Why did a trimmer for the grass began to work loudly. Malfunctions of electric trimmers

Do.it.yourself electrimmer repair: detailed instructions for a novice master with pictures, schemes and photos

For some reason, often the need to carry out the repair of an electrimmer with your own hands arises at the most inopportune moment when it is necessary to urgently mow grass, and the breakdown does not allow this to do this.

Most of the defects that occur is not difficult and can be eliminated literally on the spot with a simple improvised tool. But for this you need to have basic knowledge of the design of your mowing.

I share my own experience acquired for five seasons of operation of my ECO GT-800L, as well as help friends and neighbors in this matter in this matter. I myself try to pay attention to preventive maintenance, timely conduct technical inspections and verification.

What you need to know about the device of the electrimmer before the start of its repair: 2 types of structures

Trammers for herbs for mowing herbs with power supply from electricity are made with a capacity of 300 watts to 2 kW with two modifications. They are distinguished by the location of the engine:

Such products are created for different tasks, differ in weight, power, working characteristics. The first types of models are light and used to process the complex relief of garden paths under the bushes, near the flower beds.

trimmer, grass, began, work, malfunctions, electric

Products with the upper engine arrangement allow you to process large areas, they are noted with high performance.

Both types of mowers can work from a household network 220 volts. However, elite products are created with food from the built.in portable battery. Most often they are used on light models, as shown in the photo above.

An example of a product with an upper engine and its layout show it in the photo of my Eco GT-800L below. The fastening of the belt allows you to hang a mower on the shoulder, and the handle provides convenient control of the cutting head during kosbe.

New 2021 Ryobi 40v Battery String Trimmer EPIC FAIL ������

The working body is a spitter head with a fishing line. It can be supplemented with a cutting knife made of metal or plastic on powerful models. The torque of high revolutions for it is created by an electric motor, and it is transmitted by a kinematic scheme located inside an integral bar.

In more detail, the insides device show a photograph of the engine with the upper lid of the case on its trimmer. It is not equipped with a gearbox. This, by the way, is such a simple execution completely suits me.

The engine is turned on by a small final switch with a convenient plastic lid placed in the lower handle.

Features of the device of the electrical circuit: Briefly

The basic part is a typical collector engine in which the rotor of the stator windings gives the rotor to the bearing of the bearing.

The electric current that performs the main work flows through the closed circuit of all windings through the brush-collection mechanism.

The vast majority of engines as a protection against overheating of the insulation of windings use thermorelene. During the repair, we consider it as ordinary power contact in a closed state.

With a critical heating of the varnish of wires, it will simply open and interrupt the action of electric current.

All elements of the electric circuit are connected by wires and terminals to each other into the sequential site. A short cable with a fork is displayed out to connect to an extension cord.

How the torque from the engine is transmitted to the mowing head: 3 components of the kinematic scheme

It is used to lower the revolutions and, accordingly, increase the power on the output shaft.

On some designs, it is located immediately after the engine, built into its design.

In other models, it can be located from below the national bar: immediately under a mowing head and a protective cover.

Any of these gearboxes consists of two gears conveying rotation. In the upper photo, they have a cylindrical shape with a slanting tooth, and on the lower. conical, because they change rotation at an oblique angle.

The transmission of the torque from the engine is performed by a docking knot consisting of a cylindrical sleeve with a rectangular hole. The tip of the spring shaft of the corresponding form located inside the aluminum tube is inserted into it.

The rod of a trimmer for grass consists of two halves connected in series. Each part is made up of three details inserted into each other:

The joint of the bar is made in the middle of its length using an adapter with a screw connection, allowing to add the entire structure for convenient transportation on transport.

Below is a spiked head with a protective casing. To trim the excess fishing line, a knife is stationarily installed on it, reducing its length to the optimal value.

The lawn mower is gas

Good evening! Sorry that the question is not the topic.I ask for help! Mowed the garden, borrowed a special-ural from a neighbor Motokos. I finished mowing and saw that the braid for the grass itself is gaining momentum and does not slow them down, I thought it would cool and the norm is the norm, but it is all the same. Help pliz!

See the carb for sure that it was shaken, the damper is nap

Maybe a damper, but when I gas it can be stalled, or it can just work further.

