Which STIHL or Husqvarna oil is better

STIHL and Husqvarna chain saws vs

The main rules of Husqvarna chain saw operation:

  • the fuel for the chainsaw is high-purity gasoline;
  • the saw runs on a mixture of fuel and oil, mixing the fuel in the ratio of 50:1, this ratio gives the best effect for the engine. Do not change the ratio of the components of the fuel mixture!
  • Recommended oils: Husqvarna HP, 2T engine, semi-synthetic;
  • Prepare the fuel mix in the necessary proportion in a special mixing tank; do not dilute good gasoline with cheaper gasoline under any circumstances;
  • It is also forbidden to dilute one type of oil with another;
  • It is recommended to fill the fuel away from sources of fire, gas.

Use and safety rules for your Husqvarna chain saw:

  • Always drive the chainsaw from top to bottom or sideways on the whole surface of the tree, if you drive it with only the tip of the sprocket you get a strong kickback and increase the risk of injury;
  • if the saw does not want to start, make sure that all components are assembled and installed correctly, and then try to determine the cause;
  • Do not operate the machine when it is raining or near source of fire;
  • Do not use your chain saw without safety equipment (ear protectors, face shield, goggles);
  • you can not remove the engine and disassemble it yourself, while the device is under warranty.

Husqvarna 135 Owner’s Manual

Husqvarna chain saws include:

  • chainsaw body;
  • instructions;
  • Warranty
  • saw part;
  • package;
  • universal wrench;
  • hand guard, guide bar cover (not all models).

Grass trimmer engine oil. what is it, purpose, requirements

The mechanical components of the brushcutter engine are subject to continuous friction forces. As a result, premature wear, deterioration and subsequent repairs become inevitable. The only way to eliminate the cause. is to apply a special lubricant. In gasoline engines of ICE type, a special oil is used for this purpose.

It contains a mixture of hydrocarbons and special additives that improve the performance. The type of medium used as well as the way of filling depends to a large extent on the type of engine itself. 2 or 4 stroke. For example, the oil designated as “2T” is designed to be poured by a small admixture directly into the gasoline of a grass trimmer with a 2-stroke engine, while its counterpart “4T” is filled into the lawnmower with a 4-stroke engine, but not into the fuel, but into a special compartment. the sump (although there are exceptions, for example, STIHL 4-MIX).

The use of properly selected lubricant in gasoline trimmer engines gives the following series of positive effects:

  • Reduces friction between the cooperating parts of the cylinder and therefore reduces the heat.
  • Preventing corrosion if you don’t use it for a long time.
  • Effective removal of particles generated by contact with moving parts from the working area.
  • Significantly extend service life and trouble-free operation.

Not every oil is equally suitable for injection in machines of this kind. In addition to the fact that it must have a special marking. “for garden equipment”. it must also meet a number of requirements

  • Increase the wear resistance of the main components of the interacting parts, including in the gearbox.
  • Keep smoke formation in the exhaust emissions to a minimum.
  • Eliminate early ignition effect.
  • Mixed well when mixed with fuel. even at minimal ambient temperatures.
  • Have appropriate viscosity and fluidity values.
  • Have minimal toxicity.

Please note! The presence of certain useful properties (frost resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance) of a particular product is provided by special additives. They range in size from 5 to 15 percent. However, the use of a product that includes additives not recommended by the manufacturer or that increase. can lead to carbon buildup or corking of cylinders and engine damage.

Oil for a chainsaw: what to use, a review of famous brands

Almost all modern chainsaws and brushcutters are equipped with two-stroke engines. They are lubricated by oil that is added to the gasoline, they do not have an oil sump and pump.

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In order to extend the life of the engine, it is necessary to use special lubricants, which will be discussed in this article.

What oil to use for chainsaw engine

For lubrication of internal chain saw engine parts, special oils should be used, which differ from the four-stroke engine lubricants in several ways.

