Why is a chainsaw oil running. Chain lubrication system

Eliminate oil leaks on a Chinese chainsaw (photo report)

In some cases, the owners of the chainsaws have to solve more complex problems to fully restore the functionality of their cutting tools.

Chainsaw does not develop full power

In addition to the problem considered above with a lack of admission to the cylinder of gasoline or air, the cause of the weak power may be a clogged muffler.

Carburetor depressurization and nozzle blockage

Over time, the screws fixing the carburetor lid can weaken or gaskets become unusable. A clogged filter or its unskilled replacement can lead to the formation of a blockage of nozzles. All this also negatively affects the work of the chainsaw and reduces the life.

Basil does not hold idle speed

It often happens when, after prolonged transportation and constant use of a chainsaw, he refuses to work evenly at idle. As a rule, this problem is eliminated by the adjustment of the carburetor.

You can find out how to correctly debug the carburetor from this

If the carburetor is rebuilt like a clock, then you must check:

  • Fuel system. Start more logical from the fuel pump.
  • Muffler. It is likely that due to the abundance of accumulated soot, the engine cannot function normally.

Chainsaw loses power under load

If in the process of work the power of the saw disappears somewhere, then the problem should be sought in the following places:

During the operation of the chainsaw, two types of problems with the supply of oil to the chain occur:

  • Insufficient oil flow that can be caused by various reasons. If you do not take timely measures, the quality of work will worsen significantly, and the chain itself can even become unsuitable for use.
  • Excess amount of oil. In this case, after prolonged use, oil pools can accumulate under the saw. This not only affects oil consumption, which must be constantly added, but also has a negative effect on the environment.

Repair of oil supplies of a chainsaw STIHL 180

STIHL MS 180. An indispensable tool for harvesting wood and other wood products. This is one of the most recognizable garden devices armed with functionality.

Note that the semi.Professional device for this saw model received an electric ignition and a fairly quick tension of the circuit. Chainsaws. Understand why this flows: why oil flows from under. In addition, the STIHL MS 180 saw has 2 tanks designed for the consistency of gasoline and oil.

One of the main features is a decrease in vibration.

This result is achieved thanks to 4 shock absorbers. It’s no secret that the highest depreciation has a harmful effect on human health and has long been conducted in Europe.

It should be emphasized that without outside help, it is no better to disassemble this saw without special instructions, in this case it is better to entrust the device to the masters.

The owners of this tool model should be prepared for the fact that they may encounter such an unpleasant moment as the flow of oil for lubrication of the chain. It does not follow from the chain, it flows from under the covers. Oil flows from the very beginning. Well, I do not know. Oil can flow when working with equipment and even when it just lies unattended.

A brief overview of why the oil in the chainsaw is ultimately supplied to the tire from the tank. Support our channel as much as possible, it is you.

How can you eliminate oil leaks on a chainsaw.

One of the cases of eliminating the spontaneous leaking oil for a sawing chain from a chainsaw.Oil pump repair on a chainsaw: http: // Vesyolyikarandashik.Ru/remont-. Another video on this topic: https: // www.Youtube.COM/Watch?V = vxe6h. Self.Repair at home. We do everything ourselves with our own hands. We construct and repair ourselves ourselves. Production of small agricultural equipment for processing the garden. Repair of motorized equipment, chainsaws and benzosos. Self.Repair of household electrical engineering. Light and affordable repair of automobile and motor vehicles. Our group in : https: // vk.COM/Club42265699 Our group in “Odnoklassniki”: https: // ok.RU/GROU/52072543682733 Our site: https: // Vesyolyikarandashik.Ru/

Thank you very much ! A simple solution to the problem. How much I know this is a disease of all the chains’.

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And what kind of regurery bolt is on an oil pump?

It is undesirable to fill gasoline. You can kerosene, and if not, then diesel fuel.

