Which potato -cutter to choose for a walk -behind tractor. Advantages and disadvantages

Fan potato.Coat

The simplest mechanism. This potato.Cutter is essentially just a shovel with the edges bent inside and the thin metal rods welded to it. The sharp end is buried into the ground, lifts the potatoes, in the direction of movement it falls onto the grill of metal rods, the earth crumbles through them, and clean potatoes are laid on the ground, where it is then manually collected and collected.

  • Simple design, easy to manufacture,
  • Simple installation on a single tractor,
  • Can even be installed on motoblocks with a low motor power (for example Neva MB),
  • High performance,
  • Reliability,
  • Price.
  • Small depth of digging up up to 15 cm.,
  • Small processing width, up to 20 cm.,
  • Not everything digses, about 15% of the harvest of potatoes and other root crops remains underground,
  • Damages potatoes,
  • Works only on light soils,
  • High fuel consumption in a walk.Behind tractor,
  • Potato after digging must be assembled with hands.

Structural features and types

Before making a potato.Cutter for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands, you need to study the device, design features and prepare the tools and materials necessary for work. The principle of operation for all models is one: the teeth of the mechanism stick into the ground and scoop up the earthen lump together with the root crops. The crop can be harvested in the bunker or stay in the garden. It will depend on the constructive solution of the model. There are potato.Caps:

Experienced craftsmen show engineering ingenuity and create multifunctional units on their own, which are used for planting root crops, and for hilling, and for harvesting.

Optimum metal thickness

The hinged structure is assembled from metal parts. The thickness of the sheet steel should be selected taking into account the proposed load: the more it will be, the thicker the material should be. Experts recommend using sheets with a thickness of at least 8 mm.

Copaging wheels

The design is equipped with movable wheels. In the manufacture of diggers in a home workshop, they can be borrowed from the old garden car. Wide tires will facilitate movement along the beds. The best option is equipped with axis. The racks are attached to the axis, in which the locking holes are made.

As an option, you can use metal. They will make the design heavier, which will improve the work of the ral on solid soils. Rubber will move worse on wet ground, it will be better to show themselves rubber, but with a tractor tread in this situation.

Methods of connection

All elements of the unit are connected by contact welding (electro- or gas), as well as using classic fasteners (bolts, nuts). Over, the advantage of the bolt compound is that if necessary, the unit can be disassembled and collected.

How to choose?

Evaluation of effectiveness is made according to the following criteria:

  • Motoboglok and motorist. In some cases, the choice is obvious due to the power of the walk-behind. If the one.Axine tractor has an air.Cooled engine, with the rear shaft of power selection, only a vibration potato.Cutter with a roar is suitable for it. For the Neva walk.Behind tractor, only the “shaking” options are suitable. For them, conveyor models are not produced. But for motors, it is easier for motors to choose a potato.Cutter on their base. Both transport and a roar options are suitable for them. If the motor.Tractor of serial release, then preference should be given to conveyor models;
  • Depending on the soil. Rumble potato.Cuttling has proven itself well when working with soil of light and moderate severity. But if the summer was arid or the soil is overgrown, then the roar models cannot cope with the task. If the choice is between the roar and conveyor, then preference should be given to the second;

Note! The difficulty is that it is not always possible to accurately evaluate the type and condition of the soil. In this case, the collection of information from other farmers about what technique they use will not hurt.

  • Quality and performance. Conveyor models are distinguished here favorably. They know how to quickly, efficiently and carefully remove crops from the soil. Tiny models in this regard are inferior;
  • Price. The best option is conveyor models, but they cost an order of magnitude more expensive. But if there is a need to meet the limited budget, then you can buy a vibrational model. But let it be with two eccentrics.
which, potato, cutter, choose
  • A conveyor is installed on the platform, the type of which is regulated by the requirements;
  • A simple design allows you to install on almost any variant of motoblocks, including a domestic manufacturer;
  • Often used in places with solid or loamy soil;
  • The potato trailer for the walk.Behind tractor is created strictly according to the specified parameters of the conveyor and platform, as this is necessary for normal dialing of tubers.

With independent creation, it is worth taking into account two factors that will affect the installation and operation. The first factor is the dimensions of the device to fix the mechanism on the walk.Behind tractor. The calculation should always be made taking into account the parameters of the technique. Another factor is a manifestation of universality. Most of the home.Made transporter.Type homemade devices can be supplemented with secondary elements.

The principle of operation and types of motoblic potato.Switches

All hinged motoblock equipment for harvesting potatoes operates according to the same principle. The teeth of potato.Rowing burrow into the soil and push the root crops to the surface, which then allows them to be assembled manually without much effort.

Motoblock potato.Cuttings is a hinged equipment and can be passive or active.