  • First, it is the quality of cleaning. Chainsaw engine oil should be as clean as possible from various impurities. This is due to the fact that the channels in the carburetor of a chainsaw are too small, and if the fuel mixture will have any impurities, then they will be clogged, and accordingly the engine will stop working.
  • Second, it is a low smoke emission during combustion. As you know, the oil for the saw must be mixed with gasoline, which subsequently burns in the engine cylinder, and, accordingly, the lubricant burns with it. If a large amount of smoke is emitted from the burning mixture, it will have a negative impact on the exhaust system and, optionally, on the health of the operator.
  • Third, the lubricant for chain saws should burn with minimal formation of soot. Low-quality oils, when burning, form a large amount of sludge, which corks the piston and the exhaust system.

The consequences of using low-quality oil can be very sad up to the fact that it may be necessary to replace the chainsaw piston group. Coking of the exhaust system leads to a decrease in engine power, because. к. Muffler and cylinder exhaust window capacity is reduced up to complete clogging. The new engine oil has been designed to charge the battery and reduce the fuel consumption.

The new engine oil has been designed to cork the exhaust system and reduce engine power. к. it does not meet all of the above requirements.

To use special lubricants for two-stroke engines is not only useful for the engine, but also convenient because the lubricant. к. Manufacturers add dyes that make it possible to determine whether gasoline is diluted or not, which is impossible in the case of conventional motor oils. Four-stroke motor oil mixed with gasoline has no color.

The mix ratio for a two-stroke engine is indicated on the package. The manufacturers recommend adhering to the dosage, t. к. Using the wrong oil to gasoline mix can negatively affect an engine’s longevity. use higher or lower oil and gasoline ratios.

Tip: A chainsaw engine is guaranteed to work if you use the correct quantity and quality of oil.

Main chainsaw engine oil brands

STIHL and Husqvarna are the leaders in the production of quality lubricants for chain saws and brushcutters. Their range includes conventional mineral oils for two-stroke engines and synthetic oils for heavy-duty applications. Let’s look at the range in more detail.


STIHL HP mineral oil was developed by STIHL engineers especially for use in their power tools. That’s why owners of STIHL chain saws and brushcutters are advised to use.

Its color is red, and it can be stored in a closed container for up to four years. Available in several types of packaging, so you can choose the most convenient packaging. Not so long ago there was a convenient 20 gram container, which can be diluted by one liter of gasoline. For those who seldom use a chain saw, this is the best way to go. Can be diluted and used immediately.

Important: Keeping the ready-to-use fuel mix in stock for longer than 1 month is not recommended. к. The oil gradually oxidizes and its lubricating power is lost.

STIHL HP meets the high European fuel economy standards.

HP Ultra

Another STIHL oil. Has a synthetic base which gives it better burning properties, cleanliness and engine protection.

Manufacturer’s recommendation for hard, continuous use. Ideal for low temperatures. HP Ultra is environmentally friendly, t. к. Oil spilt on the ground, degrades 80% in just 21 days.

Packaged in two types of containers, 100 ml and a liter bottle. The proportion of premixed fuel in the formulation is 1:50, which means that a 100 ml bottle is enough for 5 liters of premixed fuel. Color green. Shelf life 4 years.

Before they are sold, STIHL oils are tested in the company’s laboratory to ensure they meet all the requirements.

In the development of oils, great attention is paid to fuel combustion, starting characteristics at cold start, biodegradability, viscosity changes at different temperatures (information from the official company website).

Husqvarna HP 2-stroke

Husqvarna HP oil as well as its STIHL analogue HP has been specially developed for 2-stroke engines.

According to the manufacturer this type of oil contains additives that compensate for the poor quality of fuel, which is essential for our country. The octane rating of gasoline advertised at gasoline stations seldom corresponds to the actual.

Husqvarna HP. semi-synthetic, green. Packaged in one or ten liter containers. Mixture ratio 1: 50, t. е. 20 grams per liter. During the break-in period or in cold weather it is allowed to increase the ratio to 1:40, which gives the engine more protection and extends its service life.

