Which vibration or strip. Drum devices

What are the types of grinding machines

A grinding machine (SHM) is an instrument that is indispensable when performing various kinds of finishing work: when polishing and grinding of metal, wooden, concrete, stone and other surfaces. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess that the choice of grinder is done taking into account those types of work that is supposed to be performed in each case. Existing types of grinding machines allow you to level irregularities on various materials, eliminate changes in height, produce black and finish grinding surfaces. They differ not only in their design, but also the principle of work.

Corner grinder. angular grinding machine (corner grinder). It is available in almost every master. Due to the variety of polishing, grinding and pendant nozzles that exist for this tool, they can be done by the following types of work:

  • leveling of changes on wooden surfaces, as well as grinding and polishing them;
  • The peel of paint on concrete, wooden and metal surfaces;
  • stripping metal surfaces from rust;

For the concrete floor and walls, special nozzles are used. diamond cups.

Direct grinder

Such a grinder differs from the angular grinder with the location of the spindle. If the spindle is installed on the corner gearbox in the corner grinder, then in the direct SM it is installed along the axis of the tool. A direct grinding machine is used to carry out work in hard.to.reach places due to a long trunk with equipment.

Also, the production often uses a direct pneumatic grinding machine for cleaning welds and removing burrs from the edges of metal blanks.

The end grinder can be either with a canging clamp and a three.cubed cartridge that allows you to clamp in it with different diameters of the shanks.

Devices and nozzles

The price of a manual grinding machine makes you think about the need for its acquisition and many try to make an analogue of corner grinding, a drill or a home.made device.

Both for an angular grinder and a drill, there are special nozzles that allow grinding wood.

Velcro disk on a corner grinder

For grinding wood with a corner grinder, special circles with Velcro for sandpaper are used.

When grinding, corner grinding is taken in different directions with neat movements. From a collision with a nail hat or sudden movements, a grinding circle is torn. Using paper of different granularity, you can carry out rough and medium grinding of a wooden surface. At the same time, the speed of work will be faster than with other grinding machines.

It will be difficult to perform finishing work, t.to. She needs to work very carefully so as not to damage the product. The tool will constantly take aside, tear out.

The nozzle does not have a dusting, which is why the garbage will constantly accumulate under sandpaper and interfere with work, leave scratches, and speed decreases. The disk is cleaned, grinding the metal for several seconds. During this time, all sticking dust particles burn out.

Nozzle on the drill

To adapt the drill for grinding work, you will need a special nozzle, similar in design with a nozzle for angular grinder. a grinding plate. Often the nozzle is complete with an adapter in order to install it both in a cartridge of a drill or electric screwdriver, and on a corner grinder.

It is very difficult to work with such a nozzle with a drill, more difficult than with a corner grinder. It constantly leads, the drill pulls out of the hands so that you can get an injury or stretch. The shortcomings that were listed above are also relevant, in the chapter about the nozzle for angular grinder.

But, if there is no other choice, then it is better to find a plate for grinding, which has a soft rubber between the sole and the mount, which will be easy to bend if you keep the drill not evenly.

Grinding nozzle for the Flexo Fix drill

Such a floating effect of the nozzle will slightly simplify the grinding process, but will not relieve all other shortcomings of this method.

Homemade grinder

If desired, you can independently make a tape.type grinding machine. Grinder. But this process is laborious and traumatic, requiring the skills of working with wood, metal, an electrician, welded work skills will come in handy.

  • Find the necessary materials: metal scraps, springs, rollers, bearings, electric motor and wires.
  • Make a strong basis for attaching the device.
  • Install a countertop suitable in size.
  • Install parallel racks with an electric motor and a drum with a grinding tape tensioner.
  • Collect and attach drums and electric motor.
  • Set a grinding tape.
which, vibration, strip, drum, devices

How to choose a tool

Firstly, you need to decide for which type and volume of work you will need a tool, whether it will be one.time work or a grinder is needed for constant use in the workshop or in production.

If this is a one.time operation, after which a grinding machine is no longer needed, and there is a drill, an electric screwdriver or a corner grinder at hand, then you should pay attention to grinding nozzles for these tools. If they are suitable for work, then you will save your time and money.

