Which screwdrivers work in the cold. Hammer ACD142

Here’s a list of tools, check it out in case you forgot you have one in your household:

An ordinary high-pressure washer. it should have been put away in the heat a long time ago!

The 10.8 V cordless screwdrivers are suitable for furniture and drywall assembly and are designed for home use.

DeWALT DCD710D2 24 Nm

  • Chuck type. quick-release;
  • Maximum torque, (N-m). 24;
  • Battery capacity, (Ah). 2;
  • Battery type. Li-Ion;
  • Number of batteries included. 2.

Body and ergonomics. This electric screwdriver has a well-balanced design and weighs only 1.1 kg, which is important for continuous professional work. Its body is made of impact resistant plastic. Handle with rubberized grip and ergonomic design fits snugly in the hand. The lower part has a slot for attaching a hand strap to free your hands when moving at height. Can be illuminated by the integrated flashlight for use in poor lighting conditions.

Motor, gearbox, battery. 180 W brush motor power output is sufficient for drilling holes up to 20 mm in wood and 10 mm in metal. Gearbox has two gears with smooth acceleration up to 400 and 1500 rpm. Quick-action chuck allows fasteners from 1.5 to 10 mm in diameter to be changed quickly.

Comes complete with charger and two 2 Ah lithium-ion battery packs. Shift changeover reduces downtime.

Features. Infinitely adjustable with 16 standard settings for up to 24 Nm of torque. One-touch reverse button to reverse direction of spindle. Motor brake prevents excessive penetration of screw heads when working with soft substrates.

DeWALT DCD710D2 24 Nm Control Keys.

  • Robust motor.
  • High capacity operation.
  • High quality build.
  • Convenient shape and light weight.
  • Backlighting.
  • Two batteries included.
  • Comes with durable carrying case.

Makita DF333DWAE 30 Nm

  • Type of chuck. quick-clamping;
  • Maximum torque, (N-m). 30;
  • Battery capacity, (Ah). 2;
  • Battery type. Li-Ion;
  • Number of batteries included. 2.

Casing and ergonomics. All elements of the outer shell of this electric screwdriver are made of durable plastic, which allowed developers to keep within the weight of 1.1 kg. Rubber pads on the handle and protruding parts of the body not only contribute to a secure grip, but also soften the impact in case of a fall. Spring clip for wearing on belt. The integrated LED lamp illuminates the work area sufficiently well at night.

Engine, gearbox, battery. The electric screwdriver is equipped with a reliable electric motor with a good air cooling system. Powerful enough for screws up to 5 mm in diameter. Model has two speeds with a maximum speed of 450 and 1700 rpm for operations with fasteners and drills. Quick-action chuck holds tools with cylindrical shank diameters of 0.8-10 mm.

The set includes a pair of universal 1.5 Ah lithium-ion batteries with charge level indicator, which can be used with other tools of the same brand. Each one takes less than an hour to charge in the built-in battery charger.

Functionality. Maximum torque of 30 Nm. Can be lowered by rotating the drum. Reverse and electronically controlled rotation speed.

  • High torque performance.
  • Great torque.
  • Convenient shape.
  • Universal batteries.
  • Large, durable plastic case with compartments for tools and consumables.
  • Reasonable cost.

Types of wrenches by purpose

An electric screwdriver is a rather versatile device that can perform a wide range of tasks. Depending on the purpose there are several types of screwdrivers. Let us mention briefly each of them.

electric screwdriver

The actual electric screwdriver. The main task of this tool is tightening and unscrewing screws, bolts, nuts and other fasteners. Tight-fitting fasteners require considerable force to bring them out of their sights. So, unlike a drill, the chuck of an electric screwdriver does not rotate as quickly, but creates a lot of resistance.

Cordless power, quick-release chuck type, torque 28 Nm, max. 700 rpm, Lithium-ion battery pack type (Li-Ion), capacity 1.3 Ah, 12-volt, work area lights.

Battery powered, quick-action chuck type, torque 20 Nm, max. 1650 rpm, battery type lithium-ion battery (Li-Ion), voltage 12 V, backlight, weight 1.04 kg.

Electric screwdriver

versatile tool. It is mainly used for drilling holes. So the electric screwdriver drill has a high chuck speed. Several drilling options, including impact drilling, are available in professional models. The impact drill is no substitute for a full-fledged construction punch, but it can drill through brick or aerated concrete block.

