Why tiles breaks the tile uneven. How to cut tiles correctly?

What the masters do.Professionals, so that during drilling or cutting, the tile does not crack? ⁠ ⁠

A week ago, a colleague from Nizhny called me and we had approximately such a dialogue (I will begin with a colleague):

-So the point is four in a row, the customer has already howled!

tiles, breaks, tile, uneven

-Yes, all the normal pieces, specifically, this tile, which I already cut 4 times-cut off from a whole tile along a 30-rhi centimeter piece. The disk does not cut, but literally melts the tile.

-You can, for interest, on the example of some pruning to shoot a video of the process and send me, I want to see how you cut.

Further, the master photographed a short video and sent me. And here is what I saw:

Due to small experience (the master was the fourth object in a row), there were a number of gross mistakes. Of course, the matter could really be in the tile, I myself came across this (I will attach a link to the description of this case at the end) and I heard from my colleagues once.

But specifically here, after the recommendations given by me, the tile stopped bursting. I publish a list of recommendations:

One. Even, absorbing vibration base Fixation of tiles

For starters, I would have made a flat countertop and plywood. She is curved with you. This can be done using bars and screws.

As for the absorption of vibration, you need either a foam (look, it may be on the facility):

Or polystyrene (polystyrene foam). Personally, I use the latter, it better absorbs vibration both during cutting and during drilling:

Cut the tiles at right angles as much as possible in two to three passes

Personally, in the beginning, I go by two to three millimeters, trying to minimize the appearance of chips. Then I sprinkle to the whole depth, trying not to contact with the final edge, which is already indicated by the first passage. Sometimes I do not two, but three or four passes, depending on the complexity of the tile. It happens that the tile is generally easy to cut. The quality of the disk is not unimportant.

So that there is as little chip as possible, the corner grinder must be kept as smooth as possible. To minimize in terms of angle of inclination, the human factor can be used by special nozzles:

To achieve the most direct line I fasten the rule or bar with clamps, they will act as an stop.

If you do not plan to buy a wetland for 1200 yet, then take a dust collector with a vacuum cleaner, otherwise your health is more expensive to get up:

“Opening” of the disk saw at maximum speeds

It happens that the disk stops sawing due to the fact that it clogged. To do this, it is “opened” by making several cuts either on silicate/refractory (chamotted) brick, or O in the floor screed (I personally had enough of the last enough). And yes, this method does not always work. Sometimes the disk is overhaul.

By the way, not everyone knows about it, but it is necessary to saw porcelain tiles at maximum speeds, otherwise the circle is clogged much faster. Yes, sometimes it is easier to saw on the medium (less chip, etc.E), but this, as he said, is fraught.

How To Replace A Single Cracked/Broken Floor Tile

I repeat, in the publication we are not talking about various kinds of heavily tilted tiles, or any other “special” that bursts, sometimes, even when cutting on a professional electric wet. No foam will help here. A straight line is expensive for hydro.Carbonated cutting (in many cities there are firms that do this).

Also, this decision may not work with those who do this for the first time, I have not been in vain indicated in the heading “Professionals”. It is important to be able to handle corner grinding.

This solution is suitable not only for large.Format.

As for the drilling and cases when it is necessary to cut out a D-shaped form, I use only this method. Direct cuts, of course, either on a handbrake, or, if it does not take it well, on a wetland.

Addition (thanks to active participants in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев):

tiles, breaks, tile, uneven

For pure cuts, it is advisable to use a separate corner grinder (not the one that is cut/polished concrete, brick, etc. D. ). The reason is simple: as a rule, the angular grinder is broken for rough work and begins to play, and because of this there are many chips on the tile. And yes, it is advisable not to save on a tool for pure cut (Metabo, Bosch, Makita. I personally have not yet failed).

Someone in addition on top of the foam lays drywall.

After the corner grinder passed for the first time at the beginning and end of the cut line to make an incision (cut to the entire depth), 3. 5 cm long. If the tile is n or r-shaped. Then we make cuts to the whole depth in the inner corners. All this is done so that the tiles, when it begins to break, has the direction of the broken.

Now exactly everything. I didn’t forget anything. Of course, the topic can be expanded, write more about chips (what to do so that there are as little as possible, etc.E), but this is already in future articles, and so, there. Damage. If you read to these lines, Honor and praise to you

Cut ceramic tiles without cutter hacked

Reasons why the newcomer will not be able to cut the tiles smoothly and without chips


To hire a professional tile, you have to spend a lot of cash. Because of this and for other reasons, people cut the tiles on their own, but in most cases the newcomer does not succeed in this work. It is important to make sure that the tile does not break and was without chips. In this article we will find out why most people are not able to cut the tiles exactly. One of the reasons for poor.Quality work is the minimum number of skills for a beginner. A person simply does not know how to handle various tools. And to cut the tiles, it is only necessary that the glass cutter is at hand.