Passive or simple potato.Cutter for a walk.Behind tractor is inexpensive and can be installed using a hitch to almost all models of motoblocks and cultivators. It has the form of a spatula in the shape of a heart with teeth in the upper part. The acute part lifts the soil, which, together with the tubers of potatoes, falls on the teeth, the excess soil crumbles, and the root crops remain on the surface. They differ from each other only by the type of soil on which they can work. Light or heavy. The video shows how this type of potato.Cutter works.

The advantages of this type of potato.Coat should include a relatively low price, simplicity and reliability, and the shortcomings are low performance and the need for manual labor.

You can purchase such equipment from manufacturers, in specialized stores of small agricultural machinery, as well as on the Internet.

In the event that you want to increase the efficiency of harvesting and exclude manual labor as much as possible, then you should pay attention to active units.

Active type potato.Cutter can be conveyor and vibrational. Connecting such equipment to the walk.Behind tractor is carried out through a gearbox, power selection shaft or belt. For non.Nosed motoblocks there are special adapters for the belt. The vibrational or roof potato.Cutter works as the following principle: the active knife cuts the soil layer with tubers, which enters the vibration table, where the root crops are cleaned of the ground. For installation on motor blocks, single-row models of potato-coats are used, such as KKM1, 2KN or KUM-1. Rumble potato.Cutter for a walk.Behind tractor has reliability and high efficiency.

which, potato, cutter, choose

Conveyor potato.Cuttling in its characteristics is similar to the vibration unit. The difference lies in the presence of a conveyor tape, not a vibro.Stop. Moving along the tape, the potatoes are well cleaned of the residues of the soil. The conveyor unit is installed on medium and heavy motoblocks. How this type of equipment works clearly on the presented video.

All models of potato.Coat, in principle, in their structure, are not similar to each other, only differ in the name, manufacturer and power. The bulk of the equipment is compatible with the Neva, Favorite, MTZ, Salute, Zirka, Agat, Dawn and Centaurus.

A potato.Cutter for a walk.Behind tractor allows you to save your precious time and strength, however, before purchasing attachments, it is worth making sure that it is suitable for the aggregate that you have.

Characteristics of popular potato.Switches

Such attaching equipment helps to collect not only potatoes, but also other root crops, garlic, and onions. It acts according to one principle: long teeth plunge into the ground and pull the tubers upstairs, giving access to them.


The working element of the launch unit is a plane with long teeth, which lift the soil layer. He wakes up between the teeth, and the root crops are on top of the beds. Grocery potato.Cuttings are equipped with a vibration table. Due to vibration, potatoes are cleaned of the ground. The third type is equipped with a small conveyor tape, on which the cut earth falls. Passing along the tape, the potatoes are partially cleaned of soil lumps.

The most popular potato.Cuttings are easily installed, help collect potatoes quickly, with minimal efforts. Each manufacturer of motor cultivators offers its own nozzles for its units. However, many models are attached to different motoblocks, and you can safely buy them for the equipment of Neva firms, favorite, salute, cascade, MTZ.

Model KKM-1

KKM-1 potato-cutter weighs 40 kg, consists of a piece and a roar grille. Designed to work with light soils, with slight humidity. The plow is immersed to a depth of 20 cm and cuts the layer, 38 cm wide. With such hinged equipment, a one.Axic tractor can move at a speed of up to 2 km per hour, processing up to 0.2 ha/hour.

Note! This model regulates the depth of the knife immersion in the ground due to the height of the wheels. You can regulate the intensity of vibration by changing the number of revolutions of the motor block engine.

Potato.Cake only works on soils, in which hardness is less than 20 kg/ha and a low indicator of stones clogging.

Poltava vibration

The plunder of this model is immersed in the soil by 18 cm and captures a plot of 39 cm wide. Product weight. 34 kg, and speed. Up to 3 km/h. The product is suitable for moderate soils, the humidity of which is not more than 30%. Thanks to the belt and the pin, the mount to the motor blocks is very simple.

Potato.Captage is characterized by the reliability of all parts, the strength of the active knife. It can be hung with both left.Sided and right.Handed motoblock fastening. A roof grille cleans the tubers completely, extracting at least 98% of the crop from the ground.

Vibration potato coder “Neva”

Neva potato.Cutter for the walk.Behind engineer is designed for equipment of the same company, fastening to cultivators of other manufacturers will require the purchase of additional details. This model has the width of the seizure of the site. Only 36 cm, and the maximum depth is 20 cm. In this case, the speed of work is below-1-2 km/h. However, potato.Captalking is suitable for small areas. Democratic in cost, it is reliable and convenient to work.

Model KVM-3

For heavy soils or virgin lands, it is worth choosing this particular unit, since you can connect an additional knife to increase vibration to it. The model can be connected to motor blocks with the left and right pin, that is, the most universal of all presented. It is she who is most often chosen for motoblocks “Salute”. Earth capture: 20 cm. In depth and 37 cm. In width. Potato.Cake is at a speed of up to 2 km/h and weighs 39 kg.

