Which one to choose a pitch for the lawn. Types of lawn mowers and their brief description

How to choose an electric lawn mower for giving

The lawn mower is a garden technique that is used to shorten soft grass. Models differ among themselves in dimensions, power, quality of assembly, principle of operation. Each device meets its needs, so when preparing the rating, we broke the lawn mowers into categories.

Before starting the top of the lawn mowers, we will analyze the main technical characteristics of this garden equipment. Further in detail we will consider what models are, what are the strengths and weaknesses of each, what should be considered when choosing.

Type of movement

To make it easier for you to understand which electric lawnical mower to buy, we list the varieties of garden equipment by the method of movement:

  • Non.Self.Propelled lawn mowers. To move such devices on the lawn, you will have to push them manually.
  • Self.Propelled lawn mowers. Equipped with a drive that receives energy from the electric motor. Due to it, they move independently, it is only necessary to control the direction of movement and the speed of the equipment from the operator.

Before understanding which lawnizer to buy an electric mower without a drive, consider the strengths and weaknesses of non.Self.Propelled models.

Pluses of lawn mowers without drive Cons of lawn mowers without drive
Below is cost Not suitable for caring for large areas
economical energy consumption Managing non.Self.Propelled devices is more difficult to physically
Less weight of equipment Often equipped with low.Power motors
Easier maintenance
It is easier to process hard.To.Reach areas and relief areas

Self.Propelled models are divided into four subspecies depending on the characteristics: how the drive is placed.

  • Front. The best choice for a direct landscape without hills and holes. Differs in simplicity of control, high maneuverability. Models with front.Wheel drive are more rotary.
  • Rear. Better analogues with the front cope with the hilly area. Less turning.
  • Full. Combine the strengths of the first two categories. Characteristic of high cost.

Separately, we select the lawn mower with a variator characteristic. The best (and most expensive) models of the lawn mowers of self.Propelled electric electricity are distinguished by the ability to switch the speed of movement directly during operation. This allows you to instantly adapt the intensity of the mowing to momentary needs.

The pluses of self.Propelled lawn mowers Cons of self.Propelled lawn mowers
Suitable for large sections Higher cost than non.Self.Propelled
Have high power Noisy motor
The operator is less tired during prolonged operation Higher energy consumption
Often they have wider functionality (for example, they can be equipped with several work modes) Large weight

According to the power source

Electric lawn mowers (also known as network) are connected through an extension cord to a household outlet for 220 V. Are a good choice for the care of the lawn of the personal plot, in which there is a stable source of energy.

Any. Even a good electric mower. Has the following characteristics.

The advantages of network lawn mowers Disadvantages of network lawn mowers
The operating time is not limited by the capacity of the battery block For work, an extension cord is required
Democratic cost The wire significantly reduces mobility, with sloppy operation, it can be damaged with a knife
Lack of harmful exhausts Scope: exclusively sites with access to a stable power grid
Practically do not generate noise Not suitable for mowing with high humidity

Battery lawmakers are devices for users who value autonomy. Function due to the battery block charged. The native time is limited by the intensity of operation and the battery capacity. Scope of application: areas on which there is no electricity, but there is a need to perform simple short work.

Advantages of battery lawn mowers Disadvantages of battery lawn mowers
Independence from network sources: while there is a charge, you can work anywhere Power is less than that of network lawn mowers
Management is easier due to the fact that the cable does not constrain movement The operating time is limited by the battery capacity
There is no need to buy an extension cord The cost is higher than that of network models
The motor does not produce toxic exhausts There are more mass: you always transfer the power source with you
Smallness Can be damaged if mowed after rain and in dew


The characteristic is responsible for the speed of movement (if the lawn mower is self.Propelled), the weight of the equipment, as well as resistance to intensive and long.Term operation. Measured in watts (W). The choice of electric lawn mowers by power is carried out in the framework of three categories:

