Why the electric saw has a short cord. Speed ​​adjustment

Repair of the main malfunctions of the chain electric saw

Electric chain saw is an indispensable tool for owners of private houses and cottages. It can be cut off the branches in the garden, cut down trees, cut boards and other materials on wood.Based. But no matter how expensive and reliable this unit was, the moment will come when small or large malfunctions will appear in it. Of course, serious breakdowns should be eliminated only in the service center. But minor repair of a chain electric saw can most often be performed with your own hand.

The device of the chain electric saw differs from the device of the chainsaw only with the type of drive, namely the presence of an electric motor instead of a gasoline engine. The unit is made of an electric motor placed in a plastic case, a lubricant tank, an oil pump, as well as from a tire and a chain that has cutting elements (teeth). How the electric chain saw is arranged, you can consider in the figure below.

Electric saws can be either with the transverse location of the engine (shown in the figure above) and with longitudinal (see. Photo below).

In an electric saw with a transverse location of the engine, the rotational movement from it to the leading star is transmitted directly. In an apparatus with a longitudinally located electric motor, this process is carried out through a gearbox.

Asterisk installed in the same plane with the unit bus, rotating, pulls the chain. The latter installed on the tire of the unit glides over it at high speed. Due to the presence of cutting elements on the chain, the wood is sawing. Since the canvas from the electric saw has a large width than the tire, the tool does not jam in the material, and the sawing process occurs quickly.

To reduce the wear of the saw chain and tires on the electric saws, a lubricant system is installed, which supplies oil to the saw headset.

The lubricant system includes an oil tank with a volume of about 500 ml and an oil pump. The latter during the operation of the electric saw continuously supplies lubrication on the tire. Further, the lubricant spreads with the help of the chain over the entire surface of the tire and falls on both the lead and the guide stars.

Types of saber saws

When choosing saber saws, you need to know the types of power tools that differ in a number of signs.

  • Professional (0.7-1.5 kW). They are able to work for a long time without rest (up to one hour) and have a wide range of additional options. As a result, such saber plates have large sizes, weight and appropriate price.
  • Household (0.4-0.6 kW). Differ in smaller size, have not such an extensive set of functions and weigh less. Designed to solve simpler tasks, for example, cuts of wood or thin metal when performing repairs at home.

For nutrition, saber saws are divided into the following categories:

  • Network. Power from voltage 220 volts. Require a nearby socket. Cannot always be used in hard.To.Reach areas.
  • Battery. Work from independent power sources, differ in greater mobility. Can be applied where there is no network 220 V. Such electroplays are more compact, but the use time is limited by the battery capacity.

Then we prepared the rating of the best, according to our editorial office, models of electric and batteries of saber saws in terms of price and quality ratio that have received many positive reviews.

What characteristics to make a choice

All models of even one brand differ from each other in both essential and insignificant details. Below are the main qualities, at first the most important. Then in decreasing order.

Engine power and its location

The more powerful the engine, the easier the electric saw the material. If tires 40 cm long are on two models, but engines are 1.2 kW and 2.2 kW, both are capable of cutting a stack of 35 cm long. But more powerful will do it easier, faster, without overheating and overload, which means it will last longer.

There is a pattern. The more powerful the electrical drank, the heavier and more expensive it consumes more energy.

Therefore, when choosing, you should choose an option suitable for upcoming work. It makes no sense to cut the average blanks with a heavy tool. The most universal central power plants are.

Type of power

Comparison of network and battery electric saws are given above. Battery options without reflection are chosen when you need to work at removal from electric sockets, at an altitude, in hard.To.Reach places.

This is a pruning of the garden, harvesting firewood for a fire in the forest, construction work, especially at a height. That is, wherever there is no network electricity nearby or the wire will seriously complicate the work.

In view of the weakness of the engine, the saw set on such a tool should always be in good condition. If with a powerful engine you can saw a slightly blunt chain, deformation and light stuck of the chain in the tire groove, then the battery version will lose a significant part of the power and capabilities.

Dimensions saw it

What diameter is the log, or what width of the stack can be cut in one pass, depends on the length of the tire and chain (sawing head). A 25 cm long tire can cut a log with a diameter of 20-24 cm and a stack of the same width. Why not 25 cm. It is better if the tip of the tire comes out, then sawdust is easier to remove from the cut.

In this case, the height of the stack can be any. Therefore, the depth drank from such a tool is not limited.

