Which saw is better than Husqvarna or STIHL?

Saw ergonomics. Comparing Husqvarna and STIHL chainsaws

STIHL and Husqvarna chainsaws have deservedly been among the most popular chainsaws for years. Choosing between these brands is sometimes difficult even for an experienced craftsman. Well, let’s see which chainsaws are better: STIHL or Husqvarna.

Features of STIHL chain saws

German-branded STIHL chainsaws have been in production for almost a century, and during this time they have become the best-selling chainsaws in the world. There’s no secret here:

  • STIHL chain saws are started by the original ElastoStart, which is designed to simplify starting and prevent jerking. A damper is responsible for this, absorbing any excessive force. All this reduces the effort required to start the engine by about half;
  • 2-mix two-stroke engines use 20% less fuel than comparable models while producing half the emissions;
  • The polymer housing of STIHL chain saws weighs less than comparable models which gives more working comfort even if it means a reduction in ruggedness;
  • STIHL chain saws have an effective anti-vibration system. Rubber mounts on the amateur models and steel springs on the professional models;
  • The keyless locking system makes it very easy to change the chain;
  • STIHL chain saws are fitted with fuel tank caps with special holders;
  • The air filters in these chainsaws are particularly efficient compared to those of competitors;
  • The Quick Stop Super chain braking system immediately stops the saw if you are in danger;
  • The M-Tronic electronic engine management system regulates all STIHL chain saw systems for optimum long-term performance.

Husqvarna chain saw features

Husqvarna chain saws are a match for STIHL products in terms of sales. The fact that the saws of this brand manufactured in Sweden are also notable for their advantages:

  • Husqvarna saws are adapted for work in northern climate conditions, including Russian climate, which means their higher reliability and longer service life in comparison with competitors;
  • Quick start with Smart Start technology;
  • the auto-tuning function ensures operation with different types of fuel;
  • The Husqvarna chain saws have effective 2-stage air filters that do not require frequent changes, significantly reducing the operating costs;
  • The proprietary vibration damping system effectively eliminates jolts, and the comfort grip is easy to grip;
  • The exhaust fumes from the Husqvarna 2-stroke engines are afterburning, so their emissions are lower, and the overall environment friendliness of this chain saw manufacturer is much better than most competitors;
  • Powerful and compact high-speed engines provide high performance and long hours of continuous operation;
  • metal bodies weigh a lot, but they are not afraid of shock or rough handling;
  • several lines of Husqvarna chain saws allow everyone, both amateur and professional, to choose the tool for their personal needs easily.

We’re done with theory. Let’s take a closer look at the best chain saws from STIHL and Husqvarna.

STIHL MS 180-14

This lightweight, compact, easy-to-use chainsaw is priced at just under 12,000. Its 2 HP (1,500 watts) is powerful enough for everything from trimming shrubs to sawing down trees.

This chainsaw has enough power to cut firewood for a bathhouse and even to build a bathhouse, but probably not enough for professional needs.

To keep the saw in good condition and to prolong its operator’s enjoyment of its efficient and trouble-free operation, it is worth keeping the chain sharpened and to use only genuine oils from the manufacturer.

Husqvarna 135

This handheld chainsaw costs more than the competitor above. almost 14,000. At the same time, the 1500-watt tool from Husqvarna also has its own advantages.

Thanks to the long 40-cm and productive internal combustion engine with a volume of 50.9 cubic centimeters, the manufacturer classifies this chainsaw as a professional tool.

However, do not take such statements seriously: this is clearly a household chainsaw. It is capable of long non-stop work, giving high productivity. Nevertheless, this chainsaw has enough power for absolutely any domestic task with a good margin.

It weighs relatively little (for a chainsaw), can work for a long time without stopping, giving a high output. In addition to the fairly high price, you need to be prepared for the fact that this model’s weak point. the starter coil. Otherwise, it is a very worthy option, capable of long trouble-free service.

Popular Issues

Which manufacturers’ chainsaws have a better life span?? Nobody can answer this question unambiguously: both STIHL and Husqvarna make very reliable chainsaws, which, with proper care will serve the careful owner for many years.

Which chainsaws are less demanding to maintain and repair?? A chainsaw is a chainsaw, and you should keep an eye on the condition of any chain saw, be it STIHL or Husqvarna: in this respect they are almost identical. It is worth noting, however, that STIHL chainsaws are generally equipped with polymer bodies: they are lighter than the metal Husqvarna bodies, but require more gentle handling.