I don’t believe that they were eliminated.They were not searched there and was not eliminated there.Disassemble the pump completely then understand why it flows: there is a rubber cuff on the oil pump rod, but it does not compact well the hole in which it stands, because it is larger in diameter and the cuff is still extended in the other direction.The adjustment of the screw does not work since the end should be an eccentric at the end, but it is not, just a uniform cone.Когда налили бензин надо было просто положить пилу на правый бок,на сторону шины и не пришлось бы ждать час скорее всего была бы лужа. The same with butter.There is nothing to do nothing, the Kinese pump, the oil flows through the cuff and then lubricates the drive plastic worm, lubricates the mowed end of the rod.Somewhere on the forum, one man replaced his native cuff with 2 rezin rings

Well, if you use not a FUM tape, but an additional rubber ring on this rubber seal, I agree that it is much easier with the tape, you don’t need to look for a gas.Button.Macked ring of suitable diameter on auto stores, but still at the next time the tape is at the next repair in the field, can at hand Do not be. I have a similar pump with a similar drive and clutch on a Chinese saw, I drank a couple of hours with this new saw, and removed for long storage, a month stood dry and suddenly, not for this, it was not for this, until I had yet sorted out in the problem, I tried only to minimize the presentation, using the screw adjustment (did not help), today I went to the shabbish, changed the windows in the wooden house, expanded the openings, and had carelessness to leave many oil spots on freshly mounted floors, I am not very pleasant, I am in life a neat man, and here is such a thing as an asshole inherited. To be honest, at first I sinned on a crack in the body of the tank, since the casting and quality of plastic leaves much to be desired, through the pump itself, the oil can hardly occur, and it does not matter what type of pump, a joint, gear or gate, so most likely You are right, I will disassemble and compact the fence

Igor, thanks for the answer, there is a trifle left, I think it will not be interesting to me alone, but in which direction the pump is strangled, on the watch or against?

How to eliminate oil leakage in a chainsaw /Chinese chainsaw 4500. Repair of the oil pump

The video considers the repair of the oil pump of the chainsaw and its sealing in the case.And this is a similar video in which an additional several nuances are shown about the installation and alteration of the oil pump there is interesting: https: // youutu.Be/8s0ogfnqhom is also the entire playlist about the repair of chainsaws on my channel: https: // wwww.Youtube.COM/Watch?V = yiitj.

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Thank you for the beautiful videos ! A big request help to deal with this question: whether there is a Chinese saw quite good quality, convenient in the repair for which there are spare parts but which is cheaper from STIHL MS 180 and what is its brand ?

Yes really useful video. I also suffered with an oil pump. Everything is clearly and intelligibly shown and shown here. Signature and like.

Stops that if I disassemble and get to the pump, then when collecting, unnecessary spare parts will remain))

chainsaw, chain, lubrication, system

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Chainsaw not oiling? Check this FIRST!. Homestead Tips

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The elastic band on the plunger is called the oil seal that the Chinese put incorrectly the collar of the oil seal should be directed towards the capture and supply of oil.Instead of sealant fum tape

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There is still an oil tank sapun. It flows from it

Why did you smear the threads with a cutter, also red. Left carving there for whom. Unscrew the next time you will be scrap, and others how to unscrew?? Jester.

When disassembling my gasket was torn, which closes the oil pump output. Perhaps this yourself cut out of something

How can the oil lubricates the chain into the chainsaw cylinder

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Thanks for the video, I have the same problem, with the same saw, only the adjusting screw is intact. And so opened and for sure, the pipe was peeled off.

chainsaw, chain, lubrication, system

Is it possible to fill in the lubrication of the chain? If so, what motor or transmission? And whether it is necessary to filter it.

Your cuff does not cost the right thing, the scraper should be located on the oil, then the oil pressure will be squeezed to the walls of the cylinder, and there will be no leaks.

Super video, especially the cord, was invited to unscrew the muffler and put the wooden oil leaked there, everything was eliminated as in Vidio Like

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How do you relate to the portable chainsaws of the mini, and their repair is possible at home, how dysfical the spare parts are on them.Buy in the market.THANK YOU.

