery (wrenches working on 18 volts are much heavier). Makita DF333DWYE is capable of delivering up to 30Nm of torque, supports 2 speeds (0-450/0-1700) and has a 10mm chuck.

Includes: case, electric electric screwdriver, 2 spare batteries, battery charger.

Makita DHR242Z

One of the useful tools in the home, after the screwdriver. The Makita cordless rotary tool is not only suitable for home use but also for construction applications on a permanent basis. This 18 volt cordless tool is equipped with an electric motor brake, reverse rotation, as well as a dust extraction system.

Shank. SDS, impact force. 2.4 J, spindle speed. 0-950 rpm. Includes only impact wrench.

Makita DTW190Z Impact Wrench

Pretty useful tool, capable of loosening the most hardened nuts and bolts, as well as great for unscrewing wheel bolts car during the change of seasonal tires.

Maximum torque. 190Nm, speed. 0-1800-3200, the external square drive for 1/2 ” heads, running on a 18V battery.

Choice of 2 components: a screwdriver only, or a screwdriver, case with battery and charger.

Makita HS301DZ Circular saw

The Makita HS301DZ circular saw is a faithful helper for carpenters, joiners and anyone involved with wood. The Makita HS301DZ is a compact circular saw with a soft start, safety switch to prevent accidental starting, and the ability to blow sawdust off the cutting line.

This tool operates on 12V batteries (not included) and has a blade diameter of 85 mm.

Makita JV101D Jigsaw

Another pretty useful tool for working with wood (wood-fibre board, laminated chipboard, etc.), is the JV101D.e) and metal. Makita JV101D cordless jigsaw finally gets rid of the annoying wire under your feet, and also gives you the opportunity to cut up to 65mm.

Operating speed. 0-2850, running from 12V battery, standard base plate with an angle of 45 degrees, 3-step pendulum mechanism. Complete set without battery and battery charger.

Makita DUC353 chainsaw

For those who don’t like to fuss with gasoline-powered chainsaws, Makita has released its own cordless version that runs on two 18-volt batteries. The chainsaw is equipped with a brushless electric.The Makita DCM501Z features a low-noise motor and supports automatic chain lubrication.

Chain length. 35 cm, pitch. 3/8 inch. Chain saw, 2 rechargeable batteries and battery charger included.

Makita DCM501Z coffee maker

Did you know that Makita produces not only a tool to work with its batteries, but also an indispensable attribute of any worker, namely a drip coffee maker Makita DCM501Z. This machine runs on a single 12-18 volt battery and allows the use of 60mm coffee pods. Built-in boil protection, a 240 liter tank, compact size and light weight all make the Makita coffee maker a pretty handy assistant in the workplace.

Cordless Batteries and Chargers

Since most tools are not equipped with rechargeable batteries and chargers, it is necessary to fill this gap. In each of the previous tools I have specifically indicated the type of battery used for proper tooling selection.

Any of the batteries presented in the links are available in several capacity options: 1.5, 2, 3, 4 Ah. So we choose the best option after buying the tool.

Made in “Japan” Makita Better? Let’s find out!

I hope you have found this selection useful and that you can find something useful. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев tell what tool you use and whether there are any censures. My modest collection consists of: an electric screwdriver 12V/18V, peorator, jigsaw, planer, wrench and saber saw.

Makita tool from Aliexpress (inexpensive and affordable). compatible carcasses)

First of all, when choosing a power tool, you should decide on the charging system, i.e. choose the type of charger and batteries. Usually the choice is between 12V (Options 10.8V) or 18V (may also be written 20V or 21V). There are other variants, but they are more of an exotic than a real necessity. 12V-tool is light, handy, relatively low-power. Usually used as a home, mobile, for high-altitude work or as a special tool. And the tool with 18v (20v) batteries is the most universal, with excellent power, and is the choice of professionals for serious work. And at home it will not be superfluous. With voltage decided, choose the brand (company) of batteries. As a rule, all brands have one line of 12-volt tools, and one line of 18-volt tools. There are other types as well: 14.4V. the heritage of Ni-Cd batteries, 40V. twin batteries for powering powerful devices, such as electric chainsaws or circular saws. But within the line, for example, for 18V, all tool carcasses are compatible with the battery. Now the most important thing: buying a battery charger and at least one battery once will allow you to use any tool in this line.

