Why is the tire on the chainsaw warmer. How to fix

Why the chainsaws are heated

Manufacturers of chainsaws, for each specific model, recommend the use of a saw tire of a certain size and technical parameters. For the right choice, it is worth considering these parameters and then there will be no problems.

Main settings

During the choice, take into account the main five parameters, this is:

  • Length.
  • The width of the guide groove.
  • Step of the tire star.
  • The number of links of the chain intended for it.
  • Type of shank and models of chainsaws on which it is permissible to install it.

Depending on the power of the chainsaw on it, it is permissible to install a headset of different lengths, which allows you to adjust performance and load on the saw. Producers can indicate the length both in centimeters and in inches and, as a rule, this is not the entire length of the tire, but only the characteristics of the length of its working part. The correct choice of tires for the chainsaw should begin by studying the instructions for the chainsaw and clarifying the permissible length for a particular model. For example, for the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw, recommended lengths. 14 or 15 inches.

When choosing a headset, do not neglect the instructions and use components of a larger length, t.To. This can lead to excessive load on the engine and its premature wear.

The width of the guide groove, like the step of the sprocket on the tire, must correspond to the same parameters of the saw chain, otherwise installing the chain on the tire will not be possible. The width of the groove for household models of chainsaws is 1.1 and 1.3mm for professional models 1.5. The most common stars step sizes are 0.325 and 3/8 inches.

When choosing, remember that the step of the sprocket of the chain should be the same as the step of the leading star of the chainsaw, respectively, when replacing the tire and the leading star in the kit, you can choose these parameters at your request.

Depending on the type of shank, the tire can only be installed on certain chainsaws. This is due to the fact that the hole for lubricating the chain on the tires designed for certain brands of chainsaws can be located in different places. For example, it is impossible to install the tire from the chainsaw of the stihl brand on Khuskvarna and vice versa, be sure to consider this when choosing.

High.Quality video description of the selection process can be viewed below. In this video, a specialist of the sales department of the gas instrument, talks about the main characteristics of the saw headset of its types and sizes.

The engine stalls

The engine started, but at idle or at a load of a chainsaw stalls stalls. In this case, the same actions should be performed most often that described above.

How to adjust the chainsaw depends on when the problems begin:

Stalls immediately after launch:

  • The fuel mixture is prepared incorrectly, there is too much oil in it, so the octane number of gasoline is less than it should be, so the chainsaw works only on the suction or immediately stalls.
  • Feast on the spark plug or the wrong gap between the candle and the wire.

He stalls and does not work at idle:

  • The muffler clogged. It is necessary to clean from soot.
  • The settings of the carburetor were lost. It is required to adjust the idle on the chainsaw. It is performed using adjusting bolts that label L and H. How to adjust the idle passage, see the article about the adjustment of the carburetor.

Stalls at maximum speeds and works only on leaks

  • Cut an air or fuel filter. You need to clean and check the seals.
  • The saapun is clogged and because of this does not come fuel and the pumping of gasoline on the chainsaw does not work. Take the needle and carefully clean the bacon.
  • Fault of the gasoline pump. Remove the pump and check if gasoline applies from it. If it oozes, replace the sealing gasket or the pump itself.

Basil does not saw under load and stalls

  • The air filter is clogged. You need to get a filter, clean or even rinse, dry and install it back.
  • Incorrect proportion. Drain the fuel and mix oil and gasoline in the correct proportion.

Why is a chainsaw saw crookedly, and how to quickly solve the problem

Many owners of the chainsaws know that when working with a tree whose diameter exceeds 30 centimeters, the sawing of the material is accompanied by a curvature of the tire, which seems to lead. The problem becomes obvious with an increase in the diameter of the barrel, when the operators use the “double cut” technique (make a cut from above, then they turn the barrel and make a second cut to finish the material to the end). If the chainsaw saws crookedly, the reason should be identified immediately.