  • Up to 1500 watts. Budget models characteristic of small dimensions and mass. Easily controlled, convenient in storage and transportation, optimally suitable for small lawns (not more than 400 m 2) without irregularities in the landscape.
  • 1500-2000 watts. Weigh significantly more, due to which it is more difficult to manage. Effectively cope with work on hilly lawns with an area of ​​up to 600 m 2. Power helps to mow relatively dense grass. Some models are equipped with mulching unit.
  • 2000 watts and more. Semi.Professional and professional models, most of which are equipped with a self.Propelled mechanism. Used in large areas of more than 600 m 2. The high.Power engine guarantees stability even with prolonged and intensive work, but needs a high.Quality and reliable power grid.

Which is better gasoline or electric?

Gasoline and electric lawn mowers are unconditional sales leaders. Consider the pros and cons of each type.

Gasoline models. Owners of higher power and performance.

They are ideal for servicing large territories, maneuverability differ. And do not depend on the power source.

Gasoline units are most often self.Propelled, which means that the owner only needs to hold the lawn mower by the handles and control her movement. However, it should be understood that a high.Performance machine will cost quite expensive.

Electric lawn mowers have different power. From 300 to 1,500 watts (depending on the installation of the engine). Such devices are well suited for cutting small lawns without stones and bumps.

Compare some important characteristics of gasoline and electric models.

Characteristics Gasoline Electric
Engine power up to 16 horsepower up to 1100-2500 watts
The height of the bevel up to 9-10 cm up to 9-10 cm
The need to have a power source and cable No Yes
Fuel cost Yes No
Emissions into the atmosphere Yes No
The area of ​​the lawn up to 6000 square meters.M. 100-900 sq.M.
Working hours limited only by the volume of the fuel tank up to 15 minutes
Use in rainy weather Yes No
Dimensions Carried small.Sized
The weight 25-45 kg 10-25 kg
Type of control self.Propelled Non.Self.Propelled
Price 10-250 thousand 4-70 thousand

Honda HRN216 VKA Lawn Mower Operation

The most popular law mowing models

Among the huge variety of manufacturers, brands such as::

Having studied the ratings and reviews about the models of these companies, we have compiled a list of top lawn mowers in different price categories and trim levels.


Rotor lawn mower weighing 7.9 kg with the ejection of grass back. Designed for servicing sites up to 250 kV. M. Has a capture width of 38 cm and 4 level adjustment levels. From 14 to 35 mm. The cutting system consists of 5 knives, which provides a perfectly even cut of grass. Wheel diameter. 220 mm. If desired, you can additionally install a grass collector. Light, maneuverable and compact.

Drum two.Wheeled lawn mower weighing 8.9 kg with an increased capture width. 40 cm. Direction of grass emissions. Back. Suitable for processing lawns with any relief with an area of ​​not more than 200 kV. M. Allows you to adjust the mowing height from 12 to 42 mm. Equipped with a folding handle for compact storage. The installation of a grass collector is provided. Silent, easily controlled and reliable.

which, choose, lawn, types, mowers


A two.Wheeled lawn mower with a rotary mechanism of the Novo.Cutting system, providing impeccable mowing of even tall grass. Light. 8.7 kg. Performs the height of the cut at 4 levels. 12. 55 mm and the width of the mowing. 40 cm. The equipment does not include a grass collector, but it can be installed on your own.


A self.Propelled rear.Wheel drive model with a four.Stroke engine with a power of 2.6 liters. With., The working volume of which is 140 cubic meters. Cm. It is allowed to process the area up to 1,400 kV. M., Mulching is provided. Weight. 31 kg, capture width. 46 cm, haircut height is set from 25 to 75 mm using central adjustment. There is a soft grass collector for 60 liters. The machine has an average noise level. 87 dB. Solid, good quality of accessories, high performance.

