Which oil is suitable for a walk -behind tractor. Chemical composition

Motor oils for motoblocks. Types and characteristics

The modern unoic tractor consists of many mechanisms, for good and well.Coordinated work of which requires lubricants. Not only the durability of the elements of the unit depends on the quality and properties of the latter, but also the effectiveness of its application in one or other conditions.

The motor is not in vain called the “heart” of the motorcycle unit. It is on the state of the first, in many ways, the performance of the unit depends. The engine, in turn, will not be able to work without properly selected engine oil.

The latter performs several important functions at once:

  • Cools the engine of the motor block at strong loads;
  • Lubricates the rubbing parts of the motor;
  • Cleanses the internal cavities of the engine from blockages;
  • Seals the fuel mixture, making it better.

In the process of operation of the air.Cooled motor, the lubricant material used evaporates and accumulates on the surface of the hot cylinder. As a result of this, the oil, along with the fuel, turns into smoky exhaust gases. All fuel combustion products collected on the details of the motor unit significantly complicate their lubricant. In order to prevent this, many manufacturing companies are advised to use special antioxidants along with lubrication, the task of which is to clean the engine parts from harmful deposits.

All engine oils are divided by SAE.

The following lubricants are distinguished on the market:

  • Summer oils. These products are intended for use mainly in the summer period. They have high viscosity, and there is no letter marking on their packaging. These compositions include SAE 20, SAE 30, SAE 40;
  • Winter oils. Materials of this type are used to lubricate motoblock engines for the winter period. They have a characteristic low viscosity and the presence of the letter W in the marking, which is deciphered as “Winter”. The winter oils include the compounds SAE 0W, SAE 10W, SAE 20W;
  • All.Season oils. These compounds are in the highest demand. They are universal, as they can be successfully used, both in winter and in the summer. Their packaging shows a double marking. These oils include 5W-30 and 10W-40 compositions.

To choose oil for a walk.Behind tractor, you should also consider its composition.

Manufacturers produce lubricants for engines with such compositions:

You can also find oils on the market, both for 2-stroke and directly for 4-stroke engines. Most modern motoblocks are equipped with 4-stroke engines with built-in air cooling systems. Exclusively 4-stroke oil should be poured into such motors.

The motor with forced air cooling during operation is heated significantly more than an active water.Cooled engine. In this regard, the oil in a single tractor with such a cooling system should have high heat.Acidic stability and rather low evaporation. In addition, the oil used to lubricate the engine must certainly comply with the well.Known modern requirements of environmental friendliness, in other words, show the permissible level of toxicity of ejected exhaust gases and smoke.


What oil to pour in a single tractor and what marking to use depends on the brand of your unit. If you have a diesel unoic tractor in operation, then you need to use diesel, winter or summer, depends on the season. In a gasoline uniform tractor, you need to pour SAE 30 semi.Synthetic 5 W 30 or 10 W 30, if you use it in winter, then 0 w 40.

Pay attention when choosing oil to its viscosity and operational categories. By viscosity, they determine under what climatic conditions the uno.Based tractor will work. They are all.Season. Universal, summer. Tall and winter. Small.

Special care

There are a large number of different motoblocks, each of which has its own characteristics, specific characteristics and other differences, so you can choose just this type of technique for caring for your site, which will seem as attractive to you as possible.

However, it is worth considering that like any other technique, motoblocks of Sadko, Don, Huter, Profi, Lander, Champion, Carver, Husqvarna, Lifan 6.5 and others need constant care, proper use and good attitude. After all, this unit is very reminiscent of a car, therefore, care for it should correspond.

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What kind of oil to pour into a single tractor?

Before you go to a car shop or a store specializing in the sale of equipment for the proper operation of cars, read the instructions for the vehicle. Often, manufacturers describe the change process and indicate what the oil level in the engine should be. If such information is available, then it is very important to comply with the rules prescribed in it. If there is no data for any reason, then it is necessary to take into account the model of the walk-behind tractor. For example, only diesel oil should be poured into the diesel engine of the walk.Behind tractor. The time of the year is also an obligatory criterion: some types of oil are not used at a temperature below zero degrees. Winter oil for a walk.Behind tractor is a prerequisite for its normal and long.Term operation at low temperatures.

The whole procedure based on which oil is poured into the motorblock gearbox and how to replace it, begins with the use of transmission substances. Before starting a replacement, you should initially track the level of used oil, then wipe the probe with a rag. In the usual state, the level of lubrication in the walk.Behind tractor should be between divisions that mean a minimum and maximum. If the level of lubricants dropped below a certain level, then it must be increased.

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How to make the right choice

An important factor when choosing engine oil is its chemical composition. Minerals perfectly reduce the strength of the friction of parts, thereby reducing the wear of the unit. Sustainable engine operation is provided by semi.Synthetic oils. However, they have increased fluidity, which is not suitable for engines with strong wear of elements. Synthetic oils prevent harassment, protecting the engine from breakdown.

Motor oil poured into a single tractor should meet the following requirements:

  • Reduced parameter of kinematic viscosity in a large temperature range. This is necessary to avoid oil fasting during the heating of the motor.
  • Oil should have low coking. This property is especially relevant for power plants equipped with air cooling.