So, it is possible to buy and add the tool under the existing charging system (Makita battery). In the first place an electric screwdriver is in demand, and even better. an impact drill, which at home the price is simply not. From interesting and useful recommend to pay attention to screwdriver (it is convenient for drywall, works with profiled sheet, etc.).п.Makita even has its own coffee maker (cordless, of course, with standard batteries), a nutrunner (tire mounting and auto repair, metal construction assembly), an angle grinder. probably the most wonderful cordless tool. There are other useful gadgets. all in podbodka. Makita even has its own coffee maker)))) Wireless, of course, on standard batteries. But, nevertheless, there is also a huge range of both original tools and tooling, as well as compatible, extremely convenient, made for the Makita battery 18V.

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The best options are the Makita battery powered wrench and screwdriver. If you’ve ever bought yourself a Makita electric electric screwdriver set with a charger and a battery, it will now be a great bargain to buy an additional tool for pennies. And these are powerful, commutatorless tools that copy the original Makita in every way. For example, the nutrunner easily helps to “re-shoe” the car. These lots. the top sales on Aliexpress. Good reviews, and the tool is not bad for its money.

It will not be superfluous and cordless “angle grinder”. angle grinder (angle grinder), which runs on a standard battery Makita. Standard 125 mm cutting discs can be mounted (22 mm diameter s). Angle grinder develops up to 9000 rpm. Excellent option for small works without electricity and without connection to 220 V. Convenient to work with one hand, at height (observe safety rules)!). Powerful motor, brushless (all honest here).

If you once bought, for example, an electric Makita electric screwdriver, but you found it weak, then get an inexpensive Makita battery-powered impact drill. This is a standard powerful drill with impact function, torque adjustment on the clutch and keyless chuck. Clamps the shank up to 13 mm. Two speeds (0-450/1500 rpm), and provides up to 90 nm of torque. It’s almost 3 times as powerful as a simple, cheap drill.

Makita also offers a work light under the battery: A powerful LED spotlight with a massive heat sink and a directional lens. Such a flashlight is convenient to use at the site or during repairs, as it runs on all the same standard batteries. There is a stand handle, you can set it to the desired angle. By the way, these tools and accessories are not only for the Makita battery system, but also for other brands.

An absolutely inexpensive option for an interesting tool gadget is an adapter-charger that can power your smartphone at work, via USB. And it runs on standard batteries for a Makita. Here’s a list of compatible types: ADP05, BL1815, BL1830, BL1840, BL1850, 1415, and any other with a voltage of 14.8 V to 18 V. There is always a problem. the phone at work is dead, and there is no electricity at the site. A simple adapter like this will always be helpful. I always have one of these in my bag, but under the DeWALT.

Insanely like interesting brand variant. FM-CB radio, but not just a receiver, and for a modest 600 you get a great gift for the lover of the brand Makita. Protected radio, lithium battery operated, Makita style design. This radio will brighten up your working days and won’t be superfluous at home. Useful in case of repair. And it is a good idea to give it as a gift to a friend or relative.

In my toolbox I try to keep a basic set of drills, bits, adapters. I offer a great Makita tool kit (18 pieces in a case, part number B-28896) for a modest amount of money. Comes with everything you need, plus a quick-change bit adapter. It’s all original, high quality, in a Makita branded organizer case. A good option to give as a gift to a handy man.

Dawupine iBest Store has everything you need for self-assembly of batteries of different sizes. The store has, among other things, ready-made batteries, as well as chargers for Makita and other brands. You will need a spot welder and 18650 cells for the assembly. On the other hand you can buy directly the cells with welded-on blades and solder with an ordinary soldering iron. And you have an extra battery for pennies (really pennies. 7-13 bucks for a battery case with kit).

