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Teling cutter is a specialized construction tool, designed for cutting ceramic, tiles, porcelain tiles, etc.D. When repairing in a house or apartment. The design of such a tool is very simple and comfortable to use. Its main detail is a cutting video.

Teling cutters are manual and electric. To lay tiles, you must have manual tile cutter. To perform professional laying of large volumes of tiles, you need to purchase an electric tool.

How to choose a good tile cutter?

Before proceeding to facing the surface, you need to decide on the choice of the type of tile cutter. There are tiles:

Manual table tile cutters

Mechanical tiles are simple in design and conveniently in operation. The mechanism consists of the following elements:

Sometimes, for the smoothness of the carriage, it is equipped with bearings. The main drawback of manual tile cutter is a limit by the size of the tile. You cannot cut the fragment longer than the bed, it simply will not fit on it. There are also restrictions on the thickness of the tiles. It will be very problematic to cut more than 20 mm. As for the advantages, there are many of them:

Compact manual tiles

There are 2 types of manual compact tiles: nippers and roller cutters. With the help of nippers, you can form curly holes in the tile. Of course not to make them even. As for the roller cutter, it is perfect for domestic use: it takes up no more places than the felt.Tip pen, it is safe in work, 3 kopecks are worth.

Electric tiles

Electric tiles are intended, as a rule, for professional work with tiles and porcelain tiles. With their help, you can cut off a strip of any width, which can not be said about mechanical tools (their capabilities are usually limited to 30. 40 mm). Any configurations (except curved) are cut out with an electric machine, so the accuracy in the work will be maximum.

The principle of operation of the tool is similar to an angular grinder. But there are a number of advantages:

The designs of tiles are seriously different, each has its own characteristics and application. In one case, manual “nippers” will also be brought, and in the other a powerful electric tile cutter on the bed will already be required. The mechanical desktop will be interesting in the absence of access to the outlet. But then do not forget about the battery models, if only the supply of energy in pre.Stored batteries is enough. And in any case, not all models are successful and cost their money. So traditionally we will begin to separate the grains from the chases.

The advantages of manual tile cutter

For example, if I had to look for an instrument in order to make an apartment repair on their own, then it makes sense to take a closer look at manual mechanical modifications.

  • Low cost;
  • The ability to cut the tile up to 15 mm thick;
  • Significantly lower level of noise than that of electrical analogues.

Criteria for choosing products

Each tile cutter has its own specifics of work, its own characteristics and nuances that need to be taken into account. There are certain points that you should pay attention to when choosing:

  • Compliance with the necessary requirements. The power of the motor is selected based on the thickness and strength of the material. The maximum length and depth of cutting is chosen depending on the size of the tile, which will need to be cut.
  • Build quality. You need to visually evaluate the quality of the tool for the presence of defects. Run the electric motor and check for the lack of extraneous noise and vibrations. In a mechanical tile cutter, all parts should be well fitted, without backlash. When pressing the handle, the guides should not bend.
  • The possibility of cutting at an angle. This is a useful function that allows you to most accurately adjust the tiles in the corners. Pay attention to the fact that the platform is easily regulated, and after fixation, installations are not lost and there were no backlash.
  • The availability of consumables, spare parts and services.

Cutting rollers and discs are consumables that, during intensive work, will periodically require replacement.

TOP 25 best tile cutters. Rating 2022

Battipav Super Pro 900

The tiles have a number of advantages for which it really deserves respect. It is famous for the optimal cut length, a comfortable handle, as well as durability.

In addition, some buyers often indicate a high.Quality cutting edge.

As for the disadvantages, among them the masters allocate only the overestimated cost, although it does not seem like that.


Compact manual tiles is intended for ceramic tiles. It is often called a cutter, because the principle of its work is similar to an ordinary knife.

It is sold at an affordable cost, equipped with a comfortable handle and high.Quality sharp roller.

The only drawback is the absence of a clamp for cutting the processed materials.

Practice of Pro 1860

A full-fledged machine for repair and construction work is often used by experienced masters. He copes with a sharp tile of various thicknesses perfectly.

Also, from positive aspects, it is worth noting the absence of backlash, ergonomics and minimal noise during operation.

Of the minuses, users distinguish two points. The absence of a suitable for storage in the kit and sliding of the structure on a smooth surface.

Rubi TP-66-S

The manual model pleasantly surprises the builders with a quick.Detachable ruler, perfectly even cut without any chips, as well as a reliable design. With this device to make accurate and fast measurements will not be a problem.

