Why the line runs out fast in the trimmer?

The gasoline trimmer likes cleanliness. Keep the air filter and fuel clean. Gasoline, bought at the gas station, it is better to stand for 2 days and pass it through an elementary filter. a piece of baize cloth.

Check the electrics as follows:

Unscrew the spark plug, inspect the gap between the electrodes. We set the right gap between the electrodes can be “grandfather’s” way. We take a razor blade, break it in half and put a home-made feeler gauge between the electrodes. If the blades go in tightly, the gap is perfect.

put the cap of the high-voltage wire on the spark plug and lean it against the metal surface of the engine. Yanking the starter a few times. If the spark is well struck at one point, the clearance is adjusted correctly. If not. the spark is weak or “wanders”, you need to re-adjust the gap between the electrodes.

Why do you need to soak the grass trimmer line in water?

Have you long wanted some machine to mow the grass around your garden plot, or are you just a fan of all kinds of machinery? It is not important to learn how to extend the time of use of the lawnmower without interfering with its mechanisms. After all, replacing this line takes a lot of time and wastes your nerves. In this article, you’ll learn about the most popular lawn mower myth and understand if you should stick to this advice.

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The most popular myth is that grass trimmer fishing line will last much longer if you soak it in water. The trimmer is the part that directly mows, that is, where the very line rotates. Many people think it’s nonsense because the line is made of polypropylene. And this material does not absorb water and does not change when exposed to it. But do not soak any fishing line, but only nylon fishing lines. If the line is exposed to water, it will become much more elastic, which means it can withstand very high loads. It will not tear.

But most experts say it makes sense. Even more so, the mowing line factory puts them in water before applying the surface layer itself. Soak at least one day before mowing, otherwise the moisture won’t have enough time to fully absorb the moisture. The quality of the line is also important. If you bought a cheap Chinese one, soaking it probably won’t do any good. The line should be of good nylon.

But to convince yourself of the truth, try a simple experiment. Two lines of the same material should be able to cut through the grass. But one should be soaked. After mowing, you will see that the soaked fishing line cleared a lot more space than the normal line. So the line works longer. It turns out that the myth is true.

How to wind the fishing line on the grass trimmer spool: methods of winding and video

Any owner of a garden plot knows how quickly weeds can overrun the territory. Grass trimmer can help you defeat them without too much effort. This incredibly useful device is an indispensable assistant in trimming and mowing the grass.

It’s no secret that an ordinary lawnmower can not be used everywhere. In contrast, the trimmer can handle even very difficult areas. This is especially true for those tools in which in the role of the cutting element is not a knife, and the line.

How to wind the line correctly in a trimmer, and what to do if the line is quickly consumed, breaks

Lawn trimmer is the most common tool used to cut grass and small bushes. This machine is easy to operate, easy to control in the field and, thanks to its low weight, even ladies can operate it. It is no secret that for high quality grass mowing work, you need the right choice of cutting tools. For the latter, trimmers use special cutting heads (disks, knives), as it is called trimmer head with a fishing line inside. Nozzles and line. this is an expendable tool, if the blades are an option to sharpen, then the consumption of fishing line requires a change. In this publication we will carefully tell you how to correctly change the line.

Lawn mowing head is, in fact, a cylindrical body, in which is installed a spool (bobbin) with a tucked in there fishing line (cord). This construction can be installed on both gasoline and electronic trimmer. Heads differ in the method of filing and filing cord and come in 3 types.

  • Automatic. Filament is fed when the user lowers the engine speed. Although automatic filament feeding and comfortable, if you make a huge amount of work, these bobbins have one drawback. a large consumption of thread.
  • Automatic. The implementation of this type of head does not require the user to perform complex manipulations. The principle of their work is arranged so that the cord is extended automatically when the machine is working at full speed. Just hit the head of the grass trimmer on the ground (this removes the cord lock), and the line thanks to the centrifugal force is extended from the bobbin, then cut to a suitable length with a knife placed on the protective cover.
  • Manual. To extend the cord, the machine must be stopped and the line is extended manually.
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From the considerations above, automatic bobbins are the best option. Also, please note that the coils for grass trimmers can be one-string (used only for trimming grass) and double string, which are used to mow the highest grass and small, with thin trunks of bushes.

Before you proceed to the process of changing the cord, the users of trimmers need to remove and disassemble the spool. Let’s see how to do it.

Grass trimmer mowing head consists of several parts: the cover, spring (not in many models), spool with cord and cover.

Attention! Before proceeding to any action to service the electronic unit, it must be unplugged.

The trimmers in most cases use 4.5 mowing head mounting options.