Of course, due to the lack of tools, the newcomer will also not be able to perform high-quality tile cutting. And for these purposes it is necessary to purchase a tile cutter. In addition, for such work it is advisable to get a table with a flat surface, so that it is easier to cope with a similar task. The glass cutter needs to indicate a flat fishing line for the trimmer, making a sharp only once. With the help of pliers, a piece should be broken off. Thus, the tile will be cut.

Another reason why the newcomer is unable to cut the tiles smoothly is insufficient awareness. To familiarize yourself with such works, it is best to first view on the Internet instructions with which you can easily do this process on your own. There is a lot of video on the Internet on this topic, so this work will be subject to everyone.

The inexperience of the beginner in cutting tiles without chips depends on the improper setting of the goals of work. If you adhere to the sequence of actions, any task will be on the shoulder. For example, if we are talking about cutting thick floor tiles, the best solution will be to use a corner grinder.

Very often, a beginner cannot cope with tile cutting without chips due to the fact that poor-quality material comes across, that is, the tile itself. It is better to buy building materials from a supplier, or in a specialized store, so as not to make a mistake in choosing. Good tiles will not crumble, but, on the contrary, will cut along the seam. By the way, in the process of cutting, an even hissing sound should be heard. This will say that cutting is performed correctly. To do the work without a flaw, you need to competently approach it, think through every step, not rush.

How to cut a porcelain border cutter

This is the easiest to use the tool. It also gives a minimum effect. With the help of glass cutter, cutting porcelain tiles can be, but provided that its thickness is small. So most often cut the facing for walls. Glass cutter can not cope with floor tiles.

There are two varieties of the tool: with a roller made of hard alloys of metals and with a diamond cutter. The last option cuts better, but faster fails. Its cost is higher than that of the roller analogue.

With the help of glass cutter, you can perform a straight or figured incision. In the latter case, special nippers will also be needed. To cut off the tile in a straight line, we act as follows:

  • We lay the cladding on an even base. We determine where the fishing line for the trimmer will take place.
  • We take a ruler, lay it along the future cut line and press it with your fingers.
  • Carefully, but with strong pressure, we conduct a tool for a trimmer in a ruler with an instrument. We try to scratch a fairly deep groove at a time. Otherwise chips cannot be avoided.
  • Put the part on the edge of the table or workbench and press on its edge with force. So that the cladding split along the intended line.
  • Grind the edge if necessary.

If you need to perform a curved cut, glass cutter is carried out for a trimmer. Then you need to take the nippers and use them to remove the areas of the tile. The closer to the cut line, the smaller fragments should be abandoned. The edge with such processing will turn out to be sharp and not entirely even, so it must be polished.

All about cutting tiles with an angle grinding machine

To begin with, the tile cutter is designed to cut the tile. For each of its varieties: thick or thin, more or less strong, you can find a suitable tool model. The main advantage of the tile cutter. It gives an even cut without chips. There is no large amount of dust in the process, the risk of ruining the plate minimum. With an angle grinding machine, everything is wrong.

tiles, breaks, tile, uneven

Corner grinder Makita GA5030

You can cut ceramics with it, the result can be very good. But for this you have to try. It is desirable that there is a skill of working with a grinder, otherwise there is a great risk of spoiling the material. The tool will cut any cladding if you choose the right cutting disk. One must be prepared for the fact that in the process the saw will be very noisy, a lot of dust will rise into the air. A fishing line for a trim of a cut can be chopped.

Nevertheless, home masters choose exactly a corner grinder. The reason is simple: a tile, especially if it is a high.Quality and a model that is well.Core with work, is expensive. Buying it for the sake of decorating one room is unprofitable. It’s cheaper to trim the angle.Grinding tool. You just need to learn how to handle it correctly.

Types of repair

Electric stabbings have a simple design. Like any other tool, subject to breakdowns, wear of individual parts or the effects of external factors.

Relay buttons

If the start button sees, the reason is usually in pollution, clogging with abrasive particles of the button mechanism.

  • Remove the case, disassemble the device, previously de.Energize it.
  • Whole, unexplored contacts are cleaned with a soft brush with light movements so as not to damage, nicknamed the voltage indicator for the correctness of work, then lubricated for prevention.
  • The button comes into unusable over time is changed to a new.