Well, to conclude the article I offer a very useful store, where you can find any spare parts for power tools. The store has a huge range of spare parts from simple brushes to reducers and housings. If you understand the tool, and you know what you have broken, you can always order the correct part for a modest cost. Even if the body is cracked or you got a shabby tool, you can always restore at a reasonable price.

Reviews of other tools and interesting gadgets can be found in my profile.

The best power tools from Aliexpress: ten top brands

When you urgently need a tool, but don’t want to overpay for local offers, it makes sense to buy the right set of power tools directly on Aliexpress in profile stores. You get quality models without a markup, from proven brands, with delivery. Check out current coupons and discount promo codes that will nicely reduce the cost: promo code “epnsaleall11” for 7/50 off and “epnsale11” 8/60 for (valid from 11.11).

I will begin, perhaps, with the most dynamic brand of power tools and hand tools on Aliexpress and Tmall. This is the well known DEKO. the “yellow” tool company. In assortment unique and thought-out devices, sets of quality tools, as well as three lines of power tools: wired for 220 volts and wireless with a battery system for 12 volts and 20 volts. Look out for cordless jigsaws, spray guns, peelers, laser tape measures and levels, welding inverters and much more.

One of the highest quality brands on Aliexpress is a “green” manufacturer GREENWORKS. Offers quality power tools with a thoughtful layout. Then it is resold by the local traders for triple price. Screwdrivers and screwdrivers have brushless motors and metal gears, and cordless circular and chain saws will greatly facilitate home and cottage repair and maintenance. The store has a wide range of garden and cottage products (grass trimmers, lawn mowers, blowers and more).

WOSAI is a quality discounter brand. Three lines of power tools: 12 volt, 16 volt and 20 volt. You can pick up a cordless peorator, impact wrench, impact drill, angle grinder, battery-powered. Also available as laser levels (note the clear green laser), accessories and consumables. I myself picked up a cordless angle grinder (really handy to work without 220V power), and a wrench to re-shoe the car.

One of the best brands on Aliexpress. hand and power tools WORKPRO. The range probably has some of the best storage and carrying bags and backpacks, various accessories and hand tool kits. Pay attention to the universal folding knives with interchangeable blades and multitools (delivery from ).

One of the strongest and most trusted brands on Ali. tools from LAOA. This is a “green” hand and power tools, the range has a huge number of different devices, accessories, consumables. Pay attention to storage systems: tool bags and drawers. Diagonal cutters, wire cutters, pliers and screwdriver sets made of strong steel have thousands of sales and great reviews. And you can choose a variant for yourself. these are tools for precision work, for repair of electronics and furniture, as well as for power work. Separately, you can pick up tools for electricians and weak current: crimps, strippers and testers.

The brand is known for sure by everyone. HILDA store at Aliexpress offers a huge range of consumables, tools, extensions for engravers and hand tools. Recently, the store will be filled up with power tools, so you will not be upset. Come and take a look, you will surely find something new and useful for you.

LOMVUM is one of the oldest brands from Aliexpress. The firm is very careful with design, thinking about kits and packaging. LOMVUM. some of the best laser levels and rangefinders, excellent corded and cordless power tools, garden tools, tools for electricians and much more.

Top Makita tools with no markup from Aliexpress. You can match your existing battery and charger with the cheapest carcasses. The range includes cordless drills and screwdrivers, multitools, angle grinders, screwdrivers, electric screwdrivers. In the store you can also pick up missing branded accessories, find replacement parts and maintenance parts (brushes, buttons, etc.п.).

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And this is one of the new strong brands. DEVON. quality and inexpensive power tools. In the range of thoughtful and lightweight electric screwdrivers including angle, sabre saws and peorators (SDS), cordless grinders, circular saws. Screwdrivers and drills, as well as multi-tools (Renovator) are also available.

