Wire stripper tools for stripping wires

Cheap strippers from AliExpress for stripping cables and wires. Choosing a tool for quality work with wiring

Hello everyone. A tool to work with wiring is always necessary, both a professional electrician and a home handyman, because “wires” has long been an integral part of our lives. That’s why, today we will look at 10 cheap strippers from AliExpress for stripping cables and wires Let’s go.

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COLORS Wire Stripper

Inexpensive stripper for stripping wires, which is now on sale you can buy even cheaper. Convenient dielectric handles for easy operation. The tool is popular with customers and has more than 3,900 positive reviews. Owners note the quality of cable stripping at a low price.

Three pliers wire stripper

Another inexpensive, but quality stripper for stripping cables and wires. With its wide serrations it is ideal for stripping flat multicore cables. Product is popular among customers and has more than 2900 positive reviews, where quick delivery and quality of assembling of the tool are mentioned

Wire Stripper KINGSDUN

Quality stripper for wires from a fairly well-known Chinese company KINGSDUN. Allows to work with cable size from 0.25 to 6 square millimeters. Also features crimping pliers on the bottom of the tool. If necessary the stripper can be ordered with a set of dielectric screwdrivers.

YOFE Wire Stripper

And this is the cheapest and simplest in design, but very useful and lightweight stripper for stripping wires. The tool has three different sized clippers for stripping wires of different diameters. The pliers are mainly designed to take care of three-core fiber optic cables, but they’re also great for working with regular wiring.

Stripper for wiring SWEIELE

Probably the most necessary tool for work with wiring, both for professionals and home handyman. The stripping pliers are designed to cleanly and quickly strip strip wires in any environment. The tool allows high-quality stripping of wires both at the wire’s end and in the middle in case of necessity of plunge cuts.

LAOA Wire Stripper

A high quality and relatively inexpensive stripper from the popular Chinese company LAOA, which now on sale you can buy at half the price. The tool is of high quality construction. It has adjustable pinch force and is adjustable for both thick and thin wires. Buyers say the metal quality and reliability.

WORKPRO wire stripper

Another great and quality cable stripper from the popular WORKPRO, which you can now get on sale for half the price. There are express delivery from Russia, which is also cheaper than from China. The WORKPRO stripper has the same adjustments as the LAOA, so it can be used by professionals.

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YEFYM cable stripper

Another inexpensive stripper for stripping wire insulation from the Chinese company YEFYM. Tool automatically adjusts to cable thickness and can be used by both professional and home handyman. The product has more than 1000 positive reviews, which note the quality of the cut and good workmanship.

TPXCKz wire stripper

And this is the cheapest and most versatile strpper for wiring, which should have every home handyman. The device automatically adjusts to the right cable size, and the worker just needs to squeeze on the handles of the tool. The main part of the strypper is made of metal, which ensures a long life.

Junejour Wire Stripper

In the end perhaps one of the cheapest multifunctional strippers with adjustment, which you can now buy for just over 700. The tool has a good build quality and fully performs the tasks assigned to it. There are not many reviews yet, but they evaluate the tool positively. There are three color variations to choose from.

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The need for special tools

To connect one socket or switch in the apartment is not necessary to buy professional tools. It is possible to cut a piece of wire with an ordinary kitchen knife. However, if a large-scale repair with a complete renovation of the wiring system is to be made, then you can not do without specialized devices.

The number of contacts that are subject to stripping when performing repairs on a 100 square meter house. m can reach thousands. To perform such work without specialized devices is an unreasonable waste of effort and time.

In addition, stripping without professional wire stripping tools is fraught with negative consequences:

  • there is a high risk of cable damage, which reduces the operational safety of electrical wiring;
  • Notching the conductive core leads to a reduction in the cross-section of the wire, as a result. breakage or burning at the connection point;
  • if cut carelessly, the damaged wire may break when bent.

In high-frequency systems with alternating current, the situation is complicated by the skin effect. the current is distributed unevenly, and mostly in the surface layer of the conductor. With these wires, even the smallest core defect can put equipment out of action.

When it comes to significant amounts of work, it is better not to risk and use special devices. Damaging a wire can cause a fire, machine breakdown or electric shock.

Wire Strippers

Wire stripper

Working with conductors coated with special material requires skill, perseverance, and takes time. There is a risk of damage to the cable itself. Wire stripping tool to speed up wire processing and cleaning operations. Such products allow to increase efficiency and mechanization of necessary operations.

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Product Types

The choice of equipment depends on the user’s goals. Of course, for the banal replacement of sockets, switches, it is not advisable to buy expensive tools for stripping wire insulation.