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Homemade perpetrators and potato.Cutting

That someone managed to collect, someone will be able to repeat!

People’s craftsmen are not sitting idle and have long come up with ways how to save money a little, and come up with an enchanter or a potato.Cap. In this case, they make it themselves. Sometimes the result surpasses even the initial expectations, sometimes there is no. It all depends on your skills and skills.

After all, this is not a simple mechanism, but a whole system that should work clearly. And no one gives guarantees for equipment in this case.

However, their design is so simple that people even came up with whole drawings of how to assemble a potato dealer with their own hands.

And if suddenly, according to the drawings, something is not clear in terms of fastening or something else, then you can always find detailed videos of manuals on the topic “How to make a potato tag at home”

They have detailed instructions what and in what sequence to do.

But in order to do this, serious skills are needed in terms of working with metals.

In any case, before buying, people view information from the Internet and read reviews about equipment for assembling and planting potatoes, here are some of them:

“Landing work began, and it was necessary to go to the garden for work. And in the winter I grabbed a hernia. So any severity became hellish stone. And you need to sow the crop. Therefore, I decided to spend money and buy a one.Axle tractor with a potato tape. And honestly satisfied at 100 %, it is much easier than to work monotonously with a shovel.””

“For a long time I had a single tractor at home, which was mainly used to process the soil before and before planting. I accidentally stumbled upon a store on the potato.Resident Neva. And then he became interested in her. I watched on the Internet and decided that it is very expensive for me. Then I caught fire to do it on my own. 2 weeks of hard work and voila. Now I am happy to use my potato.Cap.””

What can you do with a walking tractor?#walkingtractor, #ploughing machine, #twowheeltractors

You can also help other readers of our site with your reviews according to these models.

If you are the owner of this model of the Neva motoblock or potato.Tank and potato.Drummer, you can leave your review, or ask any question you are interested in this topic below in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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How to make and configure a home.Made potato.Cutter for a walk.Behind tractor

In the harvest season, the problem of plantations processing speeds becomes relevant. This criterion is especially important for owners of large plots or agricultural fields. You can speed up the harvesting pace by making a potato.Cutter for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands.

Fan potato.Coat has several names. It is also called lancet drooping and paw. Manufacturers of agricultural machinery call this “dolphin” model due to the characteristic shape of the plow (Lemeha). The unit is simple in design and well removes tubers from the ground.

  • The digger is attached to the walk.Behind tractor.
  • The prayer praise with a sharp end loosening the earth.
  • Potatoes are extracted from the ground, falls on the inclined surface of the lime and moves on metal rods.
  • The earth is separated from the tubers and is spilled on the arable land through the rods.
  • Potatoes, moving up the raised rods, falls to the ground, where it can be collected.

Doking with a fan digger allows the presence of a rare and low weed on the field. The potato top before cleaning the crop is mowed.

We make a fan.Option with our own hands

For work, you will need an angular grinder, a welding machine, a drill and metal drill, bolts. Materials will also be needed:

  • Sheet steel 3-4 mm thick for the manufacture of a knife (Lemeha);
  • Bolts with a diameter of 10-12 or more mm;
  • A steel profile of a rectangular cross section or a thick steel sheet for the manufacture of a holder and a bracket rack.
  • Round steel rod or reinforcement (not corrugated) with a diameter of 8-10 mm.

In addition, you will need a measured tape, a pencil for drawing for metal. The order of work on the manufacture of fan potato.Rolling:

  • In the middle part of the lime, two holes are drilled for fastening to the rack.
  • Pieces of steel rods are welded to the expanded part of the knife (left and right and right) (so that they diverge up and to the sides by the “fan”). Prut lengths-47-50 cm. Sometimes rods bend in the form of a march step.
  • Bolts are attached to the plots of the rack-holder. The height of the rack depends on the design of the walk.Behind tractor. The holder rack can be welded directly to the plow without using bolts.
  • A bracket with pre.Drilled holes (for connecting potato.Cutting with a walk.Behind tractor) is welded to the top of the rack.
  • For the strength of the structure, the lower part of the lime directed to the ground is enhanced by a welded strip of metal.

The advantage of fan potato.Cutting over other units is its reliability. This unit can be used for more than one year. There are no rotating parts in it that, with heavy loads, become unusable. Sigging potatoes is carried out quickly and efficiently.

The deficiencies of the unit include a small width of the dashed strip (20-25 cm), which is why the harvesting reaches 20 %. The knife of fan potato-cutting damages part of the tubers, which is why they become unsuitable for long-term storage and sale.

Rating of the best potato.Cuttles for walkways for 2022

NPD type 2

The model is intended for use in temperate climatic zones. Short description:

  • Width. 320 mm;
  • Length. 420 mm;
  • One hole in the rack;
  • Kop width. 32 cm;
  • Kop depth. 20 cm;
  • Weighs 5.15 kg.