Hello! In general, an interesting question has matured about the work of the chainsaw. Chinese chainsaws, it works completely in the trailer, the power and idle holds perfectly, it starts well, but there is still one moment, and this moment is originally present in the saw from the day of its birth, since it works this way since the purchase. And so, what is this interesting question? And the question is as follows, we take our chainsaw, of course it is cold, we start and work without problems, sawing firewood for about 20 minutes, in these 20 minutes it heats up, the speed begins to increase, as if to go into a variety and stalls in a minute on so on, while it is no longer possible to start. But when the saw cools everything comes to its original state, she again starts up perfectly and works again until heated, and after about 20 minutes again in the variety and stalls, and so in a circle, in such an angle, the chainsaw has been operating for a year and a half for a year. I repeat, and I want to emphasize that such a picture occurs only when the chainsaw is heated. I will be grateful for the good advice for what you need to pay attention to earlier. Thanks.

What kind of oil to fill in the Stihl 180 chainsaw (Stihl 180)

Remember personal safety while working with a chainsaw.

Remember that the quality of the poured oil affects the work of the chainsaw. Advantages of the Husqvarna chainsaw 240 why gasoline from the chainsaw “Husqvarna” 240? Low quality oil can cause the instrument ineffective work and negatively affect its details.

In order for the STIHL MS 180 oil pump to supply oil without difficulty, periodically check and clean the pump. Oil flows from the chainsaw oil leaks. Brief review why oil in a chainsaw. Thus, the process of supply oil will be normal.

Oil pump device

The first thing that comes to the mind of the holder of a chainsaw, which noticed a malfunction in the operation of an oil.Like pump is where to look for this knot? It is located where the drive is, from the same side, right on the crankcase. This part is hidden behind the main asterisk. Its device is easier to disassemble, focusing on the working scheme of a particular model.

So, if, for example, you need to find and fix the oil pump of the Stihl 180 chainsaw, refer to the instructions of this model. In general, of course, the principle of operation of the oil pump is the same, although the knot can look different on each model of the tool.

When you need to pull the chain

Determine that you need to tighten the main part of the chainsaw, you can by its appearance. Below it hangs freely, and at the top it can become tilted to the side. If you continue to work with such a canvas, it begins to be snapped unevenly, gives an uneven cut and can tear during work.

Chain stretch algorithm

To adjust the shape of the canvas, the chain is stretched. The procedure is possible in several ways, fast and more complicated. To do this is easier, you need to get a clockwise bolt clockwise to the extent that the circuit sagging is eliminated. A more complex method requires more time:

  • Find the place where the tire is attached to the case.
  • Unscrew the nuts, loosen the links, pulling the upper edge.
  • Using the chain tensioner on the chainsaw, you need to twist to the desired level.
  • Check the degree of tension.
  • Fix the tire.

To replace the chain with a new one, the tool is placed on the table or workbench. Then unscrew the bus, remove the old canvas, clean the base. The new design is placed so that the links go in the opposite direction from the body. Then, using the capture key, you need to tighten it to the desired level.

Checking and adjusting the mechanism should be carried out when the design is cold. If you try to delay after work, the star is deformed or other elements of the system fail.

Ways to check the degree of tension

After installing the circuit or already during sawing, the master should check how the chain is stretched. There are several ways to do it. You need to try to move the links in a circle manually. They should move in both directions without effort or with a slight resistance, but without signs of sequel, extraneous sounds. If the canvas sees, makes a creak, the sound of friction, we can judge that it is covered too much or not working.

The second way to check the degree of stretch of the circuit. After adjusting in the middle of the tire, pull the link up. It should be pulled up, but leave the groove where it is installed in the gutter, no more than 2/3 (3-4 mm). The canvas should not sag below.