External damage

Mechanical damage that occurred due to falling or improper transportation exclude the use of the device until external defects are eliminated. This also includes cases of breakdown:

Minor damage to problematic elements (for example, a curved bed) are eliminated by a pointwise mechanically.

Weak supply of water

The presence of water in the tank is sometimes not controlled for some reason, as a result, the pump fails. The only way out is to replace the device with a new.

If the water is poured on time, the pump works, but the water is not supplied, the reason is the clogging of the pump, damage or excesses of the supply hose.

  • After de.Energization, the equipment is examined for ruptures and other damage.
  • The grid is removed, the pump mounts and a funnel for collecting water are cleaned.
  • If necessary, they are replaced by details.

The smell of burning wiring

Serious reasons for concern are malfunctions in the engine. The failure of this element leads to significant expenses and complex repair. The main feature is the smell of burning wiring. Most often occurs when cutting the tiles with a blunt disk and when the pressure exceeds the cutting tool. The load on the engine becomes critical, the equipment is heated.

The reasons for the uncharacteristic smell:

The first thing to do is stop the supply of electricity to the tile cutter, check the voltage in the network, then disassemble the tool, inspect the wiring.

Low disks

Many masters when you need to cut the tiles far from the power point, a network cord is used to write down the device. Often when using an inappropriate extension cord, the engine does not work at all power or stops. Here the cause of incorrect work is too long a cable or insufficient voltage in the mains.

The disk rotates at low speeds because of:

The device is turned off, and when it cools, disassemble, check fuses, replace them with more powerful. If the replacement is impossible, they carry out the repairs of the failed part on their own, turn to the service center, where qualified masters will conduct diagnostics, repair or replacement of equipment elements. Most often, they are subject to replacement:

  • Electric shock;
  • Stator;
  • Bearings;
  • Anchor;
  • Gears;
  • Casing;
  • Power unit;
  • Pump;
  • Spring;
  • Casing and others.

How to use the tool

The main question is related to how to work with a tile. This is a fairly simple procedure that requires minimal skills. The work is performed in several stages, which are described in detail below.


The main method of how to use a tile cutter is associated with the preparatory stage. Before turning on the device, you should make sure of its serviceability. The video most often suffers. Its surface should be perfectly smooth. In the presence of zabrin, a replacement is required.

First, the device is examined to make sure that there is no dust, dirt. All components of the mechanism are pulled by using screwdrivers. If you have not used it for a long time or not, the carriage is lubricated with machine oil.


Before cutting tiles with a tile cutter, you need to outline all the fault lines. To do this, determine the desired size in advance and put a fishing line for a trimmer with a special marker or a pencil.


The next stage is directly cutting. For this, the blade is installed directly above the line and pass along it until the end. If you need to cut off a small edge (up to 10 mm), you should figure out how to use a tile.Cutter and nippers. It is he who will help in such cases.

On the eve of cutting and during this process it is recommended to act as follows:

  • An hour before work, the tile is covered with a wet towel or other fabric. Thanks to this, the material will crumble less, chips will practically not appear.
  • Provide the immobility of the dick.
  • The cutting part is placed directly above the intended fault line.
  • Next comes the main stage. You need to feel how to work with a tile cutter.
  • The cutter put at the very beginning of the line.
  • Applying a slight effort, move it on the surface of ceramics. At the same time, it does not have a large movement where to direct it (to yourself or in the opposite direction). You need to work as it is convenient.

After that, it is easy to figure out how to use an electric tile cutter or manual device. Further, as soon as the cutting element passes the entire strip, the operator carefully presses the lever. After that, the product is split exactly along the line.

How to cut tiles so that it does not break


Professional tile hire is associated with large financial costs. In some cases (with a lack of means or small volumes of work), ceramic tiles can be cut and laid independently. Only the issue of choosing a method of cutting tiles will remain open so that it does not break.

There are a lot of ways to process ceramic tiles at home. The choice will depend on the volume of work and the presence of skills in handling various tools. If you have to cut a dozen or two tiles, you can do with a regular glass cutter. When carrying out a large repair, you should think about the acquisition of a mechanical tile cutter.

In order to cut and not break the tile with glass cutter, you will need a table with a flat surface or a piece of thick plywood. On the tile, they mark the place of the future section using a construction pencil or a thin marker. Then a metal ruler is applied to the line and drawn along it with a glass cutter. In the process of cutting, an even hissing sound should be heard. This will indicate the correct cutting. The cut should start by retreating from the edge of 2-3 mm. Cutting the tile, it is necessary to apply a small force to the glass cutter, you can’t press it hard on it. Glass cutter must be brought to the opposite edge of the tile. It is not necessary to carry out glass cutter several times, the tile in this place will crumble, and the seam will turn out to be uneven.