The thickness of the drink from different models is from 6 to 10 mm, always a little thicker than the thickness of the saw headset. Subtle drink is preferable. When sawing less wood resistance, higher the speed and accuracy of the cut.

The presence of an oil tank and its container

Chains during operation requires lubrication. Therefore, there is an oil tank on all models. The volume of the oil tank is specified in the instructions for the operation of each model (from about 100 to 180 ml). The larger it is, the less often you have to fill in the oil.

An enlarged tank increases the dimensions and weight of the tool. Given the fact that the dimensions of the tanks differ slightly, this parameter is of little value when choosing.

Food wire

In many cases, work is carried out at a distance from the outlet. Therefore, you have to use the extension cord. The longer the wire of the saw itself, the more often the extension cord is not required. A 1.5-2 m wire can be considered an advantage. But it turns into a lack of storage and transportation of the tool.

A 30-50 cm electric saw with a short wire is easier to put in a box, on a shelf. No need to clean up and unwind the cord. Long extension cords are wound on the drum or are constantly in place, so it’s easier to handle them. There is no point in putting a drum under a cord on a hand tool (dimensions, weight). Therefore, most models have short power wires.

Around the angle ⁠

You were never scared by these unlit nozzles with a garbage chute in the porches? My fantasy haunts me when I look deep into these places.

What is good saber’s saw

This unit is simple and understandable for any user who has at least some experience with an electric tool. Long case, pistol grip of the handle, a gashlet, a couple of switches, a working canvas. Nothing new. Even a newcomer will figure out what and will easily find a decent use of a multifunctional machine.

In fact, a saber saw is an analogue of a manual hacksaw familiar to everyone, it is sometimes called “electric knit”. The principle of operation of this tool is the same as that of the jigsaw, it is not surprising that they are very often compared. In fairness, we note that the “saber” was developed a couple of decades earlier (1927) and became the progenitor of an electrician. The working canvas makes reciprocating movements and with teeth selects the material-cutting occurs. At one time, the invention of the pendulum passage was the revolutionary, which significantly increased the efficiency of the saw. About him a little later.

Skeptics say that the saber can be easily replaced with any other cutting tool, corner grinding, jigsaw or a set of all kinds of saws. But is it?

Firstly, the saber’s saw is a truly universal unit, which is useful to the carpenter, plumbing, roofer, finisher, both on amateur and professional levels. It can cut wood, wood along with metal elements, steel, non.Ferrous metals, stone, plastic, foam blocks, composites, ceramics, glass You just have to choose the right canvas. We have absolute omnivorousness.

Second, this tool has a very successful longitudinal layout. A narrow elongated gearbox and a long canvas allow you to crawl into a very limited space. Imagine that you need to saw off a pipe or a flush beam with a wall, neither the circular, nor the corner grinder, nor the jigsaw (with its short saw, a wide supporting platform and a closely located case) will help here).

The third, saber saw is great for weight work, including parts of any shape. Corners, boards, bars, pipes, specialized rental. For the same reason, the tool is very productively used for pruning trees (garden and park architecture), when you need to carefully clear the crown, cut a large branch.

The fourth, possessing good maneuverability, a saber saw with a narrow canvas will help to make a curly cut. Drinking curved parts from sheet materials, rounding blanks, making complex structures. Not a problem, especially since there is usually, albeit not a large, supporting shoe.

Fifth, “saber” is indispensable in dismantling. It is very quickly cut off by the old window frame, cut the openings, disassemble steel heating. And the ability of a saber saw to cut a wooden beam along with nails or screws clogged into it, indeed, it costs a lot.

The sixth, this tool is much safer than Bulgarians, disk and chain saws. When working with a saber saw there is no dust, you do not need to be afraid of sparks, scale, overheating of the workpiece.

Milwaukee 6538-21 15 AMP Super Sawzall

Seventh, such saws are unpretentious in maintenance, they have been serving for a very long time.

Those who could not make friends with a saber’s saw call on the two.Handedness of the apparatus, the absence of a support roller and a full.Fledged platform (linen departure). Disadvantages these nuances can be called conditionally, after all, this is not a jigsaw-the “saber” solves a much wider range of problems.

electric, short, cord, speed

How to use electric saw

Above it has already been written that the end of the working electric saw should be kept away from the items. But the electric saw is suitable for cutting trees in the forest. You will need an electric generator for at least 6 kW, because the considered instrument of a single.Phase. It is better if three lumberjacks do work at the same time. This will provide an uniform load on three phases of the engine, which will create a sparing mode of operation.

