Which oil is suitable for electric saw. What kind of oil is poured into a power supply for lubrication of the chain?

Lubrication of the MAKITA electric saw chain

Any rubbing surfaces should be lubricated: an axiom that is not subject to doubt. Numerous questions begin to appear when choosing the type and brand of lubrication. What oil is poured into a chain lubrication is one of the topics that raises such questions for users.

The oil lubrication oil performs its main purpose. Lubricates the guide links of the chain guides in the tire and the driven star. The lubricant should slowly, in the ideal case, is adjustable, supplied through the channel intended for this in the tire groove. Further, the oil for the chain is captured by guide links and distributed over the entire surface of the grooves, delivered to the teeth of the driven sprocket, reducing the effect of friction forces between moving elements and guiding surfaces.

The oil lubrication oils are no different from those that are used in mechanisms with a gasoline power plant. The only difference is that not all models with an electric drive are equipped with a built.In lubrication system of a saw tool. The lubricant in such modifications is delivered to the tire with a syringe, brush or dipping the saw element in the oil bath.

Some of the models of branded saw units of Stihl or Makita, having electric drive, are equipped with oil pumps with the ability to adjust the supply of lubricants. An increase or decrease in the amount of lubricant can be carried out in two ways: changing diameter to pass it or changing the course of the oil pump plunger, for example, in professional saws of Stihl. The screw for changing the supply is usually located in the lower or side of the case, close to the tire attachment site. The adjustment of the Plunger stroke is more reliable in a specialized workshop.

In most electric chain saws, such an adjustment is not provided for by the design and the oil is supplied in the amount provided by the manufacturer. The oil pump, if available, has a direct connection with the engine: the engine works. The oil comes to the circuit. Stopping the engine rotation automatically stops the supply of lubricants. The oil supply in such saws can be changed in one way. Using lubricants with invariant viscosity.

Not enough oil

The lack of lubrication naturally leads to local overheating of the rubbing surfaces. The consequences of overheating and dry friction can lead to very sad consequences:

Electric Pole Saw. The Right Chain Oil

  • Tire deformation;
  • Premature wear of the guide tire groove;
  • Jamming and wear of the led star;
  • Jamming or cliff of chain.
which, suitable, electric, poured, power

All this can not only disable the electric saw, but also fraught with injuries.

Excess oil

Excessive supply of lubrication does not lead to critical disorders in the pair of the chain-nine. If you do not pay attention to the increased consumption of lubricant and pollution of the saw case with oil soaked with oil, then you can follow the rule “Porridge” oil “. Meter emissions of oil spray from the chain at large and medium engine speeds is another inevitable consequence of excessive supply of lubrication to the chain saw.

Oil lubrication oil

If you compare the electric saw with the chainsaw, then the first does not require special care. The chainsaw has a engine whose device needs to be lubricated, because if the lubricant ends, there may be very sad consequences.

In the electric saw, the oil is used to lubricate the chain. Without lubrication, she will have to make more effort to cope with work. Without it, the chain will heat up very hard during the sawing, the links will dull. Everything can end with the fact that the chain part together with the tire will simply completely fail. Therefore, always follow the level of lubricant.

Modern electric pills have a built.In oil pump. But still you can find models in which this device is missing. For this, you periodically need to stop the work and lower the chain into a bucket with lubricants. If this is not done, it will be extremely difficult to work.

Oil for an electric chain saw is poured into a special container, which has a twisting cap. Experts recommend filling it up by 75% of the total capacity. Many electric saws have a special transparent window through which you can control the level of lubricant.

There is a situation when the oil does not enter the electric saw chain. First you need to adjust the tension. Modern saw models have a special device with which it is easy to make a tension. The chain should not be much stretched, but not weakly: if you can easily lift it from the tire by about 0.5 centimeters, then the tension is perfect.

Check if there are traces of lubricant on the chain. If the oil is not supplied to the electric saw circuit, you need to turn on the tool at idle for about 20 seconds. After that, check again.