The main causes of the crooked saw of the chainsaw

If during the work of the chainsaw begins to saw crookedly, then in addition to the uneven sawing, we get a number of the following negative consequences:

  • The sawdust needs to make physical efforts to keep the tool in the right direction
  • Fuel consumption increases, which is associated with an increase in the path of passage by the tool on the sawing material
  • Increasing the load on the leading star, which leads to its accelerated wear
  • The tire wears out, since the load increases only on one side
  • The productivity of the tool is reduced
  • Obtaining a crooked cut. If the forest is prepared for the manufacture of boards, then the curves of the trunks are equated with marriage. If the tree is drunk on firewood, then in the end, a curved-sprinkled log will not be very convenient to run
  • Discomfort when working. The master quickly gets tired, working as a faulty tool

Why can a chainsaw be crookedly sawing trees? Many might think that the reason is a tire for a chainsaw, but in fact there are four main reasons:

  • Incorrect or uneven sharpening of teeth
  • The use of a chain, tires or asterisks that do not match the step
  • Wear of the saw set. Often this is due to the abrasion of one side of the tire
  • Unstemedly toned chain

The teeth are sharpened unevenly

If the tool saws one side, then the first thing you need to check the chain. The teeth should not just be sharp, but also properly sharpened. Correct sharpening is when each tooth grows at the same distance with the previous. In this way of sharpening, it is possible to exclude the occurrence of a chain imbalance during sawing. The instructions for the instrument indicate that each tooth when sharpening should grind at the same distance. If this requirement is not fulfilled, then besides the fact that the chainsaw will be taken aside, an increase in the load on the engine is not excluded.

Unevenly stubborn teeth are the most common problem of crooked saw.

tire, chainsaw, warmer

How to avoid improper sharpening

In order to warn the cut curve due to uneven sharpening, it is possible from time to time or with severe damage to use a special sharpening machine for editing the chain. Buy a machine and sharpen yourself or give for sharpening to the workshop.

The fact is that the machine during sharpening is configured on the most worn tooth, which has a smaller size among all. After the sharpening is carried out, all the teeth will have the same size, which will be equal to the tooth, through which tuning was made.

The disadvantage of this method is that the resource of the chain is significantly reduced, t. To. You have to grind hard even damaged teeth. Try to use the chainsaw, monitor the nails and any other metal products that may come across when cutting old boards and other trash.

The use of an inappropriate chain

It is no secret that the tire of the chainsaw, like the chain, has several basic characteristics, one of them, this is the width of the groove for installing the chain. The width of the groove can have several main sizes:

How To Repair Chainsaw Stihl Chainsaw Starting Problems || Stihl Chainsaw Starting Problems

Imagine that we take a chain with a landing width of 1.1 and install it on a tire with a groove of 1.3 mm. Initially, having pulled it well, we may not notice the differences, but as soon as the stretch weakens a little, the gap of 0.2 mm will not make it possible to move evenly along the tire, it will lean into one of the sides and we will again get a crooked cut material.

When buying a spare circuit to a chainsaw, call its exact dimensions, not a brand and a chainsaw model. On the same models of chainsaws, different tires can be installed and, accordingly, the chains will also be different.

Check the width of the chain landing, you can use a caliper.

To eliminate the malfunction, if the tire of the chainsaw is not very much damaged and there is no uneven wear on it, it will be necessary to replace only the chain. If wear is already observed on it, it is necessary to install a completely new set.

Strong wear of the saw canvas

The tire serves much longer than the chain. However, this does not mean that it can be exploited forever, and not think about replacing it. Usually the guide changes after 2-3 worn chains. Before replacing the guide chainsaw, you need to evaluate its technical condition. If the tire of Chinese.Made is installed on the chainsaw, then it can be worn out faster than the chain. That is why if the crooked cut of the wood of the chainsaw is detected, it is necessary to diagnose the tire.

To verify the wear of the tire, it is necessary to remove it and inspect it. Usually wear is manifested by a shortened one of the sides. Sometimes it is extremely extremely difficult to detect, so you need to use a caliper. The difference of several tenths of MM suggests that the tire needs to be replaced. There is still a simple way to check the deployment of the guide using a square. For this, the tire is located on a flat surface, and you need to put a square to the side. If the guide walls are in contact with the square from above and below, then the part is serviceable.

! It is possible to increase the service life of the guide chainsaw only by periodic turning it. To do this, be sure to make sure that the tool provides such an opportunity, which will tell the appropriate markings on the headset about.

Accelerated tire wear can occur due to improper functioning of the oil pump. If the lubricant is served with large breaks, then friction increases accordingly, which means that the details wear out faster. If the lubricant works properly, then this increases the service life of not only the headset, but the entire tool.