Thank you for Szil, now I know what I’ll see

I would be happy, but not at a neighbor :-))

Maybe the air sucks between the carb and the cylinder. I had such crap on Jupiter, the laying after the expansion of aluminum from heating began to pass air. Try to stretch.

If there is good between the carb and the cylinder. And if it would pass between the cylinder and the crankcase the symptoms were the same?

The carburetor was marvelously?

Ni, sogodnі is not a male hour, ale to transfer. Vi for an hour of a non.wound moto forum?

Maybe from the air leakage, as they said correctly on the Jupiters, it was straight to attack, then the “red sealant” appeared;))), and the air pulled there through the crankcase and through the “pants” and all kinds of different. But through the crankcase it is usually visible when it pulls (the entire engine is sprayed in oil, and in the place of the proof, as it were, washed). And in the gearbox there was still lubricant (gasoline tudus hit as it turned out).

Yes, I’m still caught like that, though with the chainsaw “Partner 351”, she worked for a long time (for many years) and now she began to drink my blood, started poorly, did not gain momentum, etc.P. I decided to mean to see what happened there. And what was my surprise when, having removed the upper cover, I saw that the carburetor (twisting to the cylinder with two bolts) was already too much on one bolt, and he had half unscrewed, the second bolt got out completely, the carburetor dangles directly on it like it like it X in the moom. 8-/ I am so. I have never seen. The most funny, I saw it and worked, though it’s bad, but still! eight-))

In general, this: he told a neighbor about breakdown and he told me that this was due to horseradish gasoline or the carb unscrewed again.eight-). I’m glad that I did not bother my hands to the spit, otherwise I would have made worse. All the benevolery for attention!

The lawn mower does not drop turns

You should not buy an expensive and bulky lawn mower to mow grass on a small lawn; It can be easily replaced with a gasoline / electric trimmer. The device of these machines is quite simple, they are easy to use and unpretentious in maintenance. But sometimes problems arise. One of them. When a trimmer for grass does not produce the maximum number of revolutions. Will be discussed in this article.

The reasons

Trammers for grass are reliable and durable (of course, with proper care). Most often, malfunctions arise due to contamination of structural elements.

If the engine of your bush cutter does not start, does not gain speed, does not reach the necessary power or suddenly stops, the reason may be:

  • Low quality fuel (fuel mixture), it can be in long.term storage or not correspond to the recipe of the mixture;
  • Digestive wound on the rod of fishing line / knife head;
  • Cut air filter / muffler;
  • Dysbalance of carburetor.

Ways to eliminate problems

The first three reasons are quite easy to eliminate. If this is a mixture, you need to pour the old fuel from the tank, prepare a new emulsion of high.quality gasoline and engine oil (if your engine needs a mixture) and pour it into a fuel tank. If a trimmer for grass works on clean gas, it’s still easier.

In the second case, the details of the trimmer for the grass should be carefully released from wound grass.

The last reason why the Fergie cell does not work properly will require you a little more knowledge and skills.

Follow the procedure to correctly adjust the carburetor brush. First clean the air filter thoroughly. It is easiest to wash it (it is advisable to regularly rinse the filter with water after 9-10 hours).

Then find the adjusting screws on the diagram of your trimmer for grass, which is in the instructions for the operation of the device. Usually there are three of them: the first is responsible for the supply of fuel, the second. At idle, and the third is designed to limit the number of maximum engine speeds.

Then turn on the device and wait until the engine warms up.

Slowly tighten the first adjusting screw (fuel mixture). Catch the moment when the engine begins to stop, and turn the screw in the opposite direction by 45 degrees. If you do not have time and the engine stops, turn the screw 90 degrees. Open the throttle and see how the speed increases. Then slowly unscrew the screw (each revolution of 45 degrees), until the engine begins to develop maximum speed on full gas.

The second screw, as mentioned above, regulates the speed of the idle speed of the engine. Weakening it, you reduce the number of revolutions, rotate. Increase. The propeller must be adjusted to ensure reliable operation of the engine at low speeds. For better starting, slightly increase the engine speed. At the same time, make sure that the engine makes several tens of revolutions before moving knives / coils with fishing line. If the engine does not start properly, slightly tighten the screw.