As you can see, the choice between Husqvarna and STIHL chainsaws is a question of taste, because they both have great models. We told you about the pros and cons of both brands, and then the choice is yours.

How chainsaws differ

STIHL and Husqvarna are, without a doubt, the leaders in the manufacture and sale of chain saws with gasoline engines. Due to serious competition, each of the companies annually develops a lot of new technical solutions, implementing which facilitates and makes more comfortable the use of their tools. For example, STIHL has such technical innovations as:

  • The STIHL M-Tronic system makes it easier to start the chain saw, thanks to its fully electronic ignition system. The system independently distinguishes cold starts from hot starts. It also precisely regulates the ignition timing and quantity of fuel when the chain saw is started;

stihl m-tronic system

If we look at technical updates of Husqvarna company, we can see some interesting systems:

    Air Injection (air cleaning system) centrifugal air cleaning system that extends the cleaning interval of the filter element;

If you take two STIHL and Husqvarna chainsaws of the same size, they are similar only in that they have a combustion engine, bar and saw chain. But even the STIHL chainsaws differ in size, shape and materials.

STIHL chain saws have a greater maximum power, thanks to the efforts of their engineers, for the same cylinder volume, which can be seen when comparing the individual chain saw models.

STIHL or Husqvarna?

Let’s begin our comparison by expressing our deep respect for both manufacturers. These companies are undoubtedly leaders in the design, manufacture and sales of professional motor technology for the forest and gardening industries. Naturally, the question “Which chainsaw is better than STIHL or Husqvarna” arises in almost every person planning to buy a saw, and studying the reviews and opinions of experts. On the Internet there are many videos, articles, photos on the subject. As a rule, neither brand has a clear advantage in discussions on the forums. We hope that our article will help clarify the issue. Below are reasoned descriptions, supported by facts and photos, of the advantages and disadvantages of the following chainsaws: Husqvarna 236, STIHL 180 and Partner P340S. Husqvarna and Partner are made by Husqvarna Group and STIHL 180 by Andreas STIHL respectively.

  • Simple and reliable design;
  • Excellent maintainability;
  • Innovative X-Torq system that saves fuel and greatly reduces CO
  • Low noise and vibration level even at maximum load;
  • Excellent noise reduction system;
  • High reliability;
  • Powerful piston unit and crankshaft for high torque;
  • Smooth and easy starting;
  • Internal components and assemblies can easily be replaced or repaired;
  • An efficient cooling system;
  • Good value for money.

Which chainsaw to choose: STIHL or Husqvarna. expert opinion

STIHL or Husqvarna are two internationally recognized brands and arch-rivals that year after year try to outdo each other. Each of the companies represented make their chainsaws exclusively from quality and high-tech materials which are thoroughly tested. Despite the higher initial cost of STIHL and Husqvarna chainsaws, they will last you for many years, and their high reliability and efficiency will allow you to quickly and easily perform the work on wood. It remains to add that the difference between STIHL or Husqvarna is insignificant, and more to do with the design of the tool. When you choose a chainsaw from one of these renowned brands, you can be sure that you will get a reliable and high-quality tool.

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Husqvarna or STIHL chainsaw?

Afternoon!I am going to build a house in the country. We plan to make the future home of logs. but you have problems with the choice of the tool. What saw is better for building a house (preferably a model) ? Husqvarna or STIHL reference point. But which one to take I don’t understand at all. Who has experience or practice?? Or suggest your options

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Backstroke defense

Reverse impact is the cause of chain saw injuries. That is, during work, a situation may arise in which the cutting blade, due to the inexperience of the sawyer, can bounce back sharply and cause serious injury.

Choosing your favorite model you should also ask your salesman about availability of the anti-vibration protection and how it is structurally realized in the model.

Simple protection. plain rubber pads on the product body and two support handles. Better protection. fuel tank, handles and engine are separated from each other. Not to be neglected if you have to use the chain saw every day.

The consumer market assortment is represented by a large model range of chainsaws, both domestic and foreign-made. It is worth remembering that buying a well-known brand later you should buy spare parts of this very company, because the others simply will not work for it.