Main types of equipment used for wire stripping

  • knife. distinguished by the presence of rubberized handle, non-standard format of the blade. When using it, the performer must wear gloves to protect against injury. The tool should be held at an acute angle to the conductor. This allows the job to be done neatly without damaging the cable. Among the advantages of the product is the low cost, ease of operation. To remove double insulation a knife with a heel is suitable, to make a circular cut you will need a device with a beak and rounded blade, a cross-cut with a hook (refers to universal products, suitable for work with a wide range of conductors);
  • pliers, cutters. have high degree of reliability, long service life. Effective in the work with thin products. Perfect for hard-to-reach points. The tools can be used to strip live wire. Requires regular readjustment of the screw each time you work with different parameters of conductors;
  • Diagonal cutters. the alternative to the previous option. Mechanical force must be precisely balanced when using diagonal cutters otherwise there is a risk of damaging cable integrity
  • Multi-purpose pliers. have rubberized holes of various sizes. The product varies in functionality depending on their number. One product can be designed to handle 3-6 conductors with different parameters at once;
  • Strippers are the most popular strippers among users. Cutting operations are performed with two semicircular blades. Product is matched to the size of wire cross section. Make precise notches, without risk of damaging the material.

Such a device for stripping and stripping cable insulation, such as a stripper is divided into groups. Classification is based on the type of work. There are manual, semi-automatic and automatic models.

How to strip without damaging

Strip wires requires care, because a simple mistake can reduce the cross section or damage the core, which will lead to poor-quality installation with the ensuing consequences. Tools for stripping should have every electrician, because they greatly facilitate and improve the quality of work. And given the relatively low price of budget Digitus or Topex, it makes sense to buy them for the house.

For insulation stripping without damage, you need an effort controller and blade positioning, which are present only at special tools.

Features of Strippers

When going to buy a stripper in the online store of Master-a, be sure to pay attention to its design features. All devices on the market can be divided into the following categories:

High demand for the hand-held tool is largely due to its affordability and autonomy. The stripping tool has a simple design that is unpretentious in use. The construction of the tool resembles a modified diagonal cutter, the cutting edges of which are distinguished by the presence of notches of different diameters.

Strippers have a special device, thanks to which, when you press the handle placed in a special notch cable is cleared from the wire. Once pressed, it is sufficient to pull the wire, making a parallel circular motion with the hand tool. Each notch of the device is properly labeled, which will not allow you to make a mistake with the choice of socket for stripping the insulation. It is worth buying a wire stripper because the device can perform several tasks at the same time:

  • cut the cores;
  • to remove the insulation;
  • Strippers are used for crimping lugs;
  • crimp coaxial connectors;
  • Cut screws of different cross-sections.
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Before buying, it is enough to determine what functions the stripper should perform to be satisfied with your purchase.

Insulation removers

The tool for stripping insulation from live parts is indispensable during electrical installation work. With its help, it provides effective and safe stripping of insulation from solid and stranded wires, cables, etc. without damaging the structure. Online store ShopTool sells specialized tools for stripping a wide range and moderate price.

Types of stripping tools

The following tools are considered the most popular:

Cable Knife. Is a special tool with a rubberized handle and steel blade. Cheap and easy to use.

Special pliers. The pliers are designed with straight blades, serrated jaws, and several precision holes. Perform efficient stripping, gripping, and cutting of the cable.

Pliers and the pliers. These tools can quickly adjust to the wire diameter. Special screw allows to change the position of the working elements of the tool. Their use allows a fast and efficient stripping process.

Stripper. These are professional electrical wire stripping tools. Hand-held stripper equipped with blades with notches for working with different cross-sections of wires. Semi-automatic and automatic models are also available.

The geometry of the wire you are working with is important when selecting a stripping tool. Requires a dielectric handle coating for use with up to 1 kV.

Benefits of modern stripping tools

  • resistance to mechanical stress;
  • smoothness and fail-safety;
  • High working precision;
  • convenience in work;
  • possibility of work with both thin (0,2 mm) and thick wires (about 6 mm);
  • A reliable tool that protects against high voltages;
  • reasonable cost.

If you have decided to buy an insulation stripper, as well as learn about the peculiarities of its use, use our services.

Handy tools for stripping wires quickly

electrician’s work is impossible without special devices. To perform such a simple operation as cutting wiring, connecting switches and outlets, you will need a stripping tool. You should use a special hand tools for stripping wires: strippers, wire strippers.

Of course, if you need to grind a couple of wires, you can easily get by with an ordinary kitchen knife, but if you have to work on the installation of electrical wiring in the apartment and in the house, then for this purpose, an ordinary knife is not suitable. Its blade is too uncomfortable. And in the work of a professional electrician, a simple table knife should not be used, because the. к. Its handle may not be made of dielectric material.

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