After you adjusted the first two screws, check the operation of the device with the maximum engine speed. If necessary, you can limit it (maximum). This will protect the engine from “boiling”. To do this, you need to hook the third screw. Loosen the locknut until the adjusting screw is quietly turned. To increase the maximum number of revolutions, the screw must be unscrewed, reduced. On the contrary, tighten. Fix the nut nut. Check the engine again.

Remember that carbohydrate adjustment is not the final procedure. During the work of the brush, you will probably have to work with it more than once, since the unbalanced carburetor means both increased fuel consumption and quick failure of the ignition, not to mention reducing the power and efficiency of the device.

Little tricks

  • If you cannot tighten / loosen the adjusting screws correctly, this may be due to the fact that the spring is too thick and hard. Then you can choose more suitable.
  • If your device needs not pure gasoline, but its mixture with engine oil, strictly observe the proportions specified in the operating instructions. There is one small thing: the recommended ratio is 1:25 (for all oils) or 1:50 (for “native” oils). Try the first ratio first of all. If, according to this recipe, oil leaks appear on the engine and strong deposits form on the spark plug, half.lubricate the oil. This usually helps to remove traces and reduce the number of soot.
  • To clean the electrodes of the candle from combustion products, you can use fine.grained “sandpaper”. First wipe them with a dry cloth, and then wipe it carefully with sandpaper. If the space between the device body and the insulator is also clogged, its cleaning will help with the help of a conventional unclaimed paper clip. To do this, soak the candle in diesel fuel for a short time, and then clean the dirt. If the blockade is small, one procedure is enough. With strong contamination, it is sometimes necessary to repeat this several times. After thorough cleaning, the spark plug should be wiped dry from diesel fuel residues, and then use for its intended purpose.
  • Please note that the mower (gasoline, electric or wireless) of foreign production requires slightly more care than domestic. In particular, many people strongly recommend entrusting professionals to adjust the carburetor of a two.stroke engine, especially if the guarantee has not yet expired.
  • Finally, one more advice: follow all the recommendations of the manufacturer for the operation and maintenance of the device. Thus, you will continue to work without failures.

What to do if a gas trimmer for grass does not gain speed, you will learn further.

Possible Cause and Fix Of Your Bump Feed Not Working On Trimmers / Weedeaters

The Stihl 180 chainsaw does not develop speed or after releasing a gas trigger continues to work without slowing down. These problems are quite common. Let’s try to understand the reasons for which the occurrence of such malfunctions is. Also in this article we will consider how to diagnose if the chainsaw does not pull.

Signs of common faults

Knowing the internal device of the lawn mower and the principle of its operation, you can easily eliminate the malfunctions with your own hands. Some breakdowns are most often found and they are distinguished as the main.

  • The engine malfunctions should be sought if the lawn mower does not work or does not even start. It is also worth paying attention to this part of the braids for grass, if during operation unusual noises are heard or strong vibration is felt. Clotting of the air filter can also lead to problems with the engine.
  • If the fuel does not enter the combustion chamber, then you should look for the cause in the suction of the fuel filter. It is also worth looking at it if the tool does not work at low speeds.
  • The starter’s grille was clogged. the reason for the engine overheating and its termination. The starter can also fail when the cord tears when it is too sharp.

Malfunction. the knife does not rotate, the coil.

The reason is the wear of transmission elements.

The data transmission of the gasoline consists of a lower gearbox, shaft and upper gearbox (cup). Consider them in more detail.

The gearbox consists of a housing and a gear pair that are susceptible to wear.

This is due to the lack of lubrication in the gearbox.

Do not neglect this procedure during the operation of the lawn mower.

Lubrication control will extend the life of the gearbox.

trimmer, grass, began, work, malfunctions, electric

There are sets of gears for these reducers on sale, but their cost exceeds 60-70% of the cost of the gearbox, moreover, the process of their replacement is laborious, a simple solution will be-replacing the gearbox with a new.

The transfer of traction from the engine to the gearbox is provided by a hard shaft, at the end of which there are slots. Due to the lack of lubrication in the gearbox, slots can be worn out. In this situation, only replacing the shaft with a new. Please note that there are 3 types of shafts (7 slits, 9 slits and “square”). The length of the shaft, as a rule, on such models 152mm. The replacement is very simple. we dismantle the old shaft. install the new.