All that remains is to compare

After we looked at what each manufacturer offers, we can look at how, exactly, the saws differ from each other:

  • Tools of high class and are not inferior in quality, here they are equal;
  • The highest quality materials are used in the saw manufacturing process;
  • STIHL design is original and unchanged, while Husqvarna makes a more modern body;
  • In terms of noise level, Husqvarna bypasses STIHL, as it is very quiet.

In the end, I can say that each tool is the best in its own way, but no matter which one you buy, you get world-class quality and reliability. A chainsaw that won’t let you down.

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A chainsaw will make life easier for the garden owner. Using the tool to make firewood, remove unwanted bushes, knots and trees. Getting ready to buy, you are faced with a lot of models, manufacturers. Let’s consider in detail the characteristics of 2 popular brands: STIHL and Husqvarna. Which chainsaw is better. STIHL or Husqvarna?

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Which Husqvarna grass trimmer to choose

Before you buy a grass trimmer for the grass, it is necessary to determine its main characteristics:

To choose the best trimmer for the grass from Husqvarna, it is necessary to understand the pros and cons of different models. gasoline-powered machines are independent of electricity, very productive, and can be used in any environment. At the same time they are heavier than electric, battery-powered and more demanding in service. the operator must understand how to handle gasoline equipment. It is also worth considering that not all models are equipped with a blade and are suitable for hard grass.

Electric grass mowers, particularly battery-powered ones, are less demanding in maintenance, lighter, quieter, do not emit exhaust fumes. But the operating time is limited by the capacity and number of batteries.

Ergonomics of the saws. I compare chain saws Husqvarna and STIHL

Afternoon.I’ve been wanting to compare my chainsaws for a long time. But it did not work. I took them in different places, the “old girl” to the cottage, and the winning one (the one I won as the winner of the competition of dacha masters) in the village. And now I’ve got it.

Thought I would write both, but the specifications have decided not to compare the saws slightly different capacity and weight, that is, a little different “weight” category. But I wanted to compare, because STIHL and Husqvarna are global brands. A long time ago, relatively, of course, in the institute we heard back the term. ergonomics. In a nutshell. beauty and convenience.

You can judge about well-thought-out convenience of things, for example, on a submarine, where every centimeter should be used rationally, or in space stations. There is some material on the internet.

I experienced firsthand the ergonomics on the high-speed lever of my Japanese car, namely, the tip of the lever follows the silhouette of my fist and it is pleasant to put my hand on it. I decided to compare the saws in terms of ease of use.

Here we go!Left. prize from Husqvarna Right. my “old girl” from STIHL The Stihl for starting (exactly my model) has no choke button, the Husqvarna needs to press the button 6 times, then make steps similar to the STIHL. That is, I can start the STIHL a lot quicker.

In the same photo you can see the difference between the lids of gas tanks (the same lids are on tanks with oil). To unscrew the lid on the Stihl, you lift the black half-hole and only then unscrew the plug. I would not mark it out as an advantage or disadvantage, but on the oil tank on the Stihl this tricky mechanism began to twist sometimes, and until you screw the Stihl cover on, you get out in oil.

Filling oil again with chain oil. At the moment it is losing to the Husvarna. You have to ask why? The handle is on the opposite side of the cover. On Stihl the handle is shifted to the side.

I have to put my hand under the handle of the Husvarna and this is very inconvenient.

StihlCap removal. chain replacement To remove the cap on the Stihl, you have to unscrew two nuts, on the Husqvarna, you have to unscrew one.

the chain tensioning mechanism on the Huswarna is on the cover for some reason. The cover is now heavierHuswarna cover And, most importantly, the grab lever in the bar slot must be put blindly, on the Stihl this process is done without a cover, everything is perfectly visible. The chain is easier to fit on the STIHL.

So, I got 3 Stills vs. 2 Husqvarna.

A different owner might have had it differently. :). In general, the saws are about equal and very comfortable compared to our Soviet.

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How chainsaws differ

Tools from STIHL and Husqvarna. leaders in the production and sale of chain saws with petrol engines. It is difficult to say for sure what chainsaw is better. STIHL or Husqvarna, t.к. Due to competition with each other, each manufacturer annually introduces new technologies, developments that facilitate and improve the work of the tool.

Let’s compare chain saws on some basic parameters that affect the performance of the units.

Engine type

STIHL and Husqvarna machines are equipped with classic two-stroke engines that have the disadvantage of an imperfect blowing system in the combustion chamber. 20% of gasoline escapes to atmosphere through exhaust pipe along with combustion products. A chain saw cuts through the air, wasting fuel.