When work is periodic, and their volume is not large, then it is worth paying attention to the renovator. This tool will not only be able to grind, but also useful in the future, t.to. It is indispensable for rare, small wood, metal, even tiles in hard.to.reach places. In the household, he can replace a bunch of other tools.

If the tool is necessary in the workshop for constant work, where both coarse stripping and finish grinding are required, in t.h. In difficult places, you will need two or three tools at once:

  • A combination of tape, eccentric and deltas.grinding machine will be a serious blow to the budget, but can cover all needs at once. As a result, we get a quick cleaning and fast finish grinding, as well as processing, inaccessible to previous models, angles.
  • A combination of plane.grinding and deltas.grinding machine will not be so effective on large volumes of preparatory work on rough cleaning of wood, this will take more time.
  • The combination of eccentric and deltas.grinding machine will be even slower, but the result of the grinding will be better.

To perform rare carpentry work at home or in the barn, the workshop will suit cheaper models of grinding machines. Household machines can be designed for a limited use use with interruptions.

It is worthwhile to think about assembling a home.made device only if you have your own workshop or shed, where there are all the necessary materials, as well as a place to install the tool. It will also need a lot of time, patience and understanding why it will need.

Important characteristics

Characteristics that you need to pay attention to when choosing:

  • Power consumption, since performance depends on it. In this case, the capacities are compared between models, and not between the type of machine.
  • Does the apparatus have a built.in system of dusting on the sole, the conclusion for connecting the vacuum cleaner. Without it, dust particles will interfere: spoil the surface of the product, clog in an abrasive, reducing the efficiency of work. The more holes on the sole. the better, they should be evenly spaced throughout its area.
  • The longer the power cord. the better. The extension cord compensates for this drawback, but it is not very convenient to carry a box with a socket on a cord.
  • The handles should comfortably lie in the hand, for this they make rubber linings on them.
  • All buttons must switch to all positions without effort and lie on the handle so that it is not necessary to intercept to press them.
  • Pay attention to weight. It is convenient to work with a light tool on a vertical. Heavy models are easier to manage.
  • The presence of the “smooth start” function. when the revolutions are recruited gradually. The resource of the tool depends on it, it is also more pleasant when the tool begins to work smoothly, not a jerk.
  • It should be possible to adjust the number of revolutions. For grinding, use a large number of revolutions, but there are places where you need to carefully process the surface of the product at small speeds.
  • The function of overheating extends the life of the unit.
  • For models with clamps for sandpaper, you need to check whether they are conveniently located, whether it is easy to snap. Replacing the abrasive canvas should not become a problem.

Ribbon grinding machines

The next class of grinding machines is tape. The end rollers on which the looped abrasive tape is stretched (the tape with which grinding is carried out) is what is this type of grind. The weight of the models can be from three to five kg, and the power is 650-1200 W. At the same time, tape grinder has another important characteristic. this is the size of the working area (width). It can be 75-100 mm. In just a minute, such an unit can remove 15 grams of the surface at the processed material. Such a machine can be used for primary processing (fast and rough grinding) of a large surface of wood, metal, concrete or plastic. Also, a tape grinding machine can be cleaned and peeling. To work with small details, there is the possibility of a stationary grinder installation (when the machine is turned over and in the hands hold the processed part, not a grinder). In general, for more subtle work it is better to use strip file. Its design features allow grinding in hard.to.reach places.

Brush grinding machines

Another type of grinder is brush. Unlike strip, they have only one video. A nylon or metal mesh is worn on it. With such a tool, you can easily remove a layer of paint, varnish or rust from a metal or wooden surface. In addition, the device is suitable for structuring wood. For grinding, you can use special polishing rings, if there is a necessary shaft-amends.

Additional functions

Like any other repair tool, grinder is often equipped with additional amenities and electronics that simplify the work.