A clutch cup is installed in the upper gearbox, on which there are slots under the shaft.

In case of wear, it will require its replacement.

The cup can be replaced both separately and the upper gear.

To remove the cup, it is necessary to remove the locking ring (p.49), catching his “ears” in the holes of the cup (n.48).

Please note that on the cup there are also options for the shaft (7 slots, 9 slits and “square”)

Clutch of a gasoline trimmer for grass

The knife or coil at idle rotates (subject to the “correct settings of the carburetor)

With such a malfunction, you will need to replace the clutch spring, or the adhesion assembly.

To replace the clutch, unscrew the upper transmission gearbox. Then unscrew the spark plug and suck the movement of the piston with a special stopper. Unscrew 2 clutch mounting screws (p.57) with washers (p.56), remove the clutch assembly and the washers under it (p.53). Change the spring on the clutch, or install a new. Do not forget to install the washers (p.53) then clutch, and twist the bolts (p.57) with engraver special washers (p.56).

To eliminate problems, you will need to use a tester to check the magnetic trimmer for the grass, namely its primary and secondary windings. The resistance on the primary winding should be in the range from 0.4 to 2.0 Ohms. If the device shows 0, this means that there is a short circuit in the winding, and if infinity is a clear sign of an open chain. The resistance on the secondary winding should be in the range from 6 to 8 kOhm.

Air filter

If your bureau does not start normally or die immediately after starting, you should pay attention to the air filter, since it can clog, as a result of which the air does not fall into the combustion chamber and there is no fuel ignition. To check if the filter is in the case, remove it and try to start the engine. If he earned, then the reason was found. The filter must be replaced or thoroughly washed and dried before installation. If you find out the oil in an air filter, it must be washed with gasoline, squeezed well and dry at least 2 hours before installation.

If the device still does not start when removing the air filter, it is recommended to check the fuel filter.

Fuel filter

This filter cleans fuel of possible pollution. If it is clogged, gasoline does not enter the cylinder, and, accordingly, the unit does not work and does not delay after starting. The fuel filter is located at the end of the intake hose, which is located inside the fuel tank. To get to the filter, you need to remove the plug with the tubes emerging from it.

When removing the traffic jam, the intake hose can be disconnected and left in the tank. It is removed using tweezers.

Then remove the old fuel filter from the hose and install a new, previously purchased on it. It is also possible to clean the fuel filter if you do not have new. The filter should be attached to the hose using a spring clamp.

Set the input hole in the cork and insert it into the tank.


The fan is a check valve, which is designed to level pressure in the gas tank. If it is clogged and does not allow air to flow into the tank, then a vacuum is created inside the fuel tank, and fuel ceases to enter the carburetor. To check the valve serviceability, remove the hose that comes from the tank to the carburetor. If the gas does not follow the tank, the air intake is clogged.

Trimmer users for grass are often asked: where is the fan? This valve is usually located in the gas tank cover and looks like in the next figure.

It is very easy to clean the fan: disassemble the valve and rinse all its components. In some bush cutters, this valve can be located directly. On the fuel tank. You cannot find it right away, because it is hidden from the eyes under the starter case. This respirator is cleaned using a regular needle.

Exhaust duct

The reason that the trimmer for the grass has lost a lot of power, and when you are trying to increase the engine speed, it gains them slowly, often is the blockage of the exhaust channel through which exhaust gases emerge from the combustion chamber.

The muffler must be removed so that the burner does not get inside the cylinder. Next, clean the exhaust channel from the car.

After this procedure, the low power of the unit and the low set speed of the mower will no longer upset you.

Insufficient compression

If the compression is insufficient, then the engine is not possible in most cases. To check the compression, you can use a car compressor.

How to replace the spark plug correctly?

As you can see, there is nothing superplousing in this procedure.

A new spark plug for a two.stroke internal combustion engine of a gasoline braid for grass is installed in return for the old detail that failed

Why does the lawn mower stall after starting?

After starting, the motor may stall if the carburetor is incorrectly configured or it has been resolved. On what signs can be understood that the reason really lies in this? Very simple, by vibrations that will be clearly felt during the work of a gas station. You can adjust the fuel supply with your own hands by completing everything that is written in the instrument operation instructions.