Today, on the market there is a large number of lubricants for two-stroke engines from various manufacturers. For this reason it is quite difficult to answer the question what is the best gasoline saw oil. Our opinion, you should trust the reliable companies, which are STIHL, Husqvarna, Oregon, Champion. Their oils are the ones that best protect the engine of your tool and prolong its life.

General description of the lubricant

Husqvarna two-stroke motor oil is a mineral product. It contains components that do not allow the excessive formation of smoke and carbon monoxide, as well as increasing the quality of lubrication. The ash content is reduced, which also reduces the degree of formation of carbon deposits in the engine.

The product is sold in 1 liter and 0.1 liter containers. For one liter of the product, you will need to pay from 600 and above. All Husqvarna oils are divided into two groups:

which, stihl, husqvarna, better

You should choose the right product taking into account this distinction. It is not recommended to replace one type of lubricant with another, because the products have different capabilities and properties.

Why do you need to dilute the lubricant?

At the beginning it is necessary to understand the cause of fuel dilution. The mixture used for a chainsaw is diluted primarily to prolong the life of its owner. The instruction to use without diluting the gasoline is strictly forbidden.

The chainsaw engine is based on a reciprocating internal combustion engine. It consists only of a cylinder, so it has no additional systems for lubrication. The mixture enters it, settles and lubricates piston rings and walls. In machines like chain saws, oil and petrol are the only lubricants of their kind. The compound prolongs the operating life of all parts.

It also contains additives that are good for the engine. It has antioxidant, preservative and other properties that are also good for the engine and its parts.

STIHL 2-stroke engine oil

STIHL engineers develop lubricants that are specially formulated for all two-stroke engines in STIHL chain saws and brush trimmers. The STIHL range of lubricants for two-stroke engines contains a number of different products:

STIHL HP overview

STIHL HP is a chain saw lubricant formulated to meet the highest quality standards and is designed for the lubrication of the internal parts of the engine when in operation. It is manufactured on a mineral basis and is distinguished by its good combustion performance (low level of pollutant emissions during combustion).

The original STIHL HP is red in color and is sold in STIHL-branded packaging.

Comes in several packaging variants, the most popular of which is a one liter bottle with a built-in dispenser. STIHL HP are also available in five-, ten- and fifty-five-litre containers.

The smallest STIHL HP can, which is ideal if you only need 1 liter of fuel mixture, is a 20 gram plastic bottle.

Also, the company makes one hundred gram bottles of STIHL HP, which can be used to prepare five liters of fuel mixture.

Shelf life, if stored in a closed container, is 4 years.

STIHL HP Ultra overview

Unlike the conventional STIHL HP oil, STIHL HP Ultra is specially formulated for high-performance applications and is recommended for professional chainsaws. This oil is synthetic. To avoid confusing the consumers, diluted fuel has a greenish tint, and STIHL HP Ultra gasoline has a greenish tint as well.

There are only two types of this oil. This is the STIHL HP Ultra 100 ml and 1 liter with dispenser.

STIHL HP Ultra has a shelf life of 4 years.

HP Super

Designed for high-performance engines and four-stroke engines made with 2-MIX technology. Performance is slightly worse than the HP Ultra, which is why the HP Super is not currently available from STIHL authorized dealers.

How to prepare the fuel mix for a chain saw

In making a consistency of gasoline and oil, created for use in a chainsaw, a special oil is used. There are now many types of oil available for two-stroke gasoline units. But power tool manufacturers, especially the famous ones, in fact, always recommend their own lubricants for gasoline engines, in other words, products under their own brand name. STIHL fluid is presumed to be perfectly suitable for the power tool manufacturer’s products, because it is specifically designed for them. This is also true for other companies.