During the operation of the equipment, the lubricant performs several functions at once: cooling, cleaning, lubrication and sealing.

DIY oil replacement in a walk.Behind tractor

The first replacement of oil in the engine of the walk.Behind tractor should be carried out after completing the run.In, which is performed at idle under strict control. Second. An hour after the operation of the unit under load.

Subsequent maintenance is recommended every 40 hours of use.

  • Warm up the engine.
  • Install the unit on a flat horizontal site.
  • Substitute a capacity for working out.
  • Open a pouring and drain hole.
  • Drain the liquid.
  • Twist the drain plug.
  • Pour new oil.
  • Close the pouring hole.
  • Let it settled.
  • Measure the level of lubrication with the probe and, if necessary, add.

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Start the engine and check the tightness of the joints.

Oil replacement in the gearbox occurs according to the same scheme and in the same sequence.

Oil in the motorblock gearbox. How to check and change?

A gearbox is an important element of a walk.Behind tractor, the function of which is to transfer torque from the motor to the unit wheels by means of wedge transmission. The details of the gearbox are amenable to enhanced wear, and therefore need regular lubrication. We’ll make a reservation right away that not all funds available on the market are suitable for this purpose.

The most optimal option for lubrication of the gearbox is transmission oil. The composition of this type is great for the lubrication of moving parts. The second important question is how much lubricant should be poured into a gearbox. To find out this, you will need to perform a number of certain actions:

  • Gently put the one.Based tractor so that its wings are in a parallel surface;
  • Take the wire with a length of at least 70 cm, and bend one of its sides in the arc;
  • Spend the wire through the pouring hole until it stops, then stretch back.

Next, look at the wire. If its wet side is 30 cm, then it is not necessary to add oil to the gearbox. If the level of lubricant is lower, then it will be necessary to add as much oil as it is required to achieve a 30-centimeter mark on the wire. Pour the lubricating liquid into the gearbox in the following order:

  • Install the one.Axic tractor on the stands;
  • Under the motor block in the lower part of the gearbox, find the plug plug. Put a wide container under it and begin to unscrew the lid slowly;
  • Wait 10 minutes for which all the oil will flow out of the gearbox;
  • Twist the lid of the drain opening to the end, unscrew the plug plug and put the funnel in it;
  • Pour approximately 2 liters of transmission oil into a gearbox;
  • Check the level of the composition using wire. If there are less than 30 cm of wire in the oil, then you will share a little more material.

In most cases, changing the lubricant in the motorblock gearbox is required at least 1 time in 100 hours of operation of the unit. In this case, the frequency of replacement may vary depending on the recommendations of the manufacturer of the walk.Behind tractor. If you use your agricultural machine more than 4 hours a day, then you need to replace the composition 1 time in 50 hours of work of the walk.Behind tractor.

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Oil replacement in the motorblock gearbox

The gearbox in the walk.Behind tractor is a very loaded part. It transforms and transfers torque from the gears. Therefore, the thorough and high.Quality lubrication of the gearbox can significantly extend the period and quality of its service.

Oil change in the gearbox should be carried out in the following sequence:

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The same-based tractor is installed above the observation pit or on some hill;

which, suitable, walk, tractor, chemical

First unscrew the cork from the hole for the bay, which is usually located on the gearbox. Then we substitute the prepared container for the waste oil under the drain hole, which is located below;

когда все масло полностью стечет – нижнее отверстие для слива тщательно закрывается;

We fill the gearbox with oil. Some gearboxes are equipped with a level in the form of a through bolt, others have a probe on a cork. Focusing on the indicators of the oil level, pour the right amount, tighten the plug in the pouring hole.

The first replacement is carried out at the end of the run.In. The second change of oil in the gearbox is carried out approximately every 75-200 hours of operation. But it all depends on the model, so the exact deadlines should always be clarified in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Level check

To control the level in the engine crankcase, on most models there is a probe with risks Min and Max (minimum/maximum). When the probe is pulled out of the crankcase, it remains oil, which shows the amount. If the level seemed inaccurate, the probe is completely wiped with a rag, again inserted into the crankcase and pulled out. The oil must remain on the probe and shows its level.

It is believed that it is impossible to pour the oil either into the gear. Pour the holes above the edges of the hole, as it will immediately flow back. And the level on the edge of the hole is permissible for the engine. The gearbox is considered the norm. For this reason, there is no probe for the oil level in the gearbox.

To control the oil level in the gearbox, you can use the improvised probe. A piece of wire, etc.D.

At the same time, for some engines, oil overflow in the crankcase is unacceptable. This can lead to an increase in pressure inside the node, squeezing seals and gaskets, spraying. With erased piston rings and a cylinder mirror, oil can fall into the combustion chamber, on the candles, which is extremely undesirable. Therefore, it is better to pour oil into the engine according to the recommendations of the instructions.

The quantity and quality of the oil must be monitored, the service life of the entire walk.Behind tract depends on this.

Some change every year in the spring, before the start of the season. Other owners have not changed for years. Still others put a motor.Class counter, and change according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. For example, every 500 mothers.

It makes sense to change the oil after running in, since at this time small sawdust, shavings of metal, which are formed during the grinding of new nodes, may appear in it. These inclusions in oil are extremely undesirable, since they are already leading to wear and abrasion of the nodes.

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