The motor can stall due to clogged fuel valve. The reason is eliminated by cleaning it. If the lawn mower started up, and then stalled sharply, then it is difficult to supply fuel to the carburetor. Weaken the valves of the carburetor to ensure the free approach of the fuel to it in the right amount.

With excessive air leaks, the engine may also stall. Add the engine speed so that air bubbles come out faster from the fuel system of the unit. Be sure to check the integrity of the fuel hose. In case of mechanical damage (cracks, punctures, etc.P.), replace the part.

Why the lawn mower is not started: frequent reasons

The most common problems that can be eliminated with your own hands are:

  • a malfunction of the power unit, as a result of which it will not start;
  • Vibration of the bar, complicating normal work with the tool;
  • overheating of the gearbox leading to emergency shutdown;
  • a decrease in revolutions, as a result of which a braid for grass will cease to perform its functions;
  • pollution of the starter grille, causing an increase in the temperature of the power part and the engine is turned off;
  • clogging of the carburetor, leading to the early exit of the device;
  • clogging an air filter, due to which the engine will constantly stall.

The above breakdown can be eliminated independently during the inspection of the tool.

REPAIR LABING THE LAW: What can be done with your own hands

Когда силовой агрегат не заводится, глохнет сразу же после запуска, в процессе работы слышны посторонние звуки, ощущается вибрация или перегрев, нужно понять, какая часть инструмента находится в нерабочем состоянии. Diagnostics can be performed independently. There is nothing complicated about it. The inspection process is divided into stages, during which it is checked:

  • lubrication of working elements and the presence of gasoline in the tank;
  • serviceability of the spark plug;
  • the condition of the fuel and air filters of the unit;
  • graduation collector and sapunes;
  • gasoline and lubrication quality.

Further, depending on the results of the diagnosis, you can either independently start repairing or call the master.

Checking and repairing the spark plug

If the fuel tucked into the tank is not in doubt, and the tool refuses to start when starting, possible, the cause of the breakdown is a candle.

  • We twist and wipe the candle, then you need to dry it;
  • We drain excess fuel from the chamber through the hole formed after twisting the candle;
  • We dry the camera (about 40 minutes);
  • we clean the twisted element from the carbon (for this you can use the file);
  • We set a gap of 1 millimeter;
  • Twist the candle in place and try to start the motor.

If after that the candle gives out a spark, but the engine does not want to start, you need to lubricate the thread of the candle with gasoline a little. If this does not help, then the cause of the breakdown is something else.

In the absence of a spark, there is a high probability of failure of the ignition unit. With such a breakdown, it will not work to carry out repairs, so you have to change the whole knot.

Filter malfunction

The lawn mower can also stall due to the clogged air filter. To identify this reason for the failure, you need to pull out the cartridge itself from the filter housing and start the tool. If a braid for grass works as usual, then the filter is subject to replacement or thorough cleaning.

In addition to air, the fuel filter can be closed. The check process is similar: we take out the cartridge and for a short time we start the tool.

Important! The work of a power unit without a filter element is fraught with an expensive engine repair. Such a check can only be carried out in exceptional cases and for the minimum periods.

Correction of problems with the saapoon and graduation channel

The saapun is designed to align the pressure in the gas tank. The most common breakdown of this element is clogging, as a result of which the tool begins to stall. Its repair is banal cleaning. For these purposes, you can use a regular needle.

The muffler is also at risk of clogging, which is often clogged due to dirt. In this case, the exhaust manifold is subject to cleaning, in which you can also remove an anti.icter net.

Repair of the carburetor

When checking the carburetor, you need to pay attention to its tightness. Diagnosis of this node is carried out in three stages:

  • To exclude possible blockage in the fuel hose, it needs to be blown;
  • In the case of a leakage of the unit, the replacement is subject to laying between the engine and the carburetor;
  • Then the assembly and testing of the tightness of the system follows.

You can also disassemble the knot and clean all its elements with gasoline and compressed air.