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A car with rear.Wheel drive, weighing 45 kg, with a capacity of 6.5 liters. With. And working volume 196 cubic meters. Cm. Equipped with a soft grass collector. 70 liters and mulching function. It has a central adjustment of the mowing height consisting of 8 steps. From 20 to 80 mm, and the width of the capture 53 cm. The level of noise produced. 98 dB. Powerful, simple in operation, suitable for large running areas.

Rear.Wheel drive apparatus designed to care for a lawn area up to 1,000 kV. M. Weighs 39 kg. The power of the four.Stroke engine is 5 liters. With., rotation speed of cutting elements. Up to 2,800 rpm. Central adjustment of the mowing height. 7 levels, 20. 85 mm, capture width. 46 cm. The model is equipped with a rigid grass collector with a capacity of 60 liters. Wide wheels. 15 and 20 cm. Practically do not pin the grass. There is no mulching function. Ideal for spacious uneven areas. Convenient in management.


Four.Wheeled lawn mower without a battery weighing 12 kg. Great option for well.Groomed areas. Engine power. 1,400 watts. Recommended for use in areas up to 500 kV. M. Speasing width. 37 cm, height. 20. 70 mm with a central 5.Step adjustment. There is a hard grass collector with a volume of 40 liters. Noise level 91 dB. Light, mobile, characterized by good haircut quality.


Non.Zacaculator wheelbag with 1,800 watts and weighing 22 kg. Neding speed of knives. 3,200 rpm, capture width. 42 cm, mowing height. 28. 55 mm, 5 levels of adjustment. Grass output occurs in a soft grass collector, designed for 45 liters. Powerful and at the same time maneuverable.

You can purchase such a machine on average for 7,000.

A compact and easy tool for cutting the lawn. 13 kg, works from the network cable. The engine. 1,400 watts, 3,200 rpm. Has protection against dust and moisture, and is also equipped with a cooling system that prevents it from overheating.

Recommended for even, well.Groomed areas up to 500 kV. M. Speasing width is 38 cm, the height of the cut has an axial adjustment consisting of 3 steps. From 20 to 60 mm. Staffed by a hard grass collector with a volume of 37 liters. Low noise. 84 dB. Thanks to the special location of the wheels. Under the case, this mower is very convenient to cut the edges of the lawn.

You will have to spend about 6,000 on it.

Self.Propelled wheeled lawn mowers

These machines are designed to operate on the lawns of medium and large sizes. They are several types.

The first type: the lawn mower rolls on its own, the lawn mower goes after it, holding onto the handles and controlling her work and movement. They are like hand.Made lawn mowers, only the engine power is greater. The engine can be gasoline or electric.

Self.Propelled electric lawn mower

The second type: the lawn mower rides on a lawn mower, driving it, is a rider. It is nice to use the rider, because both men and women love to ride! He has a large cutting deck and a spacious grass collector, easily devastated by pressing the button at hand of a mower (mower).

This machine rustles about the same as any electric trimmer for grass. Thanks to small sizes and excellent maneuverability, it can work even on a limited area, although it is intended for medium.Sized lawns. The main troubles during its operation are an uneven surface and mole mounds and bumps: when they contact them, a rotating knife raises a bunch of dust and stupids.

Such a mower only mows grass, it does not perform any other functions, and it does not have a hinged equipment. But he copes with his task “perfectly”. Good choice, if there is where to store and allow family finances.


The third type of self-propelled lawn mower-mini-tractor. Used in large areas. Multifunctional, since it can be installed on it for brushes for sweeping or cleaning snow, a vacuum cleaner, a cultivator, a device for scattering fertilizers, etc.P.

Mini tractor

Rating of the best lawn mowers

Place Model
one. Bosch ARM 37 (0.600.8A6.201) Prices Review
2. Al-ko 112856 Classic 3.82 se Prices Review
3. Makita Elm3320 Prices Review
4. Champion LM4627 Prices Review
5. Oleo-Mac G 48 PK Comfort Plus Prices Review
6. Gardena PowerMax 1100/32 Prices Review
7. Champion LM5131 Prices Review
eight. Huter GLM-5.0S Prices Review
nine. Daewoo Power Products DLM 48SP Prices Review
ten. Patriot PT 1634E Prices Review

Before purchasing a lawn mower, it is important to know its some parameters.