To divide the tiles into parts, a thin metal object is placed under the back of the section, with a diameter of 3-4 mm. For example, a nail or self.Tapping screw. After that, on the edges of the tiles they slightly press and break it. You can break the tile and pressing it to the edge of the table. The cut site must be sanded with sandpaper until a flat surface is obtained. For this purpose, it is best to use mesh sandpaper used to grind the finish coating of the walls. Oil.Type glass cutter cope with the task of better than other similar tools. Modern ceramic tiles are soaked before harsh and laying on glue.

Laying Floor Tiles, Tiler Cutting a Tiles

A more professional tool is mechanical tile cutter. It is much easier to cut tiles with him. The main requirement is a flat and strong surface to install it. The fishing line for the cutting trimmer is marked on the tile and installed in a tile cutter. Then draws along the line with a cutter of tile cutter. Having reached the edge, the cutting video will go off the tiles, and the clamping bar will press on its surface, dividing exactly by the place of the cut. After, the edges of the tiles are polished with sandpaper.

We work with a manual tile cutter

The option is very popular with professional tiles and amateurs. Buying this tool is not difficult, the price depends on the size, reliability and special devices. If the tile cutter has a rotary base and a built.In ruler to make a cut under 45 degrees, then the price will be decent.

Try not to even look at a cheap model, spend money in vain, because they have a bad clamp and a weak base, so the tile in most cases breaks incorrectly.

Recommendations for working with a tile

We insert the tile into the tile cutter, combine the marking on the tile and a special mark on the tool. We lower the handle and lead from ourselves with a smooth movement. The speed should be the same, the pressure is uniform, then the glaze will cut off with the same depth. One cut is enough for a video. If the movements are repeated several times, then we can get a poor.Quality breakdown.

The tool is equipped with special paws that, when lowering, break the tiles to parts of the desired size. The main thing is to sharply press the lever. All, without exception, have a platform with a metal tubercle and soft lining.

When pressed with paws on the edge of the tile, the incision is under the maximum pressure. With the correct combination of the cutting line and lining, the tiles will split very smoothly.

According to this process, this process may not be clear, especially beginners. It is better to look clearly and understand how to cut the tile with a tile cutter correctly.

Cutting tile with the letter g

The tile cutter is intended only to perform direct cut, so if you need to make a M-shaped neckline, you have to work a little. The easiest way would be to cut the tile into two parts, and then one of them again and when laying, fold them with the letter G.

And as a result, we get an additional unknown seam, sharply striking.

You can go the other way. The short side is cut using an angular grinder, a long. Tile cutter.

This method is also suitable for cutting the outer angles, the main thing is to correctly mark and take about 5mm grouting seam a slight indentation from the wall.

There is one more way: the cut on the surface of the glaze is performed using any improvised cutting object, and then excess breaks off with the help of pliers. To process irregularities, we use sandpaper. In this way, you can make round cuts that are placed in the risers.

Cut the porcelain tile

Everyone knows that porcelain tile belongs to the group of the most solid materials used for the production of floor tiles. The cutting method for him is the same as for a standard tile.

Often floor tile is much worse than porcelain tiles. This is especially true for hardened tiles, on which it is almost impossible to consider an incision on the surface of the glaze. Often, even with the help of a diamond disk, it is impossible to make an even incision. In this situation, we take a corner grinder, cut a groove from 2 to 3 mm on the back of.

Gourmets of quality and delight

It’s no secret that there is a special category of customers who can be called gourmets of quality. They are ready to pay a lot of money for the work to be brought to perfection. Most likely, such a customer will be difficult to convince that you can manually make a fairly high.Quality cutting of porcelain tile. Cramping of porcelain tiles may come to the rescue with water, or hydro.Carbonated cutting. This is a modern technology that allows you to cut porcelain tiles with the highest quality. At home, this operation is not performed, since it requires special equipment. The main drawback is the high cost of this work, which, most likely, will not afford the usual customer.

The thickness with hydro.Carbing cutting can reach several centimeters, while the product does not need additional grinding. A big plus of this method is the possibility of a high complexity of cut, which is impossible with manual methods. Over, the complexity is not only in relation to the pattern of the cut line, but also the width of the cut parts. Hydroabraseic cutting of keamiconeal allows you to cut off the parts at an acute angle to the edge of the tile, cut off thin elements, cut holes and other complex cuts. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to create drawings, mosaics, panels and other images from porcelain tiles of various colors. Since the computer controls the computer, it is possible to adjust the mating parts with perfect accuracy. Indeed, gourmets will get the desired result.

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