And the only drawback here is the high cost.

Stayer 3310-48

An excellent device for curly cut is equipped with a ballerinop for holes with a diameter of 30-80 mm. There is also a remote line and a comfortable handle here.

At least the owners speak with enthusiasm regarding the presence of guides for diagonal cut.

There is only one minus-there are a large number of defective products on sale, which is why this model should be carefully checked by this model.

Zzher expert 33195-60

A tile cutter from a domestic manufacturer is sold at a very democratic price and is not inferior in quality to foreign goods, which attracts the attention of customers.

Original Super Pro. 25th anniversary

Also, its advantages include the depth and length of the cutting.

Speaking of negative points, the owners, as a rule, indicate only backlash in the cutting roller.

Rubi Star-60-n

The model with excellent assembly quality is equipped with a double base with a shock.Absorbing effect, as well as plastic details to support the processed material. Additionally, the kit provides several interchangeable incisors with a size of 6-10 mm intended for different types of carved work.

Of the shortcomings, only a small cut depth is noted here. It does not exceed 12 mm.

Helmut FS 200

A powerful electric machine is considered one of the most durable. It economically consumes energy, practically does not make unnecessary sounds during work, and even its blades are able to cut even a stone.

As for the minuses, two points are noted among them. An impressive weight of the structure and high price.


A great option for beginners in cutting tiles is equipped with a comfortable ruler with an emphasis. Working with this tool, you can observe a perfectly even cut.

Also, buyers are pleasantly surprised by the not too large design and decent equipment.

There is only one minus here. A shaky base.

Sturm TC9811

The functional model of the electric type likes the masters for the water cooling system, the possibility of use in the form of a stroborer, as well as a change in the angle of the cut up to 45 degrees.

No less rejoices in the equipment, which includes spare brushes and high.Quality diamond disk.

Of the shortcomings, only the loud work of the tool stands out.

Matrix TS250D

A tile cutter in the form of an ergonomic machine copes well with tiles of any thickness and length. Of the advantages here are: even cut, durability, minimum noise, high quality of the result of the work.

Buyers managed to identify two minuses. The high cost and high fluid consumption. Up to 12 liters per minute.

Encor 600mm 1/3 3664

The multifunctional apparatus is convenient to use, pleases with value and is equipped with a ballerinka.

At the same time, it has one significant drawback. The cutter is quickly blurred.

How to choose?

What tile cutter to choose and whether it is worth paying a lot of money for it? These questions arise before buying, both with masters with experience and those who are just starting their activities in this area. What should you pay attention to?

  • Compactness;
  • Low weight;
  • Saving electricity (do not be connected to the network);
  • Security.
  • High accuracy;
  • Easy to operate;
  • Large cut depth;
  • Work with complex configurations.

Source source

The parameter must be taken into account if you have chosen an electric view. The device can be fed from the network or from the battery. An unlimited time will work from the network of tiles, while the power of the device may be the highest. Their weight is relatively small, and the price is below the battery. The only negative is the cord that is connected to the network. Battery models make it possible to cut without reference to sockets. The duration of their work is limited by the battery charge. They weigh and stand much more.


This is a very important criterion when choosing. The power of a hand tool can be about 800 watts. Enough for simple work at home. For cutting solid thick materials, more powerful equipment will be needed. Only an electric device will cope with such tasks. The greater its power, the higher the speed of the cutting tool.

Speed ​​speed

The parameter must be selected based on the type of work. If you plan to do house repair and cut only tiles, then the simplest equipment is suitable. But for cutting non.Standard materials (thick tiles or stones), you need to choose a device with a maximum speed of rotation of the consumable. The necessary characteristics only in electrical equipment.

Disk size

The depth of the cut will depend on this characteristic. If you have to work only with tiles, the diameter of which does not exceed 1-1.5 cm, then you can take a model with a minimum diameter. Thicker materials require appropriate parameters.

Length and depth of cut

  • Laser marker;
  • Corner stop;
  • Lateral platform;
  • Bag for transfer;
  • Folding legs;
  • Knot for connecting a vacuum cleaner.

Criteria for choosing professional tile cutter

Type of power. Teling cutters can work both from the outlet and from the battery. Battery tiles are best used where electricity has not yet been carried out.

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If there is access to the outlet, then the use of the battery device is pointless: the duration of its operation depends on the hardness of the material.