Varieties of lubricants for electric saw

The modern lubricant market offers several options for such products. The compositions differ in the basis. Synthetics, mineral water or semi.Synthetics. In recent years, lubrication developed on the basis of plant components began to gain popularity. Each option has “strong” and weaknesses:

  • Synthetic lubricants. If we consider lubricants in stability, synthetics will enter the leaders. Substances can ensure the operation of electric saws even in very cold time (before.40 degrees Celsius). Of the shortcomings, the high cost of the product can be noted.
  • Mineral lubricants. The products of this group are quite popular because it costs at times cheaper than synthetics. On the other hand, those.The parameters are inferior to synthetic lubricants. Oils with a mineral base cannot withstand the temperature from.25 degrees Celsius. The lubricant freezes and has a destructive effect on individual details of the saw. For the winter period, the substance is not suitable.
  • Semi.Synthetic lubricants. Intermediate link between synthetics and mineral water. They cope well with their functions. Have an affordable cost. The properties are not reached to the level of synthetics.

Today it is not difficult to choose a suitable composition for lubricating the electric vehicle. When choosing, focus on the operating conditions of the saw and on the composition of the lubricant.

НЕФТЬ и ЭКОЛОГИЯ. Спасут ли нас электромобили?

TOP-5 oils for electric saw

Today, the market is full of lubricants, which, according to their manufacturers, are able to ensure uninterrupted operation of the cutting headset and the mechanism of its drive. But not every composition shows truly high performance and effectiveness. We are talking about inexpensive liquids with the minimum m of the necessary additives, as well as non.Original oils that enter the market under the name of famous brands, that is, fakes.

In order not to be mistaken when choosing oil, it is best to give preference to the following chain compositions:

  • One. Forest Plus from Stihl. The main advantages of this composition include good adhesion, as well as high performance at temperatures to.15⁰C. Following the recommendations indicated by the German manufacturer, the life of the composition will reach 3 years;
  • 2. BIO Plus from Stihl. For the production of these lubines, a natural plant base is used. Thanks to this, the oil decomposes in the soil without causing harm to the soil. The grease of a German manufacturer can be used at temperatures to.15⁰C;
  • 3. Synth Plus from Stihl. This oil successfully tolerates increased loads and work at temperatures up to. 25⁰C. For the production of the composition, a balanced synthetic basis is used;
  • 4. Husqvarna Vegoil. The use of this material of the famous Swedish manufacturer allows you to save up to 40% of the oil without reducing the protection of the drive and the cutting organs of the electric pill. Oil prevents the formation on the surface of the parts of the instrument of tarry deposits and rust;
  • 5. Champion Bar Chain Oil. Inexpensive chain oil intended for intensive operation in summer and winter. The liquid is released by high adhesion and worthy anti.Corrosion properties.

The regular use of any of these oils guarantees non.Failure operation of the chain and tires of the electric saw, regardless of the loads affecting the cutting headset.

Caution. Fake!

The use of cheap oil-competitive falsifier, which is from 7 to 12% of the total sales, is more dangerous. Fakes with different success copy the appearance and labeling of proprietary products of leading manufacturers, so with independent choice of oil, you should be especially attentive.

The price of a chain oil of the average high.Quality range is several times less than the cost of the motor, and automated lubrication supply systems allow you to spend the lubricant in an economical mode (up to 50%).

On the other hand, the use of alternative materials can significantly indicate a decrease in the resource of the tire, saw chain and leading stars. In different versions, this indicator can vary from 5 to 15%.

Why you need to lubricate the chain

The linear speed of the power pipe circuit is about 17 meters per minute. In places of contact with the bus, significant friction arises. This attracts increased wear and increase the load on the electric motor, gearbox.

which, suitable, electric, poured, power

To protect the parts and mechanisms of the electric saw, manufacturers make special channels in the bus. In them, oil is pumped under pressure. Falling on the links of the chain, it is quickly distributed along their metal surface. This process is called adhesion. And the oil itself is adhesive.

