Which mower is better with a rotary mower or a segment mower?

Before you buy a particular mower, familiarize yourself with the most popular and widespread options. Compare their and main features. Consider the pros and cons. Only then make a concrete choice. and more. Top manufacturers include:


The professional segment mower for power tillers Ghepard (MBK0012013) has a working width of 92 cm, which is suitable for personal use on a country site. The design uses a driveline (included) with a long operating life. Robust tines made of high-quality steel with special coating. The model is good for both decorative mowing and haymaking. Detailed parameters:

  • price: 23390 p.;
  • Specifications: working width. 92 cm, the height of mowed grass. up to 100 cm, cutting height. 25 mm, the working speed. 0,5-4 km / h, the dimensions. 92x50x50 cm, weight. 32 kg, a guarantee. 2 years from the manufacturer;
  • Advantages: efficient, high-quality cutting elements, long service life;
  • disadvantages: not optimal for large areas.

Ghepard (MBK0012013) If you are looking for a Ghepard power tiller attachment for commercial applications, look no further than the wider version MBK0012015. Its cutting teeth are also made of steel with a special coating. they are made in Germany. After cutting, the unit leaves a perfectly smooth cut. Detailed parameters:

  • price: 37690 р.;
  • Specifications: working width. 107 cm, the height of mowed grass. up to 100 cm, cutting height. 25 mm, the working speed. 0,5-4 km / h, sizes. 107h50h50 cm, weight. 34 kg, 2 year warranty from the manufacturer;
  • Pros: wide cutting, suitable for large areas, efficiency, durability;
  • disadvantages: expensive.



Eurosystems P 70 power tiller The Eurosystems P 70 power tiller will help you to mow dense vegetation and make hay. The model is equipped with a wide mower with a quality cutting element, capable of cutting thick stems of grass. It is an ideal helper if you have a large area of several thousand square meters. The manufacturer of this unit is an Italian company. Detailed parameters:

  • price: 44250 p.;
  • Specifications: working width. 102 cm, operating speed. 2-4 km / h, the overall dimensions. 102x50x50 cm, weight. 55 kg, 1 year warranty from the manufacturer;
  • The advantages: the width of the bevel, efficiency, the possibility of using it on different areas;
  • disadvantages: high cost, heavier counterparts.

CYLINDER (Reel) V ROTARY Lawnmowers. Which mower is right for you? (4K)

Eurosystems P 55 Segmental mower with power tiller Eurosystems P 55 will cost less than the previous model, but it is already. Detailed parameters:

  • price: 20860 p.;
  • Specifications: working width. 87 cm, working speed. 2-4 km/h, overall dimensions. 87x50x50 cm, weight. 35 kg, warranty. 1 year from the manufacturer;
  • Pros: reasonable price, mows dense vegetation well;
  • disadvantages: not the best choice for large areas.


Celina CS: GO-850 segment mower is capable of mowing grass as close to the ground as possible. Segments of the device lift the fallen grass during mowing. They are very resistant to branches, stones and other objects.

  • price: 17390 p.;
  • Specifications: working width. 85 cm, the maximum cutting height of 20-40 mm, the type of transmission. belt, speed up to 360 rpm./min., Dimensions. 135x66x91 cm, weight 46 kg, suitable for power tillers. Celina, Neva, Kaskad, Luch, Crosser C-RM8E, Crosser C-RM10, etc.;
  • Advantages: reasonable price, works on difficult terrain, compatible with many power tillers;
  • disadvantages: the grip is narrower than for analogues.
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Tselina CS: GO-850

Mobil K

Segmented finger equipment for power tiller Mobil K G85 is ideal for frequent use on large areas, including commercial use. That’s made possible thanks to the robust oil bath gearbox and high-quality cutting tools. The mower is made in Italy. Detailed parameters:

  • price: 37690 p.;
  • Specifications: working width. 107 cm, working speed. 0,5-4 km / h, the dimensions. 1070h500h500 mm, weight. 34 kg, a guarantee. 2 years from the manufacturer;
  • Pluses: quality cutting tool, wide cut, suitable for volume work;
  • disadvantages: high cost.

Segmented finger equipment for power tiller Mobil K G85 An alternative and more budgetary option for power tiller Mobil K G85 will be equipment with a width of 92 cm. This model is also made in Italy. Detailed parameters:

  • price: 23390 р.;
  • Specifications: working width. 92 cm, working speed. 0,5-4 km/h, dimensions. 920x500x500 mm, weight. 32 kg, warranty. 2 years from the manufacturer;
  • pluses: quality cutting parts, optimal variant for medium-sized areas, less bulky in comparison with its analogue;
  • disadvantages: not the best choice for large areas.
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single-axis tractor with a Mobil K G85 mower

Popular models

The modern market of agricultural equipment presents a large number of mowers of both well-known brands, and little-known samples. Despite the fact that the vast majority of them are of high quality and have many positive reviews, some of them should be highlighted separately.