  • Blocking inclusion. Devices of this type can cause different injuries, so manufacturers equip them with protection against accidental inclusion.
  • Clamp and Velcro. Abrasive material on some grinder, for example, corner, can be attached to a rotating plate using special clamps or Velcro. The clamps are more reliable and suitable for processing solid materials with sufficient pressing force when working. If you are engaged in light grinding of not very hard or viscous surfaces, clamps on Velcro are suitable, with which the change of abrasive becomes many times faster and easier.
  • Smooth start. Excludes the launch of the device at the maximum speed. This will protect the surface from random scratches and will be safer for you when working.
  • Adjustment of the number of revolutions and speed. If you are looking for a multifunctional device that you are going to process the surface of different stiffness, then this function is simply vital.
  • Auto Balance disk. Used in corner and eccentric grinders. Automatically evens out the equipment, which over time abrasions in certain places, which is why its weight and balance are changing.
  • Protective covers and security systems. Without this, you should definitely not begin to work with rotating tools.
  • Vacuum cleaners and the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner. It is useful for cases when the surface must be kept clean in order to control the quality of work and eliminate small grains of sand under abrasive material. Will also reduce the pollution of the environment during grinding.
  • Additional equipment. Many manufacturers complete with grinder offer a wide selection of a variety of tools and nozzles. You can choose the necessary ones using a filter on our website.

The general advice on choosing grinder is simple: decide on the list of works that you will perform using this tool. The choice directly depends on the type of surface processed, as well as on the required quality of processing.

For primary and rough processing, tape grinding machines are used, which, due to the principle of their work, will still leave small scratches, especially on delicate surfaces.

If you need something average in quality of processing, pay attention to vibration grinder. It is worth considering that they have the so.called “dead” zones, which prevents them from using them in deaf angles. For more tender grinding, choose an amplitude and an eccentrite smaller. The issue of grinding in the corners is solved by the use of deltoid grinds, which practically do not have dead zones, and because of their form they fit even into sharp corners.

As a universal grinder, you can use corner systems (corner grinders), but it will not always be possible to grind the tree effectively with their help.

For thorough and high.quality processing of almost any materials, eccentric grinders are used that do not leave scratches and other traces. They are the most productive and least noisy.

How to choose a grinding machine

If you need to achieve the most even and smooth plane, you can not do without a grinder. With its help, the work, if it does not become itself, then, in any case, it will require much less time and effort. One thing remains. to understand how to choose a grinder from a great variety.

The basic principle is this: the design determines the scope of application. Consider different types of grinder, starting with the most popular. We hope that this review will help you understand which grinding machine is better for your tasks.

Examples of models for specific tasks

Choosing SHM, it is necessary to accurately decide on the tasks that are to be completed. As an example, you can disassemble a specific situation: a grinder for a car. which is better.

For the repair and grinding of a car

For initial processing, you can select the STURM BS8511U unit. It is ideal for the initial cleaning of metal surfaces, and tearing the paintwork. This is a very useful unit if you need to repaint certain parts of the car, before this cleaning the surface.

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Unfortunately, the unit is not suitable for finishing polishing. And therefore, for further auto repair, you can use a special SCN machine 1200/180 00000020585, designed for polishing.

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The information provided is enough to understand what grinder are, and independently choose an unit for home, cottage or professional needs.

which, vibration, strip, drum, devices

What grinder for what are intended

Without knowledge of the features of the right choice, getting the required result is likely not to work. It is theoretically possible to do with nozzles on the electric drill, but this approach is unprofessional and leads to no less difficulties than grinding manually.


The device contains as a working unit a ring abrasive tape. You can choose different grain and processing speed.

It is quite suitable for household grinding, for example, wooden parts, but in body repair it is not used due to a number of inconvenience:

  • The canvas is quickly clogged and loses its characteristics;
  • The consumables are unpopular, not designed to work with cars, do not last long and cost relatively expensive;
  • there are difficulties with the neutralization of the influence of dust and other waste particles;
  • It is difficult to adjust the uniform clamp to the surface.

This technique can be used when you need great performance. For cars it is irrelevant.


The fastening to the vibrating sole of a flat sheet of the desired granularity looks more logical.

Such machines are often used because they allow you to work more accurately, without risk to spoil the processed surface. But performance is small, although much higher than manual way. It is convenient to work when finishing.