To remove the grass trimmer head, you will need to completely disassemble it.

    To remove the cover, covering the inside of the head, you need to put pressure on the locks (latches) located on two sides of the head.

In this version, the head is screwed to the gearbox shaft. To remove it you need to fix the shaft. For this purpose, you can in similar trimmers, such as devices Huter and Champion, foreseen hole through which to stick or narrow screwdriver or iron bar.

What is needed to remove the bobbin, do 2.4 regular steps.

  • Insert a screwdriver in the hole and lock the shaft.
  • Grasp the head body and turn it clockwise. To twist in this direction should be due to the fact that the thread, tapped on the shaft, left.

Depending on the duration of the project, which model of grass trimmer is used, choose the type, thickness and length of the line. The cross section of the filament is between 1.4 and 4 mm. It is easy to guess that the thicker you tuck the cord, the stiffer and thicker grass it can cut.

Trimmer runs bad when hot. Fixed

As a rule, universal lines with a cross section of 4 mm are used.

To find out which length of fishing line is used on your mower, there are three methods.

  • To see the information regarding the thickness of the cord in the annotation to the machine.
  • Look at the bobbin itself. Here you will like more information about possible line cross-sections.

The line is wound on a spool in the mowing head. Therefore, it must first be opened (mentioned above). There are 4.5 methods of winding the cord.

The endless and handy mowing head for your brushcutter

To find exactly how many meters of line will be needed for a particular spool, you need to wind it on the bobbin in such a way that the coil does not exceed the cross-section of edges. If the line will peek over the edge of the spool, you can not stick it into the cover. When you have decided on the length of material, it should be tucked into the bobbin, so do the following.

  • You need to fold the line in half so that one end is 10 to 15 cm longer than the other.
  • Look that the bobbin is split in 2.4 pieces with a central flange to start charging. Find a groove in it and stick the cord, bent in half, with a small effort.
  • It is crucial to find the direction in which the line is wound on the bobbin. If you look closely, you may find an arrow or a sign on the bobbin, indicating in which direction the winding should be carried out. There are cases when there is no arrow on the spool. Under these circumstances look at the arrow on the mowing head and wind the cord in the opposite direction.
  • Winding should be carried out accurately, coil to coil, with the greatest tension of the thread.
  • If the cord laying will be completed, it will be necessary to fix the small end of the line at first, inserting it into the matching cross-sectional groove on the sidewall of the spool.
  • The 2nd end, the longer one, is fastened in the groove on the back of the bobbin.
  • After securing the fishing line, cut the ends, leaving an allowance of about 10 cm.
  • Then insert the thread spool into the mowing head. For this purpose, by alternately inserting and tightening the thread through the outlet holes of the head, place the bobbin into the cover, then, applying the required force, pull the line out of the fixing grooves and tighten it.
  • Now of course put on the cover and fasten it with the clips.

In some spools provides for the 2nd method of fixing the cord: you can charge 2 sections of thread, instead of the 1st, folded in half. The line is changed by the following method.

  • In advance of how to change or otherwise charge the new cord in the reel, determine how many meters of it will need the method discussed above.
  • bend one end of the cord like a hook.

For brushcutter brand Shtil there is a very conventional and sharp method of changing the line without disassembling the mowing head, learn how to, of course, watch this video.

The cord ends sticking out of the openings in the housing can be cut to the right length when the part is installed in the trimmer. There are two methods of course:

  • Turning on the trimmer for grass (when rotating the ends of the line will be cut on a knife, secured to this end on the protective cover);
  • Cut the excess lengths of line with scissors so they do not touch the body of the sheath.

The second method is used if the passage, if it was necessary to put a cord of a huge cross-section, and the cutter is not able to shorten it.

If the thread was charged into the mowing head, but the length of the protruding ends of the cord is not enough, then before starting the machine they must be lengthened. this applies to the head with manual adjustment. But there are also cases when using an automatic mowing head, when because of insufficient length of the exposed ends of the filament they cannot be extended by the machine. Here you need to turn off the unit (with an electronic device must be required to pull the plug out of the socket), manually press the button at the bottom of the details, and pull a little fishing line. After this procedure, the cord will be able to extend again due to the centrifugal force if the spindle is set to the highest rpm.

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Whatever thickness of line you put, you should keep in mind: to avoid interrupting the work or even change the cord, you should avoid areas where the tool touches hard surfaces (stones, kerbs, thick dry twigs, etc.) and.д.).

Problem: Trimmer Line Feeds Too Fast [Solved]

Some users of trimmers ask: how can the cord, which is used by default in this type of machines, be replaced?? Begin to carry out dangerous experiments, installing in the mowing head of iron or copper wire, iron rope or string, additionally ordinary fishing line.