Cordless power, quick-release chuck type, torque 30 Nm, max. 1400 rpm, battery type lithium-ion (Li-Ion), capacity 1.5 Ah, voltage 14.4 V, carrying case. weight 1.4 kg.

Electric screwdriver

Low-power devices mainly used by furniture assemblers and woodworkers. Its compact size makes it ideal for screwdrivers in places that are inaccessible to a normal-sized screwdriver, such as joints of furniture panels or for fixing table legs.

Impact wrench

Designed for tightening and unscrewing nuts. It is especially useful when you have to deal with old or rusty threads. The nutrunner is a fairly powerful device that generates a lot of torque. It is an indispensable thing for people who work professionally with cars and other machinery.

Cordless impact wrench, high torque and impact force, compact and ergonomic shape, integrated lighting with 3 LEDs for illuminating the working area, metal gear housing for highest precision and long life, 2 x 2.6 Ah NiMH batteries, belt clip for carrying, hand loop, reverse, safety work without kickback, control electronics, soft grip handle.

How to choose a screwdriver: recommendations of the expert

Today we’re going to talk about cordless electric screwdrivers. This is the first article in a series devoted to electric tools. It is not about top models and newest developments but all our attention will be directed to “workhorses”, that have been tested by time. This is not information from the manufacturers, but a subjective review-feedback from a practicing builder.

I have been involved in the repair of buildings and the construction of cottages for over fifteen years. I decided for myself a long time ago that availability of reliable and handy tools is a very important factor of success, and the only thing more important is people (“People are the key to everything”)!”And the right customers. During this time I have had at my disposal many units of power tools for various purposes. I had to get acquainted with some of them very intimately, and I managed to hold and test some of them in my hands”), and adequate customers. By trial and error, or rather by “natural selection”, I have formed my own army of fighters, where screwdrivers take one of the leading places.

When we just learned how to do European-style repairs, our crew had only soviet-made drills in their arsenal. The first cordless screwdriver that came into my hands made an indelible impression. That day, I just lined the ceiling frame with drywall with my helpers. I finished turning the second thousand self-tapping screws. The foreman solemnly handed me a small blue case and said: “Just for plaster. On my own responsibility. Don’t give it to anyone else.”. It was Bosch. space technology on earth.

A little time has passed, I became an independent. For work, I bought a Chinese machine Wintech WCD-18/2. It is, so to speak, a generic model for several Chinese brands (they only made different stickers), for a more serious thing then I did not have the means. I didn’t expect anything special, but this screwdriver is still in service.

Wintech WCD-18/2

I used it for a couple of years at 5-10 hours per shift, including roofing work, then as a spare, then “for home, for the family”. Now this “retiree” is occasionally given to novice finishers for training purposes. The torque was quite enough to drive up to 75 wood screws, 25-th for drywall and 9-mm LN screws without any problem. Charging the battery is quite fast, of course not 1 hour, as the manufacturer indicates, but while the “dies” one. the second is always ready.

Button, reversing switch, battery charger, safety clutch adjuster. everything works. No serious cartridge backlash. After 9 years, one battery failed, I had to buy a new one, and the second one has obviously got old too. Of course, it is not very handy because of its size, heavy (1.7 kg), but overall quite a good unit for its money. The model is on sale now, priced at a little over 50 a carcass.

I have seen a lot of disposable screwdrivers from the Celestial Empire that can not withstand any criticism, where in two or three weeks everything that can be broken is broken. Especially deplorable look fresh Chinese machines with seemingly “our” brand names. Wintech WCD-18/2 is a worthy option for home and not very intensive use on the construction site. I do not think that I got such a special example, it’s more just a good model.

Bosch is my first love, how could I not buy one of these?? Now I knew exactly what I wanted. It should be a relatively inexpensive, compact, lightweight device, primarily oriented to work with drywall systems, of course, professional series and with two batteries. I don’t need very big batteries, impressive torque. all that adds weight and size. I chose the Bosch GSR 12-2 Professional.