Powerful electric saw is good, but often it is also noisy, and heavy, and rough. To get a thin, even cut, take a weak motor. It will not please the speed, but the quality is higher.

On the raw wood, electric saw is not going on, and a number of models will stop due to built-in protection. As the process moves, constantly monitor whether the waste is filled near the leading star. Part of the electric saw sins by the fact that the scraps carrying towards the case, and they remain inside. For greater speed, try to take the engine more powerful, but remember about the working cycle. This means that the electric drain should be rested periodically. For example, it can work for 15 minutes, then rest is laid. Depending on the needs, choose the correct working cycle of electric saws, carefully read the operating manual on this topic (see. Example in the figure).

It is important to work correctly with an electric saw. You can not raise it above the level of the elbows, get up with the unit on the stairs. Look carefully under your feet to stand on a flat, solid surface. Without the ability to slip. Most of the electric saws, despite the complex inclusion mechanism, have the ability to block the condition. But the engine will continue to work until you stop it. And if the electric saw unsuccessfully breaks out of the hands, then irreparable can happen. All types of electric saws must be kept away from combustible and explosive materials.

Carefully select an extension cord for a high degree of protection by IPX4 or IPX5. This is streaming and splashing sockets, they will be 100% withstand all the tests. Electric spells often do not have grounding, and the presence of a lateral turn or its absence does not matter. But the outlet should be connected through a differential machine. And, if it takes place in nature, such protection is required. Please note that the generator should be grounded, but for the outlet it does not matter.

During the story about electric saws, we did not say three.Phase options: it is difficult to find them. The collector engine is usually powered by one phase, and voltage 380 V is used mainly for asynchronous. It is clear that if they meet, then in the form of machines in industry to reduce the noise level. As for domestic options, they are designed for power 220 in. This is inconvenient, because most generators are three.Phase.

Add that a differential automatic is needed to protect the saw and worker from the danger of close. The considered class of devices is connected simultaneously to the phase and zero wire. According to the rules of the PUE socket for equipment operating in street conditions, they are supplied with a differential automaton of protection with a current threshold threshold threshold for not higher than 30 mA.

The main malfunctions and their signs

Typical faults of manual circulars include the following situations.

  • The saw does not turn on. A network cable, electric fork, start button or electric brushes may be faulty.
  • The engine engine is very hot. Such symptoms can be the result of an inter.Seal circuit (cliff) in the coils of the anchor or stator, as well as an too intense mode of operation of the unit.
  • The gearbox of the apparatus is overheated. Overheating of this node can occur due to the failure of the bearing or lack of lubrication on the gears.
  • The brushes sparkle. This usually happens due to their excessive wear.
  • A burning ring is visible around the engine collector. If during the operation of the unit there is a circular spark around the engine collector, then its appearance can cause a malfunction of the anchor winding or clogging of the space between the lamelons of the collector of graphite dust.
  • The unit does not develop the required power. Power drop can be due to the drop in voltage in the network, a malfunction of the engine windings, wear of electrical brushes, and the trigger malfunction.
  • During operation of the unit, the rattle and other extraneous sounds are heard. These symptoms can be caused by a breakdown of the gears of the gear or a malfunction of the bearings.
  • The engine is buzzing, but the unit does not work. Perhaps jamming in the gearbox occurred.

Why does the electric kettle have such a short cord (wire), with which it is connected?

A meter maximum why such a short wire, kettles bought different and often everyone has a short wire, why?


Take the kettle in your hands with its supply stand. The electric wire does not reach the floor, t. To. Its length does not exceed 0.5 m. Imagine if it were longer and touched the floor. The sagging wire poses a threat not only for the hostess and households, but also for other people, for example, working in the office. Safety rules that are provided for a hot device with boiling water indicate what danger lies in wait for the user:

  • Will step on the cord, get confused and fall;
  • When transferring a kettle with a stand from one place to another, a long wire will hook for the furniture or corner of the table;
  • The child will pull the long wire and overturn the hot kettle, which will lead to trouble.

If the sockets in the house, in the kitchen are installed at the floor level, a kettle with a short cord will seem an uncomfortable electrical appliance. For safety reasons, do not lengthen it at the expense of other extensions and adapters. Just install an additional outlet designed exclusively for the water heating device, in the place where it will be located.

electric, short, cord, speed

What to look for when choosing

Today the market presents a large number of models of chain electric saws, which have not only different characteristics, but also functionality.

Therefore, it is not difficult to get confused when choosing a model under your needs without overpaying.

Below we will list the criteria, which are primarily worth paying attention to when choosing.