But in order not to stay without pants from the policy of first-tier brands and not to buy batteries in triple the price, then look into the profile stores on Aliexpress, which will provide you with the necessary amount of compatible and quality batteries and chargers for 220V. You can pick up batteries for all the popular brands. Devolta, Makita, Milwaukee, RYOBI and so on. Including repair boards, housings and kits for self-assembly of batteries.

Interesting topic, more articles with tools and discount coupons coming soon. Other articles can be found at the links below or in my profile.

Review: Makita 4329KX1 jigsaw. Makita 4329KX1 electric jigsaw with Japanese saws. The Romanian Makita is still a Makita!:)

I am not writing for the sake of self-interest:) Needed a jigsaw for home and cottage. Naturally, household. I have not yet reached the professional level, and they are expensive.

Mains2. Reliable, well-tested saw blade attachment. The circular saw blade fixture does not hold well. Plastic fasteners are short-lived and unreliable, even by big manufacturers.3. Powerful molded adjustable base plate with reliable position adjustment

With multi-step pendulum stroke5. Not very expensive6. From a reputable company4. In a decent shop5. Catch on sale at maximum discount. The new year is coming up after all:)

After a long research of Moscow pre-holiday market and careful analysis of numerous offers I have chosen the household jigsaw Makita 4329Х1. Very neat assembly. Archaic, rectangular saw blade mounting on a screw. I consider it an advantage and a sign of reliability of the mount. There is a branch pipe for dust extraction with a vacuum cleaner. In the set of 5 Japanese saws. Bought on sale at a store I know well for a very fair price. Also a lottery, of course, but it is Romanian. The probability to get all the same less. The paradoxes of sales: more expensive initial kits can be cheaper than naked products in the same stores!:) On sale are brand-name saws for different materials. from wood to soft metal to laminate. As well as branded replacement parts and fixtures.

The test of the pen and objective testing of the jigsaw occurred in the manufacture of a kitchen stool for easy access to shelves on the walls of the kitchen. My wife has been asking for a long time. The stool in this case e. б. The thickness of the jigsaw is twice less than usual, very stable and made from readily available materials: scrap wood particle board, molding, the seat of an old stool and metal angle bars, which are screwed to different parts of the product.

The jigsaw was used to cut precisely measured pieces of particle board and laminated wood. The power of the jigsaw was more than enough, the sharp saw 10S Makita, properly matched to the material, easily cut both chipboard and laminated wood. The lines of my cuts are not straight. I attribute it more to my inexperience. my first experience, after all. than to the drawbacks of the jigsaw. Probably need to think about supports for the base plate. I do not plan to cut soft metal sheets and very thick wooden boards. Not for that jigsaw.

I am going to use the jigsaw to prepare various wooden parts to reinforce plastic window sills, to replace the speakers in the car and much more.

The Romanian Makita is still a Makita when used properly. All claims to the jigsaw arise from professional loads on a household jigsaw.Recommended for purchase.

Review: Makita 9565 H angle grinder. Cool angle grinder from Romania!

Our household has had a Makita for more than a year and to test, assess the quality of work and all the pros and cons during this time we had time to!

This type of angle grinder would be ideal for use at home! Due to its low weight of only 2.It is 3 kg and its size is only 299mm long. It has the same performance as its big counterparts. Our Makita angle grinder uses cutting wheels with a maximum permissible diameter of 125 mm. One 125 mm cutting wheel is included with purchase, and if you need to change it, you can easily do so thanks to the push-button stop.

To change: Clamp the stop with one hand and unscrew the nut that holds the cutting disc with the other.

Our angle grinder is not only light, it is also very powerful for its size! Makita power is 1100 watts, with 11,000 rpm. But the noise level is 84 dB. And they are made in Romania.

Our Mikita 9565H angle grinder has a unique patented Super Joint System (SJS). a drive with a sliding clutch that prevents our tool from jerking when turning on and working.