If you set the substitute for fishing line rope made of metal, the trimmer for grass is converted into a dangerous device not only for the user, but also for others. This fact is explained by the fact that in the course of time of work of the unit the metal rope will be evenly actuated, its ends will untangle, and small pieces of a wire will fly in different directions with the big speed.

Similar happens with the use of metal or copper wire, only with the difference that the pieces come off will be larger, and can cause significant injury.

Choose a line for a gasoline grass trimmer (brushcutter and lawnmower):1.6, 3.2, 3 mm. round, star, square

If you accidentally catch your or someone’s foot, working with a unit with an iron cord (wire), the strong and deepest cut tissue, and sometimes amputation of toes for you secured. the manufacturer does not use nylon for such purposes in vain, because it is quite light and strong, and when torn off does not fly far away and can not cause injury.

Use a fishing line in the trimmer in place of the standard, probably can, but this will add extra trouble for you, as it soon wears out, tears, mows slowly to cut stiff grass is not suitable. Also, when working loses a long period for the fact that no time to change a broken tool.

What is the filing of the line in the trimmer

How great that such a device as a grass trimmer came to replace the scythe. a versatile garden tool for cutting thickets. When it has a spool of line, it can cope with any area of neglected grass, and when it is installed on a disk. the trimmer has no equal.

Yes, such a unit has long received its positive evaluation among gardeners. Thanks to which the device was improved, adapted to different tasks and the scale of work. In addition to ergonomic handles and a variety of shapes, of course, did not do without additional functions. For example, the types of line feed are not insignificant. About this function and will be discussed in our article.

The fishing line is the fastest consumed material during mowing. And how it is sometimes exhausting to frequently lengthen the cord or to wind up a new line completely. In connection with this persistent problem, additional types of reels have been developed, each with its own “conveniences”. At the moment, there are three types of spools according to the method of feeding the fishing line:

Manual line feed

Manual. the name implies that the line has to be extended manually every time. We make the point that the device during work should be turned off for this operation. Which is logical in principle. Pros: this type of spool is recognized as the most reliable. the line is consumed evenly, no unnecessary load on the device grass trimmer, budget version of the spool. Disadvantages: Time-consuming manual cord extension.

Semi-automatic line feed

Semi-automatic. during the operation of grass trimmer, if it is necessary to extend the cord, it is necessary to touch the ground with the reel. There is a button on the trimmer that opens the line release mechanism. Of course, the line will not unwind from every accidental contact with the ground. To do this, there is a start button on the handle of the grass trimmer, which must be pressed and at the same time “hit” the grass trimmer. Pros: uncomplicated principle of operation, convenient and fast feed during grass trimmer operation. Disadvantages: more expensive than a hand spool, more complicated feed system (from a technical point of view).

Automatic line feed

Automatic. you could say that this is the “last word in technology” today. One need not keep an eye on the line consumption any longer, because the sharpening process is at a lower speed than a conventional sharpening machine.к. the grass trimmer automatically lengthens the line itself. This is done at reduced engine speed. Pros: The line feed is automatic during operation of the grass trimmer. Disadvantages: several times more expensive than a semiautomatic, technically more complicated (probably the weakest side of such spools). Only good quality automatic spool will serve you well and for a long time.

CONCLUSION: manual spools are moderate in line consumption, but less convenient in cord feeding. Semi-automatic. we can say that this is the best option, the main thing is to monitor the line and time “hit” the trimmer for grass. An automatic spool does everything for the operator, but the only disadvantage: it does not spare the line. Because of what the high consumption of the material.

It is worth noting that the fishing line plays an important role in the efficiency of any reel, as well as the engine of the grass trimmer itself. It is worth taking into account the thickness and shape of the thread. And it is better to do it in accordance with the parameters specified in the passport of the tool. For example, if you set the line thicker than the manufacturer recommends, the cords will increase resistance during operation, which will give additional pressure on the motor. It’s no secret what goes wrong with these kinds of negligence.

And the shape of the line is not so simple. information can be found in a separate article “Grass trimmer fishing line: which is the best to buy”.

Difference in shape

When grass trimmers were just gaining popularity, the manufacturers of lines decided to produce them only in round form. Today the situation has changed, and many companies produce consumables in other modifications, such as square or ribbed.

The peculiarity of square versions. the possibility of working on areas with a large area. Sharp corners guarantee a neat cut of vegetation. In addition to this variant, there are hexagonal lines. They are designed for long-term use and are characterized by resistance to wear and tear.