If the stretched circuit has passed the check on all points, you need to start the engine, let the saw work at idle. Then drown out the saw and re.Check the degree of tension. In the absence of sagging or seizing, the tool can be used as intended.

When you need to shorten or stretch the chain

If, as a result of the audit, it is established that the element is so sagging that the adjusting screw does not help return it to the normal state, the only way to correct the situation is to shorten the chain. The specialist removes several links, no more than 2 until he reaches the desired length.

Stretch the chain, that is, add new links to it, it may be necessary if it is torn and part of the elements is lost. You can buy elements in a store or using a donor, an old chain

It is important to make sure that it is similar in thickness, step of links and shape

It is not necessary for this purpose to contact a specialized service. At home, you can also increase or shortening, if you have appropriate equipment. For work, you need a rivet and a glazing machine, spare links, rivets.

There are many reasons for stretching the chain on the chain, from the breakdown of other elements of the system to violation of operation rules

In order not to bring the state of the mechanism to critical, when expensive repairs are required, it is important to periodically check the degree of fitting of the canvas and eliminate defects at the initial stage. You can build up or shorten the chain if necessary, if necessary, if you buy appropriate equipment

Chainsaw Basics: Fuel and Oil

The most common malfunctions

When the chainsaw is operating, two types of troubles with the supply of lubrication to the chain can be observed:

  • The missing flow of oil, which can be caused for various reasons. If you do not take measures to do, the quality of the work will noticeably deteriorate, and the chain itself may completely become worthless.
  • An extra amount of oil. In this case, after a long work under the saw, puddles of grease can accumulate. This not only affects the flow of oil, which will have to be added everywhere, and does not affect the environment well.

STIHL 100 eighty repair chainsaw oil supply

STIHL MS 100 chainsaw is eighty. An indispensable tool designed to harvest wood and other systems of wood works. This is one of the most recognized garden devices that is armed with multifunctional capabilities.

Note that from the semi.Professional device for this saw model there was an electronic ignition and a fairly quick tension of the circuit. Chain chain. Understand why it flows: why does the oil flow from under. Apart from this, the STIHL MS 100 saw has two tanks designed for gasoline and for an oil mixture.

One of the main features is reduced vibration.

chainsaw, chain, lubrication, system

This result is achieved thanks to 4 shock absorbers. It is no secret that high depreciation harmfully affects human health and in Europe they have been fighting for a long time.

It should be noted that without the help of others to disassemble this saw without special briefing is no better, in this case it is better to entrust the device to the masters.

The owners of this tool model should be prepared for the fact that they may encounter such an unpleasant moment as an oil lubrication for lubrication of the chain. Exactly the leak is not from the chain, it flows from under the linings. Oil flows from the very beginning. Well I do not know. Oil can flow during work with the inventory and even when it just lies without an act.

Laconic review why the oil in the chainsaw ended with the tire from the tank support our channel than you can, this is what you.

chainsaw, chain, lubrication, system

Oil pump malfunctions

Regardless of the manufacturer, in any model of the chainsaw there are problems in the lubricant system.

Basis oil pump assembly

The nature of the malfunctions of the lubricant can be different, and therefore, before starting the repair, it is necessary to accurately establish the cause of the leakage of the oil or its non.Proceeding on the tire. If you exclude the likelihood of mechanical damage, then the following breakdowns of the lubrication system can be distinguished:

  • Non.Sealed connection of the highway with the output channel of the chainsaw oil pump;
  • Not a dense fit of parts in the plunger system;
  • Non.Compliance of the parameters of the injection chamber and sizes of the plunger;
  • Lack of tightness of the oil line with the inlet fitting of the oil pump.

It must be remembered that in the absence of the tightness of the plunger system and the location of the lubricant tank above it, the rapid flow of oil will be observed (2-3 days).

Eliminating the leakage of oil from the chainsaw, provided that it is not easy to use it is quite easy. To do this, you need several screwdrivers and locksmith keys.

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