Why the jigsaw does not cut. Replacing the start button with a speed regulator

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The jigsaw is working but not sawing. Doing it yourself to repair a jigsaw. What to do if there are accuracy problems

An electric jigsaw is the most convenient and versatile tool for demanding woodwork. It can be used to make artistic carvings, prepare various parts for joinery and perform other tasks.

To get the best result of the work, you need to know how to correctly saw with an electric jigsaw.

  • The material to be cut must be securely fastened. Poorly secured workpiece. one of the main causes of sawing errors. The jigsaw might bounce, come off the mark or even go in an arc. By the way, if the jigsaw cuts crookedly, check if the direction of the kerf coincides with the direction of the fibers. If this is the case, it is better to make the cut with a circular saw.
  • When it is necessary to make a cut on the inside of the workpiece, you should pre-drill a hole in the place where you start the work.
  • Do not apply too much force when working with the tool. An electric tool cuts wood reasonably well and without excessive pressure. If you push the jigsaw hard, the saw and motor get very hot and there is a higher risk of breakage. Also, the overpressure. main reason for splintering.
  • When cutting hardwood it is advisable to add some machine oil to the blade.
  • Sometimes you have to work at low rpm. In this case, it is necessary to take frequent breaks in the work, because the saw gets very hot.

Preparing the tool for work and accessories

The jigsaw is a kind of multipurpose device, which in some cases can replace a number of tools. Before starting work, you should inspect the tool externally: check the integrity of the power cable, check the connection to the mains supply.

It is also important to choose the right cutting blade. each material to be sawn has its own requirements. The marking on the material should be clear and well visible. You can use a laser guide, if it is included with the jigsaw. However, experienced craftsmen, for a more accurate cut, it is advised to be guided by the marks applied to the soleplate. All work is better performed on the saw table. this element can be purchased in the store, or equip it yourself.

A number of manufacturers produce additional tools to help with various operations. The following accessories are a good help:

jigsaw, does, replacing, start, button, speed

#1. Parallel stop. ideal for cutting circles.

#2. Parallel stop. for straight cuts.

#3. Guide rail. makes it easy to cut in a straight line.

#4. Removable pad for the jigsaw foot. can be made of plastic or metal and is used to improve sliding of the jigsaw on the surface of the material to be sawn.

#5. Anti-splinter pad. used to reduce the likelihood of splintering while working, especially important when sawing laminated lumber.

Once you have learned how to use your jigsaw properly, you can get down to cutting. The choice of the saw and the mode of operation plays a rather important role in the process of sawing the material and operation of the tool. The jigsaw may break if it is not used properly. The following recommendations should therefore not be neglected.

jigsaw, does, replacing, start, button, speed

Characteristics that influence cutting accuracy

Certain parameters can influence the nature of the cut. When choosing a tool, it is worth paying attention to:

  • Power level that influences speed and cutting depth. High-powered units avoid vibrations and bending of the saw blade during work on any material.
  • RPM that affects the cutting speed. Experts recommend a high RPM if you have to saw soft wood. Lower speed is best for steel.
  • Smooth start that lets you perform the cutting operation smoothly and without jerks.
  • Tool weight. A unit with a higher weight often drifts into a different angle during operation.
  • RPM adjustment capability. With this function, the craftsman can select the sawing mode, taking into account the material characteristics of the workpiece.
  • Maintaining RPM under load. Steady movement of the cutting unit contributes to a smooth sawing seam. This eliminates the risk of splintering or veering off track.
  • Blow direction. Air blows on cutting area, cools engine and sweeps away sawdust. This improves visibility of the cutting point.

Important! To increase visual control over the direction of the cut, it is recommended to use a work area light.

Rules for a smooth cut with the jigsaw

Electric jigsaw. a versatile tool, indispensable in the household. People in the know say it comes with experience. The more you practice, the better the result.