Chain for the chainsaw. Chain repair experience of a chain. How to repair and shorten the chain

When buying a chainsaw, be prepared for the fact that you will have to master not only skill in cutting logs and cutting trees, but also repair of the tool. Having studied the instructions without fail, check the correctness of the work, in other words, test the tool. It’s good if the work goes smoothly and smoothly, however, it may be that the saw leads to the sides, or it generally refuses to cut the log. The first thing that experienced experts always pay attention to is the tension of the chain on the chainsaw.

Why is the chain stretched on the chainsaw?

The chain on any chainsaw is stretched over time, this applies not only to budget models, but also by well.Known brands, such as “STIHL”. This process is facilitated by the following reasons:

  • Low.Quality oil pump tuning. Leads to improper oil supply, increasing the heating of the metal during sawing.
  • Forest roll and construction in adverse, extreme conditions. Particles of dust, dirt or sand fall on the links of the headset, act as abrasive material. Gradually wipe the joints.
  • The use of spent or low.Quality oil with M M metal.
  • Installation of a new headset without adjusting adjusting bolts after each use.
  • Decrease in natural voltage after long and intensive work.

Closure stretching is a normal process for a saw set. It can be controlled using the recommended oil manufacturer, compliance with the operating rules of the tool. If you do not pay attention to the tension, then this can lead to a breakdown of the tool, a decrease in its productivity and dangerous injuries during operation.

Important! Oil must be selected taking into account the technical characteristics of the model of your saw. The instructions always indicate which mixture should be used.

Now on sale there are many models of chains for chainsaws. First you need to know which size is suitable for your chainsaw and not to be mistaken in the purchase. The second step must be correctly installed on a chainsaw. This is a somewhat time.Consuming process, but if you know how to put on and set up a chain on the saw tire, then the radial owner should not have problems. We tried to describe in detail the process of installing a saw canvas on a chainsaw.

We hope that after reading this article you will succeed the first time. But to minimize the appearance of problems with the chainsaw and chain in the future, do not forget 3 basic rules:

  • If the chain has worn out and sagged, replace it with a new one;
  • If a vibration appears when sawing a bad one, follow the chain tension on the chainsaw;
  • Never use defective or repaired dubious specialists with saw canvases, your health and those who are nearby are much more important than a little savings in the purchase of a new and reliable chain.

Sharpening chains with a chainsaw with your own hands

The chain tooth scalates the tree as a plane, and the thickness of the chips is regulated by the height of the limiter.

The intensive work of the saw leads to the rapid dullness of the chain. Within one day, several sharpeners may be required. The problem is also aggravated by the fact that the tooth is stupid quickly when he meets the earth. It is enough to put the tire on the tire once or twice, and the work can be stopped. The chips become small, and the saw stops to delve into the tree.

The sooner the blurted teeth are pointed, the less material must be removed when sharpening. The service life of the saw chain is greater. To determine the moment when the sharpening is already required, it is simple enough. An important feature is the supply force. Correctly sharpened chain

Drawn into a cut with a small impetus. If, on the contrary, the chainsaws are forced to see with increased supplier, the teeth are dulled. The dull chain can also be recognized if, instead of a large thick chip, only small chips are pushed out of the cut.

In this situation, a chainsaw must be urgently imprisoned. Do not use dull or defective saw chain. The consequence is a strong voltage in the body, a large cyclic load, poor cutting results. In addition, this means decreasing performance, high fuel consumption and increased wear of all parts of the chain saw.

Using special equipment

Experienced masters recommend using specialized shortening equipment. This allows you to qualitatively work, avoid breakdowns with the subsequent operation of the tool.

Rubber for rivets

This is a mechanical device similar to the usual press. The package includes an anvil, grooves for fixing a saw set with a different step of teeth. For convenience, there are interchangeable tips for squeezing rivets. The tool is intended only for separation of links.

The rivet-probe machine

Used with a punch for riveting and rolling a saw chain with different steps. The depth of cut the headset can vary from 1.1 to 2 mm. The configuration includes rotating inserts, an anvils with marking A or B (the difference in the step of the links).

The mechanism of work. A saw chain with a new link and fresh rivets are attached to the guides. After that, the site is pressed with a roller to the built.In anvil, the engine is launched. During rotation, he presses and crushes the rivet. During the process, it is required to slowly tighten the adjusting screw. The advantage of a riveted-high-profile machine-the rivets do not differ in quality and strength from the factory, withstand a large load.

