You can charge the battery of an electric electric screwdriver with a car charger

If you supply a higher electrical voltage (18 volts) to the 12 volt battery, your device will work, but probably not for long, because the excessive electrical voltage will burn out some component in the device (for example, a notebook will most likely burn out the notebook PWM power controller).

Re: Can I charge LiIon batteries for my screwdriver with a NiCd battery charger? No, lithium batteries cannot be charged at temperature!

Battery chargers

Battery chargers (battery chargers) are equipment used to charge car batteries from AC mains. They can be used for both partial and full charging of lead-acid batteries. The charger should be connected to the battery with the clamps and then connected to the mains. The Dnipro-M chargers automatically charge the battery of your car, gradually reducing the current intensity and turning off at the end of charging.

In winter the battery discharges very quickly. If the charge level becomes low, the vehicle will not start. In this case, you can use the battery charger to charge it. Once you buy a charger, you can use it for several years, recharging the battery and protecting it from complete discharge.

Can a car charger charge an electric electric screwdriver when its regular charger is not on hand

If you happen to need an electric screwdriver, and its battery is dead, and there is no suitable charger nearby, you can charge the battery screwdriveravtomobilechargerfor this you need to do the following manipulations:

  • Disconnect the discharged battery from the electric electric screwdriver handle;
  • Determine the capacity and operating voltage of the battery, these data are usually written on the body of the power source;
  • Adjust the current supply in the car charger according to the electrical parameters of the electric electric screwdriver battery;
  • Connect the car charger not breaking polarity to terminals of a screwdriver battery and to charge it approximately within 30 minutes under the personal indefatigable supervision.

It should be noted that such procedure can be carried out 1, maximum 2 times. If you do so more often, the question whether you can charge the battery electric electric screwdriver car charger will disappear by itself, as there will be nothing to recharge because its battery just on simply will fail due to incorrect operation. But the best option at loss or breakage of original charger, to buy a new compatible charger for an electric electric screwdriver on the website at a reasonable price and with a warranty of 1 year. Then the question if the battery of an electric electric screwdriver can be charged by car charger will no longer be relevant, and its battery will avoid extreme loads and will serve well for a long time without unexpected failures and breakdowns.

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Recently, screwdrivers have become indispensable devices for quick repair of removable structures, screwing in, unscrewing screws, working with a drill, sanding with a joiner and other small repair activities.

When it is necessary?

There are situations when the electric electric screwdriver charger is not available. For example, it can malfunction, which can cause a work stoppage. In addition, the charger may be lost. The third cause is elementary burnout and wear and tear of the charger, as well as unbent terminals in the battery itself, due to which the contact comes off. In order to eliminate the problem, you have to look for suitable options for charging that are compatible with your model of electric electric screwdriver. In this case, it is preferable to buy the right charger, which will promote safe operation and fully charge the battery of the tool.

Whether you need to use a special charger

Despite significant differences, gel batteries are still lead-acid batteries. Nevertheless, it is not always possible to charge gel batteries with a regular charger. If we talk about homemade chargers, the answer is obvious: they are not recommended for any batteries. Not only do they not have enough “brains” to control the charging process, their operation can be dangerous to both the battery and the surrounding area. If you want to ensure the longevity of your battery, get rid of such a relic of the past as a home-built battery charger.

When it comes to a simple car battery charger, even if it is a factory one, you should carefully read the specifications it gives out. Gel batteries are the most sensitive to the parameters of the charge of all types of lead-acid batteries. Current and voltage should clearly match the parameters listed on the label. What happens if you charge a gel battery the wrong way? With prolonged exposure to excessive currents, the battery may not be able to cope with the excess gases released and will simply explode. Such a battery is unserviceable and must be scrapped. AGM batteries are somewhat better able to cope with this problem by releasing gases through their safety valves and simply losing their electrolyte level. Although there is also the possibility of bloating. Only it is not so easy to cause.

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Therefore, the easiest way to make a quality charge with normal parameters without any control from. is to use a proper automatic battery charger.

What to do if the battery does not recharge?

If the equipment does not charge, the cause may be in the failed battery or a damaged charger. Sometimes its terminals and the battery begin to cooperate badly, to fix the problem CS disassemble and bend the contacts.

Sometimes disassembly reveals that the terminals are oxidized or contaminated. To fix the problem they are wiped down with a special cleaner or alcohol.

charge, battery, electric, screwdriver

If the capacity of a nickel-cadmium battery is significantly reduced, you can try overclocking it. To do this they are disassembled, using a multimeter to find faulty elements and recharge with a higher current, and then repeatedly discharged. In this way it is possible to partially restore the capacity. Another solution is to disassemble the two battery packs, remove the faulty banks and connect the whole ones. After that the restored device is charged and discharged several times.

The socket to which the battery of an electric electric screwdriver is connected contains four terminals. Two of these are the minus and plus terminals. The other two terminals go to the protection relays against short circuits, overheating and other things. To bypass the protection and not have to deal with the circuitry, you can use an unnecessary battery from a drill.

Electric electric screwdriver battery disassembled

charge, battery, electric, screwdriver

Remove the battery of the electric electric screwdriver from the housing. The small white plastic box will say that it is a thermal protection. This element along with the black wires should be unsoldered and soldered to the charger terminals. Now the white and black wires are soldered to the protection, observing the polarity.

USB & Li-ion Upgrading dead Black & Decker Screwdriver. 892

When connecting a battery or other devices, the light should indicate that charging is working properly. If you just turn the charger on, it will blink to indicate that you need to put the battery in. That is it will stop flashing and the red light will be on. The green light should come on when the battery or other device is fully charged.

Example of wiring diagram for connecting an electric screwdriver to a car battery

To charge a car battery, the wire on the side of the case. Connect the terminals, and then connect the wire to the power outlet. Otherwise the safety system will trip and charging will not begin. Connect the plus and minus leads to the appropriate terminals on the vehicle battery. When working properly, the charger should not overheat or melt.

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Connecting the terminals to charge an electric electric screwdriver

What you can charge?

If the right charger is not available, there are three ways to solve the problem:

  • use a car charger;
  • buy a standard universal battery charger;
  • convert an electric tool to be powered by an external battery.

If you choose to use a car charger, you must consider that screwdriver batteries have their own characteristics, they are different from car batteries made of lead. Only that charger can be suitable, which will be equipped with electronics with current and voltage regulation. Here you will have to choose the charging current, because the desired value may simply not fit into the range of work. This, in turn, can force the user to limit the current by means of a ballast resistor.

Universal device is purchased if, in addition to the electric electric screwdriver itself, there are devices in the house that work on batteries. The advantage of such devices is a mass of settings, through which the master can determine the right charging mode of an electric electric electric screwdriver and choose the right option for the battery of an electric electric screwdriver. If the existing electric electric screwdriver is already old, the purchase of an external power source is impractical and simply expensive. When selecting a rectifier for automotive batteries, it is important to pay attention to polarity. So it is worth keeping a tester handy. Yes, and to charge an electric electric electric screwdriver must be under constant supervision.

It is possible to buy a direct current charger, which will meet the necessary parameters of the battery of an electric electric electric screwdriver. To do this, pay attention to three factors when buying: the charging current, power, and capacity. It is possible that you will need to upgrade the device, equipping a special protection, which acquires a fuse of 10 amps, which include in the mains. As for the wire, you will need to buy a version with a larger cross section (compared to conventional wiring).

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