Wood grinder how to choose

How to choose a grinder? Overview of all types: eccentric, vibratory, belt and others

Wood sanding is difficult to call a pleasant procedure. Tiring monotonous movements, dust, constant control of the treated surface. all this does not add to the fascination of the process, especially when it comes to large amounts of work. Candy sanders make life a lot easier in this respect.

Each type of grinder is designed for specific tasks: where one will show unsurpassed results, the other will be helpless. For example, eccentric grinders will not cope with the processing of internal corners, unlike their less advanced counterparts. vibrating models. In this article we will talk about the main types of machines for grinding. Explain the principle of their work, the areas of application and other nuances that will help determine which grinder to buy for specific carpentry needs.

Immediately say that such options sanding tools as abrasive nozzles on the drill, screwdriver or angle grinder (angle grinder), we left out of the brackets of our conversation. They are suitable for rough sanding surfaces, but will never give a normal result when sanding wooden surfaces accurately.

Sanding wood. it is responsible

The sanding process may seem like a formality, but it is not. The responsibility factor here is extremely high. Mistakes of sanding, imperceptible at first glance, immediately manifest themselves after the application of finishing, and gross errors can easily ruin the workpiece. Rubbed finish, burns on the edges, left pits and scratches, such defects are very difficult to correct, because of them often have to send the workpiece to scrap.

Flat grinders (vibratory grinders)

These machines have a mass from 1 to 3 kg, equipped with a rectangular sole plate with a pressure mechanism at the edges, which fixes the sandpaper. There are models with the ability to fix the tooling to the sole with Velcro.

The soleplate makes reciprocating movements in a circular orbit, which is used for grinding or polishing. The power of the electric motor of this tool is from 150 to 600 W. The soleplate is of two types: standard. 100 X 200 mm, and mini. miniature versions with a base of about 100 X 100 mm.

The choice is simple: mini surface sanders are suitable for narrow spaces, are lighter and more maneuverable than standard sanders.

Designed for gentle machining of large flat surfaces. They are intermediate between belt and eccentric machines in terms of finish. With the help of surface grinder perform finish grinding of different surfaces: wood, plastic, stone.

Advantages: the ability to grind and polish internal angles, the availability of consumables and the moderate cost of the sanding machine.

Disadvantages: high noise level in comparison with orbital machines.

What sanding machine to choose

Before choosing a tool, the main thing is to correctly determine the task to be performed. The device for cleaning of welding seams is not suitable for finish preparation of automobile ground for painting.

  • What to sand. Technology of wood sanding is different from technology of metal processing, the principle of the machines is different.
  • How much to remove. “Rough” work should be entrusted to the angle grinder or belt grinder, precision or surfaces with increased smoothness is better to handle oscillation or eccentric.
  • Surface quality. Flat work is better left to big-surface grinders.
  • Availability and cost of supplies. There is no sense in buying a machine for which no abrasives or tooling is available on the market. expensive tools impose on the cost of the final product, and the purchase of expensive equipment is not always justified.
  • Durability. Air tools last longer than electric tools, proper dust extraction and work culture significantly increases tool life. Periodic maintenance and correct operation will also extend the service life.
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Technical parameters

In addition to the principle of operation and purpose, it is important to determine the characteristics of the device. Buying expensive industrial tools is not always advisable.

  • Power. Is stated in watts, and depending on the type of machine, can be from 250 to 1200 watts. powerful machines have a longer productivity and service life, but consume more energy and are heavier. The ability to adjust the speed of the motor significantly increases the range of application and affects the quality of sanding.
  • Amplitude of oscillatory motion. The higher it is, the more powerful the unit is.
  • Materials, constructive solutions. Brand manufacturers do not skimp on components. Inexpensive models of unknown origin quality bearings, gears, bushings will be much lower.

The peculiarity of eccentric grinders is that after their use on the wood there is no trace of sanding. Therefore, these devices are used for finishing (finishing) processing of wooden surfaces.

Model DeWALT DWE6423

Compact sander with 280 W power. The maximum diameter of the grinding wheel is 125 mm. Disc speed 12000 rpm, platform travel 2,4 mm. The machine is equipped with a dust bag. Curb weight 1.28 kg.

  • Convenient in operation, allows for long periods of time grinding wooden parts and do not feel fatigue.
  • Variable speed allows for high quality treatment of all physical types of wood. hard, soft, loose.
  • Grinds any surface, including narrow edges. Can work wood both flat and on the edge of the disc.
  • Long cord does not interfere with your freedom of movement.
  • Cable does not tear over time, but always remains flexible.
  • Hand protection from vibration.
  • Velcro sole does not hold some sanding discs well enough. Interruptions in work often, resulting in loss of productivity.
  • Noisiness. Wear earphones for long hours of work.
  • No case or bag included. inconvenient to store and transport.

Conclusion. One of the best options for sanding small wooden parts. The use of the device makes it possible not only to sand but also to polish surfaces. Good choice for home use when you don’t need to machine a lot of wood at high speed. The productivity of this machine strongly depends on the type of wood to be processed.