Important! It is impractical to purchase machines for a home workshop. They have a high cost and are only aimed at working with the headset of the chainsaw.

Sharpet tools for circuits

There are lines on the holder with a round file that allow it to properly position it regarding the chain. The holder is attached to the pointed tooth in accordance with the orientation lines. In this case, the plate itself rests on the upper edge of the tooth and the depth indicator, and the file is under the cutting edge.

Why is the tire on the chainsaw warmer?

The correct stretch of the chain of the chainsaw extends the service life of the cutting headset. The chain stretch should be done as follows: 1.Previously loosening the tire mounting nuts, we pull the chain until sagging, rotating the chain tension screw clockwise. 2.It is important not to pull the chain. To do this, we try to stretch the chain in the direction of rotation in the glove with a glove. The chain should scroll on the tire with a slight effort, at the same time should not sag. If the chain cannot be stretched, weaken the stretch of the chain, rotating the tension screw counterclockwise. When performing a broach, do not forget to remove the brake of the saw chain.

We suggest watching a video tension of the chain of the chain of the Stihl MS 181 chain.

In the process, the chain heats up and can sag. In no case do not work with a sagging chain. Drown out the saw and tighten the chain. After completion of the work, it is necessary to loosen the stretch, as the chain cooling down, becomes pulled out. The work of a tattered chain reduces the service life of the tire and leads to a break in the links of the chain.

With proper operation, it is recommended to have 2 chains in stock. The tire must be periodically turned over, for more uniform wear. Turned over the tire. Change the chain. It is generally accepted that with the normal operation of the saw, 4 chains and 2 stars account for the wear of one tire.This indicator depends on the chainsaw class (household STIHL MS 180, semi.Professional MS 250 or professional saws MS 260, MS 361, MS 660).

The same recommendations can also be carried out in relation to the chainsaws of Husqvarna. Partner and Shindaiwa. During operation, a production is formed on a leading asterisk, which increases the step on the asterisk, respectively, before this increased step is pulled out and the chain. Therefore, it is not recommended for an old star that has a production, to install a new chain.

The new chain will move in a spasmodic, which leads to a break in links and a reduction in service life.

Before starting work, check the oil supply for the lubrication of the chain. To do this, put a sheet of paper on the ground, sit with a chainsaw above the sheet, and pressing the gas trigger, increase the engine speed until the circuit rotates. With normal oil supply, the oil track will be noticeable on paper (spot). In the absence of oil supply, try to clean the oil supply channels on the tire. If this does not help, contact the service center. Operation of a chainsaw without supply, leads to the exit of the tire and chain. We also recommend that we familiarize yourself with the article on the choice of chainsaw.


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Technical care and maintenance of the chainsaw of Stihl. Tips and recommendations

If you decide to buy a Stihl chainsaw or have already purchased this tool, then you will probably have a number of questions related to its operation and maintenance. In our information articles on the site, we will try to answer most of them.

The first launch of Stihl gasoline saw.

Before starting the chainsaw, carefully read the instrumentation instructions that is attached to the product. A completely new saw is considered up to the third refueling of the fuel tank. Such a tool cannot be used to work at high engine rotation speeds, as well as at low loads.

At the first launches, all moving elements of the unit should, first of all, to work with each other. During the use of the tool, the engine gains its highest power only after 5-15 tank gas stations (do not confuse the engine of 5-15 gas stations with the engine!!).

tire, chainsaw, warmer

Therefore, the first pair of fuel tanks should be worked on medium loads (sawing small logs, pruning the garden, etc.), then the chainsaw can already be used in different modes.

How To Repair Chainsaw | Starting Problems | ChainSaw Repairing Video

Fuel refueling and subsequent storage.

To operate a two.Stroke engine, you should use a fuel mixture of gasoline of AI 92 or AI 95 gasoline with StiHL branded engine oil, which can always be bought in the KHK trading network or order it with delivery on our website. The quality of fuel and lubricants is the main factor that determines the performance of the work and the duration of the motor of the motor motorcycle.

How to prepare a fuel mixture correctly? In clean, the canister prepared for the fuel must first pour engine oil, then add gasoline and mix well. When preparing the mixture, you must observe a 1:50 proportion (for example: 10 ml of oil per 0.5 l of gasoline, 200 ml of oil per 10 l of gasoline, etc.D.).

