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Price list for glass

See our for glass and glass processing services. You can download the price-list for glass in PDF format on this page.

General price list in PDF format

Price list updated 21.12.2021 г.

The general price list contains for glass, mirrors and triplex:

  • for all types of glass and mirrors, including for triplex PVB;
  • The cost of services on processing the edges of the glass, glass hardening and drilling holes;
  • for EVA triplex;
  • for stemalite;
  • for tempered glass;
  • for glass UV bonding and spot gluing
  • for making bevels on the glass and mirror;
  • for matting and artistic sandblasting of mirrors.

Learn the cost with our managers

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You can pay the invoice by bank transfer or in any Sberbank outlet. You may also pay in cash at our company’s office or in the manufacture.

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Skilled cut glass to size

Not all glass panes may be subjected to cutting. If you plan to install elements from a tempered material, create elements of the required shape and size before the hardening process. For standard, optite, lacobel and other materials there are no such restrictions. They can be used to create elements of any configuration.

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Glass sheets are used for various purposes. They can be applied in creation of panels and mosaics, manufacturing of doors, they are an important element of furniture designs, effective finish. When cutting glass to order, we take into account the intended use of the material and choose the optimal technology. You can order from us:

  • straight and curved cuts;
  • parts for mirrors, table tops, doors, panels, furniture fronts;
  • edge trimming, hole making.

putting a 3 in. & 6 in. round holes in window in 5 sec.

In the performance of operations modern equipment is used, equipped with computer control programs. This guarantees the accuracy of dimensions and shapes. It is possible to use facet in edge design, to give design elements a finished look, to increase aesthetic characteristics.

Professional cutting of glass to size Moscow offers several companies. But we need to take into account that in order to obtain perfect results, the necessary conditions are the presence of professional equipment, specialists with the appropriate qualifications. Ordinary household glass cutters do not allow high-quality cutting of multilayer materials with a specific structure.

Our company specializes in working with glass surfaces. We offer these products in an extensive range. We produce tempered glass to order according to size for interior doors, partitions, etc.

Cutting round glass

Cutting round glass for the table. A tabletop made of round glass. Round glass to order.

Glass is a universal material, which in the XXI century is used in interior decoration, construction and as individual items. Cutting round glass is a precision process that requires equipment and skills to work with glass. Our company cuts and processes glass professionally, and sells glass products.

Cutting Glass and Mirrors

The process of creating products from glass or mirror begins with cutting. Any work with glass does not forgive mistakes and inaccuracies. Cutting involves cutting a sheet of glass with a very high precision, most often to the millimeter, and in some cases, up to a micron. The use of specialized equipment and tools makes it possible to maintain exact dimensions. High-tech cutting on modern equipment is a guarantee of quality of the finished product. Our company cuts glass to your size and performs additional processing. We work with all kinds of glass from 4 to 19 mm thick. We perform cutting of straight and complex shape, as well as shape cutting on the templates of the customer.

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Is It Possible To Cut A Round Hole In A Glass Window Like A Burglar / Spy Does In A Hollywood Movie?

“Technopark” will become your reliable partner in any volume of works. We carry out both wholesale and small single orders. We do not allow marriage and carefully monitor the process at all stages, up to the accurate shipment of finished products.

Any manufacturing process begins with cutting glass. We use specialized equipment and tools to cut glass that allows us to fulfill orders, strictly maintaining the specified size and timing.

  • Cutting of glass to order of any shape and size.
  • Cutting mirrors with edge processing and safety film sticking.
  • Edge processing on glass and mirrors:
  • Edge grinding. the edges of glass and mirrors are slightly blunted to remove sharp corners.
  • Edge polishing. the edge of the glass is processed so that it becomes clear and smooth the edge of the mirror is cut and polished to a specific angle.

Cutting blown glass

Please note that machining and cutting of tempered glass is not available. This is due to the technical characteristics of glass, hardened in the furnace. If you try to cut tempered glass, it breaks into small pieces.

glass, cutting

All kinds of glass processing is done before tempering. to get the hardened glass in the size and form you need, the first thing you do is to cut the raw glass, process the edges, drill holes and other procedures, and then harden it.

Cutting of glass to size

Accurate cut glass at low cost. Cutting of glass according to your size and drawings is made on CNC machines. Processing of glass to order.

Glass for any purpose

You can order glass for standard glazing. This is a traditional material of any thickness and size you need. We will pack and deliver the products to the object, you get an official guarantee of quality.

glass, cutting

Also in a wide range of all types of glass for decorative purposes. It can be absolutely transparent, opaque, colored glass. If necessary we will apply any image by photoprinting method, we will process edges and make holes for fasteners.

glass, cutting

A special position takes a tempered glass of our production. Heavy duty material is used to create partitions, staircases, canopies. Resistant to shock and any other external effect, it serves a long time without deformation and is safe for people around.

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You can now leave the request for production of glass to your size. Our production is located and ready to implement projects of any complexity, we can meet all requirements of consumers and organizations involved in interior design.

Glass shape cutting

Cutting and processing of glass at low prices. Mechanical curved glass cutting. Waterjet cutting of glass.

Straight glass designs are not suitable for a number of creative projects. Glass shape cutting is widely used in all areas of glass. The main requirement is accuracy. Our company is ready to implement the most exclusive projects with a large variety of geometric shapes.

Cutting glass precisely, without melting or chipping of edges, is performed by means of advanced European equipment with computer control. The drawing of the future product is processed by the glass cutter operator and transferred to glass of different thicknesses, sizes and kinds. The source material (sheet glass) is supplied by world-known companies:

Don’t look for multiple partners for quality curved glass cutting and post-cutting. Our plant performs the entire cycle of glass products. The following services are available for customers: hardening, edge processing, making triplex, etc. The cost of figure cutting is calculated on the basis of the area of the product and a special coefficient, we offer the best conditions for figure cutting glass and Moscow region.

Glass Cutting, second hand glass, free reclaimed materials to repair your windows and green house.

Products with curvilinear cutting serve as interior furnishings, are used in the manufacture of furniture and stained glass. They look modern and match the room design. Moscow stained glass and architectural elements are beautiful because they use different geometric shapes and curves.

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