Launcher of the starter and gearbox

The purpose of the gearbox is the transfer of the rotational moment from the shaft to the working part of the tool. The mechanism should be kept in complete cleanliness, as well as in a timely manner. It is possible to diagnose the correctness of this node if you check the tension of the cord, which is in the coupling with teeth of the gear ratio of the starter coil mechanism. These teeth tend to collapse at a sharp start.

The starter of the starter is not.free and must be replaced. From such situations in most cases, timely inspection and lubrication of the rubbing parts can save. To put such events is enough once a season.

Also, special attention should be paid to cutting elements. After completing the work, they need to be cleaned of dirt and grass. Regular inspection of the tool before use will maintain its performance for a long time.

Quick way to check the electrical circuit

When the collector engine is included in the operation, the current sequentially passes through all the half.tests of the stator and the rotor through the brush mechanism.

A paradox with an electrician or what a rush leads to

Banal truth: the voltage is supplied with the switch with the contacts of the fork inserted into the outlet.

However, my neighbor in the country managed to go over in this matter and invited me to look at the brushes of a disassembled electric motor trimmer for the grass in order to explain why he does not work.

When I asked about the voltage in the outlet, he confidently stated that he had checked it with an indicator. I asked to show, because I do not trust such things in such matters.

He took the indicator, and showed that he was glowing from the contact of the outlet. Then I asked to go to the extension cub and rearrange it, changing the nests. At first, his surprise appeared quickly: during the second check, the indicator light did not light up.

In one wire of the extension cord there was a cliff, which excluded the voltage supply to the proper trimmer engine for grass. There was no point in disassembling it and watch brushes.

Any verification of the performance of the electrical circuit start by analyzing the serviceability of the power circuits. This reduces the search time and elimination of defects.

The most important element of the electrimmer

The trouble with beginning users is that they do not fully understand the role of temperature in the work of a collector, and any electric motor.

The electric current passes well through the cold or overheated wires of the winding and normally creates a magnetic field rotating the rotor. And the isolation varnish, and other surrounding materials, are melted and flowing at the temperature.

The photo shows a trimmer cover deformed from the high heating and the engine failed and the engine.

Below is a photo of the burned insulation of the stator and rotor windings, which sprinkled into a single lump.

It is not profitable to eliminate such breakdowns. Replacing a burned.out engine in a repair shop at a price is slightly inferior to the purchase of a new trimmer for grass in the store.

Compliance with the temperature regime

When working, it is necessary to monitor the heating of the case.

This requirement is especially relevant for low.power models with the lower engine location. They are designed for short.term cutting of lawns with low grass: they have a simplified design, are not equipped with overheating protection.

Electric trimmers for middle.class grass and above are equipped with protective thermallack. When a critical temperature reaches with its bimetallic contact, it breaks the circuit of electric current, and after cooling it restores.

On my trimmer it began to work falsely: I had to block the contacts. Described this case in an article on the repair of a trimmer for grass in the country. In detail, he showed photographs in detail the sequence of the engine disassembly. Meet the technology.

With the nursed contacts of the thermmorele, Trimmer for the grass worked until the end of the season. During kosba periodically checked the temperature of the case with his hand, took breaks. During the winter I found a new thermorele, replaced the old. After that I work with thermal protection.

How can you overheat the engine of the electrimmer

Since ancient institute, I remember the phrase of the teacher of the Department of Sopromat and the theory of the strength of the shells about the reliability of the design of any mechanism: the entire equipment is designed and created for optimal conditions with a permissible coefficient of strength.

It is impossible to underestimate it: there will be frequent breakdowns, and overstating it is not economically profitable: the cost increases dramatically.

I did this introduction in order to emphasize that the operating conditions indicated by the plant must be studied, strictly observed. Otherwise, the breakdown is inevitable: it will be necessary to carry out the repair of the electrimmer.

What are the “newly.minted rationalizers” do to facilitate their work:

  • install a thicker fishing line for a trimmer in a mowing head;
  • Remove the protective casing with a knife of fishing line;
  • Mount on the head “Eternal fishing line for a trimmer” from chains, thick wire, filmed ribbon from plastic bottles;
  • Fasten homemade knives from steel strips.

A thick fishing line for a trimmer really mows higher grass, but it creates an increased load on the engine. Overheating it does not arise immediately, but after some period of time.