In the process of preparing the fuel mixture, it is necessary to use exclusively benzo.Resistant cans, it is categorically impossible to use plastic containers, bottles of PET, etc.P. A mixture of gasoline and oil tends to oxidize (“ages”), so its supply makes sense to prepare a maximum of 2 weeks.

No need to prepare fuel for six months in 20 liter canists! Work with fresh fuel and lubricants! Fuel and canister saw tank should be periodically cleaned and washed from abrasive chips or dust.

How to grease the tire?

Lubricated with washed aqueous solution, dissolved laundry soap is ideal. It is dissolved, not liquid, it ceases to be slippery faster after installation, decays.

For lubrication, you can use a multi.Purpose lubrication of Stihl. If you do not want to overpay, it is better to use an inexpensive, but no less high.Quality option, lubrication of liletics or lilest 24. Due to its viscosity, Litol will easily replace the original.

Disadvantages of the saw

In the Russian market, you can find not very high.Quality fakes of the Partner 350 chainsaw, which is not only an additional evidence of its popularity, but also harms the brand as a whole. And other models of this brand are successful with summer residents and farmers.

If you are ready to consider Partner 350 as your home tool for sawing non.Weed trees, cutting of branches and other not very voluminous works, then the disadvantages should also know that more often than others called their owners:

Not a very high.Quality system of extinguishing vibration, as a result of which hands get tired quite quickly. But, given the fact that this is a household tool that requires a 15-20-minute rest every 20-25 minutes of work, you can come to terms with this drawback.

Oil leakage from the chain lubricant system, which, however, suffers from the majority of the chainsaws, including it, including the more eminent relative of the Partner chainsaw. Khuskvarna.(link)

Lack of visual control over the level of oil, which is not very convenient to work, and the operation of a saw without lubrication will lead to rapid stretching, overheating and wear of the chain.

Of course, you can use this saw to dump a tree with a thickness of up to 30. 35 centimeters, but its main purpose is working on the site. Therefore, we offer you the most objective video review of this model:

tire, chainsaw, warmer

Renovator. Multifunctional tool

The chain does not cut

Reducing the performance of the chainsaw is associated with the denture of the chain. This is the most common problem, t.To. Sharpening must be done regularly. How to do this using a machine, file or corner grinding, read in the corresponding article.

When cutting, you can notice that an uneven cut is obtained. Why is a chainsaw saw crookedly? There are several reasons:

  • Incorrect sharpening of the chain. The teeth are sharpened at an irregular angle or only in one direction. Correct sharpening is necessary.
  • Incorrectly selected chain. With very high speeds, the difference is even in 0.2-0.3 mm between the width of the groove or the width of the landing will be visible why the chainsaw and saws in the side. It is necessary to set the corresponding circuit.
  • Uneven wear of the tire. Over time, the tire wears out on one side and then the chain takes to the side. Turn the tire regularly so that wear is uniform on both sides. If the wear is too large, replace the tire.

Malfunctions and how to repair the tire

With your own hands, a detailed scheme and understanding of the main mechanisms of the device will be required to repair the chainsaws with your own hands. The guide tire and its fasteners are vulnerable, consumable parts experiencing the greatest load. You can repair the chainsaw tire yourself or by contacting the service center. Damage and breakdowns in this area are indicated by the absence of normal tension, sharp or intermittent chain stroke, the inability to ensure normal lubrication and fastening of the axis of the cut with respect to the aggregate body. Types of breakdowns:

  • The rear and front leading links are riveted. The reason is the discrepancy between the step of the star and the links of the chain, weak tension or wear of the star. The problem is solved by replacing or adjusting the mechanisms.
  • The presence of broken or non.Kissed links indicate a weak tension or a chain break.
  • Rounded backs of the spouts occur with excessive length of the chain headset and a lack of oil.

How to hide

Periodic sharpening is a mandatory event necessary for the normal operation of the gas station. Methods of independent sharpening of the chain:

  • The use of a file is a simple and common option that allows the event directly at the site of the sawing.
  • The use of a special machine. The method is found in personal farming and service centers.
  • With a corner grinder. Sharpening will require skills.

A special machine is the most effective method. But with the help of a file you can also achieve good results.

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