Repairing a Power Saw for Standard Metalworking Failures at Home

If you hear an unpleasant, ear-crushing noise and smell burning, the problem is a lack of oil in the mechanism. If the sump is full, the problem is in the contamination of the conductive ducts. You either need to clean the furrows or put a new oil pump on the power saw. There are also frequent situations where the device does not stop immediately, but after some time. The longer the electric saw has been in use, the longer the time interval. The problem is solved by replacing the brake belt. If the tool vibrates a lot during operation and loses power, the brushes are worn and need to be replaced as a matter of urgency. The reasons why the electric saw chain does not turn may be due to such malfunctions:

Also, the chain may not rotate because of improper tensioning. Read the instructions to learn how to tension the chain and check the degree of tension.

Most of the problems, however unfortunate, are the result of bluntness in the chain. This increases the load on the motor, causing it to overheat and wear out prematurely. Blunt tape breaks gears, bearings, drive sprocket, and other parts. The main sign of blunting. small and dark sawdust. The teeth are not able to remove the desired layer, so the chips are crushed. Sharpen your power saw frequently, or you will need to call a repair shop later. At home, do it manually or on a special machine with the following rules:

Repair the vacuum cleaner, electric saw with their own hands will not be difficult for a skilled craftsman. However, with proper use and timely maintenance, repair needs will be minimal.

How to cut laminated chipboard at home?

When sawing along a shaped line, turn the plywood, not the jigsaw, while sawing to reduce the chance of breaking the saw.

When sawing out sharp angles, make the sawing motion in place, gradually turning the plywood.

You should have a free space-hole where the saw will turn, now keep sawing in the right direction.

Make free space for turning the saw on that part of the plywood, which will be thrown away and you will get sharp corners without much work.

After you have sawed out the whole contour of the pattern the sawed out piece will come out of the plywood freely.

Now, not to break the saw, put it into the cut where you started sawing the piece and smoothly move the jigsaw up and down, but only with the back side of the saw pull it out of the plywood.

In the same way saw the second part of the Christmas tree.

Treat the resulting parts with sandpaper.

Troubleshooting A Jigsaw

Now we have two ready to assemble the Christmas tree parts.

Now let’s paint the Christmas tree with watercolor paint or gouache.

And at the end of the class, we will show you, the sequence of sawing inner holes in the details. Let’s assume we need to saw a part of a circle.

In the middle of the part to be removed, pierce a hole with an awl. Do not try to make the hole close to the drawn line, it may cause the plywood to chip, which would be quite ugly.

Having loosened the upper clamp of the jigsaw and freed the saw, we introduce its upper end into the pierced hole from below.

We clamp the jigsaw in the upper clamp of the jigsaw and saw out the removable part of the pattern.

Then again release the saw from the upper clamp. And this operation is repeated with each inner hole of the pattern.

The herringbone has turned out steady and rather strong, for greater stability the joined parts of details it is possible to glue through with any glue which does not leave any traces on a tree is PVA glue, joinery glue or casein glue.

Jigsaw repair with your own hands

Manual electric jigsaw is an electric tool designed for linear and curvilinear sawing of sheet material. Sawing is performed by an electric motor that transmits a reciprocating motion to the saw through a gear mechanism.

The first electric jigsaw was made by Swiss engineer Albert Kaufmann in 1946 by replacing the needle in the sewing machine with a saw blade. And in 1947, electric jigsaws were already on the market.

Came to me for repair electric jigsaw Hammer LZ650L, which after three years of reliable work ceased to turn on when pressing the power button. On the example of his repair and wrote this article.

Jigsaw circuit diagram and design

You can see what’s inside the jigsaw in the photo. The main thing in a jigsaw is the electric motor, in which the rotating rotor transmits torque to a system of gears that convert the rotation of the rotor into a reciprocating movement of the rod. At the end of the jigsaw rod that protrudes from the body, there is a saw blade that is used to cut the material.

Jigsaw breakdowns are of two types. electrical and mechanical. Mechanical breakage of parts is usually easily detected by visual inspection or by jigsaw malfunction.

But if the electrical part of the jigsaw is to blame, then without understanding the workings of the electrical circuit, it is difficult for the home handyman to repair the jigsaw independently. Let’s take a look at how current flows through the jigsaw circuit.

220 V AC power is supplied through the power cord to the jigsaw trigger terminals. In the photo the wires are shown with blue and red lines with arrows. When the button is pressed, contacts close and transfer power to the motor speed regulator.