Speasing area

Here, first of all, you need to take into account the relief of the mowing lawn. This includes the type of grass, hillocks, pits on the site and the availability of buildings. But the average requirements are still.

If the mowing area reaches 200 kV. M., to the place will be a lawn mower at an electric traction with a capacity of 1-1.3 kW or 1.2-1.5 kW, with a width of mowed grass from 34 to 26 cm. For a plot from 200 to 400 kV. M., You can use a gasoline unit with a power indicator 3.5-5 l.With. Speasing width in this case will be 45 cm.

In areas with an area of ​​more than 15 acres, you will need to take a more powerful unit. Here, gasoline law mmores will cope, the power of which reaches 7 liters.With. The width of the mowing is already ranging within 57 cm.

Engine type and power

Manufacturers produce self.Propelled and non.Self.Propelled lawn mowers. Non.Self.Propelled ones do not have a drive, and the operator pushes the unit in front of himself. Because of this, such law mmores are equipped with a small and low-power engine.

Each self.Propelled modification has its own type of drive:

  • Rear. Highly spent, easy to operate.
  • Front. Maneuverable, but capable of working only in even places.
  • Full. Universal lawn mowers that can work in areas of different reliefs.

The power of the engine of electric lawn mowers is from 0.75 to 2 kW. In gasoline, power begins with 3 liters.With. And reaches 6 liters.With.

The mass of lawn mowers, depending on the model, is also different. The lightest is mechanical. Weight is from 7.9 to 9.1 kg. Followed by battery units. From 12 to 19 kg. Then electric with a mass of 12-30 kg., And the most difficult. Gasoline. Their mass can reach 50 kg.

Grassing and mulching

Some lawnmands go on sale without a grass collector. In some cases, this is convenient. Do not make stops during work and free the bag. But this process takes time after mowing. Anyway, the grass needs to be removed.

In the lawn mower with a mulching system, everything happens easier. The technology scatters mowed grass in crushed form. At the same time, the soil is fertilized and a sufficient supply of moisture is accumulated in it.

Wheels, handle and body

The housing of the lawn mower can be made of aluminum, plastic or in steel version. Experts do not advise buying a lawn mower with wheels made of plastic. With frequent operation of the unit, they will quickly fail.

About the wheels. Narrow wheels. Deep traces will be left on wet land. Yes, and carrying a loaded unit is hard. Wide wheels. With a large diameter, they will allow a lawn mower to move easier and it is better to cope with hillocks and pits.

Most of the lawn mower is produced with folding handles. This is convenient during transportation and storage of the device, as it takes up little space.

Next will be considered gasoline gas mowers without a self.Propelled mechanism. Despite the significantly lower price, the given models are characterized by high reliability, so they will last more than one season.

Gasoline lawn mower Husqvarna LC 140 9676367-01

A relatively inexpensive Swedish mower is suitable for servicing small private lawns. The technique is compact, easy to manage and productive.


  • The capacity of the grass collector is 50 liters.
  • The height of the position of the cutting element is tuned from 25 to 75 mm. To choose the best position, there are 10 stages of adjustment.
  • Speasing width. 40 cm.


  • Large rear wheels diameter will provide passage on a complex landscape.
  • Combined grass collector, in which strength and light weight are combined.
  • Cutting deck steel, which prevents breakdowns in a collision with solid obstacles.
  • Easy engine start.
  • Briggsstratton engine provides high power.
  • Low noise.


  • Not enough fitting to connect a hose.
  • The grass collector is instantly clogged with the mocking of high vegetation.
  • It develops inconvenient.