How to look for malfunctions in the mechanical part

The transmission of rotation from an electric trimmer for grass is performed in the same way as models with an internal combustion engine: an integral shaft works inside the rectangular section of the bar, and a curved cable works.

Their length, diameter and design are selected by the manufacturer for specific dimensions of the composite bar.

Features of the junction of the composite bar

It is made by an adapter with a screw clamp.

The large screw head is made to conveniently adjust the position of the mowing organ at the bottom of the bar. The rotation angle is selected individually.

It is convenient for me to expose it so that the longitudinal axis of the protective casing and the axis of the electric motor are located in the same plane.

In this place, a malfunction associated with the transfer of torque from a direct shaft to a cable may sometimes occur in this place. It is manifested by the fact that at idle engine the trimmer for grass works normally, and already under a small load, the mowing head stops rotating.

The method of its elimination was well shown by the owner of the video “Repair of the Electrimmer” Roman Shapkov. I recommend to see.

Method of attaching a mowing head and a casing

On my trimmer from below the rod, the adapter is fixed with rivets, into which the fastener bolt of the protective casing will be plunged.

The output shaft of a rotating cable has a hexagon at the end. A plastic mowing head is put on it.

From the inside, a return spring of the automatic discharge of fishing line during kosbe is inserted into it.

A spool was inserted into it. It is fastened with a fixing nut from above.

The device of a spitter head with a fishing line is quite simple.

However, all plastic parts do not have high strength, subject to wear. Their working surfaces are erased. After three seasons of work on my trimmer, the output holes of the fishing line from the mowing head expanded, the thickness of the fixing nut decreased.

It is difficult to apply protective measures to wear, and repair of these parts is easiest to fully replace the head. It is easy to buy it: you just need to know the exact dimensions of the hexagon and evaluate the new design according to the working characteristics.

The secrets of the selection of fishing line

Among the frequent malfunctions of the trimmer coil, there are cases when the fishing line for the trimmer ended or simply confused due to improper winding on the spool. It is not difficult to eliminate them.

But in practice, I met with another defect in the fishing line, which was sold on the state retail chain from Patriot LLC company. Her view in the factory packaging.

As I understand it, it is specially hidden in a sealed package: you can not touch when buying.

When I opened the packaging to install the fishing line in the spool, its plasticity immediately caught my eye, and not elasticity. It is easily bending, behaves like a soft wire: when in contact with the grass, it immediately breaks. It is impossible to mow: she managed to return to the seller.

Since then, I have been buying only that fishing line for a trimmer that can be molested in my hands and evaluate its operational properties.

I try to refuse varieties of ordinary round fishing line. I prefer a ribbed shape to them with faces: asterisk, trapezoid, square or triangle. They are better cut off the grass.

How to eliminate increased vibration

Reliably collected trimmer mechanics for grass is well balanced. It provides convenient work. However, bearings can be worn out over time, lose lubrication.

A prefabricated shaft transmitting rotation from the engine of a spool is able to touch the internal walls of the bar, creating excessive friction with heating.

Such a defect can and must be eliminated. This technology is shown by TV repairman with his video “Vibration during the operation of Elektokosa”.

If you still have questions about how to carry out the repair of the electrimmer, then ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I will answer.

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Homemade muffler for motorcycles

Everyone is familiar with this terrible sound of a working trimmer for the grass, it annoys not only the mower himself, but all around. It is worth working with a motorcycle for a short time and this ringing just stands in the ears. This drawback was formed as a result of the use of a miniature muffler in its composition. I decided to make my remote silencer for a trimmer for grass in order to significantly reduce the noise level produced by it.The first thing to do is to write down the sound of an old, built.in copy, then to compare it with a new exhibit.

The level was just running in. Incredibly loud, especially near. The sound is sharp, tall, sawing, disgustingly vile and annoying.

Making muffler for a trimmer for grass

We will make a simple straight.flowing muffler.We put the pipe on a steel strip and spray the aerosol red so that the pipe leaves the outline.

In a thin tube, we retreat from one edge of about 50 mm and drill the holes into the spread at the distance of the large cylinder.

Now the lawn mower is very quieter. The sound became lower in timbre, more smooth, and, of course, lower in level. Using the tool has become more comfortable and more pleasant.

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