Side / longitudinal motor or battery

Electric saws presented on the market are with a lateral or longitudinal location. The last option is highlighted by greater maneuverability and allows you to solve more complex problems.

To perform simple work, you can take models with a lateral location of the power unit.

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To obtain autonomy, you can buy a saw with an independent power source. Battery capacity is most often enough for autonomous cutting for half an hour.

Such devices are more expensive (about 8,000), but you can save on fuel.

Power choice

When buying an electric saw, it is important to look at the power, which is mostly the engine. By this parameter it is easy to judge the functionality of the product and its ability to perform complex tasks.

So, the greater the power of the model, the higher its performance, and the better the product copes with solid materials.

The minus is that such devices have a higher weight and price.

For convenience in online stores, the power parameter is divided into several categories: less than 500 watts, from 0.5 to 1 kW, from 1.1 to 1.5 kW, from 1.6 to 2.5 kW, etc. D.

Supply voltage

This parameter applies to electric saws with batteries. It is necessary to know it if there is already a battery at home, and it is important to choose a tool compatible with it.

If the power source goes along with the saw, you can not look at it. It does not carry important information.

The manufacturer selects this indicator taking into account the capacity is enough to maintain the declared characteristics.

At the same time, electric cars with a voltage of 11 to 58 V are presented on the market with fluctuations in the lower and upper side.

By functionality

When choosing a chain electric saw, it is advisable to pay attention to its functionality.

  • The brake of the chain. Provides a sharp stop of the file when rebooting from the tree, which excludes the contact of the working mechanism with the skin.
  • Vibration protection. It is a set of solutions to reduce the vibrational component, which improves the quality of work, extends the life of the tool and reduces fatigue.
  • Non.Clock tension. Allows you to adjust the chain manually without the use of additional devices. This is convenient when the electric saw is used away from the house, and there is no desired tool nearby.
  • Smooth start. The essence of the option implies the regulation of the starting current to gradually increase the speed of the circuit. Thanks to this feature, the load on the mechanism and the danger of letting it out of the hands in the process are reduced.
  • Engine protection. Designed to turn off the motor in the case of a wedge of the tool. The goal is to protect the device from breakdowns and increased loads.
  • Small set. This category includes models that do not provide for the grease of the saw. Their feature is a focus on short work with a large load, because otherwise the chain needs lubrication.
  • Brighting engine. Stands out in terms of efficiency in terms of energy consumption, has a low noise level, does not spark. The disadvantages of such units include the complexity of the design and high price.
  • Revolutions regulation. Allows you to change the speed of rotation of the motor and, accordingly, the working part. In fact, we are talking about regulating speed, which is useful when performing simple work.
  • Maintaining revolutions. An option that allows maintaining the speed of rotation at the same level, regardless of the load level. To solve the problem, automation changes power taking into account the load. The higher the latter, the greater the power, and vice versa. Maintaining constant speed of dranking positively affects the quality of work, the service life of the chain and electric saw as a whole.
  • A free replacement of the canvas. Allows you to change the tire or canvas without additional equipment, which increases the ease of operation.
  • Eligator of the charge level. May look like a LED or other types of signs. Most often is on the case or the power source itself. Helps to control the level of charge and reduces the risk of staying with a discharged battery at the right time.
  • Food from two batteries. For such electric saws you need two batteries at once, which increases the total battery life and indicates a higher tool power.

It is important to take into account that the addition of each function increases the cost of the selected model.

Tire size

When choosing an electric saw for giving, you need to take into account the size of the tire, which is indicated taking into account the working length. It depends on him how deeply a drink will be made. In addition, this indicator can be judged by engine power.

But in any case, the depth cannot exceed the length / radius of the tire. It is worth noting that the larger the tire, the more powerful the motor needs, so you cannot exceed the existing limits.

Huter ELS-2400 70/10/2 with a tire of 450 mm, power 2.4 kW

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The quality of the oil pump

By this parameter, one can judge the reliability of the drive and its ability to “cope” with oil of different viscosity levels.

On budget models you will have to choose between the risk of leakage and the need to pump the system after performing work.

The mechanism of tension

The presence of quick regulation is the best solution in comparison using adjusting bolts.

But the main criterion remains strength, and here is losing Chinese products and even Bosch.

The reliability of the gearbox

When buying a power plant for a summer house or for a private house, it is important to pay attention to the reliability of the gearbox.

To reduce the cost in the device, plastic gears are used, which in the future are difficult to find on sale.

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