Consulates of gasoline tool companies say they have no information on how their chainsaws work with third-party oils. If an unusual product is used, however, it is guaranteed to work properly and last for a long time. This does not mean that the tool will definitely fail if the wrong oil was used for fuel mixture preparation. It is very likely that the chainsaw will work just as well. However, there is a chance of being denied free warranty repair if it is determined that an oil other than the recommended oil was used.

If the manufacturer does not specify in the instructions for use of the tool what kind of lubricant is recommended, it is allowed to mix petrol with any two-stroke oil that is available at the moment. It is still recommended to buy products from well-known companies, so as not to take a blatant fake and do not pay for the malfunction of the engine. Masters of the services, reviews of which are found on the network, speak well of the products from STIHL, Makita or Husqvarna. What’s more. advertising or really good quality, it’s hard to say.

which, stihl, husqvarna, better

STIHL chain saw chain oil adjustment

Sure, who owns chain saws knows how important is not a bad and high quality oil. And, everyone dreams, no need to say that in fact, that is the typical “lifeblood” of the device to produce real and effective work. Today there are an infinite number of oils and, as the proverb says, the choice is vast.

But, often, not every owner of electrics of this kind knows what oil is necessary to take for their own steel friend, that the work of the chain saw was not only easy, and productive. That is why we are going to tell you all the questions you need to know about choosing the right STIHL brand. Also, what it is to help the chainsaw in its specific activity and not to harm it. What we need, let’s start.

Let’s talk about the oil flow device directly on the chain

Mainly want to put the Accent on the fact that remains to do our customer chainsaws manufacturer STIHL possess a fairly small size but, nevertheless, they are very massive. These features and attract future buyers of this kind of equipment to the models of this company. In addition, you can easily and simply create a variety of manipulations with this device on the work with wood species (see the manual for details). How to cut a tree).

STIHL chain saw 180 oil flow adjustment.

STIHL chain saws also have a high cutting power. over, this technique is equipped with the latest accessories (see “chain saws”).The gasoline saw attachment for angle grinder) are additional, making it easier and more convenient to work with. But actually let’s talk directly about the device, which the manufacturer has equipped his chainsaws. So, the STIHL chain saw direct chain lubrication system consists of:

It is worth noting that the direct oil supply through the work of the pump has a special adjustment. It is also an important fact that the chain is lubricated throughout the life of the chain saw. That is why this part serves its owner for a long time.

Undoubtedly, the chain must be systematically lubricated during operation, so the oil for its direct lubrication must flow to its surface continuously. Because in this is the whole construction of the tool.

During the operation of the device oil starts to come out of the bar groove and is immediately absorbed by the sawdust.

That’s why the process of chain lubrication itself is automatic. But it is worth noting that there are models that have the so-called “dosage” oil, which should be fed directly to the chain. And of course the model, which price category is quite low, have only a hand pump working directly through the drive, which is located on the handle.

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Choosing the right oil

Once you purchased the device you immediately have a question: what oil to fill a chain saw STIHL? If you take care of properly technique, designed for work in construction and garden, you can greatly improve the level of activity of direct operation of the device does not have to deal with failures of various kinds.

It’s worth noting that the most important factors in the direct performance of the device is the use of the right lubricant and fuel. Although the main problems owners of this technique take place with the choice of oil for their “favorite” chain saw. At this point you can learn how to select the lubricant specifically for STIHL chain saws.

First of all I would like to draw your attention to the fact that almost all chainsaws of this manufacturer have a carbureted two-stroke engine. Also in their “arsenal” there are two tanks, namely: petrol and oil. In order to choose the oil for a STIHL chain saw, you need to know certain criteria for this kind of choice.

First, do not forget that, for example, models of chain saws domestic production require the use of only simple oils, which are used directly for motorcycles, and their proportion should not exceed 1:25. And tools that are made abroad need branded oils, as their requirements are greatly overstated. And remember that such oils for imported tools should contain oil to gasoline ratio of 1:40.