They look like vibrational, but the working element moves along a more complex trajectory, which ensures the growth of performance and improving the quality of the surface.

Otherwise, about this type, one can say the same as about the previous.

Eccentric, they are also orbital machines with a working element of a round shape, fixed on the sole, are divided into a sector working in a sector or combining orbital reciprocating trajectory movement of the sole with a rotational.

This allows you to get maximum efficiency in terms of a set of qualities. Rotation gives speed and sharpness of work, and orbital. high cleanliness and minimal level.

The properties of these, perhaps the best at the moment, devices are strongly dependent on the size of the eccentric stroke. And the best samples allow you not to change the machine depending on the working conditions, but to change the course with a simple switch. This is how the versatility and well.deserved reputation of this type of machine is achieved.

which, vibration, strip, drum, devices

They can be used in the rotational-orbital version with an adjustable frequency and an eccentric course for all applications, from amateur to the most professional.


A variety of vibrational and eccentric, but more adapted to work in places of complex accessibility due to the shape of the sole with pointing, like an iron. You can process small areas, which are difficult to approach the rectangular sole.

Straight and brush

For rough processing, you can use cars with a working element in the form of a carbide cutter with a fine notch, as well as a metal brush. You can’t get such a tool with such an instrument, but this is not always required and it is required.

For example, a straight machine operates at a very high speed and even a small.diameter cutter quickly removes metal in hard.to.reach places where a classic corner technique with an abrasive disk can not cope.

And the brush is indispensable when processing contaminated and oxidized surfaces to bare metal, while without damaging the base itself. To a certain extent competes with the best cleaning method. sandblasting.

Source of power

Energy to the working element can come from compressed air, batteries or an industrial network of alternating current.

Pneumatic (air)

The pneumatic tool is popular in the enterprises of the car service, since there is always a compressed air network, fed by a common powerful compressor with a large receiver.

The pneumatic drive is compact and power, which cannot be said about the sources of compressed air.

which, vibration, strip, drum, devices

For the desired performance, they should be expensive and bulky, as well as supplied with additional devices for draining compressed air and supplying lubrication to the tool.

At the same time they work very noisy. The use of pneumatic grinder in an amateur garage is difficult to justify with something.

Nutrition from the network

The most common energy source for private use. Some inconvenience can create a power cord, but this is not critical. But such a technique is reliable, allows you to use additional functions, provides good power and costs inexpensively.


The direction of autonomous power supply of power tools is rapidly developing due to the appearance of light and powerful accumulators of significant capacity. There is a future for such an instrument, already now it is widely used by professionals.

But while mobile devices are expensive and need frequent charging. The latter does not cause inconvenience for lovers, they always have time to replenish energy. Therefore, you can save using a less capacious battery, which greatly affects the price of the tool.

And the latter are the criteria for choosing vibration models:

  • Power in the range of 130-600 watts.
  • Sole shape: rectangular, square or triangular. The latter does not have a strict triangular configuration. She resembles the sole of the iron.
  • The sizes of the sole are not standard. That is, each brand has its own parameters and its own size series.
  • The amplitude of the movement. That is, displacement of the sole during the vibration process. Here is a fork from 1.5 to 5 mm. Here is the ratio of this. the smaller the amplitude, the cleaner the grinding, but lower the performance of the unit.
  • The frequency of the course. This characteristic indicates how many times per second the sole makes reciprocating movements. Fork is such 6000-26000 rpm. It’s good if the device is equipped with setting speed setting.

Attention! We repeat once again that the vibration grinding machines used to process wood are intended only for finish cleaning. Therefore, they install sandpaper of fine granularity on them. By the way, the latter is put on the platform and attached to it with special locks. In this case, on the sandpaper, make holes to remove dust.

So, having examined three types, you can clearly answer the question: which grinder is better: eccentric, or vibrational, or strip. And the answer is this: it makes no sense to compare them. Although they all perform one operation, they solve the problem set in different ways. over, the vibrational model is intended only for finishing processing. So, before its application, it will be necessary to carry out gross cleaning using either a strip version, or eccentric.

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