Bosch GSR 12-2 Professional

It is the most economical version among professional screwdrivers from Bosch (about 150-180). But its features (27 Nm, 1.5 Ah, 12 V) are good enough for finishing work and not only that. I’ve never had a situation where it didn’t work. Of course, I’m not trying to twist them ninety self-tapping screws in the wood, and we do not have such a need, even doing roofing, we use peorized fasteners and screws not long. And everything else is easy, including “Ranilov” self-tapping screws into square metal profiles, feather drills, and small drill bits. The battery really does take an hour to charge, so the replacement battery pack is always in good working order by the time you change it. The handle is very ergonomic. fairly thin (for my hand is just right), it is located at an angle to the body, like a gun.

There is a feeling that the balance is a little off, when standing on the block the screwdriver feels a little “bent” forward, but it feels good in the hand. The reversing switch is conveniently located, easy to move with the thumb and forefinger of the holding hand. When transporting it, it can be locked in a neutral position, which saves the screwdriver from accidental turning on and discharging. The button is very sensitive. The housing is robust, I had a couple of drops from about a meter and a half. the plastic is fine, no damage. A nice bonus is a quality case, which seems to have a life no less than the screwdriver itself. Seven years, flight normal, now I have two of these.

It is a piece of equipment that is a pleasure to work with. Reliable, functional, specialized enough, not expensive. what more could you want from a professional tool! Many of my colleagues use the Bosch GSR 12-2 and are very satisfied with it.

Not so long ago our team was doing a job in a distant area that was too far away from “civilization”. There was a need to get a screwdriver in a hurry, but the garage with the tools is far away, and the building supermarket is far too. In the end, in the next locality we came across a Bosch PSR 12 for 100, there is not much choice, let’s see what is worth a domestic series Bosch.

Can it be used as a drill?

Most often an electric screwdriver is used for twisting and screwing various items. When using the device as a drill, you should carefully read the instructions. To make a hole in wood or plastic, a flat piece of wood must be placed under the surface. This will help to get a better result.

To increase the life of the tool, you should clean it in a timely manner with a soft rag. It is important to avoid getting water on the device. It should be stored in a dry and heated room. Under the influence of humidity there is a risk of oxidation of the contacts and damage to the device.

Comparison of batteries used for screwdrivers

Having briefly reviewed the types of batteries, let’s compare them to each other on ten parameters, which will help sort out which batteries are better for screwdrivers. Let’s warn you right away that there is no absolute leader in all categories, and you need to pay attention to the pluses that are suitable for a particular activity and area of use.

Number of charge and discharge cycles

All batteries have one drawback. sooner or later they run out of energy and the device must be put on charge. Depending on the type of battery, there is an average limit to the number of charge cycles after which the battery will no longer be able to store current and must be replaced.

For screwdrivers with NiCd batteries, this figure is 1000 cycles, and the tool often continues to work after this figure is reached. This makes it the leader in comparisons in this characteristic.

The common type of Li-Ion batteries in a screwdriver can be charged and discharged more than 600 times. The advanced technology of the last century NiMh is significantly inferior and the battery will endure only 300-500 cycles.

Ability to charge quickly

If there is a lot of work to be done, one battery may not be enough, so craftsmen use two batteries each: while one functions in the electric screwdriver, the second is charged. How fast this happens depends on the performance of the work.

Nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries charge in 4-8 hours, which depends on the capacity. The latter, though quickly accumulate energy, but need constant recharging during storage.

The leaders in this category are the lithium-ion batteries that can be fully charged in 30 minutes to two hours, depending on their capacity. This ensures that the battery installed in the electric screwdriver has not yet had time to run out, and the second battery in the charging station will already be ready for use.

When you need to drill a hole in a thick material or to screw a screw with a thick cross section and long length, you have to use the tool at full power. In this case the active charge consumption begins, and on the reaction of the battery to this phenomenon depends the ability to complete the process qualitatively without the loss of revolutions.

In view of this modern Li-Ion batteries are considerably inferior to their earlier counterparts. The most powerful in this respect are the NiCd and NiMh. When the maximum power output is required, they are the right choice.

Charge level memory effect

This phenomenon is called the “memory effect”. If a battery on an instrument is not fully discharged and then put on a charge, the remaining charge level is sensed by the battery as being zero. When fully charged it will function until the energy reserve reaches a new level, and then will report that it is discharged, although the capacity is not completely empty.