  • Model “Zarya-1” is produced at the company “Kaluga Engine” and has a rotary type. The productivity of the device is 0.2 hectares per hour, which is a pretty good result for disc devices. The working width is 80 cm and the weight does not exceed 28 kg. Model is compatible with “Neva”, “Oka”, “Kaskad” and “Tselina”, and there is a special modification for “Salut”. Can be installed on the “Agro”, “Belarus” and “MB-90” motor blocks, but in this case, will require an additional bracket or gear unit. The model is equipped with a height regulator and features a high quality of cut. over, unlike segment mowers, the cut grass is usually collected in neat swaths that do not require raking.
  • “KNM-0,8”. it is a finger segmented model, compatible with such power tillers as “Neva”, “Salyut” and “Kaskad”. The working width is 80 cm, the weight is 35 kg, The device is a typical representative of segment models and meets all the above characteristics inherent in this type of.
  • The Chinese model KM-0,5 also belongs to the segment type and is compatible with such power tillers as Hitachi S169, “Favorit”, “Neva” and “Salyut. The device has small dimensions and is able to cut the grass at a height of 0.5 cm, i.e. practically under the root. However, the working width of this model is somewhat smaller than on earlier models, only 50 cm. The weight of the device corresponds to 35 kg, and

What to look for when choosing mowers

The cutting width of the segment mowers for power tillers is up to 87 cm, and for rotary mowers. from 50 to 100 cm.

Mowing height. segment mowers can handle grass with a height of 3 to 7 cm, and rotary mowers. up to 10 cm. But among the latter, there are exceptions, for example: the rotary mower KM-0.5 Hitachi S169008 cuts grass from 0,5 to 50 cm in height, rotary mower “Zarya” Kaluga KR.05.000-03. up to 1 m.

Also in this section you can buy edgers, which are designed for leveling the borders of beds and beds, as well as skid steers. they are used for weeding beds, cleaners of old grass, rakes and scarifiers, which are designed for collecting trash and dry leaves. Using this attachment, you can easily give a well-groomed look to your lawn.

Advantages and disadvantages

To the advantages of rotary mowers should include the following factors:

  • excellent performance level;
  • simple design;
  • comfort in use;
  • high degree of safety;
  • excellent reliability of the mechanisms;
  • long period of operation;
  • affordable price.

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These machines are not without their disadvantages, either. These should include such disadvantages as low speed, unstable operation at low engine speeds and poor protection of the device from stones.

Single axle tractor with a rotary mower and trailer

Features and Prices

Every person who has decided to buy a segment mower for tractor, it is important to know the main models, their technical characteristics and approximate prices. Consider some of the most popular models among customers.

Reel Mower VS Rotary Mower. Best lawn mower 2020


Segmental mower KSF-2,1 is an excellent solution for farms and individual villagers. Thanks to its design, it allows you to make hay in unlimited quantities, without spending a lot of time and resources.

It can also be used to harvest different crops, like wheat, oats, etc.д.

  • weight. 190 kg;
  • dimensions (l/w/he). 50 cm/180 cm/255,5 cm;
  • width of the mowed area is 2,1 m;
  • working area. 1.7 ha/h;
  • speed. 9 km/h
  • power. 7500 W
  • height of the mowed grass (min). 4 sm;
  • the height of the mowed grass (max). 6 cm.
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If you want a cheaper model, then follow here and read the review of homemade segment mower for the motor-block Neva, which can be assembled literally from improvised materials, which can be found in every home.


Segment mower KPO-2,1 is designed for T-40, T-25 and UMZ-6 tractors. Grass cut with this unit is placed in the decking. This model can be competed by a home-made rotary mower for T-25, which has a different working principle, but it will cope with the task no worse.

The design is equipped with special protections, which prevent the cutting parts from clogging.

  • weight 250 kg;
  • speed. approximately 10 km/h
  • width of the mowed area. 2,1 m;
  • working area. 2,5 ha/h;
  • cutting height (min). 5 cm.

Segment mower KP-F-6 is designed to work on large areas. It is very advantageous option for agricultural enterprises, because the single mowing coverage is very high with this model. But if you are looking for a helper for a small area, then we suggest you read this article, which gives useful tips about what kind of mower to choose.

The mower is compatible with tractors, whose drawbar pull varies from 0,9 to 1,4.

  • weight. 1100 kg;
  • type. trailed, consisting of three bars;
  • dimensions (l/ w / h). 605 cm/762 cm/247 cm
  • height of the mowed grass (min). 6-8 cm
  • speed. 9 km/h;
  • The width of the mowed surface is 6 m;
  • number of cutting blades. 3.

As you can see from the characteristics, there are many varieties and modifications of segment mowers for the tractor. There are more expensive models that can mow a strip of up to 7.8 meters at a time, and there are more compact models, ideal for personal, not industrial use. They also differ in price

The more expensive mowers are made in Europe, where they constantly maintain the high quality standards the whole world relies on. Domestic models are also very well made, they especially advantageously combine a relatively low price and acceptable quality.