By turning the speed regulator wheel you can change the speed of the saw blade and consequently the cutting speed of the material. The power button and speed regulator are auxiliary components of the electric circuit.

From the speed regulator supply voltage to the motor, usually included in a mixed circuit, which provides, in contrast to other types of circuits, high torque motor at low speeds.

A distinctive feature of the mixed circuit is the parallel connection of one of the stator windings with the rotor winding and the inclusion of this pair in series with the second stator winding.

Therefore, the repair of the electric part of the jigsaw consists of determining the fault of one of the four elements. the power cord, the power button, the speed regulator and the electric motor.

Possible problems with your jigsaw and how to avoid them

If the jigsaw does not turn on when you press the power button, the first thing to do is to make sure that there is voltage in the socket. To do this, simply plug in any electrical appliance that is known to work, such as a phone charger or a desk lamp.

You can also connect the jigsaw power cord plug to a known good socket for testing. If the jigsaw will not work, then you need to carefully examine the power cord for mechanical damage to the insulation and wires. Since the jigsaw during operation is vibrating and constantly moving, the most likely wire breakage may be at the entrance of the cord into the jigsaw body. Rarely at the inlet of the electric plug.

How to disassemble the jigsaw

External inspection did not reveal any malfunction, so the jigsaw had to be disassembled. Usually the body of any manufacturer’s jigsaw consists of two halves that are fastened together with a dozen self-tapping screws, the heads of which are hidden in the holes in one of the halves. It is sufficient to unscrew them and remove one half of the jigsaw body and access to all parts is obtained.

Phillips head screwdriver screws have different lengths, and so you need to remember where they were screwed in, so there are no questions during reassembly. I have not encountered any latches when disassembling jigsaws.

Jigsaw Troubleshooting

After removing the cover, you can proceed to the visual search for the faulty element. In the vast majority of cases the failure can be determined without a multimeter, by simple inspection.

Most often the switch fails or the brushes of the engine collector unit wear out (they become short and do not fit tightly to the collector). Therefore, these should be the first places to look.

As you can see in the photo, there are two cords of the power cord that are fastened to the switch with screws. From the output terminals of the switch, look for wires to the speed controller.

Checking the power cord and the switch

than once I have seen power tools malfunction because the wires to the switch are loose because the screws were loosened. This is also the reason why the jigsaw broke when it was being repaired.

To check this, inspect the wires at the clamping points in the switch terminals, there should be no fouling or blackening of the insulation. Even if everything is fine on the outside, the screws still need to be tightened as a precaution.

If you have a multimeter, you should put it in resistance measurement mode and test the switch and the power cord. To do this, just touch in sequence the prongs of the plug of the cord and the screws of the switch. The resistance of the cord and switch wires should be zero when the button is pressed. If infinity, then the cord is broken and the contacts in the switch are burnt.

How to saw wood

Choice of saw. Standard saws are used for wood with medium to medium upward pointing teeth and a tooth pitch of 2.5 to 4 mm. Saw length should be adjusted to the thickness of the piece of wood.

Stroke frequency. Set the cutting frequency to the maximum. Decrease this value only if the blade is prone to overheating or if discomfort is felt during operation.

jigsaw, does, replacing, start, button, speed

Pendulum stroke. In order to increase the cutting speed the pendulum motion should be switched on. It negatively affects the quality of the cut, so use it when quick work is important and the quality of the cut is not particularly important.

Sawing process. Work on the backside of the material to avoid damage to the product. Mark out the workpiece before sawing. Press the tool flat against the material when sawing and guide it smoothly. You don’t have to push it too far forward, because. к. it moves forward in the material as you cut, especially when the pendulum mechanism is engaged.

How to saw with a jigsaw smoothly

To learn how to saw with a jigsaw smoothly, you should follow a number of recommendations:

  • Choose material blades while taking into account their thickness.
  • Always hold the workpiece firmly in place before starting work.
  • Use a marker or pencil for markings.
  • Check and correct any malfunctions each time.
  • Always use rails.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner, which will clean the surface and leave the marking trimmer line accessible to the eye.
  • 7. Do not push the tool.

Almost any defect in the work of the jigsaw can be corrected, it is only necessary to correctly identify the cause and make every effort to eliminate it.

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