Wire stripper ws 07

  • 4 в 1:
  • stripping wires 0.05-10 mm2
  • wire cross section up to 10 mm2
  • sheath stripping of flat wires VVG-P, PUNP
  • crimping lugs 0.5-6.0 mm2
  • Insulated lugs with red, blue, and yellow sleeves
  • uninsulated lugs
  • double crimp terminals

Performance data (years)

Certain multifunctional strippers have special additional profiles for crimping. crimping tips which can be crimped with these crimping pliers?

If you are worried about the result, it is better not to crimp the lugs with a stripping tool but with a special crimping tool. But, as a last resort, if a lug needs to be pressed very badly, these profiles can also be used. They are designed for different types of lugs, depending on the stripper‘s model: insulated, small cross section copper, auto-crimp, a number of specific connectors. But you can’t get good results with them.

Why is it that sometimes with a properly matched wire-caliber pair in handheld strippers, the tool cuts off the individual conductors of the current-carrying core along with the insulation?

This problem occurs most often when using low-quality wire. If to look at a wire from the end, the current-carrying core should be placed in the insulation exactly in the center. If it is, as is often the case, offset to the side, it is more likely to be damaged when stripping with hand strippers. In that case it’s better to use automatic models.

What tool can I use to strip flat wires?

Two models of strippers WS-02B KVT and WS-04 KVT can strip flat wires of PPV type of small cross-sections, telephone wires TPP and the like.

What can I use to peel the sheath off NOT round vinyl cables?

Very convenient for cutting round cables with vinyl sheath strippers models CS: GO completely not suitable if you want to remove the sheath with multicore cable type VVG, which in the section is a square or polygon. In this case a cable cutter knife HMI-01 KVT with the special heel on the blade will come to the rescue. With such a knife it is possible to remove cable sheathing of any shape.

Is it possible to cut insulation or sheathing from a live cable??

It’s not recommended to strip or cut live cable with any tool at all, before any work the wire should be de-energized. But if such a need exists, or there is no guarantee that no one will apply voltage at the moment you work with a wire, you should use only special insulated tools that allow working under voltage up to 1000 V.

Why are some tools marked with values that do not match known wire cross-sections?

Such tools are most often imported. And in most countries wire cross-sections are designated by the American standard AWG, which in principle does not correlate at all with cross-sections in mm2. For example, the cross section of 0.5 mm2 in the AWG standard is denoted as 20. The higher the number, the smaller the cross-sectional area of the wire. For more information, please refer to. Table of conversion of cable cross-sections from AWG to SI system.

What tool is suitable for stripping solid wire of small cross-sections??

Monocore wire is best stripped with handheld strippers with calibrated apertures (WS-01C KVT, WS-01D KVT). The reason is that monocore wire is quite rigid, and when stripping with automatic strippers, it bends a little. It can damage the mechanism of automatic tools when operated for a long time.

What is the difference between the WS-03 and WS-03A stripper?

Model WS-03A KVT. new, improved model of popular economy stripper WS-03 KVT. The principle of operation has not changed drastically, but the quality of the workmanship has changed radically. The WS-03A uses a stronger material instead of the silumin that was used to build the body of the WS-03. All moving parts, springs, etc.д. are of the highest quality and are precisely matched to each other. Precision ground blades fit together without a minimum gap. New stripping length control. Comfortable handles with rubber inlays. Need any further Комментарии и мнения владельцев??

How the popular WS-03A and WS-04 differ fundamentally?

To begin with, they differ in how the insulation is stripped. When working with the model WS-03A KVT, you must correctly choose one of the calibrated holes that corresponds to the wire to be processed and squeeze the handles. The main thing here is not to make a mistake in choosing a hole. When using the WS-04 KVT, simply slide the wire between the jaws of the tool and squeeze the handles.The stripping results are the same. The WS-03 cuts the insulation in a circular pattern and ties it off the wire strands. The result is an absolutely straight cut, which is essential, for example, when assembling insulated lugs. The WS-04 cuts only one side of the insulation and the other side. cuts it.However, the WS-04 KVT is a versatile, automatic tool for stripping the widest range of small cross section wires. During stripping there is almost no risk of damaging the wire core. Working with it is much faster than the model WS-03A.

I work with NYM cable. What tool can I use to effectively strip its jacket?

The KVT WS-05 stripper is perfect for this purpose. Thanks to the blades built into the handle, with a minimum of skill, you can cut almost any round cable such as NYM or PVA and strip the insulation off individual wires. Special blade design does not damage wire insulation, perfectly cutting cable sheath.

Automatic Multifunctional Stripper WS-07 KVT 61670

A new improved model of automatic multifunctional stripper, which is equipped with a microtuning screw. The tool combines three useful functions: stripping insulation from 0.056.0 mm2, wire cross-section up to 6.0 mm2 and crimping of lugs 0.56.0 mm2. The product has a metal frame body, which has a high level of robustness and significantly increases the working life of the hand-held tool. KVT WS-07 61670 wire stripper handles have smooth, streamlined lines and a two-piece coating with soft thermoplastic inserts.

Type. electric pliers (universal tool) stripping. have Vintorez. no Isolation cross section. terminals kv.mm. 0.5-6 kV.mm Wire cross-section for stripping. 0.05-6 kv.Dimensions 100 x 50 x 30 mm Weight 340 mm

Handle pouches two-piece
Dielectric coating no
Cutting depth adjustment no
Cutting diameter adjustment available
Replaceable blades no
For coaxial cables no
Max wire cross-section, kv.mm 6
Min wire section, kv.mm 0.5
Length, mm 205
Weight, grams 340

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Инструмент. Обзор плюсы и минусы на стриппер КВТ WS-07

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Stripping tool WS-07, KVT

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