In view of this phenomenon, the master has to ensure that the battery is fully discharged and only then put it on charge. It is not always handy if there is still a charge at the end of the day and there is a big job to do tomorrow. All kinds of nickel batteries have the memory effect. But lithium-ion models can be recharged at any time. they will always use up the stored energy to the end, without spontaneously decreasing capacity.


If you haven’t used the tool for a while and you need it all of a sudden. At such a moment it may turn out that the battery is self-discharged, and to perform the operation you must first put it in the charger and wait a few hours. Uncomfortable for occasional use.

Unfortunately, this “disease” is characterized by nickel-cadmium batteries, as well as nickel-metal hydride batteries. The former have a self-discharge rate of up to 10% in a month, while the latter have a rate of 7-10%. Lithium-ion batteries are much better in this respect. left lying around unused they will lose only 3-5% after four weeks.


Screwdriver batteries are fixed to the handle of the tool. The size of the batteries determines the weight of the electric screwdriver and how easy it is to hold. This is especially important for long manipulation and overhead work (fixing beams on the ceiling, drywall sheets, fixing panels in hard-to-reach places). The heaviest and biggest are NiMh and NiCd.

The more compact are Li-Ion. They are often made as a cage that takes up only the space in the handle of an electric screwdriver, without the extended outer part.

Operating in freezing temperatures

Although screwdrivers are more used for repairs indoors and furniture production, but sometimes you have to fix materials outdoors or in unheated buildings, where there are minus temperatures. Li-Ion batteries do not handle low temperatures well.

In freezing temperatures, such a battery can simply fail or be discharged three times faster than usual. Nickel power sources are the leaders in this category. They hold their charge very well and keep the electric screwdriver working even at.at 20 degrees below zero.

Relationship to complete discharge

This is an important aspect that affects battery life, which can be greatly reduced by improper use. All modern lithium batteries must not be fully discharged. The optimum condition for storage is 40% of charge. If you drain all of the energy to zero, it can completely destroy the drive.

For this reason, these cells should be recharged even if the tool is still working well. Batteries with nickel in both types tolerate a complete discharge and can be used until the electric screwdriver stops rotating.

location. Bosch GSR 1440-Li

This electric screwdriver combines solid construction, fast charging and maximum ease of use. Has characteristics close to the professional models, but still in some ways it falls short of them. Speed of the mechanism is 1 400 rpm. Includes a replaceable battery, which is especially important when working with large-scale tasks. It implements 2 switching speeds. Weighs 1.3 kg and is an ergonomic, compact machine. All power tools of this company are made for user convenience and maximum comfort in the hand, despite the duration of work.

IDEAL 35-204 Combo Head Screwdriver

See where it’s cheapest or stock

Pros of

  • Functionality.
  • Low weight.
  • High RPM speed.
  • Includes a replaceable battery.
  • Has overload protection.
  • Rubberized handle protects from vibration.
  • Quiet operation.

These screwdrivers are professional models by their characteristics and craftsmen often use them in places where great mobility is not required.


  • Power, W. 540;
  • Maximum torque, Nm. 42;
  • Type of chuck. hexagonal (1/4HEX);
  • Number of speeds. 1;
  • Spindle speed, rpm 0-1000.

Body and ergonomics. Professional tool for working with metal fasteners weighs only 1.3 kg. Rugged yellow plastic body with rubber grip. Wide crank handle can be pressed with two fingers for fatigue-free operation.

Motor and gearbox. Operated by a reliable, air-cooled 540 watt motor. Has single-speed gearbox with continuously variable spindle speed up to 1,000 rpm. Chuck accommodates 6.35 mm hexagonal shank. Bits can be changed with one hand, with minimal time requirements.

Functionality. Metal rotary drum allows you to adjust the torque in steps of 4 to 42 Nm. For changing the direction of rotation, simply change the position of the switch next to the start button.

  • High power.
  • High torque.
  • Quick bit change.
  • Convenient shape and light weight.
  • Bright paint finish.
  • High-quality materials.
  • European assembly.
  • Sold with carrying case.

AEG S 4000 E

  • Power, W. 720;
  • Maximum torque, Nm. 10;
  • Type of chuck. hexagonal (1/4HEX);
  • Number of speeds. 1;
  • Spindle speed, rpm 0-4000.

Housing and ergonomics. Model weighs 1.4kg. It has a comfortable handle with rubber inlay and end stop. Long starter button requires minimal force to operate. Special belt clip for wearing it on a waist belt. important when moving around a lot or working at height. 4 m long power cable gives the contractor the freedom of movement needed.