Due to good adhesion, less oil loss during operation are achieved, as well as its uniform distribution over the bus. Manufacturers recommend using branded lubricants. The power tool will last longer with them and will work more efficiently.

But sometimes there is no corporate oil for lubrication of the chain at hand. Or the owner of the tool stops from its use the high price of branded accessories. Wanting to save money, the so.Called training or ordinary oil remaining from the passage of the next maintenance of the car is poured into the tank. How dangerous it is for the electric saw circuit?

The ratio of the price and quality of alternative options

The price of a chain oil of the average high.Quality range is several times less than the cost of the motor, and automated lubrication supply systems allow you to spend the lubricant in an economical mode (up to 50%).

On the other hand, the use of alternative materials can significantly indicate a decrease in the resource of the tire, saw chain and leading stars. In different versions, this indicator can vary from 5 to 15%.

Popular oils

Stihl Forest Plus

STIHL is one of the most popular electric saw brands in Russia. Under this brand, not only a large assortment of power tools is available, but also service materials.

Forest Plus. A mineral product made from a mixture of high.Quality liquids. Characterized by the lack of depreciation even with prolonged storage. Can be operated at temperatures of the surrounding air before.15 ° C.

The shelf life of the product is 3 years.


Another STIHL brand product is the environmentally friendly and efficient STIHL BIOPLUS oil. Designed to work in moderate and hot climatic zones. Environmentally harmful, quickly and completely decomposes in the soil. Does not form deposits.

Europe Chainsaw Oil AK

Mineral high-quality oil for circuits and tires of electric and chainsaw. It penetrates deep between the links and the liners of the chain, does not drip, does not drain, prevents deposits of dirt, sand and dust, provides a high degree of protection against corrosion.

Mineral adhesive oil bison for lubricating saw chains, tires and stars of benzo- and electric saws made using nanotechnologies. Good outfit and anti.Colonial properties during overload. It is characterized by an economical consumption. It is used at temperatures from.10 to 40 ° C.


Among the Husqvarna chain oils, the Vegoil brand is popular.

which, suitable, electric, poured, power

This is a plant.Based oil, biologically decomposed and economical. The consumption of this oil up to 40 % less than the consumption of conventional lubricants. The oil retains its low viscosity even at very low temperatures and performs its functions even when water enters it.

Makita chain lubrication

Serves to reduce friction at the place of contact of the chain with the guide tire and asterisk. Increases their service life, significantly reducing surface wear. Has good lubricants even at high speeds.

The above brands are shown as examples of oils that have proven themselves when working with electric saws. They can be purchased in specialized stores or through Internet sites.

Oil chipping tips

The fact that the oil in the electric saw needs to be filled, this is understandable. But another moment, which one, can also be taken by surprise. All the variety of existing types of lubrication can be divided into several types:

Special, adapted specifically for electric saws. In its composition contains adhesive additives that serve to better adherent liquid with the canvas and prevent it from instantly draining.

New environmentally friendly compositions made only from safe plant rays.

Motor and transmission oils can also be used as lubricant for individual models, which is regulated by instructions for them. However, mineral oil should be avoided. In addition to the lubricant, the engine oil can be used for cleansing the residues of “biological” lubrication, which not only clogs the oil system, but can also provoke serious breakdowns.

Incredibly, many craftsmen learned to use worked out engine oil and even ordinary table sunflower oil for lubricating the chain. This exit from the situation, although economical, allows you to re.Use the resource, but with it carries many threats for cutting working mechanisms. So, a spent car oil can clog an oil filter and a pump, which is generally threatened by the prospect of going to a landfill. In this case, the load on the motor rises, often leading to overheating and its breakdown.

Vegetable oil is generally a risky option that can not be used for pouring into an oil tank. The extreme case when it is permissible, use to lubricate the outer surface of the chain. From the proposed version of special oil. The best. Experienced experts advise acquiring the lubricant of the same company as the saw itself, but the price of such a product can be overstated several orders of magnitude compared to universal chain grease, which makes up serious competition expensive and not always affordable branded analogues.

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