The power type of the angular grinder Mikita network and pleasantly surprised me here, the length of the cord, which is as much as 2.5 meters.

And also there is an extra rubber at the cord inlet in the angle grinder. The rubber band prevents the cord from deflecting.

I and our men who are still picking up this grinder, and I really like the fact that there is a possibility to adjust the position of the handle and the handle itself does not slip because of the rough pattern on it.

In terms of stuffing angular grinder machine is not at all complicated and sophisticated!To get to work, there is only one lever button, which should be pushed with your finger to turn on and back to turn off. The latter, by the way, I give with difficulty.

I also noticed that a Makita drill has a lot of breathing holes at the end of the tool. I don’t know what it’s for, but men will understand!

The cutting wheel rotates counterclockwise during operation. And thanks to the available protection, not a single spark while sawing metal bars (this in our case, you can see on the video) does not get on your body and clothes. And at the end of it does not heat up either the disk or the tool at all. But it is still necessary to remember the elementary safety rules when working with such a tool.

I, and most importantly my men like 100% of the quality of this grinder Makita 9565H. An excellent helper in our house, which has been faithfully serving us for years! Hopefully not the last.

I don’t remember the price at the time of purchase, but today it is average

Review: Paper grinder Makita GA 5030. I can’t buy another one of these

The Makita company has become synonymous with quality and reliability long ago, but unfortunately those times have disappeared with the transfer of major tool production from Japan to such countries as China, Romania, etc. д. That was not slow to affect the quality, not only of the secondary, but also of the basic components. I’ve written before about a lot of the tools I use from this brand, and I’m disappointed in many of them. But now I will tell you about the tool that was assembled “over there” in Japan.

Makita did not win love and popularity for nothing, those tools were made and assembled by professionals who appreciate their work and do not want to spend their time fixing defects. That’s where the legend bordering on truth about Japanese tools “inkillability” started.

Brand is a brand, but the place of assembly was a very important factor when choosing a tool! I have already written about bitter experience of GA 5030 angle grinder produced in former brother country Romania, which burnt out before it had time to get acquainted with any significant loads. But that’s not the point now.

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Makita GA5030 angle grinder from 2010, assembled in Japan, has been in use in my variegated grinder household for 6 years. During this time it has seen everything from tiles to paving slabs, which, due to the small diameter of the disk, it can only cut through on two sides. It is used for sawing different metals, both ferrous and nonferrous, which it handles very well if, of course, you use the proper tooling.

It also copes pretty well with sawing outlets for wiring, it is not afraid of dust, and the speed is enough for slow but sure progress though in masonry, though in a concrete wall. The tile dust will not be a problem for it, either: it can saw both household and industrial tiles with thickness of 10 mm. And if you install a coping saw (saw blade), you can easily select the grooves in the log house for joining logs.

The number of repairs made with it and the “shabashashki” at different levels (from small apartment to industrial-scale work) can not count. All these heavy tests fell on her not easy lot, but it is still in perfect working order, ready for new, even greater tests. Even after 6 years without failures.

The tool is perfect in everything, convenient, reliable and powerful enough for its power consumption class. The quality and performance is beyond praise. It’s a shame that the tools that the eBolshek company now makes are getting worse year after year.

The only downside. the extremely uncomfortable, slippery plastic additional handle, which had to be replaced by a more comfortable, rubberized one, from the Progress.

Makita fakes

Makita is one of the most popular power tool brands on the Russian market. Many consumers associate this manufacturer with reliability and an excellent price-quality ratio. Paying the price of popularity. fakes. Tools with a Makita nameplate but having nothing in common with this producer are often found at household markets (especially in small towns), on Avito (there is a Klondike) and in some online stores.

How to tell the difference between Makita knockoffs?