Motor and gearbox. The tool is equipped with a 720 W motor. Metal gear motor generates an output torque of 10 Nm, which is sufficient for screws and screws up to 5 mm in diameter. Standard bits chuck with ¼ HEX hex base provides a secure grip and makes socket changes quicker.

Functionality. This electric screwdriver is best suited for fastening drywall sheets. Has depth of tightening adjustment that prevents damage to light to medium-density materials. Acceleration up to 4,000 rpm enables fast driving of long self-tapping screws. Reverse function and lock start button.

Makita FS6300

Case and ergonomics. This professional grade electric screwdriver lies comfortably in the hand thanks to the ergonomic handle with elastic inlays. Weight of 1.4 kg is typical for this class of tool. It has a wide side-stop button for continuous use and a belt clip. At night and in darkened rooms, you can use the built-in flashlight in the handle. Four meters of flexible cable is long enough to move around an average-sized room without an extension cord.

Motor and gear unit. 570 W brush motor has a single gear drive with a maximum spindle speed of 6000 rpm for high speed operation with long fasteners. Aluminum gearbox dissipates heat effectively at high loads. The chuck is designed for holding 6.35-mm hex shanks, which can be inserted and removed in one action.

Functionality. Torque is sufficient for screwing screws up to 4 mm in diameter. The depth stop stops stops time-consuming adjustments to tighten fasteners when working with drywall and other relatively soft materials. In the case of dismantling, you can use the reverse mode.

Best Gunsmith Screwdrivers. Top 5 Screwdrivers of 2021

  • High speed.
  • Ergonomic shape, light weight and compact dimensions.
  • Backlighting.
  • Long cord.
  • Double electrical insulation.
  • Good value for money.

Makita TD0100

  • Power, W. 230;
  • Maximum torque, Nm. 100;
  • Type of chuck. hexagonal (1/4HEX);
  • Number of speeds. 1;
  • Spindle speed, rpm 0-3600.

Casing and ergonomics. This lightweight model with dimensions of 218x180x60 mm weighs only 960 g, which gives serious advantages when working at height and in cramped conditions. It has a two-piece body made of durable plastic and soft rubber that is rough to the touch. 2.5 m long flexible cable is sufficient for freedom of movement of the operator.

How to choose an electric screwdriver

Screwdrivers are very close in design to drills. Sometimes manufacturers even build both devices on the same base. This is often referred to as a “cordless electric screwdriver” for a reason. In other words, you can make do with just one drill and bit adapter at home. But do they have to? Let’s talk about this class of power tools with the sales assistant of the store of construction equipment Anatoly Grepkin.

Cord or battery

Corded screwdrivers were less and less available in the early 20s. The reason cordless devices won is simple. although they are more expensive, they are much more versatile in their application. Power-driven screwdrivers are often chosen, for example, for work in the car repair shop. But for home and repair, the battery is simply indispensable. The highest class are chargers that can fully replenish the energy reserve in less than an hour.


Almost the main characteristic for the best electric screwdriver for a house is the torque that develops its motor. This figure indicates the rotational action of force on a solid body. In other words, the more torque the tool has, the easier it is to drive screws or self-tapping screws. Even in difficult materials such as concrete or metal.


Imagine. you need to screw more than a hundred self-tapping screws into the roof of the summer house. In such a situation an electric screwdriver should be convenient in operation otherwise the hard work will turn into a hard labor. This is what ergonomics is for. First of all, it is weight. The less the better. This includes the weight distribution, which in the best screwdrivers for the house should reach 50:50. Secondly, the grip and the size of the body. Models that are too small can be difficult to grip. Finally, little things like a belt clip or extra bit holders add convenience.


An electric screwdriver is not as simple as an electric screwdriver. And different models, depending on the level of performance, have many options. Reverse, which a screwdriver needs even more than a drill, is in almost every model. It makes wrenching screws much easier. Lighting of the working area is common. But in some models, even inexpensive ones, it is so uselessly designed that it becomes useless while working with big screws. The brake of the motor that stops the work at once, if you release the button, helps a lot. Professional models come with fine torque adjustment, which allows you to adjust the tightening force. It is very useful to be able to see how much battery charge is left.

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