Technical characteristics of the rotary mower

The mower is used not only in agriculture, but also in the city, when it is necessary to tidy up the territory, which is overgrown with grass and small bushes. The machine must be stored in a separate room, which must be dry and well ventilated. These characteristics of the rotary mower have made it popular for small farms that are engaged in farming.


There are two modifications on the market: “Zarya” and “Zarya-1”. The first version is subdivided into the KR model.05.000 (designed to operate with power tillers produced by KADVI LLC) and KR.05.000-03 (a variation designed for machines from other manufacturers).

The considered attachment aggregates with the majority of domestic power tillers. It works by cutting the grass with a pair of blades placed on a disc. Elements are mounted loosely on cotter pins, under the action of centrifugal force during the rotation they protrude beyond the disc edge, taking working position.

It is worth noting that to connect the attachment to power tillers of various designs, several variations of mowers are available, differing by pulley drive and the size of tensioner. The main interaction is carried out through the node with the belt. Mower “Zarya-1” is designed to aggregate with the PTO output shaft of the technique “Ugra” type. Interaction is carried out through the regular or additional gearbox. The modification is lightweight, making it easy to attach to the tiller. In addition, there is an option of correcting the height of mowed grass.

Segment mower for mini-tractor

Such a device is designed for mowing grass, both on small and large plots. Segment mowers are notable for their safety and efficiency. The essence of such a device is the simultaneous use of moving blades and stationary fingers. One disadvantage of these mowers is that they do not pile up the vegetation in swaths after work.

They are much harder to maintain than rotary mowers, but they cut much better. Among the most popular models of such devices is the TX 1,6.

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Design differences

Rotary mowers consist of a base frame with several discs. On the sides there are skids for sliding the device on the ground. Grass is cut with discs with blades that rotate during travel. They rotate in different directions to cut the vegetation evenly. The angle of the mower can be changed.

For your information. Rotary cultivators are ideal for marshy, clogged or uneven ground.

On MTZ, the units are attached to the front, side or rear of the frame. The machine also consists of a subframe, counterweight, drive unit, and hydraulic system. The cutting system is based on the use of several rotors, depending on which equipment the mower is mounted on. The rear-mounted design does not have its own undercarriage, but it can have one or more wheels. The trailed device, located in front of the power tiller or tractor, has its own frame, to which the cutting parts and controls are attached.

Segment mowers, like rotary mowers, are suitable for mini-tractors and larger tractors. It resembles an array of scissors used to cut the grass. A single-axle tractor with equipment is good for cutting vegetation by the side of the road or in tight places on the farm.

For your information. The segment mower is equipped with a protective shield and can be used in all weather conditions and climates. Haymaking is several times faster when using mounted or trailed implements.

The main components of a segment mower are a frame frame on a wheel base, a cutting unit consisting of multiple blades, a drive unit and a boom. Height adjustment with side skids. There are two types of cutting unit: segment finger-like and double-knife fingerless.

Features of the rotary model

Rotary mowers are simple in design, making them easy to maintain and repair. Working bodies are discs with blades mounted on them. They are attached to the discs with movable joints. There can be from one to several discs. The more working discs, the wider the surface area to be treated.

Spare parts and components are not expensive. Our rotary mower models have spare parts available at any specialised retailer. The imported models no older than 10 years are not worse in maintenance. Mowers older than 10 years of imported production may not have spare parts, as some models are no longer in production.

The owner of the rotary mower can easily ennoble the front lawn and easily prepare grass for the livestock in winter. The smaller model for the power tiller is handy for clearing areas around fruit trees and seedbeds.

Rotary mowers are produced in our country, as well as abroad. Among the largest and most popular models are mowers for “Neva”, “Zarya”, “Mole”, “Favorite” motor-blocks. The models differ in the number of operating elements and cutting height adjustment. Models with a cutting height of up to 20 cm can be used to harvest grass for feeding animals, lawn mowers with a cutting height of 5 cm have proven well in domestic environments.

The rotary mower is aggregated with power tillers “Favorit”, “Mole”, “Neva” in several ways:

According to the method of mowing grass, rotary mowers are divided into types:

  • For mowing and placing in a straight line. Suitable for cutting grass for hay.
  • Grass mulching. The cut grass quickly decomposes, it is suitable for grassland treatment.

Choosing a model for your power tiller “Neva”, “Salut”, “Zorya”, “Favorit”, “Mole” it is recommended to take into account the following factors:

  • Features of the landscape.
  • For purchase (to mow forage for livestock or to even out the front lawn).
  • Weight of the mower (important for transportation, as a large model is difficult to transport).
  • Capacity (for a small lawn, the smallest mower with low power is enough).
  • Type of mowing (models that mulch grass will not work for making hay to feed livestock).

Reel vs Rotary Lawn Mowers // Pros and Cons, Cut Quality, How To Mow Low

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