Gasoline gasoline Makita PLM 4626N

When you need to choose a lawn mower, quite strong, simple in circulation and inexpensive, we advise Makita technique. It has an affordable price, and there is no excess functionality in it. What else is needed to work in the country?


  • 7 steps of adjusting the height of the cutting element.
  • A combined grass collector contains up to 60 liters of vegetation.
  • Speasing width. 46 cm.
  • The mowing height is tuned from 25 to 75 mm.


  • Little.
  • Small weight.
  • The case is made of steel, ensuring reliability and durability.
  • Low harmful exhaust.
  • Easy to get parts for repair.
  • Many Makita service centers.


  • The width of the mowing is 46 cm.
  • The model is designed for a plot with an area of ​​up to 1100 m 2.
  • The capacity of the container for the grass is 65 liters.


  • There is a window for the grass containers that allows the employee to track the level of fullness.
  • Wheels on bearings increase maneuverability.
  • The main folding handle, which positively affects mobility of the mowing.
  • Low price.


It should be evaluated by its technical and functional characteristics to understand whether it is suitable for caring for the site. It is worth evaluating the power of the device, the volume of the container for collecting grass, the bevel width and other parameters.

Lawners are self.Propelled and non.Self.Propelled. Non.Self.Propelled budget models include for caring for areas of small and medium sizes.

Self.Propelled are easy to manage. This is the most practical option for caring for a large area.

Speasing area

Manufacturers indicate this parameter in the description of the characteristics of the unit so that it is easier for customers to decide on a suitable model. The performance depends on this criterion.

Speasing width

How much time the beard of the lawn will take on this characteristic. If the lawn mower rods a narrow strip at a time, you will have to make more passages.

For a plot with an area of ​​up to five acres, there is enough device with a bevel width of up to 40 cm, up to ten acres. 50 cm, more than ten hundredth. More than 50 cm.


One of the main parameters affecting the performance of the device. Power determines how long it will be possible to mow grass. Gasoline engines have a power up to 1800 watts.

which, choose, lawn, types, mowers

Due to this, it is possible to quickly put the site in order, regardless of the length of the grass.

Volume of the tank

Lawn mowers are equipped with a special container for collecting mowed grass. This allows a long time to work without breaks. When filling the container, the unit automatically drops the contents. When choosing an unit, it is worth considering the processed area.

If the site has a size of up to 5 acres, an unit with a 30 liter grass collector is suitable. For a territory of 10 acres, it is better to use a device with a tank of 35-50 liters, more than 15 acres-from 50 liters.

The number of wheels

Standard models are equipped with four wheels. At the same time, the building is larger, which provides the unit with maneuverability.

There are three.Wheeled models that are conveniently used to cut the lawn near trees and flower beds.

Additional functions

Some models are supplied with additional functions, but this increases their cost. One of them is mulching. Crushing grass followed by throwing on the lawn.

This provides soil fertilizer. No less useful option is considered to adjust the height of the cut. Lawn mowers are equipped with 3-8 modes.

Types of lawn mower

Mechanical lawn mowers

The easiest and most affordable option option. Works on the principle of scissors, capturing and cutting the grass as you move. There is no engine in such a lawn mower, you just push it forward. Suitable for small summer cottages with soft, young, low grass. Absolutely environmentally friendly, is not noisy and can be used in any weather. It won’t cope with high and thick grass, well, it will take much more time for mowing than that of the lawn mower with the engine.

Gasoline lawn mowers

The main advantages are reliability, power and mobility. With a gasoline engine on a lawn mower, you will not have to worry about the presence of a socket and the length of the wire. And if you monitor and properly serve the gasoline engine, such a lawn mower will serve you for a very long time. The gasoline mowers are the most hardy and powerful, but, as a rule, heavy due to the fact that their engine has a large number of parts. They are also considered non.Ecological. If your lawn is impressive, you have to wear a respirator and headphones to protect yourself from exhaust gases and noise. Also, gas mowers with a gasoline engine are more expensive than electric.

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