Some Makita knockoffs are so “funny” that the somewhat more or less savvy buyer will immediately spot the catch. For example, this is a cordless angle grinder with a 118V battery capacity of 6 Ah. Tesla rests 🙂

Allegedly Makita, supposedly 118 volts

Makita cordless equipment is powered by a 12 V battery (or 10.8V, which is the same thing in essence), 14V or 18V. There is also a 36V line, but it involves 2 18V batteries at the same time. New line of 40V XGT is also expected. But so far it has not been supplied to the Russian market. Here it is 118 V and inexpensive.

Here is another example. A 24V battery (and we already know that today 18V is Makita’s ceiling if we don’t talk about models with 2 batteries), and the charger looks about like a phone charger. The power plug goes directly into the tool.

Makita knockoff 24V battery with phone charger

The real Makita has cordless models where the power cord plugs directly into the tool for recharging, but these are only low-power cordless screwdrivers that have a built-in battery. For other models there is a battery charger which looks like this:

Makita made in Japan?

Today the Makita brand has several factories around the world and only a small part of the assortment is made in Japan. China, Romania are the more common choices. But there are also models that are assembled in the USA and in Great Britain! Look at the nameplate on the tool very closely. It must say “Makita Corporation Anjo Aichi Japan. which tells us that this tool is from the Japanese brand Makita. But no more than that. The Russian law requires that the product and/or its packaging must show the color of the Makita counterfeitin Russian!) country of manufacture. So a normal nameplate looks like this:

Pay attention, the above requirements of the law appeared not very long ago, and if you have an old tool, the inscription “made in China” in Russian may not be. But for newly purchased tools, this is a must.

Makita counterfeit color

The Makita brand is characterized by its signature green color. There is also an economy line in red (formerly called MakTec). Both the tool body itself and the case are in a trademark color. But fakes can show off a rich blue or yellow case

This sample of the popular Makita HR2470 also has a color problem. The back of the case is extremely similar to the original, but the front is light gray, not black like the original. There’s also the HR2470F (which Makita has never had, they have the HR2470FT) on the nameplate and the “Made in Japan” crown

Fake Makita HR2470 Peorator

One more thing

It’s that simple?

Alas, not always. Some of the most popular models like the HR2470 are cloned very well. And only the experienced eye can catch small differences in details. Sometimes you even have to disassemble the tool to know for sure if it’s an original or a fake. That’s why we recommend that you buy a Makita tool only from official dealers, the list of which you can find on the official website. https://www.Makita.ru/search-dealer.html. There you can us (VECTRUS PLUS LLC) and other official sellers.

No warranty card = no product and no warranty?

Not exactly. Obviously, the fakes will not have a warranty card, or it will be a “paper trail” that no official service center will accept the tool for repair. However, very often we hear feedback that a large store or marketplace (they are especially guilty of it) did not hand over the warranty card. This does not mean that the tool is fake. The manufacturer doesn’t enclose the warranty card with the product, but sends it separately with each shipment of the product. In large marketplaces with a huge assortment and complex structure of delivery and pickup (as a rule these are external franchise companies) no one keeps track: in what goods warranty card is already inside the package, and to which it must be attached. The result is 95% negative reviews in the Makita section of one of the leading marketplaces. “no warranty card”. And although the tool in this case is not counterfeit, the warranty without the card will be denied. It’s another argument for specialized authorized dealers who know the specifics of working with a manufacturer.

An important upgrade from Makita!

Important news! The warranty card will no longer be obligatory when a Makita machine is returned to a service center for warranty repairs as of May 12, 2021! The warranty service will be provided according to the traditional “warranty card” as well as by check.

How not to get a counterfeit Makita power tool?

The first thing you must check when purchasing a Makita power tool is the original warranty card. The company must be an official importer of Makita professional electric tools in Russia and Belarus. Don’t buy your power tools from so-called grey dealers who sell Makita tools with a personal warranty card with a low-quality typographical print. Such a warranty card does not entitle you to service at official service centers, and later you may have difficulty purchasing consumables. You have the right to ask for a copy of the quality certificate when you purchase a Makita product.

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