Large size have machines in which the saw disc is on top. Also, such devices weigh a lot. But they show excellent cut quality.

Smaller machines differ in that the disk is below. Their weight is much lower. It is also possible to cut the material diagonally here here.

The smallest tile cutters do not have their own table. The water supply in them is carried out either through small containers or through the hose.


Those models that professionals use are characterized by a powerful engine (1000-2200 W). Over, the speed of rotation of the disk starts from 2500 revolutions per minute. An ordinary user does not need such capacities.

For an ordinary user, a power of 400-1000 watts with a rotation speed of not more than 3,000 rpm will be enough for a regular user. Such a device will be enough to lay the tile in the house.

Top 5: Best Tile Cutter Reviews 2022 [Tested & Reviewed]

Zubble 33193-80

Domestic manual tile cutter. The price and quality of this model made it popular among buyers. The tool is used only to everyday life. There is no table. But the step sawed 8 cm, which compensates other shortcomings.

Designed for tiles. The model is transportable, a cover is attached to it. Tool weight. 10.4 kg.

From the minus, perhaps only that the working surface will be needed.

Hand and mechanical tools rating

Do not miss the Russian manufacturer. Back in the USSR, equipment was not attracted in appearance, which served for a long time, throughout the entire existence of a plant or factory. Many production adopted such a habit, produce good products, such as bison 33193-80.

It is easy to work on the machine, a novice tile will master it.

Ceramics cut square and rectangular. But do not take stone slabs. Portable device weighs 10 kg.

Such devices are useful for domestic use. For construction and large volumes they will not work.

Light, small, from inexpensive, but accurate Encor 3660 took its place in the ranking.

Curval accuracy The main advantage of the apparatus.

If the employee has a desire, he will quickly master the profession and buy a more expensive apparatus.

Montolit Masterpiuma 63P3 also stands in the first lines in demand among the cheapest, but high.Quality units.

This apparatus works with tiles of floor and wall.

Cut the material, controlling the floating pen with light and accurate movements, achieving a non.Inflammatory cut at the desired depth.

The cutting of the tile passes quickly due to a wide roller step.

Do not miss the company’s product monolith from the 26 PB series.

This model is intended for professionals.

Perform cutting in large volumes with materials of different sizes and strength. The blanks are obtained on a stiff design without marriage with deep, even sections. Irregularities on the sides are not formed due to good running adjustment.

Convenience and ease of use have gained popularity among users of tiles under the Stayer trademark.

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For equipment from Kraftool with modern design, ergonomics do not need to confirm quality.

The device is performed only by the direct cutting of floor ceramics. They can cut circles, on the machine there is a remote ruler, a square.

Basic Plus 60 was created and developed for professionals

Professional tile cutter with an aluminum bed

This tool is easier to adjust the plates according to the size of the areas that need to be glued with ceramics. It has 2 guides that allow you to manage the work.

According to users, the shortcomings of the Rubi Star-61 model have not noticed.

Due to the additional bed, the tile is easily placed on a small.Sized machine.

A closed separator is stable, with good power and mobility. Incision, steel guides, it turns out solid. Roller cutters change, this makes it possible to cut the tiles of any thickness. Weighs a device 6 kg.

High quality ceramics are processed on Bars 87590.

The tile cutter has a carriage mobile on bearings, the dimensions are measured with a ruler.

Operations can be performed with corner sections. Long life is provided with aluminum details from which the device is manufactured. Protects an enhanced comfortable handle from chips.

Of the mechanical models, Battipay Super Pro 900 is considered the best.

The first place was given to the mechanism by experts for a cutter with a length of 900 mm., which provides work with various materials.

It is chosen by experimental tiles for large volumes in production areas. The tool from the Italian manufacturer allows you to perform parts with straight and diagonal cuts, its rollers are sharply sharpened, it is stable on even surfaces.

Hard and monorail structure of RUBI TP-66-S 12954.

The tile cutter is released for long.Term work, which is created by an ergonomic handle guide.

You can make a quick, effective break on the spring table, it is included in the package. The blanks are measured with a removable ruler. For direct or diagonal cut, there is an emphasis with a winning video.

It should be noted that neither show the rating, advertising, recommendations of the builders known in its circle, only its own practice will indicate the most convenient tile cutter, and experience, skills will not allow chips even on a machine that is not at all included in any list. The best teachers for the master of the finisor are their own mistakes.

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