In fact, if you put it this way, only you as the owner of the equipment, can determine what kind of oil you use. Naturally, you can pour a domestic oil into an imported chainsaw. But then you must be prepared for a considerable reduction in your tool’s power and performance.

How to adjust the oil flow on a chainsaw

Maybe someone will find my first channel useful:.

In addition, it is worth noting that there is no definite answer as to what oil is fed to the chain saw STIHL. Basically, the owners of this kind of device use motor oil, but if it is absent, they use gear oil.

If you believe the experts, then in fact any oil can be applied, even the one that you pour directly into the car brand Zhiguli, but there are certain peculiarities, namely: for the device brand Hurstven can be applied engine oil, and for STIHL watt exclusively transmission oil.

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over, in order to choose the right oil, you need to know what color it should be. For chain saws which have two strokes engine, for instance, the oil should be red, blue or green. What’s more, when you buy your oil you should always consider what kind of oil your machine maker recommends.

You can also make the purchase much easier and buy STIHL chainsaw oil whose price is not so high and which is produced by “your” manufacturer. And then you can be sure that your chain saw will not have any malfunctions. Of course you can buy cheap oil, but then you might complain that the STIHL chain saw has not lasted long enough.

A brief overview of the most popular models

Husqvarna AB offers a wide range of petrol saws that make it easy to find the right tool for a variety of applications.

Husqvarna 137

Husqvarna 137 is a home-use chain saw, but it has a powerful 1.64-kW engine and a 410-ml fuel tank. Recommended guide bar length of 33 to 38 cm with the H30 brand chain and 1.3 cm drive link thickness. Equipped with an easy starter and improved ignition system. Weight of the machine without guide bar only 4.6 kg.

Saw is great for cutting limbs, thin trees, and thin wood.

Husqvarna 140

Another amateur class model. Engine output 1.6 kW with a tank capacity of 0.371 ml with a bar length of 35-40 cm allows you to quietly perform the work of sawing knots, small trees in the countryside, cutting firewood and cutting lumber. Total kerb weight 4.4 kg.

Husqvarna 142

Formal technical characteristics of this model make it a domestic gasoline-powered saw, but it may well deserve the title of a semi-professional tool due to its high reliability and endurance. With an engine capacity of 40.2 cm3 it develops 1.9 kW. Fuel tank capacity 0.41 l, tire length 38 cm. This model has been designed with an emphasis on long service life and operator comfort.

Its features include a robust forged steel crankshaft, a piston group equipped with two compression rings, an endless starting system, and an exceptionally ergonomic design.

With a weight of 4.6 kg it is suitable for a large volume of work in the construction of a wooden house or cutting firewood.

Husqvarna 240

Reliable and sturdy saw capable of working 3-4 hours a day. Engine output 1.5 kW with fuel tank capacity of 300 ml allows operation with a guide bar up to 40 cm long. Sufficient for clearing limbs and old trees from yard areas and for cutting standard-diameter logs. At 4.7 kg the operator feels no fatigue or discomfort, thanks to the perfectly balanced machine and comfortable, low-vibration handles. Features of this model include a reinforced piston group, economical engine, electronic ignition, primer and chain catcher to reduce the risk of chain breaks.

Husqvarna 365

This model belongs to the category of professional bandsaws, designed for daily work of many hours without long pauses. Weighing in at 6 kg, it develops 3.4 kW. Suitable for logging and other high-speed-cutting applications. 0.77-liter fuel tank has a clear gauge for easy monitoring.

The carburetor with a heating system allows you to use the saw at extremely low temperatures.

A crankcase and efficient air cooling system reliably protect the engine from overheating under extreme loads. The Husqvarna 365 has features for easy starting and vibration damping. With a bar length of up to 70 cm, even large trees can be cut.

The following list of Husqvarna chain saws is not exhaustive and shows how versatile this popular tool is. Due to its high quality construction and long service life, it is not a cheap saw. That is why it is better to buy your favorite model from reliable sellers who cooperate with the manufacturer’s official sales network.

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