Patriot 490001130, without a coupling

Motoblock option designed to dig root crops. Used on light and medium soils. There is no clutch in the kit. Parameters: 550 x 445 mm. Can be purchased at any outlet.

Patriot 490001130 potato.Cutter, without adhesion:

Patriot KB 550.445.5

The Russian manufacturer offers good quality goods, which will become an indispensable assistant by transferring the Poku potato from manual to the mechanized method. Used with Patriot motor blocks. Scores the ground and throws tubers to the surface of the soil. An effective device that allows root vegetables to be commodity. Used on light and medium soils.

Patriot Kb 550 potato.445.5 Distributions:

  • Insignificant weight (5 kg);
  • Convenient in operation;
  • Effective;
  • Sold in any specialized store;
  • Long service life.

Potato travelers used. 1 (cascade, Neva, Kadwin, virgin lands)

The goods are produced by the Russian company. Weight. 5.25 kg, dimensions. 550 x 445 mm. Appointment. Eliminates the soil and throws the tubers of potatoes to the surface. Used in light and medium soils.

Potato travelers used. 1 (cascade, Neva, Kadvin, virgin lands) dignity:

MB Oka, Forza, Neva, Cascade, B/C, KMBK 12.500

Awaken equipment belongs to the category of digitors. Dimensions: 500 x 250 x 400 mm, weighs only 5.05 kg, a 12 mm thick stand. It is produced in Russia. Processing is carried out to a depth of 25. 30 cm. The main purpose is to dig root crops. There is no question where to buy. Units are waiting for their potential owners in all specialized stores.

Potato.Capt. MB Oka, Forza, Neva, Cascade, B/C, KMBK 12.500 Distribution:

Type 1100 under the venues

Belongs to the category of attachment equipment for motoblocks. The manufacturer of Russian descent. Basic purpose: pulling root crops mechanically with subsequent manual cleaning. Can be used for harvesting onions, beets, carrots and so on. Effective when cleaning potatoes planted in rows every 60. 70 centimeters. To increase productivity, it is worth hanging a load weighing at least 50 kilograms in front of the bar. Basic operating conditions:

which, potato, cutter, choose
  • Soils medium or light;
  • Humidity indicator. Up to 27%;
  • Clogging with solid materials. From 8 to 9 t/ha;
  • Soil hardness. Not more than 20 kg/sq.Cm.

Working elements: active plunder (knife) and roar (sifting grate). Thanks to the support wheels, you can adjust the depth of the cop. It is advisable to use with motoblocks such as Hoper, Weima, Patriot, Carver, Forza, with a power selection shaft with a diameter of 18 mm.

Delivery of goods is carried out throughout Russia, both in large cities and in small settlements. You can use the services of an online store, and payment in the amount of 14890 is carried out after receiving and inspection of the unit.

Potato.Capt. Type 1100 for venues:

  • The technique is reliable and convenient to operate;
  • Breakage occurs extremely rarely;
  • The manufacturer provides a guarantee of 1 year;
  • Good combination of price and quality;
  • Simple design;
  • Makes it possible to quickly and qualitatively cope with a large harvest.

Type of salute KKM-1

Russian.Made products are valued for high quality, reliability and durability. Cashcade, virgin, Neva, Forza, fireworks and other similar models are suspended to the motor blocks. Makes it possible to mechanically harvest potatoes, extracting it from the soil. After you need human hands to put it in bags. Can be used for harvesting beets and onions. It is attached to the front block with a special nozzle. The adjustment of the transmission belt is required.

Potato-coat-type type Salute KKM-1DOSTICTION:

  • A warranty is provided in one year;
  • Quickly and simply attached to the walk.Behind tractor;
  • Uncomplicated design;
  • Effective;
  • Comfortable to use;
  • Helps to quickly harvest;
  • Universal;
  • It is possible to order through the Internet store with payment by cash on delivery;
  • Retains the appearance of the product.

MTZ. 132 kkm. 3

Faeses for mini.Tractors are produced by a Russian company. Belong to the class of vibrational. Summary: sifting grille and knife (workshop). There is an opportunity to adjust the frequency of vibration and the depth of the cop. Positive property: The final result is worthy of attention. Pure potatoes above the bed. To put a device on a mini.Tractor, you will need a drive cardan that does not enter the kit and purchased additionally, thereby increasing the cost of the unit.

MTZ potato.Capt

  • Replaces manual work;
  • Easy to use;
  • Easy to install;
  • Will master both light and medium soil;
  • High quality of work;
  • Does not spoil the commodity of tubers;
  • Can be operated for a long time;
  • Reliable;
  • Delivery to any region of Russia, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus is possible;
  • Caught payment is provided.
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