Some Husqvarna models have been enhanced with X-Torq technology, allowing almost complete combustion of gasoline. The result: less pollutants in the exhaust fumes, high torque due to complete combustion of the gasoline.

If you compare the engine power, this parameter is equal to 1.5 kW in the most popular models.

Chainsaw air filtration system

Popular German STIHL models have a synthetic felt plate that serves as an air filter. The air is drawn in through the rectangular holes in the cylinder head, so to ensure trouble-free machine operation, you must clean the air cleaner after every 1.5 to 2 hours of operation.

Husqvarna machines feature a dual stage air filtration system, Air Injection. First stage: Dust and fine chips are sucked into the flywheel. The second stage: air is pumped into the upper cylinder compartment through the spiral channel, thanks to the centrifugal force the sawdust flies away, the filter receives purified air.

Anti-vibration system

Husqvarna models are fitted with metal springs that effectively absorb vibration and prevent it from transferring to the operator’s hands when operating the tool.

STIHL tools are equipped with anti-vibration rubber buffers. Working with this tool causes fatigue more quickly than with the competition.

Systems to ease cold engine start

To start the cold engine of the machine, it is necessary to pump gasoline from the fuel tank into the system. On most STIHL saws you need to pull the starter rope 7-10 times, and Husqvarna machines have a pump to pump the fuel. The pump facilitates the process of starting an unheated motor.

STIHL models are equipped with M-Tronic, which differentiates between hot starting and cold starting. Electronic ignition system makes it easy to start the tool, regulates the amount of fuel supplied at the start of the unit.

A quick look at the most popular models

Husqvarna AB makes a wide range of gasoline-powered saws, making it easy to find the right tool for a variety of applications.

Husqvarna 137

The Husqvarna 137 is a home-use chainsaw, but it is equipped with a powerful 1.64 kW engine and a 410 ml fuel tank. Recommended guide bar length of 33 to 38 cm with the brand-name H30 chain at 1.3 cm drive link thickness. Features an easy-start mechanism and improved ignition system. Weight of machine without guide bar only 4,6 kg.

Saw is excellent for cutting limbs, thin trees, and thin wood.

Husqvarna 140

Another amateur class model. Engine output 1.6 kW with a tank capacity of 0.371 l and a guide bar length of 35-40 cm allows you to work in smooth mode on sawing knots, small trees in the countryside, making firewood and sawing timber. Total kerb weight 4.4 kg.

Husqvarna 142

Formally, the model refers to household petrol saws, but due to its high reliability and endurance it well deserves the title of a semi-professional tool. With an engine capacity of 40.2 cm3 it develops power of 1.9 kW. Gas tank capacity 0.41 l, tire length 38 cm. When designing this model, emphasis was placed on extending service life and achieving maximum comfort for the operator.

Features include a durable forged-steel crankshaft, dual-compression-ring piston, cushioned starting, and a highly ergonomic design.

Weighing 4.6 kg, it is heavy-duty for building a log home or getting firewood.

Husqvarna 240

A rugged, dependable saw that can work 3 to 4 hours a day. The powerful 1.5 kW engine and 300 ml fuel tank capacity allows operation with a guide bar up to 40 cm long. Sufficient for clearing limbs and old trees from yard areas and cutting standard-diameter logs. At 4.7 kg the operator feels no fatigue or discomfort thanks to the well-balanced machine and comfortable, low-vibration handles. This model features a reinforced cylinder piston group, economical engine, electronic ignition, primer and chain catcher to reduce the risk of injury from chain breaks.

Husqvarna 365

This model belongs to the category of professional petrol saws designed for daily work for many hours without long pauses. Weighing just 6 kg, it produces 3.4 kW. It is used successfully in logging and other high-speed-cutting applications. 0.77 L fuel tank has a clear gauge for easy monitoring.

Heated carburetor allows use at extremely low temperatures.

A crankcase and efficient air cooling system protect the engine from overheating under extreme conditions. The Husqvarna 365 is equipped with an easy start system and vibration damping. With a guide bar length of up to 70 cm, even large trees can be cut.

The following list of Husqvarna chain saws is not exhaustive and shows just how versatile this popular saw is. Because of its high-quality workmanship and long service life, it is not a cheap saw. That is why it is better to buy the model you like from reliable sellers cooperating with the manufacturer’s official distribution network.

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