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Universal round models cope with a small amount of grass. This variant is excellent for keeping the lawn in good condition. But the advantages don’t stop there; round cords also make less noise during operation, which makes them ideal for early morning use.

The last model is ribbed. The advantage is that it cuts the grass quickly and effectively. In addition, using this type reduces the load on the gasoline or electric motor.

The shape of the material influences the type of grass that is cut. So some models are good at maintaining the lawn, while others are designed to remove large amounts of vegetation. Therefore, you should not ignore this parameter.

Important! Do not replace the fishing line with a metal wire. Such a decision will not only break the device and reduce its performance, but also cause injury. That’s why this material cuts through not only shrubs, but also tight footwear very well.

Large and small cross-section fishing line and when to use steel discs

If the line does not match the power of the power unit, it is fraught with the following consequences:

  • If you use a thin cord on a powerful gasoline trimmer. the material will wear out quickly, the productivity and efficiency of the tool will decrease
  • If you put on a low-powered electric trimmer for grass with a line section of 2.6-3 mm. productivity will be reduced, there will be a constant winding of the cord on the spool, and the load on the motor will increase, which will cause accelerated wear and tear

A fishing line is made from a material such as nylon. It provides a high degree of reliability and also has good cutting properties. Why use fishing line on the trimmer, if there are metal discs? This question is asked by many masters.

  • Cord or fishing line is used on the tool when mowing vegetation in areas with various obstacles such as rocks, posts, benches, trees, etc.п. Flexible equipment in collision with these obstacles only wears faster, but the motor of the tool is not overloaded
  • Metal discs. their purpose is to handle all sorts of difficulties in the field. They are effective for thick and thick-stemmed vegetation. When hitting an obstacle, the teeth are dulled quickly and the power unit is overloaded

Knowing the difference between steel discs and cord, it is not difficult to decide which is better to buy. The fishing line is sold in stores in coils with a metreage of 15 meters. The trimmer spool can be wound with 4-5 meters of line, depending on its diameter. To save money, you can buy a line for the grass trimmer in a bay, where its metrage is from 250 meters.

This is interesting!Choosing a cord on a lawnmower, you need to check the date of manufacture. This is done to exclude the possibility of buying outdated material. Nylon tends to shrivel up and lose its initial parameters. If the fishing line has been stored for a long time, it is not necessary to dispose of it, and soaking in water or grease will help to return the previous technical properties.

What is the best line for a grass trimmer: which one to choose?

Taking care of a lawn or flower bed involves not only watering and weeding, but also trimming the grass. Bare soil in a flowerbed or summer ground looks unattractive. A smooth, soft, green carpet is of course much better.

But in order to bring the lawn into this view, you need special equipment.

Cord reels: Features

Trimmer head, in fact, is a special spool with a fishing line for grass trimmer. Inside, on the bobbin, cord is wound, usually up to 15 m. It’s used to pull the right length of thread when it breaks or wears out. When the string runs out, a new thread is inserted into the bobbin.

According to the type of cord feed, reels are divided into the following types:

  • manual. to lengthen the string, the device is turned off, and the line is pulled out manually;
  • Semi-automatic. activated by a popular method: bang the mowing head on the ground. On impact, the anchor mechanism is released and the cord is automatically lengthened;
  • Automatic. here you need to reduce the speed and then increase it again to the maximum: the coil will feed the thread when you increase the speed.

Grass trimmer line drum is also refilled in different ways. In the quick-charging ones you don’t need to disassemble the spool to refill, in the regular ones you have to remove it and thread the cord by hand. The video shows different ways to change the string.

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All the lines I’ve used, they all tear like hell, I honestly don’t know what to do. It’s either “they’re feeding me crap” or “they’re counterfeiting”. Either way, it’s crap. If anyone knows how and where to find a “contract” system. This is a BIG QUESTION.

2.4. Star. It’s if there is a desire to stockpile hay. And for shredding, the round one.

The shaped ones cut more neatly. And the round ones oscillate around.

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Fishing line installation: pros and cons

Sometimes an ordinary fishing line is installed in the drum of the garden trimmer for grass, instead of a special one. it’s just a waste of time. Fishing line is too soft and washed many times faster than the traditional version. It can really cut the grass, but this kind of non-standard use is not good for it. Fishing line can be used exclusively as a backup if nothing else is at hand.

It is also worth considering that it should be thick enough. It is better to insert a fishing line with a thickness of at least two millimeters into the lawnmower. By the way, there may be difficulties with its installation, if the grass trimmer model provides winding on the spool.

Fix a trimmer that was running then stopped after a few minutes.

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