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Model Makita BO5041

Two-hand 300 W sander with large dust bag. Different abrasive disc sizes possible. Disc speed of 12000 rpm with 3 mm platform travel. Weight of 1.4 kg.

  • Two handles ensures a secure grip and is easy to handle.
  • The sanding disc is firmly attached to the contact platform. Sanding disc cannot come off, even if there is dust on the Velcro belt.
  • Powerful dust canister sucks up nearly all the wood dust generated in the course of sanding.
  • Anti-vibration system makes it comfortable to work with and reduces fatigue.
  • Low weight allows for free handling and movement of the machine of any complexity.
  • Not very convenient location of the speed regulator.
  • Small dust bag. You have to interrupt frequently during work to empty it.
  • Low productivity with comparatively high power. Hardwood often needs to be reworked.
  • Poor maintainability due to difficulties in dismantling major components and difficulty in obtaining replacement parts.

Conclusion. The good solution for regular work. Can be used to restore shine to hardwood surfaces and prepare for full-scale polishing. Suitable for continuous sanding of joinery, but definitely not powerful enough for processing beams and logs.

Bosch GEX 125-150 AVE

400 Watt grinder. Included in the equipment are 2 handles. Adjustable AVE power take-off box. Disc speed 12000 rpm. Stroke of the platform is 4 mm at the number of vibrations of 24000 rpm. The device is designed for work with a disc diameter of up to 150 mm. Weight 2.4 kg. Vibration damping system included.

  • Long service life with intensive use. This property is due to the use of robust components.
  • No vibration during woodworking. Sophisticated system absorbs all vibrations, which improves the quality of grinding and provides ease of use.
  • Low noise level. This sander can be used on sites with increased requirements in terms of soundproofing.
  • Secure Velcro disk retention. Easy replacement of the velcro platform.
  • Convenient speed adjustment of the grinding disc.
  • Bulky design limits use in confined spaces, for example in a corner area.
  • The great weight makes it difficult to operate the machine.
  • The dust canister does not catch all the dust. an additional vacuum cleaner is needed.
  • High heat at high revs.

Conclusion. A great choice for the long and busy businessman. Can be used in furniture production. The brand name German quality of components is a guarantee of longterm use. Considerable advantage over other devices of the same class. increased power, which provides excellent performance.

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Top 10 rated by KP

Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick (from 7978)

Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick refers to the type of angle grinders (angle grinder), in common parlance called burners. This name was given to this type of machines in the USSR because of the place of their production. Bulgaria. Equipped with 125 mm diameter cutting discs. Suitable for grinding and cutting of metals, stone (concrete) and softer materials. New powerful motor, with an input power of 1000 watts, provides a high torque, designed for active use, both in the home and for professional tasks. This grinder has a number of definite positive elements: automatic safety clutch, full-wave electronics with adjustment wheel, electronic overload protection, SDS quick-action nut, soft start and protection against accidental restart. Carbon brushes are switched off automatically that prolongs life of the tool. The grinder is ergonomic. the center of gravity is well-matched. Body has non-slip coating. Max speed. 10500 rpm.

Grinders are produced by almost all companies involved in the production of electric hand tools, both in our country and in other technically advanced countries of the world. The most popular among users are the following brands:

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World-famous Japanese company specializing in electric hand tools.


The German brand “Bosch” is known for its reliability in all areas where the company operates.


Domestic manufacturer, successfully competes with famous foreign brands.


Renowned manufacturer of professional tools from USA.

Makita 3711

The Makita 3711 is deservedly popular with professionals thanks to its effective dust extraction system and electronic oscillation frequency control. It’s hard for an amateur to appreciate the potential the Makita 3711 has. After processing unassembled joinery you will need another tool to grind internal corners (its own 2 mm stroke does not allow working in the corners of the three planes). That is why the combination of oscillation amplitude, machined surface area, variable rate of sole vibration determine the narrow profile of the tool. It is designed for fine work on heterogeneous materials, without volume restrictions.

  • Electronic adjustment of oscillation frequency
  • Locking start key
  • Dust extraction system with nozzle for vacuum cleaner or dust collector

Watch a short video review of the Makita 3711 sander:

Eccentric sanders (preparation for painting, intermediate sanding and polishing of plastic, metal and wood).

Sanding pad

Sandpaper is one of the oldest tools of mankind. It was first mentioned in the 13th century in handwritten parchments of China. This document describes in detail the recipe for creating sandpaper from shark skin and ground shells using natural glue. The author of modern sandpaper is John Oakey, who invented it in 1833.

The main characteristic of abrasive paper is the grit size, which characterizes the productive qualities. Grit size varies from 2.5-5 µm to 1 mm., and is indicated on the marking in tens of microns. Following the number is the letter “H.”. The finest sandpaper is marked with an “M” and is called “nulling paper.”.

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